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Been reading Viridarium Umbris lately, by the author Daniel Schulke. I’d really recommend it to any witch who wishes to work with plant or grove.

Above is a photo of my potions grimoire, in which i have added a lovely tea recipe that i found in the book. It is to be ingested during the sacred process of fasting, during which the practitioner creates a clean, empty, permeable atmosphere within the body, and as such makes of themselves a fit vessel for spirit.


• Oat straw

• Nettle tops

• Rose hips

• Clover blossom

• Peppermint leaf

• Ginger root


The ginger root and rose hips are to be brought to boil in eight measures of water. Reduce the heat, letting the mixture cook for a short while, after which the other ingredients are added and the pot is taken off the heat. Let the whole mixture infuse for a half hour, after which the plant pulp is returned to the earth, and the tea consumed.

In regards to measurements, i simply play around with different amounts until i feel i’ve got it right. It depends a lot on the quantity of tea you wish to make. As the Wayfarer’s Tea is intended to be consumed as a sustenance during the act of fasting, i would create enough to sip on throughout the day.


Some basic info on LAMMAS 🌛🌝🌜

Lammas other known as “Lughnasadh” or “August Eve”.
This celebration takes place on July 31st - August 1st.
The meaning of it is the first harvest. The coming of the dark. The wheat and fruit harvest. The wane of the light. Preparing for winter.
At this time the focused Gods and Goddesses are: Lugh, Demeter, Ceres, Corn Mother.
The symbols of this celebration are: Wheat, Corn, Barely, Oats, Onion, Grapes, Straw Dolls, Corn Dolls, Wood, Straw Bales, Tarot (strength) Rune (Eihwaz).
Its colors: yellow, orange, bright red, violet, dark green, brown.
The stones: Camelian, Cat’s eye, Citrine, Marble, Sale, Granite, Lodestone.
Herbs: grapes, heather, blackberry, pear, rose, sandalwood, goldenrod. Foods: bread, apples, grains, corn, beer, grapes, onion, apricot.


This afternoon’s project: HANGING THOSE DARNED SHELVES!

My Dad made these for me when I was a kid, to hold knickknacks and keepsakes. They’ve been sitting against a wall for over a year since I moved to Virginia, so today I decided I was going to spend my lunch break installing drywall anchors and hanging shelves.

They make a perfect home for my frequently-used herb jars, which add a nice little punch of color to the office wall, and it has the added bonus of helping to de-clutter the living room.

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