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☆☆ But you and I, we live and die
The world’s still spinning around, we don’t know why ☆☆

When inspiration to draw Klance strikes after listening to THIS SONG by Oasis and watching the new series, Eyewitness, which I highly recommend!

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- Harriet. 

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Ok so Gorillazwatch AU where D.VA is Noodle and she has a different skin for each phase. Phae 1 is the Junker/ Scavenger skin.

Phase 2 will be the default D.VA skin/ recolours

Phase 3 will be the Lunar New year skin

Cyborg will be Carbon Fibre/ White Rabbit

and idk about phase 4 yet, but probably B.VA/ Junebug

About the upcoming Oasis map and Reaper...

About the lore of the map, of it being like a “sanctuary” for scientist and researchers to cross the lines and boundaries of modern medicine and science and such. The moment I heard about the lore of the map, I immediately started to think about Reaper and how he might be connected to this map.

I am just going to go straight to the point with this theory of mine: I think, and I may be wrong about this. I think Oasis is where Gabriel Reyes became Reaper. Someone found him in the ruins of the Swiss HQ, brought him to Oasis for whatever reason, and the researchers and scientist there brought Gabe back to life as Reaper.

The number one thing that “tipped my jar” so to speak, or made me speculate even harder about this since the announcement of the map, is the ball of black goop that hover in the spawn on the third point of Oasis. 

Yes, sure the ball is more of a cluster of tar than anything that resembles smoke or fog. But I still have a strong feeling about this map being connected to Reaper in one way or the other. Because for what reason would that thing be there? What is it anyway? What is it for?

This really made me wanting to know much more about the lore of both the map and Reaper, and I can’t wait for the map to be completely finished with eastereggs and (hopefully) new voice lines that relates to the map and additions to the overall lore of Overwatch.

I just wanted to get this off my chest since I’ve been thinking about this for quite a while now. I don’t know if anyone else has brought this up yet. I haven’t seen anything floating around here so I just figured I post this here and I might hear some of your theories about this if you have any. :)

Have a good day!