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Plus-one (5)

Guess what guys? I’ve finished part 5 and I’m posting it before I have to work all damn weekend. You can find the first 4 parts here. 

So, I’m warning you - I’ve done a lot of research on rounders and I’m still pretty positive that I’ve got some of it wrong, so sorry about that, but I really tried to get it right!  

I hope you all enjoy because it was fun to write. xx As always feedback is much appreciated. I’ve also just realized some of the words are running together, but I’ll fix it tomorrow.

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“No, no fuckin’ way. You are not wearing that.” Rae stands just outside of the bathroom, her eyes scanning over Finn, hands pressed to her hips.

“Wha?” he asks, turning to face her. As soon as he spots her, he breaks out into a grin, a chuckle falling from his lips. “It’s the only t-shirt I’ve brought, Rae. Can’t you, ya know….find another shirt?” He points out her luggage, clothes spilling out the top.

Her loud sigh follows her across the room until she’s bent over her luggage, riffling through her clothes. “This is my lucky shirt, Finn. I can’t believe you’ve brought the same one,” she grumbles, throwing a couple of tops on the floor at her feet.

Finn chews at the corner of his bottom lip, his arm reaching across the front of his body, the opposite elbow tucked into his grip. “We could match, Rae. Look like a proper couple for all your mates.”

Her groan echoes throughout the bedroom, settling into the corners of the room. “No thanks. Everyone will think we’re one of those couples,” she accentuates her words with a very visible cringe. She tosses her t-shirt onto the bed, standing in only her vest top while she looks over her choices.

Finn watches as Rae holds up two shirts in front of her at the mirror, pressing one against her chest and then the other. She throws the darker shirt on top of her luggage and stuffs the lighter top back in. “I guess showing a bit more of my tits can’t hurt.” Her voice is muffled by the fabric of the top as she pulls it over her head.

Finn’s eyes settle on the frayed neckline of her new top where it dips down in the middle, showing more than a hint of the creamy skin of Rae’s cleavage. He lets his gaze linger while she’s too busy to notice, while she checks out her own reflection.

She turns to the side, admiring the way the top floats around her stomach but somehow suctions to her chest as well.

Rae’s somewhat taken aback when she sees that Finn is still watching her when she catches him in the mirror. “You ready for a game of rounders, Finn?” she asks, studying him until he shifts out of her line of sight.

She spins around to see where he’s gone, only to find him sitting on the bed lacing up his trainers. He looks up as soon as she’s facing him, gracing her with a small smile. “Are you ready, Rae?”

She shakes her head no, but a ‘yes’ slips out.

“Which one is it then?” he teases, standing up from the bed.

“I’m horrible at rounders,” she tells him, shifting from one foot to the other on the plush carpet. She watches as the imprint of her shoe appears and then disappears just as quickly as she takes her next step. “It was Chloe’s idea, she loves it.”

“Well,” Finn starts, inching closer to her, “lucky for you, I’m quite good.”

She looks at him then, takes in the curve of his lips as he speaks. “I were quite good in primary, even better in secondary.” The corners of his mouth curl upwards and she finds herself mimicking the action. “We’ll beat the snot out of Jeremy and the others.”

“We better, or I’ll be asking for at least £1,000 back.” Her arms cross her chest, her hip jutting out in front of her as she eyes him, her eyes landing on his. He looks somewhat dejected by her joke, so she continues to try and sort this out, “Fine, I’ll only take 500, but you better put on a good show.” She hopes he knows she’s just giving him a hard time.

His hand pulls hers from its grip on her upper arm, his warm hand enveloping hers. He shakes hers in a jerky motion, nodding in agreement at her words. “You’re on, Earl.” Guess not.


Rae had seriously underestimated the weather, not taking into account how late in the summer it was. She pulls the material of her shirt from her chest, shaking it back and forth to get the air circulating against her skin. “It’s so bloody hot that I’m sweating like a prostitute at confession,” she fumes, disengaging herself from the task at hand to pull her hair up and away from her face.

“Bet you wish you’d worn a t-shirt, huh Rae?” Izzy asks from her side, looking over the long-sleeved top Rae has.

Rae shoots daggers in the direction of the batter, glad to see his hair falling in front of his eyes as he takes his first swing and misses the ball. “Ha! Serves you right,” she mutters under her breath, watching the way the muscles in his back flex beneath his Oasis t-shirt.

“He sure is hunky, Rae,” Izzy loudly whispers from next to her, checking out Finn as he gets back in his batter’s stance. “He’s perfect, Rae. Tell me there’s something wrong with him. I bet he’s got a small one, right?” she asks, watching Finn get ready for his third swing, her pointer finger moving from side to side to indicate that she means his dick.

When Finn sends the ball soaring over Chop’s head at the second post, she turns to Rae with a devilish grin. “Well that’s not it, is it?” With Rae’s refusal to answer, she goes on, “I have it!” She turns to Rae, the same grin plastered on. “He farts in bed, doesn’t he?”

Rae’s bottom lip trembles as she tries to hold in her laughter as she watches her friend.

“Not even that?” Izzy shouts, loud enough to cause everyone’s heads to jerk to face them.

Rae shakes her head, laughter following Izzy’s outburst.

Izzy rolls her eyes. “You’re up, Rae.”

Rae manages to hit the ball towards the first post, but it doesn’t stop her from running. Unlucky for her, she’s out before she gets there, as Chloe manages to step on first before Rae can make it. She sticks her tongue out at Chloe and turns to head back to her team when she hears shouting coming from beside her. “What the hell are you tossers yelling at now?” she says lightheartedly, before turning to face the shouters.

Rae’s mouth falls open when she spots the pair of blokes in a shouting match. Jeremy is waving his hands in the air, the ball clasped in his right hand while Finn stands at the fourth post, arms clasped in front of him.

“I had the blasted ball in my hand in the bowler’s box, Finn!” Jeremy shouts, waving his hand closer and closer to Finn’s face.

Finn looks absolutely murderous with Jeremy’s nearness and he’s getting ready to step off the post towards Jeremy. “That’s bollocks and you know it. Chloe still had the ball in her hand when I left the third post.” His voice is much calmer than Jeremy’s, but his eyes look like they might flash red at any moment.

Rae jogs over towards the pair, stepping in close to Jeremy, her eyes trained on Finn. “What’re you two on about?” she questions, her eyes darting between the two men as she takes a step closer to Finn.

It’s Finn who answers first, “he’s told me I can’t have the rounder, said something about me leaving third when he was back in the bowler’s box.” He looks between Rae and Jeremy, taking note of her nearness to him, how her body angles towards him. His shoulders slump forward and he takes a step back from Rae. “It’s bullshit.”

Rae turns her attention back to Jeremy, watches as he scowls at Finn before moving to face Rae. “He’s only got ½ a rounder, Rae. He clearly left the third post when I already had the ball in the box.”

Rae is grateful for Chop’s interruption when he comes barging over between them, facing Jeremy. “Finn was over three quarters the way to the fourth post when you got the ball, ya div.”

Finn’s chest puffs out at that, his eyes focused on Rae to see her reaction. “Told ya.”

Rae squeezes Jeremy’s bicep before turning on her heel and walking back over to Izzy. “Tough one, Jeremy. Maybe next time,” she calls over her shoulder, making sure to exaggerate the path of her hips as she walks away.

By the time she makes it back to her team, Archie and Izzy are already on the first and second post and Finn’s up again. Finn passes to her right, his arm brushing against hers as he makes his way to the batter’s box. He’s muttering something and she can only make out bits and pieces, “…knobhead. How am I up already?”

“Finn.” Rae steps up to his side, his bat already in hand. He looks at her questioningly, doesn’t fail to notice the quick check she does of the bowler’s box before stepping in closer. She brushes his fringe to the side, her fingers pausing at his temple. He must feel the twitch of her forefinger against his skin, hear the pause in her breathing. 

His free hand slips to her waist, his fingers pressing into the skin of her back. “Rae?” He leans his head forward, closer to her face. “All right, girl?”

She nods slowly, her fingers trailing down his cheek before coming to rest at his neck. “I just…” She cups his neck, her breath hot against his ear. “I need ya to lose the game, Finn.”

He looks at her as if she’s mad, like he can’t believe she’s asked him such a silly question. He pulls away from her like the heat coming from her body being pressed so close to his and the warmth from her breath and fingers against his skin suddenly feels too hot. Without an answer to her question he steps into the batter’s box, his stance stiffer than before.

She stands back just far enough to avoid getting hit by the ball or the bat, watches to see if Finn will go along with her plan. She can tell that Jeremy is getting frustrated with how the game has gone so far and she doesn’t want to upset him.

She watches as Finn lowers his bat and steps out of the box briefly, swinging the bat back and forth in front of him. He’s contemplating her request. He looks behind him at Rae, smiles at her before taking his place again. There’s something about his stance, something about the way his eyes narrow in concentration as he waits for the ball that gives Rae a little thrill.

Finn hikes the bat up a little further, his bicep flexing with the movement. Rae has to avert her eyes for a moment, give her head a quick shake to get the image out. She almost misses Finn sending the ball clear over Chop’s head again, nearly misses the smirk he sends her before he’s off towards the first post.

Her mouth falls open as he rounds the second post. He doesn’t look like he’ll be stopping at third either. Rae catches sight of Chop - he’s still quite far behind Finn, but he’s got the ball in his hand and he’s yelling for Ethan to catch the ball. Chop lobs the ball in the air and Rae’s heart feels like it might pound right out of her chest as Finn rounds third and makes his way towards her. “Fuck it.”

She’s quick to get to the fourth post, cheering on Finn as she stands just off to the side of his path. “You can do it, Finn!” He rewards her with a smile. He looks so happy and she finds that she’s glad that he ignored her, glad he didn’t lose the game.

This is one of those moments where she wishes she was littler, wishes she could jump into Finn’s arm as he crosses over the base, have him swing her around in celebration. She only lets the thought niggle at her for a moment, lets herself feel the disappointment for a brief second before letting it go; she’s far too distracted by the handsome man running towards her.

Finn’s able to cross the post before Ethan manages to get there and his arms are around her soon after. “Sorry Rae,” he mumbles against her throat, “I couldn’t do it.”

“This was even better,” she assures him, resting her chin against his shoulder. If she could savor one moment from this entire trip, it would be this - being wrapped up in Finn’s arms, his face buried in her neck - but it’s the look on Jeremy’s face that she’s caught up in. He looks jealous. He scowls at the pair, kicking the dirt up around him with the heel of his trainer before he jogs off the field. She’s making progress..


I’ve Missed You Chapter 3 Final Ch??

Hey everyone I’M SO SORRY IT TOOK ME FOREVER TO UPDATE THIS it’s just I’ve been kind of busy with school and I have no ideas where my days go?? Anyway this is my final chapter of my fic. Maybe because honestly idk if it feels finished?? It depends on how you guys like it or if you guys feel it could use more than msg me por favor.  Word count is 754. Here is Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. Please let me know if I forgot to tag  you or if the links do not work via msg please. Enjoy :)

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Lost at sea

Hello my lovelies! Thank you so much for your comments on Secret admirer… I miss writing you have no idea… But I won’t have the time to get on my new stories before July (god and llexis know I have tons of ideas). So in the meantime, I give you this. It’s supposed to be funny and there could be a part 2 if you like it. Enjoy! mmfdfanfic

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The Shops - Ch 2

Hey guys!! Sorry it took forever to finish this chapter, I had definitely hoped to put it up sooner, and tbh this is kind of a filler chapter. Even so, hope you guys enjoy!! Just as a quick note before hand THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK ALL SO MUCH!! You emus have sent me so much love about the first chapter and I love and appreciate every single thing you guys said so thanks a million. Some of you lovely emus even wanted to be tagged. So if I forget or if you want to be added/taken off let me know! Word count: 1,862


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     Rae entered her apartment and was a little taken aback at how quiet it was.  

    “Chlo,” she called out to her roommate, “Chloe?”

    She heard footsteps approaching from another room

    “Oh, good,” Chloe smiled at her, “You’re home. You better get out of those clothes and wash up. Izzy and Chop are going to be here soon.”

    “They are?”

    “I invited them over for pizza and beer. I haven’t seen them since they got back from their honeymoon.”

    Rae sighed, “Couldn’t you have told me? Today’s been a long day and the shop was insane.”

    “Oh come on, Rae, its pizza and beer. Besides, I’m sure they’ll be dying to leave after they get here. Now hurry up!”

    Rae groaned, “Fine,” she muttered.  

    She got up and slowly dragged her feet to her room. Chloe had been her roommate for over two years, and her best friend for almost six, and she loved her, but sometimes Rae wished she was a little more considerate.  

    She flung her bag on her computer chair and changed out of her shirt, which admittedly had gotten a little dirty. She put on an old Oasis t-shirt. As she was about to head to the living room she paused and glanced at her window. She walked over and lifted it open.  

    She stared at the bright pink flowers that sprouted out of the bed that hung out of her sill and smiled, “Hey, Jazz,” she said to the tallest one.

    Rae inspected the flowers, and noticed new shoots emerging from the stems.

    “Jazz,” she said, “Looks like I’m going to have to get some pruning done this weekend.”

    She took a lasting look at the vibrant pink color of the flowers and smiled slightly to herself.

    Rae first started getting interested in plants as a teenager. After all, she didn’t have many friends, and she needed something to spend her time with. Even though she loved her plants and felt proud whenever she saw them grow, she never felt any particularly strong connection with them. She certainly never expected to open up her own flower shop. She had seen gardening as a hobby.  That is, until her baby sister was born.  

   Jasmine loved spending time with Rae in the garden. Even as a baby she would smile a big, gummy smile wherever Rae picked a flower for her. Her first steps were outside while Rae was plotting seeds. Jazz especially loved penstemons.  

    Penstemons were the first flowers Rae had learned how to keep for a few years. Their strong, spectacular colors caught everyone’s eye in the summer; her little sister’s most of all. Rae could still vividly remember the giant smile on her little face the first summer they grew.

    When she left for school, she missed her sister more fiercely than she ever imagined she would. She felt so alone the first year, so far from her family, she couldn’t even sleep. One early morning, after one of those long, sleepless nights, she went for a walk. She was on the verge of going back to her room to pack up and head home. In that moment she spotted a flower shop. She hadn’t even thought about gardening since she arrived at school. But as she looked through the window she recognized one bright flower that instantly brought the image of a chubby faced baby girl right to her mind.  

    “Jazz,” she grinned.  

    Rae headed to her room and slept for the first time in what felt like weeks. When she woke up that afternoon she went back to the shop and bought a flower bed and penstemon seeds. She wasn’t sure if they’d keep hanging from a dorm window, but they did. A few months later she returned to the shop and got a job.

    In time she finished school. She kept her job at the store, by that time she couldn’t even imagine working anywhere else. Eventually she had saved up some money and she decided to open her own store. All thanks to her little sister.

    Jazz wasn’t a baby anymore, but she still loved hanging out with Rae and her plants whenever she came for a visit. Penstemons were still her favorite, and Rae still named them after her whenever she planted them.

    Rae was thinking about all this, and about giving her family a call, when she heard the front doorbell ring.

    She sighed. She had almost forgotten she was going to have guests. She walked into the living room as Chloe opened the door.

    “Hi,” they all greeted each other excitedly.  

    “Pizza should be here any minute,” Chloe said, “In the meantime there’s already beer in the fridge.”

    “Good enough for me” Chop grinned.

    Rae followed him as he walked into the kitchen. He handed her a beer and she smiled at him. She began to feel a little less annoyed.

    Chop had always been a great friend to her. She met him in school at a party he had been hosting and they’d been close ever since. At his next party she introduced him to a pretty little redhead in her drama class. He and Izzy went on their first date the next night, and they’d been together since.  

    “So,” she heard Chloe say, “Thailand. Tell us all about it.”

    Rae and Chop went back to the living room and he and Izzy told them about their honeymoon. The pizza arrived a few minutes later and they sat on the sofa to eat.  

    “So, Rae,” Izzy said, “Did you see the guy from next door again?”

    “No,” she lied, “I mean he must’ve been in his shop but I didn’t see him.”

    “Who are you two talking about” Chloe asked.

    “The guy who owns the tattoo shop right next door.”

    “Is he the guy we ran into this morning,” Chop asked, “He’s got nice ink. Maybe he can work on mine.”

    Izzy hit his arm, “You’re not getting another tattoo!”

    Chloe said, “Oh the guy with all those tattoos on his arm. What about him?”

    “I think he’s into Rae,” Izzy grinned.

    Chop winked at her, “Bout time you found yourself a suitor, huh, Raemundo.”

    Chloe said, “I mean, I guess if you can ignore all those tattoos I’m sure he’s pretty cute.”

    Rae rolled her eyes, “Look, you guys are reading way too much into this. He just comes into my store every once in a while. I mean, I doubt he even knows my name. Besides, I’m pretty sure he has a girlfriend.”

    “You don’t know for sure,” Izzy said mischievously, “You should ask him the next time he comes in.”

    “I should probably get his name first.”

    “You could ask both,” Chloe remarked.  

    Rae scoffed as everyone laughed and jeered.

    Chloe seemed to have a point about Chop and Izzy not wanting to stay long, because after a few more slices of pizza they all said their goodbyes.  

    “It’s the honeymoon phase,” Chloe explained, “All they want to do is be alone together.”

    Whatever the reason, Rae was grateful. She had fun, of course, but as soon as they left exhaustion hit her like a truck. She changed into pajamas and went to bed.

    As she was laying down she thought about what Izzy and Chloe had said. Maybe she should get his name. After all, they were neighbors. She should be neighborly.  It was only polite she learn his name. And if she should figure out if he had a girlfriend, well, then it was all part of neighborly conversation. Right, Rae thought to herself, neighborly. She dozed off wondering how long it would be before he stopped by her store again.  

As it turned out, it would be a couple of months before he stopped by again. It was mid-July, by now the heat was in full swing, and Rae had almost forgotten about wanting to be more neighborly. Almost.  

    After she had decided she wanted to try and get to know him, she lingered by her door whenever she watered her plants. During her break she would take little strolls around the block, hoping to accidentally run into him on purpose. At night she would even stall near his shop, away from the windows, of course. But she never seemed to be able to bump into him. She sometimes contemplated just walking into his shop to say hello. She never got around to working up the courage, though. After all, what would she say? That she needed to borrow his tattoo machine? She was bored and decided to browse his shop? Chop sent her to secretly schedule an appointment for a new tattoo?

    Needless to say, she had given up hope on her plan. So that warm summer day when she heard the bell ding, she didn’t think much of it. She simply continued humming along to a song as she finished filing some orders. She didn’t even lift her head until she was done scribbling the total amount on the bottom of the sheet.

    She glanced up, and saw him giving her an easygoing smile.  

    “Hey,” she said hoping he didn’t notice her voice had gone up an octave, “How’s it going? Can I help you?”

    “Yeah,” he nodded, “I’m looking for a daisy.”

    “Right over here,” she said as she walked from behind the counter and grabbed one from a shelf, “Here you go.”

    “Thanks,” he grabbed it from her and quietly looked over her shop for a moment, “You know, your flowers are really great.”

    “Really,” she smiled shyly, “You think so?”

    “Yeah,” he nodded, “I could never do it. I tried having a house plant once; I could never remember to water the damn thing.”

    She laughed, “I guess that could make it seem kind of tricky.”

    He walked up to the register and she followed behind him. She rang up his order and decided it was now or never.

    “I’m Rae, by the way,” she cleared her throat, “I figured it was about time I properly introduce myself.”

    “I’ve been thinking that, too,” he smiled at her, “I’m Finn.”

    He paid for the daisy, and as Rae gave him his change she said, “ Oh, another thing: your girlfriend’s really lucky.“

    He chucked, "What do you mean?”

    “Oh,” she breathed, “Just that you buy her flowers, you know.”

    “Oh,” he said realization hitting him, “You think I buy flowers - no they’re not really for a girl.”

    “Oh,” Rae said coming to her own realization, “They’re not.”

    “Yeah,” he nodded, “I’m actually -”

    Before he could finish his sentence the door bell dinged and Izzy came inside.

    “Hiya,” she grinned at them, “Orders are all out. The Harris’ really loved their orchids, Rae.”

    “That’s great to hear, Izz.”

    “Boy, it’s hot out there, though,” she looked between them and smiled knowingly at Rae, “Anyway, I’ll let you two finish up here.”

    Finn turned to Rae and smiled, “I should get going,” he walked towards the door,“ I’ll see you around, Rae.” He turned to her and gave her one last smile before he left.  

    Well, Rae thought to herself, I guess that’s what I get for being neighborly.  

Let Her Cry

This is the first fic I’ve ever written. I was very nervous about posting it, but I have decided to. Thanks so much to bitchy-broken for helping me to edit it! I never would have done it without you! Hopefully it goes well! mmfdfanfic


Cold air whipped against Rae’s face as she walked home from Chloe’s. She had dipped out just as Rae had told her that she’d hurt herself. Hot tears ran down her face as she thought about how Chloe hadn’t seemed to care at all about her. Apparently nothing that happened to her would ever be more important than what went on in Chloe’s life. Rae approached her house and stood at the doorstep for a few minutes with her keys in her hands. They trembled as she inhaled and exhaled slowly to stop the tears before she entered. She didn’t want to have to deal with her mom tonight. She wouldn’t be able to think of an excuse for why she had ditched the concert and was now crying. Rae wiped the last tear from her face and walked into her room. She passed her mum who was heading to the kitchen to make a cup of tea.

“Rae! You’re back early. I thought you’d be stayin’ out til the break of dawn. Want a cuppa tea?”

“No mum I’m ok. I’m knackered. I’m just gonna turn in.”

Rae began to walk up to her room, but her mom stopped her, clearly concerned.

“Is everything ok? You look upset. Did you not stay out with your mates? Did somethin’ happen?”

“Yeah mum. I had a bit of a headache, so I wanted to come home. Can I please go to bed?”

With that, she turned and headed to her bedroom. She had been holding back the tears since she had gotten in the door and struggled to keep her composure even during the short encounter with her mom.

When she got back into the room the tears began to run again. She sat with her back against her bed, in the same position that she had so many months ago when she had almost made the biggest mistake of her life. She opened her drawer and found the switchblade knife that she’d hidden in its depths. When she was discharged from hospital, she wanted to get rid of it so it wouldn’t be there for situations like this, but she didn’t have the strength to throw it away like that. It seemed like a security blanket of some sort. Now she had turned to it when she needed it the most. It glimmered in her hand, tempting her. She had taken off her jeans and was sitting only in her black Oasis t-shirt.

Thoughts she had pushed away for so long were suddenly spinning through her thoughts. “Nobody wants you around. If Chloe didn’t care about you, what makes you think any of your other mates will?”She traced the thickest of the scars on her legs over and over again with her left hand, gripping the knife like a security blanket with her right as she continued to cry.

At some point, she must have fallen asleep because she woke to the sound of a horn honking in the driveway. It was just a quick beep at first and then a longer one ensued. Rae jumped and ran to the window to see Chop’s car sitting in the driveway. Finn was in the passenger seat, clearly drunk, and leaning over Chop in the driver’s seat, honking the horn relentlessly. Rae looked at him, wide eyed and waved at him to stop. He was going to wake up her mother and then she’d definitely know that Rae hadn’t gone to the concert. Rae ran down the stairs and opened the door. The racket had stopped while she was leaving her room. Finn had seen her in the window and had stumbled to the door to see her. Finn muttered a few things drunkenly to Rae about Oasis and how drunk Archie was before he managed to form coherent words, trying to convince her that he was completely sober. Rae dragged him from the doorstep into her house.

“What are you doing here and why are you tryin’ to wake the entire neighborhood wit your honkin?” Rae demanded

“I were coming from Knebworth and were so gutted that you couldn’t come that I had to come and see you and make sure you was okay” his words slurred together as he spoke and he was holding the door frame to support himself. Rae reached out and put his arm around her. She motioned to Chop, letting him know he could leave, and she would take care of Finn. Chop smiled at her and then winked, indicating he thought something was going to happen. Rae waved him off dismissively and shut the door, dragging a drunken Finn upstairs to her bedroom. Finn wouldn’t stop giggling all the way up the stairs. When they got into Rae’s bedroom, she shut the door and looked at him, laughing, but a bit irritated.

“Now what is it that you couldn’t quit gigglin’ bout?”

Finn broke into a toothy grin and pulled her onto the bed next to him.

“I were wanting to compliment you on your cute knickers, but you kept tryin’ to shut me up.” He broke into more giggles during the end of his sentence. Rae turned bright red. In all of the chaos, she had forgotten that she’d never put her jeans back on and was wearing only a t-shirt. She scrambled for the blanket and the smile dropped from Finn’s face instantly. He reached out and grabbed her hand, stopping her from going to her bed.

“No no no. I wasn’t tryin to make fun of you. You actually have really long nice legs. I like them better this way than hidden under them leggings” he frantically sputtered out, trying to explain himself. He pulled her back to sit next to him and grinned at her crookedly. He stood up and began to fumble with the button on his pants.

“Now we’ll be even. You can make fun of me because I have weird legs, not nice ones like you. Your legs look soft. I didn’t mean that as weird as it sounded.” He babbled relentlessly, spitting out his words. He finally got his pants off as Rae cracked up on the bed.

“Oh my Gosh” she thought “Finn Nelson was sitting next to her, with no trousers on! It was probably the most impressive sight she’d laid her eyes on” She breathed in slowly and pulled herself together. He was still trying to get himself onto the bed, not noticing her checking him out. He pulled her over next to him. She sat next to him nervously on the bed but pulled the blanket slowly over her to cover her legs. She saw his eyes linger for a second on the scars on her legs but then, as the blanket covered them, he turned his eyes to hers.

“Now are you gonna tell me what it was that was so important that you abandoned Oasis and our group of handsome lads, especially me?”

Rae looked at him struggling with his words and tried to stifle a laugh.

“Chloe was havin’ a crisis and needed me. We listened to it on the radio, it sounded amazing.” Rae felt a sting as she remembered what had gone on at Chloe’s just a few hours back. Finn didn’t notice her clench her hands together to keep herself from crying.

“Wasn’t as good as it would’ve been with you there, but Oasis was amazing. The crowd were goin wild the entire time.” He looked at her and paused for a while as she smiled, listening to him describe the concert.

“I wish you could’ve been there though, which is why I had to come see you now!” He said, getting excited again, the grin returning to his face. Rae smiled back at him. He was beginning to sober up a little bit and he turned to Rae cracking up. She looked at him, confused.

“What?” she demanded.

“I was just thinkin’ about how ridiculous we probably look, just sitting on your bed, in matching shirts, with no pants on.” He chuckled some more, and Rae, realizing how stupid they probably looked, laughed as well. Finn was laughing so hard that he rolled off the bed and landed on the floor. He rolled over to pull himself back up and yelped a little, scuttling away from the side of the bed. Rae stopped laughing, confused.

“Ow” he said, reaching for the side of his torso. When he pulled his hand away, it had blood on it. He looked back to where he had just been laying and pulled a knife out from under the bed. It had been hiding just enough so that neither of them could see it, but it was still far out enough for him to hurt himself on it. He looked at Rae, confused and concerned. He held it up inquisitively, a frown on his face. Rae bit her lip nervously, counted to ten and then managed to calmed herself down.

“I’ll talk to you in a bit. You have a nasty nick on your side though. Let me fix you up first.”
Finn had forgotten about his cut and was fixated on Rae. He put his hand to his side again and saw that it was bleeding even more. With his clean hand, he reached to the back of his neck and pulled his shirt off. Rae inhaled sharply to see him in only a pair of boxers.

“He was so chiseled, he could’ve been made out of marble. I wouldn’t mind having a statue of him in my bedroom” she thought as she ran her eyes over his chest. Finn laughed as he saw her check him out.

“You gonna even the game girl? I did last time. It’s only fair.”

Rae laughed and dragged him to the bathroom.

“Maybe later” she said, rolling her eyes “let’s clean you up before anything.”

She ran a washcloth under water and cleaned up his side, which, by now, had accumulated a good deal of blood. Her hands trembled gently as she ran them over the skin of his abdomen, where he had smeared the blood from his side. He smiled as she bit her lip nervously. Rae turned to a cabinet and pulled out a large square bandage. She dried his skin with a fresh towel and pressed the bandage gently to his skin. He tapped his toe impatiently as she clearly moved slowly, cleaning him up.

“Alright. If you were a doctor, all of your patients would be dead by now, spending that much time stickin a little bandage on me. You have to explain to me what it was doin on the floor in the first place!”

Rae sat silently, but her eyes drifted to her thighs, where thick scars ran across her skin. Finn’s eyes followed hers hesitantly. When they landed where hers were, his face dropped.

“Rae. Why was there a knife laying on your floor?” He asked again, his voice quivering gently.
Rae bit her lip, and her voice cracked as she began to speak.

“Finn. It’s my fault. I’m really sorry that you got cut. I was careless and left it laying round on the floor. I’m so sorry Finn.” The words fumbled out of her mouth, her voice fading at the end.

“Rae. You clearly don’t understand what I’m saying. I don’t fucking care if it’d cut out my kidneys. What were you doing with it on the floor??” His voice was filling with more anxiety the longer that she didn’t answer him. Rae looked up at him with tears in her eyes. She took a deep breath before she began to speak.

“I didn’t mean for it to be like this. I’m so sorry that you had to see this Finn. Last spring, I was admitted to a mental home because I kept trying to hurt myself, when I thought my life was falling apart. I’m better now though. Today, I just couldn’t handle it. I felt abandoned and I thought I was going to do something, but I didn’t.” she cracked a smile, hoping to reassure him “I just fell asleep, apparently waiting for you to come and honk like a madman in my driveway.” She forced a chuckle at the end, trying to hold back tears and lighten the mood. His face remained sombre, but he encased her in his arms, pressing her face into his shoulder. He pulled her out of the hug and, with one hand, grabbed her by her wrist and gently dragged her back to her bedroom.

He picked the knife up from her bedroom floor and closed it, and slipped it into the pocket on his pants which were still discarded on the floor. After that, he pulled her to sit next to him on the bed with their backs against the wall. Rae pulled her knees to her chest, and Finn tossed his arm over her shoulders. They sat there in silence for a while, but he never pulled his arm back, even though she noticed him trying to reposition himself a bit so his cut wasn’t pressing against the bedpost. They chatted for a while about the concert and Rae’s past until they had both fallen asleep.

When Rae woke, Finn was still deep in slumber with his back to the wall, but she was sleeping with her head on his lap, with his arm draped over her stomach. She realized that she was wearing just a tshirt and that he was still wearing only his boxer shorts. She began to squirm a bit to get his hand off of her stomach, but he stirred for a second and she stopped, afraid to wake him. If he woke, he would realize that he was touching her stomach and probably be filled with disgust. She decided that she would pull away from him quickly, if he woke up, she’d already be sitting on the other side of the bed, and he wouldn’t have a chance to feel her stomach. She moved suddenly, trying to position herself away from his hand, but he woke up as she was moving and pulled her next to him with his hand pressing into her stomach. Tears filled her eyes as she felt him touching her and he clinched her in even closer, seeing her tears.

“Wait Rae. What’d I do?” The words flew out, the worry rising in his voice.

She didn’t reply to him though. She just tried to shake his hand off her stomach. He realized what was going on and grabbed her hands with his other hand and pressed all 4 of their hands into her body. He looked down into her eyes that were filled with tears and smashed his lips into hers as hard as he could. As he kissed her, she could smell the booze from the concert he’d spilled mixed with the scent of CK One. His lips felt like home and tasted sweet, better than any chocolate bar she’d ever had, which was saying a lot.

Rae looked into his eyes when he pulled out of the kiss and saw him bite his lip slightly. His chest rose and fell as she looked at him. They both sat silently for a minute or so and then Finn rolled Rae on top of him, breathing in sharply as he admired her and pressed his lips into hers again.

Impossible (part 3)

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