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i was looking up the actual process of making soy milk i don't actually drink it except in lattes sometimes i drink oat milk and rice milk but i read that the hulls are used for livestock feed and i'm not sure how i feel about that. obviously it's infinitely better than buying dairy but i would assume the same thing happens in the processing of oat milk and it kinda bugs me that no matter what i do i'm still in some indirect way supporting these industries

Not all of them are but it’s very common unfortunately. You’re not giving these industries any profit, directly or indirectly, it’s not your responsibility what is done with those hulls after the product you actually buy is made. We don’t create any demand with this at all, it’s just a waste product and that’s how they “dispose” of it. The unfortunate truth is that it’s almost impossible to not indirectly fund them, mostly due to how many other companies the bigger agricultural organisations own. All we can really do is our best.

13.9.16 These are the books I’m taking to uni! I really don’t expect to read all, or even more than a quarter of them, but what I want to do is give myself flexibility to avoid a reading slump! I think the ones I expect to start first are Clockwork Princess and Stars Above because I already love those series and I want to finish them finally! I’ve only got 100 pages left of empire of storms so I want to try to finish it before I go this Friday…. I don’t want it to end! It’s incredible amazing astounding and so well written and lorcan might just kill me oh my God lorcan! I have an ask in my ask box I am having to put off answering until I finish reading! The Vorrh is a book I picked up cause it has a cool cover, but then three random strangers in the bookshop saw me reading the blurb and told me it was amazing, and then I took it to the desk and the cashier told me it was amazing too! 😂 I’m currently drinking oat milk coffee and listening to Welcome to Night Vale, sorting out which clothes I’m taking to Bristol. Xxxx emily

Favorites: Tha’nera Telesia
Server: Balmung

Favourite Color: Rhotano Blue
Favourite Number: Five
Favourite Nickname: Nera
Favourite Place: Sohr Khai
Favourite City: Gridania
Favourite Weather: Clear skies but a little rain never hurts
Favourite Race: Au Ra
Favourite Height: Those lovely tall people
Favourite Hair Color: Copper
Favourite Eye Color: Blues
Favourite Skin Color: N/A
Favourite Element: Green Earth and Water
Favourite Animal: Owls, Dogs. I have an affinity for many animals.
Favourite Meat: N/A
Favourite Meal: Honeyed Oats with cinnamon 
Favourite Drink: Tea
Favourite Dessert: Strawberry Shortcake
Favourite Hair Style: Anything braided 
Favourite Piece of Clothing: Comfortable pieces that work both in function and fashion.
Favourite Fabric/Material: Leather, Cotton
Favourite Weapon: N/A
Favourite Body Part: Eyes and Hair
Favourite Game: N/A
Favourite Hobby: Reading
Favourite Holiday: Little Ladies Day
Favourite Smell: Rain on the soil of the Shroud
Favourite Sound: Wind blowing through leaves or grass
Favourite Leader: Aymeric de Borel and Kan-E-Senna
Favourite NPC:  Y'shtola Rhul
Favourite Group: N/A.

Why Millions Are Ditching Dairy

It’s Unnatural

All female mammals produce milk during and after pregnancy to feed their young. They naturally only produce enough milk to feed their babies until they can move onto solid foods. Drinking milk during adulthood is unnatural across the entire animal kingdom. Drinking the milk of an other species, intended to grow a baby calf when you’re a human being, is even more unnatural. The ratio of nutrients provided by a mothers milk varies greatly depending on the species. Suffice it to say that cows milk has an unsuitable ratio of fats:carbs:proteins for our species and contains a form of protein(casein) which has been repetitively linked to cancer growth, particularly testicular and breast cancer, in humans. Not to mention the effect which unsuitable levels of hormones are having, causing children to start puberty years earlier than they used to and all sorts.

It’s Unhealthy 

I was surprised to discover with minimal research that dairy is actually very unhealthy. Studies have shown that dairy consumption is directly linked to virtually every disease known, which is understandable considering we are not baby cows. Remember, diseases are not natural occurrences or unfortunate swipes of fate, more often than not they happen for a reason. It only takes a quick look at disease rates in countries of high dairy consumption VS countries of little to no dairy consumption to realise the profound effect dairy has on our health. Rates of Alzheimer’s, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, obesity… skyrocket in countries where animal products are the norm, whilst these diseases are no where near epidemic figures in countries such as China where a more plant based diet is on order.

  "But isn’t dairy good for your bones?“ you might ask. Well, dairy does contain an awful lot of calcium, due to the fact that a baby cows skeleton has to grow an enormous amount in a very quick time but exploiting this fact totally skips past the biggest controversy of all. In actual fact, there’s something about dairy that does not help our bones grow at all. This makes sense as poor bone health, osteoporosis and arthritis are directly related to dairy consumption across the world, and not in a good way. Dairy consumption is detrimental to bone health in older age. So, you are probably wondering, why is this?? Two words: Animal Protein. Due to the fact that we were originally plant eaters(who switched to being omnivores in times of desperation such as the ice age/ when we moved further north) our bodies are not ideal environments for animal protein. Consumption of animal protein causes our body to become acidic, and if our bodies become acidic for too long we die. Fortunately our bodies have came up with a way to neutralise our blood, using phosphorus from our bones. Phosphorus is directly bonded to calcium in our bones so every time you consume dairy( or any animal product) the phosphorus goes to our blood, and we pee out the excess calcium. Nice, huh? In short, dairy, as well as all other animal products ain’t so good for your bones. Best to get your calcium from other sources I’d say.

It’s Fucked Up

To impregnate the female cows(so they will produce milk),the farmers have to sexually molest bulls to produce semen which they then shove inside the cows vagina using a steel rod or their fist. They often use the same bull several times all year. Do some research if you don’t believe me. The American law actually states that bestiality is allowed as a common farming practice, as long as the farmer gets no enjoyment from it. If you don’t think that’s fucked up then you need to re evaluate your perception of the world.

It’s Cruel

Where do I even start with this? Ok, so dairy cows should live for about 25 years, but in the dairy industry they tend to live for 4. They are then killed for hamburger meat as their bodies are too exhausted for anything else. The cows tend to be kept in the dark all their lives, in very small areas big enough to lie down in, move a little and give out milk. They only produce milk during and after pregnancy so they are artificially inseminated about once a year to make sure milk flow is constant. Their babies are taken away from them within a day or two after birth, due to the fact that humans want the milk, and a baby cow would suckle up too much of the produce. Male calves are a worthless commodity of the dairy industry so they are quickly shot, or locked away in a crate for a few months to then be killed for veal. Female cows will usually be brought to their own stall, to serve their short lives as a dairy cow just like their mother. It is said that there is nothing more sad and desperate than the pleading screams of a mother cow who’s babies have been taken away from her. Cows are very compassionate, intelligent, lovely, beautiful animals. If you spent some time with one I am sure you would never want to contribute to their exploitation again. Another issue is that, to produce maximum milk, farmers now pump cows full of steroids and antibiotics so they will produce ridiculous amounts of milk every day, far more than their bodies are capable of coping with. This is why dairy cows have such short life spans, their bodies are dying with exhaustion by the time they’re reaching 4 years old. This isn’t even to mention the health implications of these additional chemicals, which do of course enter the milk as well. Also, the metal machines which suck all of the milk from the cows udders virtually always create painful, infected sores on the cows udders. This is very painful and uncomfortable for the cow, and kind of disgusting when you realise that is where the milk so many of us drink is coming from. Many farmers combat this by using antibiotics to reduce the infection, which means more chemicals in your milk, and more unnatural damage to the cows body. Organic farmers do not use antibiotics, they just leave the sores as they are without treatment. Do not be fooled into believing that organic farming is kinder, it’s not, it might be slightly healthier due to less unnatural chemicals but that’s the only real difference.

Note: You might have come to believe that only a minority of farms are actually this cruel. However the above methods I have described are all common practice, as with the current demand of animal products at least 98% of farms must operate in this factory like manner. If anything, I have portrayed a kinder picture of many farms as violent abuse of animals is often common, with countless amounts of footage exposing this behaviour.

It’s Disgusting

Did you know that the average bottle of milk contains hundreds of millions of puss cells due to disgusting infections found in a great amount of dairy cows? In Europe the legal limit is 400 million pus cells per litre whilst in America the limit is an astounding 750 million pus cells. Surprised? That’s understandable, as the dairy industry don’t openly talk about the growing problem of puss mixed in with their produce. Instead they talk about the official name for puss: Somatic cells. These cells are a mixture of dead white blood cells, dead virus’, bacteria, phlegm, and mucus. Delicious, huh? Bet you can’t wait to drink up your next glass of that wonderful, wholesome beverage now! And just to clarify, pasteurisation makes no difference. It "cleans” the milk, but all that blood, mucus and infection isn’t removed. It’s in there. Just a little bit cleaner. I mean you wouldn’t want to drink dirty blood, mucus and bacteria now would you? Nice and clean, closer to it’s natural state. That’s the best way right? Yum.

It’s Unnecessary

There are so many alternatives to cows milk the real question is, why would you not make the switch? I’m talking soy milk, almond milk, rice milk, oat-drink, coconut milk, flax milk, hemp milk and so on. Chocolate soy milk is my favourite, but everyone is different and there is, I’m sure, a variety to suit everyone’s preference. For a non-dairy butter I use Vitalite which is much cheaper than dairy butters and I love it! It tastes virtually the same, it’s lower in cholesterol and fat, high in vitamin E, overall a pretty good product. There are also (usually soy) alternatives to yogurt and chocolate, as well non-dairy cheeses such as daiya and many others! Anything that once contained cows milk, can be created without, using natural ingredients. I could guarantee it.

Further Factors

I was not so aware of these issues when I first chose to stop consuming dairy, but for many people these are the only reasons they need, and they are very important to me now, making me even less willing to ever contribute to the dairy industry again.

Human Rights: In America meat and dairy farms tend to employ illegal immigrants, paying them minimum wage to do horrific work. The law does not allow these workers (even if they are tax-paying citizens) to claim insurance or pay-outs for any injuries they endure at work, even though this can be one of the most dangerous industries to work in. It is also shown, time and time again, that working in these industries has terrible effects on workers mental health, as the things they must do and the atmosphere they work in is horrible. There are also physical health issues from the working environment, however I am not too well-informed on this topic, so you would have to look to other sources to find out more. For many people this issue is about the fact that many workers are black or foreign. I’m not sure how accurate this is but I have heard of black people going vegan for these reasons, as it is an unfair product of oppression that black people are most likely to work in these jobs. Also, I have seen footage of illegal immigrants being constantly picked from these farms, where they live on site, and sent to jail, as though the industry works along side the police force to catch them. This is problematic as the industry continues to employ them, treating them terribly, yet when they are caught time and time again the industry is never condemned for employing them. Only the very poor, desperate immigrants are, which to me is a horrible form of exploitation.

I do not imagine the situation is much different in Britain or the rest of Europe, as even though the workers might not be illegal immigrants, I do know they tend to be from the poorest backgrounds and are mainly immigrants, no matter what country they are in.

Environmental Reasons: There are so many reasons why the mass consumption of a western diet is harmful to our environment. Of course, dairy production is only part of the problem, the whole production of animal products contributes greatly as do other factors such as transport, however since I am focusing on dairy I will explain some of the effects dairy production is continuing to make. First of all, cows are massively overbred to meet the demand for milk, and since cows produce a hell-of-a lot of CO2, this is a main reasons for global warming (as excess CO2 is currently working as an insulator, trapping heat and warming up our planet). To feed and maintain this massive amount of cows, a ridiculous amount of plant food must be harvested. However, gone are the days when grass was sufficient enough for farmers. Now, to maximise profits  alternatives such as soy beans are used for cow feed. These are virtually always genetically modified, and tend to be produced in poor countries, taking up land which would best be used to feed the millions of families dying of starvation every year who actually live there. But no, feeding the one billion chronically malnutritioned people of the world is impossible as we would rather feed the almost 100 billion animals of the food industry every year (including marine life, although well over than 50 billion of those are land animals). There is also the issue of excess transportation, electricity use, and the incredible amounts of water used by the dairy industry, that are not necessary in growing plant foods. Also, cows poop a lot, and this has become a serious problem as there are uncontrolled amounts of cow poop now in our world which has infected our water in many areas and does not create a healthy balance for the environment.

Spiritual Reasons: Consuming something from a background of such negative experiences and emotions cannot be good for your spirit. Many spiritual people cut animal products out of their diets completely as they do not believe these products are morally acceptable to consume, and they would rather not consume something with such a negative energy to it, which also causes us to desensitise ourselves to disconnect from what the product actually is(See psychologist Melanie Joy’s work for more information). Also, virtually every person who gives up animal products, and moves to a more plant-based lifestyle reports feeling lighter, happier, clearer-minded and more intuitive.

So why not dramatically reduce your intake of dairy? or maybe even give it up altogether? Thousands across the world are making conscious decisions to work towards reducing cruelty, taking control of their health and saving the planet. You might have heard that it would take 3-5 planet earths to support our intake if everyone ate a western diet. It’s true. So why not do something, like the millions of other people who are wakening up? Make a change, and together we can create a better world.

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What are some of your go to smoothie recipes? I haven't been making many recently (on an oatmeal kick, what can I say lol) but I'm moving to college this weekend and wanna get back into making them. i usually do banana, pb, and cacao nibs but i'd like to make some with different fruits/flavors.... thank you have a wonderful day!


So, I’ve posted some under /tagged/myfood

I really don’t take measurements– but some of my favorites are…

  • Bananas, almond milk, cocoa
  • Bananas, cocoa, frozen cherries, almond milk
  • Bananas, mango, coconut water, spinach
  • Bananas, PB2/PB, vanilla extract, almond milk
  • Bananas, coconut water, and any other frozen fruit I have on hand
  • Bananas, chocolate protein powder, cocoa, chocolate coconut water
  • Bananas, cocoa, almond milk, oats, cinnamon

And then I’ll always add in things like spinach, kale, chia seeds, ground flax, cinnamon, Maca powder, Spirulina, dates, oats, etc!

Dan’s Livestream // 7.14.15

“He had to update his Abode flash player so he was 9 minutes late

He’s wearing a doge shirt

He doesn’t particularly like cucumber 


Possibly international tour in 2016

Talked about hanging out with PJ and Sophie at their house

Talked about listening to the Sims soundtrack

“Wow I’m in Dil land”

His BBC documentary will be out sometime later this year


He watched the Pewdiepie video and said he “appreciated the creativity”

Being vegan is going well for him

He drinks green oat drink

Talked about the Blackfish documentary 

He did a Harry Styles impression (about SeaWorld)

Talked about Phil’s new video

He apologized for influencing the shitpost-ness in Phil’s title 

“I’m not saying I’m #humor, I’m #twerk”

Talked about some foods he doesn’t like

Him and Phil got a new bin (he said it was the highlight of his day)

It’s 60 liters and has a soft close bin

He murdered a moth 

“Moral dilemma”

Dan fact: cry seroirity girl is his favorite viral video

He wants to go back to Berlin so he could enjoy it more when he’s not working

“Vegetarian… or not”

His skin has been much healthier since he went vegan

“Opinions on pugs? Love em”

THEY JUST SAW THE FINAL PAGES OF THE BOOK (the next step is printing)

He’s not emotionally ready for VidCon

“Doing a couple of panels could be lolz”

He did lots of cute little giggles

He bumped into a class in Germany (someone was wearing a Dan and Phil Shop shirt) and talked to them for a bit

Talked about the “not actually stalkers” incident

He talked about how low his self esteem is :((

Him and Phil recited all 151 original Pokemon 

Talked about his incorrect German grammar

Talked about Years and Years new album

He reddit shitstorm

Zayn and Naughty Boy talk

“Stop Naughty Boy 2015″

The whole situation stresses him

He probably said savage like 300 times


He says that it’s horrifying that celebrities words are taken out of context 

He did the doge face

“The rule generally is just don’t go outside at all”

“Do me a favor and wear your moth shirt. It’s probably somewhere on the floor tbh”

He gave himself a hug

New Dil video sometime soon

Gave people some advice on moving

Someone asked his opinion on minions and he said he’s never seen Despicable Me

He’s getting a haircut tomorrow

He likes Rock Band better than Guitar Hero

He desperately wants Muse on Rock Band

“Donald Trump. What a terrible person. But let’s not get onto Donald Trump.”

He feels most inspired on planes and trains

He talked in depth about how weird clouds are

He doesn’t think they’ll make a Rock Band gaming video because it takes so much concentration, but it’s a possibility 

He has a lot of trailers and movies to catch up on

He wants to go see the Amy Winehouse documentary 

“Its because you’re a Gemini. Is it?”

HSM2 is his favorite 

“You’ve got Fabulous, you’ve got Bet On It, you’ve got Humuhumunukunukuapua'a”


“Someone in the chat said I’m menstruating. Good luck.”

He kept humming Uptown Funk

“You and Louis would make a cute couple. Ah yeah okay.”

“Is Larry still going strong?”

He just bought the Humans of New York book to read

Phil bought his a Menswear Dog book for his birthday

“Phil knows me well. I love the Shiba Inus.”

“I just remade your house in Minecraft. Nice.”

His lockscreen is a page from their book which is a piece of art he made?

He watched Jupiter Ascending and said the effort and creativity was great

“Whats your homescreen? Not telling you.”


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