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the first time i saw donnie i was speechless. one of me fav films m8. and don't get me started on the soundtrack. so much dankness fam. depression and suicidal ideation are like the worst but at least there is art. /watch?v=T_QcyPl32gg - /watch?v=qsyfGwlf_l0 ps and also american beauty is very close to me heart. /watch?v=AV8W2vCBkTg - /watch?v=OW9ZNy4kT9A ps hope you chillin. you in college? if yey wot u study? ciao serena / y u so serene? /watch?v=XuwUpMkybkc

Donnie Darko is my fave. I made an explanation video when I was 15 *cringes* bUt american beauty is gr8 too. Also i study cannabis culture @ oaksterdam university and iM serena but dEFS not serene LOL