oat drink

Coconut green smoothie

If you like coconut and dislike green veg, coconut drink or coconut milk is a great smoothie base for a strong coconut flavour. It’s sweet and also makes the texture nice and silky.

  • 1 cup frozen spinach
  • ½ cup oats
  • 1 ½ cup coconut drink
  • 1 apple
  • 5 pineapple rings (c. 1 cup or half a 567g can)

Cost: €0.98. Makes two large glassfuls. The cups are a rough measurement; I use a regular sized mug, the relative proportions are more important than accuracy.

  1. Add spinach, oats and coconut drink to the blender
  2. Blend
  3. Cut up an apple
  4. Add apple and pineapple
  5. Blend thoroughly

Done! Store leftover smoothie in an airtight container in the fridge and rinse the blender– it’ll save scrubbing later.

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a - age: 25 this year
b - biggest fear: To see people I love die
c - current time: 7:20 pm
d - drink you last had: Oat milk (oat drink?)
e - every day starts with: A shower. If I don’t take a shower I can’t change out of my pyjamas and the day won’t start.
f - favorite song: Aaa i dont know! Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah” maybe?
g - ghosts, are they real: I don’t think so? At least I hope not.
h - hometown: I was born in Hyvinkää but I live on Vantaa now
i - in love with: My cats! My sweet babbys!
j - jealous of: stupid stuff bc I’m insecure
k - killed someone: Not yet ;)
l - last time you cried: I cried when I was trying to explain a Biffy Clyro song to a friend
m - middle name: Maria
n - number of siblings: 1
o - one wish: Happiness
p - person you last called/texted: A friend of mine about her feet.
q - questions you’re always asked: “How old are you” ( ??? Do I look ageless ??? )
r - reasons to smile: Little things in life. Like cats!
s - song last sang: Anna mulle piiskaa by Apulanta
t - time you woke up: 5:00 am for work
u - underwear color: Gray today!
v - vacation destination: I’d like to see Ireland
w - worst habit: I’m pretty childish
x - x-rays you’ve had: I had my wrist examimed when I broke it
y - your favorite food: Cabbage cassarole!
z - zodiac sign: Gemini

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Banana and oat shake with cacao and maca
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My baby turned one month today. I still can’t believe that I’m her mom. She’s a perfect piece of a miracle. There’s so many feelings in me that I would like to express, but I’ll keep it to myself because I love this feelings and I want to overthink them over and over again.

What I want to share are all the changes. Ladies - mothers respect! I am on the beginning of my way and I am a bit shocked. I saw myself having heaps of time when Mia is sleeping - wrong! I was supposed to sleep when she’s sleeping - wrong! She was supposed to sleep between meals - wrong! Breastfeeding was supposed to be fun - wrong! (at least on the beginning). I thought that after reading a smart book I’ll be able to read my kid - wrong! But there are also other things that are more fun - shooting poo, your child tricking you just when you’ve changed a diaper, newborn smiling, strange sound she makes and you convinced that your child said “hi”, playing with outfits when she totally doesn’t care, stealing kisses what actually puts her to sleep and many more.

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Dan’s Livestream // 7.14.15

“He had to update his Abode flash player so he was 9 minutes late

He’s wearing a doge shirt

He doesn’t particularly like cucumber 


Possibly international tour in 2016

Talked about hanging out with PJ and Sophie at their house

Talked about listening to the Sims soundtrack

“Wow I’m in Dil land”

His BBC documentary will be out sometime later this year


He watched the Pewdiepie video and said he “appreciated the creativity”

Being vegan is going well for him

He drinks green oat drink

Talked about the Blackfish documentary 

He did a Harry Styles impression (about SeaWorld)

Talked about Phil’s new video

He apologized for influencing the shitpost-ness in Phil’s title 

“I’m not saying I’m #humor, I’m #twerk”

Talked about some foods he doesn’t like

Him and Phil got a new bin (he said it was the highlight of his day)

It’s 60 liters and has a soft close bin

He murdered a moth 

“Moral dilemma”

Dan fact: cry seroirity girl is his favorite viral video

He wants to go back to Berlin so he could enjoy it more when he’s not working

“Vegetarian… or not”

His skin has been much healthier since he went vegan

“Opinions on pugs? Love em”

THEY JUST SAW THE FINAL PAGES OF THE BOOK (the next step is printing)

He’s not emotionally ready for VidCon

“Doing a couple of panels could be lolz”

He did lots of cute little giggles

He bumped into a class in Germany (someone was wearing a Dan and Phil Shop shirt) and talked to them for a bit

Talked about the “not actually stalkers” incident

He talked about how low his self esteem is :((

Him and Phil recited all 151 original Pokemon 

Talked about his incorrect German grammar

Talked about Years and Years new album

He reddit shitstorm

Zayn and Naughty Boy talk

“Stop Naughty Boy 2015″

The whole situation stresses him

He probably said savage like 300 times


He says that it’s horrifying that celebrities words are taken out of context 

He did the doge face

“The rule generally is just don’t go outside at all”

“Do me a favor and wear your moth shirt. It’s probably somewhere on the floor tbh”

He gave himself a hug

New Dil video sometime soon

Gave people some advice on moving

Someone asked his opinion on minions and he said he’s never seen Despicable Me

He’s getting a haircut tomorrow

He likes Rock Band better than Guitar Hero

He desperately wants Muse on Rock Band

“Donald Trump. What a terrible person. But let’s not get onto Donald Trump.”

He feels most inspired on planes and trains

He talked in depth about how weird clouds are

He doesn’t think they’ll make a Rock Band gaming video because it takes so much concentration, but it’s a possibility 

He has a lot of trailers and movies to catch up on

He wants to go see the Amy Winehouse documentary 

“Its because you’re a Gemini. Is it?”

HSM2 is his favorite 

“You’ve got Fabulous, you’ve got Bet On It, you’ve got Humuhumunukunukuapua'a”


“Someone in the chat said I’m menstruating. Good luck.”

He kept humming Uptown Funk

“You and Louis would make a cute couple. Ah yeah okay.”

“Is Larry still going strong?”

He just bought the Humans of New York book to read

Phil bought his a Menswear Dog book for his birthday

“Phil knows me well. I love the Shiba Inus.”

“I just remade your house in Minecraft. Nice.”

His lockscreen is a page from their book which is a piece of art he made?

He watched Jupiter Ascending and said the effort and creativity was great

“Whats your homescreen? Not telling you.”


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Cornflakes and no-milk cream 24/08/15

Got breakfast of some gluten free cornflakes and a little bit of oatly (milk-like substance oat drink) but then realised I ran out so I used Oatly’s single cream which tasted so delicious and exactly like normal cream but only a lot healthier and a little sweeter! :)