oasis knebworth


Me and Liam are head over heels in love at the moment. It’s illegal in some countries but while you’re on the road, it’s fine. - Noel Gallagher, 2002


10 August 1996

Oasis played the first of two concerts at Knebworth in Hertfordshire, England. They were the biggest gigs of their era. A quarter of a million eventually got to see Liam, Noel, Bonehead, Guigsy and Whitey as they confirmed their status as the most popular British band since The Beatles. (A status that was swiftly rescinded when the band released their overblown, coke-addled third album Be Here Now 12 months later.) Support acts included The Charlatans, Cast, Manic Street Preachers, The Prodigy and Ocean Colour Scene