The dayly life of Noelie G.
  • Noelie : There won't be an Oasis reunion
  • Liam : ...
  • Noelie : Ok. I will make it for money.
  • Liam : ...
  • Noelie : Right, I could wrote song for Liam but ther won't be an Oasis reunion.
  • Liam : ...
  • Next step for Noelie : Ok you won, there will be an Oasis reunion, but please say something !
I don’t know. From the texts I receive from him, he’s all right, because he’s still being a little bit of a cheeky cunt. According to my mam he’s all right. But I don’t know.
—  Noel Gallagher about his brother, 2015 [x]

So according to the Sun, the divorcing war is over and Liam is now in a friendly relationship with Nicole and of course Patsy. And Nic and Patsy spent their Xmas together while Patsy has been comforting Nic and telling her to be on friendly terms with Liam, which would be very good. Liam took Lennon and Gene out for Boxing Day. Currently he is very very happy together with Debbie.

It is good to know all of these.

Be strong, Nicole.

Be happy, Liam.

Don't Look Back in Anger, Liam and Noel

Just read something on Facebook about a potential Oasis reunion in 2014 to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the release of their first album. I’m in disbelief, but the possibility of it has me fangirling. 

C'mon guys. It won’t be for very long. You can go back to your current projects afterwards. 

Fingers crossed.