This is now my home… As much as many others…

Finally finished, ok I didn’t expected at all almost 600 notes of just a preview view of this draw so…that makes me draw this faster and omy….I can’t even believe it thank you soooooo much, also I LOVE THE TAGS you guys are awesome ❤❤

Also you know she is my wife

if you like any of these bands like this post

i need to follow people who like the same as me and make some friends pls


- guns n’ roses

- black sabbath

- panic! at the disco

- fall out boy

- my chemical romance

- kiss

- judas priest

- queen

- the pretty reckless

- foo fighters

- nirvana

- soundgarden

- stone sour

- iron maiden

- twenty one pilots

- muse

- oasis

- the killers

- paramore

- blink-182

- green day


- linkin park

- radiohead

- audioslave

- pink floyd

- scorpions

- led zeppelin

- pearl jam

- red hot chili peppers

- rise against