oasis started playing and i was done

Int: You and your brother have reacted extremely well to that level of fame. It’s like Kurt Cobain is over there, and Oasis are like his polar opposite.
Liam: Exactly. If you’re not into fame, chill out. Go and play your guitar under a tree somewhere. There’s no point shooting yourself in the head, is there? It’s easy - just go and play your guitar over there. If fame started doing my head in, I’d leave it.

Int: So who inspired you to sing like you do?
Liam: The Beatles. John Lennon. You’ve got to say it. Sing it loud. It’s like ‘Live Forever’ - it started off [soft, sensitively], ‘Maybe, I don’t really…’, and I’m like ‘MAYBE…’ ‘Wonderwall’ - ‘Today..’ As soon at it kicks in, it’s my time to shine, I’m in there..

Int: Which do you think are your best vocal performances on Oasis records?
Liam: ‘Cast No Shadow’. ‘Wonderwall’. ‘Hello’. ‘Roll With It’. ‘Champagne Supernova’. I don’t think I’ve done a bad job on any of them. I think I’ve done alright on them all.