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Is no one else going to mention/remember that Trainer Blue/Green studies abroad??
When did he study? Was this before or after red going up the mountain? Did he miss red??

In Casey County Kentucky, the White Oak Union Church is open to anyone who wants to preach. My grandmother remembers going there as a child when her father or uncles had something they wanted to preach about so there’s no telling how long this church has been standing.
My father tells about preaching there with his cousins as a kid and being warned not to go in there after dark because that’s when the devil took the pulpit.


the summer the world ended | for the pines family | [collection]

a set of mixes about one amazing, heartbreaking, glorious summer.

before. | excitement. exploration. experience. | [listen]

i. home - phillip phillips // ii. geronimo - sheppard // iii. young volcanoes - fall out boy // iv. the days - avicii ft. robbie williams // v. larger than life - pinkzebra ft. benji jackson // vi. from finner - of monsters and men // vii. summer skeletons - radical face // viii. just one day- mighty oaks // ix. eyes open - taylor swift // x. young blood - the naked and the famous // xi. gold in the summertime - matt nathanson // xii. summer - imagine dragons // xiii. bonus track

during. | brawl. bloodshed. battle. | [listen]

i. pompeii - bastille // ii. the end - mayday parade // iii. immortals - fall out boy // iv. it has begun - starset // v. get up - barcelona // vi. king and lionheart - of monsters and men // vii. ghosttown - madonna // viii. overcome - new politics // ix. change - taylor swift // x. battle scars - paradise fears // xi. how far we’ve come - matchbox 20 // xii. warriors - imagine dragons // xiii. bonus track

after. | recoup. reconciliation. recovery. | [listen]

i. in our bedroom after the war - stars // now is the start - a fine frenzy // iii. the kids aren’t alright - fall out boy // iv. life starts now - three days grace // v. after the storm - mumford and sons // vi. silhouettes - of monsters and men // vii. rivers and roads - the head and the heart // viii. here’s to us - kevin rudolf // ix. long live - taylor swift // x. dear sister, your brother - talain rayne  // xi. follow love - ffh // xii. it’s time - imagine dragons // xiii. bonus track

(bonus mix.)


-Anon request


“I’ll get it, Uncle!” you called to your uncle, Bilbo Baggins, trotting over to the round oak door. Swinging it open you raised an eyebrow at the two -attractive- dwarves stood on the front step. “Yes? Can I help you?”

The one with the long dark hair looked you up and down slowly with a wicked smile on his face and a mischievous glint in his eye, before saying, “Yes, I think you can.”

The one next to him with blond long hair and beard elbowed him in the ribs and smiling pleasantly at you. “We were looking for Bilbo, does he still live here?”

“Of course,” you told him with a friendly smile, stepping aside to make room for the two of them to come in. “Please, he’s in the kitchen.”

Directing the two dwarves into the kitchen, you called to Bilbo, “Uncle, umm, you have visitors?”

The middle-aged hobbit turned around, a plate still clutched in one hand. “Who is i-?” he stopped midsentence. “Ah,” was all he followed with. Then a smile broke across his face and he opened his arms wide and the two dwarves bounded up and clapped him on the back. “It’s good to see you again, Fili, Kili,” he laughed. “After all this time, as well.”

Interrupting the odd greetings, you cleared your throat loudly and raised an eyebrow when they turned to you. “Umm, we haven’t been introduced?” you encouraged.

“Of course, of course,” Bilbo smiled, jovially, “Y/N, these are my friends from my time with Gandalf: Fili and Kili.”

With a warm smile, you grasped each one of their firm, calloused hands in turn and gave them a, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Uncle seldom discusses his time with Gandalf.” You shot your uncle a look then, that said ’but you will be’.

“Fili, Kili,” you addressed them, “Do you want to come through to the living room while my Uncle makes tea?”

“Sounds good,” Kili smiled, striding through doors at random.

After you’d shown them into the living room, you retracted back to the kitchen where you eyed your uncle and said, “Are they going to be staying?”

Bilbo look shocked. “Of course not, why should they?”

You rolled your eyes and set him to work on making tea for four. “Because, they’ve come all this way and it’s polite to offer,” you told him sternly.

He just grumbled something about untidy dwarves.

She's Dirty Dancin' On Me [a Sebastian Smythe smut]

Request: Sebastian smut where the reader ties his hands with his tie and is wearing nothing but his blazer and underwear as she teases and seduces him.

a/n: oh i love my friend for requesting this, love youuuu xxx

How the hell did Sebastian manage to get himself into this one? And how the hell did you restrain his hands with his tie?! The Warber squirms in the sleek brown wood chair, praying nobody will come into the common room. Not a lot of students are here on the weekends; most go home to their families. And thank god, because Sebastian really did not want anyone seeing his dick out on display.

Again, he tugs at the tie, huffing angrily with a snarl. He hates not being in control. The giant oak door creaks open ever so slowly, anxiety bubbling up in the brunette. You slide in, quickly shutting the door behind you. Sebastian’s bright green eyes enlarge when he sees his Dalton blazer on your upper body. Your breasts peek out as you remove your shorts, revealing your thin underwear.

A groan escapes his throat, head bending backwards, eyes still focused on you. He tries pulling his wrists apart, going to throw out a snarky comment, until music erupts from your phone. His eyes squint, hearing the sound of New Kids On The Block’s ‘Dirty Dancing’ begin. “Wasn’t in the mood for dancin’, forget about romancing, ‘cause I already got a lady.” you rap, smirking, slowly strutting towards him. “Wasn’t tryin’ to be flirty, wasn’t feeling dirty, 'til this shorty started runnin’ on me.”

Dipping your fingers in your underwear, his breath hitches, back arching against the chair. His white button down stretches across his chest, becoming almost see through. “With her itty-bitty waist and her pretty pretty face, and the leanest, meanest, baddest, baddest body…” you step out of your underwear, tossing them aside. “Didn’t have no time to waste, she was looking for a test, and she was wanting me to party.” you hum, swinging your legs around his waist.

He bites his lip, panting while he racks his brain for the lyrics. “Oh, it’s so crazy, she’s like Baby, I’m like Swayze,” he smirks, bucking his hips up. “I’m said, oh, and I’m burning up…So, let’s turn it up, I said turn it up now…” he gasps, feeling your pussy sink down on his dick. The muscles in his back moves, arms hugging the chair.

Licking your lips, you let your hands tangle in his growing sleek light brown locks. After you adjust to his size, you harmonize the chorus with him. “She’s dirty dirty dancing, dirty dancing on me. She’s dirty dirty dancing, dirty dancing on me.” You rock your hips on his, moving your upper body as well. “She’s dirty dirty dancing, dirty dancing, dirty dancing on me. She’s dirty dirty dancing, dirty dancing on me.” You start unbuttoning his shirt, causing a moan to bubble inside him.

Following your upper body with his to the rhythm, Sebastian leans into your ear, tugging on it with his teeth lightly. “Now, I ain’t looking for no drama, I don’t want karma 'cause my baby sittin’ in bed at home.” he pouts, bucking his hips up, gasping when cool air hits his exposed chest. “She knows that I be lying and that I be trying to get this shorty with me all alone… Pretty pretty lips and her big 'ol hips, it’s getting hotter when she touches me with her fingertips-” His breath hitches, watching your fingers trace his abs. “And her sexy eyes and those big 'ol thighs…” he says breathlessly, mouth hanging open as you flutter your eyelashes at him. “It’s getting hotter like The Block up in the summertime-”

“Oh, it’s so crazy, she’s like Baby, I’m like Swayze.” you sing, letting the navy Dalton blazer fall off one shoulder, giving him a full show of your breast. He eyes it before smirking, bending his neck and taking your nipple in his mouth. “I’m said, oh, and I’m burning up,” you gasp, bouncing up and down on his dick. “So, let’s turn it up, I said turn it up now.” you purr, tugging on his hair, pulling him back.

Sebastian glares, stomach scrunching in on itself as he yanks on his restraints. “Now, I know that my girl is alone and she’s been blowing me up on my phone,” he echoes, snapping his hips up, smirking at your whimper. “But I can shower when I get back home, 'cause tonight I’m dancing dirty, yeah…” he hums, nibbling on your collarbone while you repeat the bridge.

A shiver runs through you and you groan, “Sebastian….I’m - ugh!” you cry out, feeling his dick twitch. He nods understandingly, hips bucking up once more, chestnut strands of hair falling in front of his green orbs. Withering, you cum at the same time as he does, chanting his name breathlessly.

“Y/N…” Sebastian hisses, panting while coming down from his high. His pale, sweaty chest rising and falling; he stares at you lazily, broad shoulders stretched behind him. “You… look hot in my Dalton blazer, babe.” he smirks, winking at you. “Just… just one question…how’d you get my tie so tight?”

hamiltonyay  asked:


hope this is okay :)

“Be careful. Try to relax.”

Jasmine takes a step down onto the landing just outside Anthony and Oak’s dressing room in full costume earlier than she normally would be, worried about Anthony. His first show back from major surgery was one that he was excited for, but Jasmine would be lying if she said that she wasn’t a little worried that it was too soon for him to be coming back no matter what his doctor’s said.

“He’s almost ready, you can go in,” Oak smiles when he opens the dressing room door, Jasmine smiling as she slips into his dressing room, giving him a smile when she shuts the door behind her.

“You almost ready?” Jasmine questions, Anthony nodding as he grabs his jacket to slide on, looking at himself in the mirror. “Are you nervous?” She presses, wanting more than anything to hear Anthony’s voice, to hear how he was feeling from his own mouth rather than her own speculations.

“A little, yeah,” He shrugs, adjusting his costume in the mirror before turning to look at her. “I know I can do it, I just don’t want to be in a crazy amount of pain after it. I’ll be in some pain, but I won’t be able to take it if it’s a lot.” Jasmine walks over carefully and reaches up to adjust his microphone, smoothing out his hair around it.

“You’re going to be fine. Your doctor cleared you, and you’re basically back to your normal self. We’re all right here to support you through it,” She promises, Anthony nodding, taking her hands in his when they trail down his arms.

“Will you say a quick prayer with me?” He questions, the request so innocent that Jasmine doesn’t even hesitate before agreeing, squeezing his hands as he leads them through a prayer. Jasmine bows her head and doesn’t miss the way Anthony’s voice sounds timid and shakes, the nerves coursing through his veins the closer they got to his places call.

“You took your meds?” Jasmine questions when they finish the prayer, Anthony reaching over to his prescription bottle, slipping a pain med out and popping it into his mouth, grabbing his water to wash it down. She gives him a smile, the speaker on the intercom calling for places for all of them. Anthony gives Jasmine the best smile he can, grabbing his things and going to walk past Jasmine when she catches his arm in her hands, stopping his walk.

“Be careful. Try to relax,” She reminds him, Anthony leaning down to peck her lips, Jasmine smiling.

“I love you, thank you for being so positive about this and helping me through this. I know I’ll be fine, but your reassurance is helping me through this,” He confesses, the two of them opening the door to his dressing room and making their way downstairs.

“We’re all going to get you through this, just try to remember to take big, deep breaths. Tell me or someone if you’re hurting.” They get to his place as Jasmine gives him one last kiss and lets him wrap her in a hug, running to her spot just in time for the show to start.

Her eyes don’t leave his body the whole show, but as they walk home with Anthony having survived his first show back, she’s positive the bliss he’s feeling is more than enough to make her feel like things had all worked out and were going to be absolutely fine going forward, which is all she had ever wanted.

Lyriel: Part Eleven (One of Two)


Lyria took Gavriel, blindfolded, into the library.

Making sure that everyone was gone, she opened the oak doors, and guided him into the back stacks, where no one visited.

“Okay, now.” she said.

Gavriel took off his blindfold, “The library? Really?”

She shrugged, “No one will interrupt us here.”

Gavriel slowly smiled. “Of all the places I’ve taken a woman, I would have to say a library isn’t one of them.”

Lyria ran her hands down Gavriel’s back, pulling him closer, “I’m glad I could expand your horizons, Cat.” She kissed him at the base of his ear.

He bent down grazing her neck. The v between her legs began to wet.


Gavriel took off his mate’s shirt. Her breasts were generous handfuls. Rubbing his thumbs over her nipples, they peaked.

Her back arching, Gavriel lightly bit her left breast.

Before her moan could be heard he kissed her on the mouth, taking her moan deep into his core, hardening him.

He let Lyria shred his shirt. Her nails ran down his chest, drawing blood.


Lyria stepped out of her pants, revealing her full self. Gavriel did the same.

Pushing him up against the stacks, Lyria lowered herself to her knees.

Keeping her eyes on his, she trailed her tongue down the length of him.

He bit back a curse, his hand out to the side, bracing himself against the sharp edges of manuals.

With a low laugh, she took him inside her mouth. He hardened again from the sensation of her lips, her tongue circling the tip.

“You have a wicked mouth.”

She took his cock out of her mouth, her lightly chilled fingertips grazing the full length of him, and stood to kiss him.

He pushed her, forward, up against the stone wall, her magic slightly icing over, her breasts biting into the chill of the cold.

Gavriel trailed his tongue down her neck, “Prick,” she breathed.

Darkly chuckling he played with the opening between her legs, slightly penetrating but then teasing himself back out, “Prick.”

He pushed himself forward, feeling the warmth that welcomed him.

A moan escaped from his Lyria. His response was a thrust that made ice pulse between Lyria’s fingers.

Turning her around, Lyria backed into the wall, he hoisted her up, rocking into her hips. An arm wrapped around her, the palm of his other hand holding him steady as he fucked his mate.

Lyria looked at him with sly eyes, “Do you ever let your females bite you?”

He hardened himself around her, “Do you want to bite me, Lyria?”

She slowly smiled, her lips full of want and mischief. He tilted his head, exposing his neck to her.

She pressed her lips onto the base of his jaw, slowly leaving purple kisses in her wake, marking him as hers. At the v of his neck, she lightly grazed with her tongue before she bit into the flesh with her canines. Forever marking Gavriel as hers.

Imagine reuniting with your childhood friend Tyrion

prompt number four requested by @kpopmusicanimebooklover​


Your name: submit What is this?

“Who wishes to enter King Robert’s Castle?” the knight called, his face hidden behind an argent helm. 

Your guard half-drew his blade, affronted, “Watch your tongue around the Lady Y/N, ser.” he said, not used to the ways of King’s Landing, “In Casterly Rock you show respect to your superiors.”

You, however, were unfased by the guard’s ways. “I am Lady Y/N, of House Brax. I am a guest of the Lannisters.” you said. Almost immediately the large oak doors swung open, allowing you to walk inside of the castle.

You made your way to the throne room, where you saw a very small man standing with his back turned to you. “Tyrion?” you called.

The man turned, his eyes searching for a split second until he broke out into a grin, “Y/N!” he said, and you walked over to see him better. When the two of you were younger he had been the same height as everyone else, and to this day you never thought lesser of him because of his size. You two had been thick as thieves as children, and it had been years since you had seen him.

Tyrion took your hand and kissed it lightly, “My lady, it’s been years.” You rolled your eyes and smiled, “Oh, enough with the courtesies, Tyrion. I’ve known you for far too long for you to call me ‘my lady.’”

Tyrion smirked that mischievous grin of his, which hasn’t changed a bit since over the years, “My apologies, Y/N” he said loftily, “I’m afraid it’s a force of habit to treat beautiful women such as yourself like queens.”

On the subject of fics I want - I want a Steter fic that is reverse!verse. So Scott had a pack but he got into a relationship with Allison and he didn’t realise she was a hunter until it was too late and Kate burnt Scott’s pack to the ground. Allison didn’t know, she thought Kate was just going to talk, she was only young, barely a kid, she didn’t know Kate was going to kill them.

And six years later Peter drags his nephew into the woods because he’d heard from his sister that there was a dead body in the woods and they don’t expect to find the giant wolf with red eyes there…

So it turns out the wolf totally isn’t a wolf, he’s actually a really nice guy with puppy dog eyes that is just trying to find out what killed a deer and left it stabbed to an oak trunk, spread open like a sacrifice with its blood trailing out in a spiral and Peter knows what that means - revenge.

So then it’s all Talia as an alpha trying to keep Derek and Cora and Peter and Laura from poking into the strange alpha’s business, and there is a comatose emissary with burn marks in the hospital, a hunter who may or may not be in love with a wolf, a banshee who keeps finding sacrificial bodies and a sociopathic aunt who is trying to kill the Hale family like she killed the McCall pack years before.

Mother Nature, Shut Up.

Steve Rogers x Reader x Bucky Barnes
Oneshot request
A/n: omg I can’t stand it when I get “shark week.”
Genre: romance, fluff
Rated: Everyone
Warning: IT’S SO FLUFFEH, swearing
Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines
You cried silently as you pushed on your abdomen, curled up into a fetal position. You called out, wincing.
“Steve! Bucky!”
You heard feet jogging up the old, wooden stairs and the oak door opened, Steve coming in with Bucky in tow.
“What’s wrong?”
You pointed towards the Aleve and pads/tampons. Steve blushed and asked.
“Do you-”
“-Aleve. I need the Aleve.”
Steve nodded and grabbed the Aleve and Bucky grabbed a heating pad. He plugged it in and you sighed at the warmth and relaxed. Steve helped you sit up and you took the Aleve.
“Are you alright? Do you need anything else?”
Asked Bucky. You nodded and Steve asked.
“Snuggle with me.”
They nodded and Steve slipped off his shoes and climbed in carefully. He wrapped an around your neck and Bucky wrapped an arm around your waist. You smiled and stroked both of them, saying.
“Thank you boys.”
“No problem doll.”
Said Steve. Bucky just shrugged and fell asleep.


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Edmund x Reader: You Were Flirting

Anon asked: A story where edmund is jealous and the reading thinks it’s cute


(Y/n) fixed her hair, frazzled from her ride, before knocking on the solid oak door. It opened slightly to reveal a face she didn’t recognize.

     “Can I help you?” the man said disdainfully looking her up and down.

    “Yes, as a matter of fact,” (Y/n) replied. “I am inquiring after His lordship.”

     “Lord Aeden is very busy at the moment and cannot be—“

     The man was interrupted by a voice in the background. (Y/n) couldn’t hear what it had said, but the man sighed irritably before snapping, “One moment please.”

       A few minutes later, the door opened. This time Lord Aeden appeared. “Might I be of service to you, Your Ladyship?”

       “Oh, I’m not a lady, here,” (Y/n) corrected. The man must have been trying to be very polite, for she did not look anything like a lady at the moment, in her riding wear and her face flushed from the heat. “And, I was just wondering whether you would like to take a walk around the castle. I have noticed that you barely emerge from your chambers.”

    Well, her motives weren’t entirely pure. She and Edmund had suspected this lord of something–they just didn’t know what–for a while now. She decided some snooping under the guise of innocent girl would work.

    His face seemed to fall momentarily. “Ah, well that is very kind,  but I—“ He stopped suddenly, and his face changed as if his mind was made up. “I think I will. Give me a moment, please?”

     He slipped back into his chambers and shut the door.

     “Thank you for your patience,” Aeden said. He shut the door behind him and gestured for (Y/n) to lead on.

     “The grounds are very beautiful here,” (Y/n) commented casually. “Is there any place in particular you would like to see?”

      “I’m ashamed to say,” Aeden began. “that I haven’t seen any place yet in my stay here. So, a general tour, if you could.”

       (Y/n) nodded, “Very well. How about we scale the interior first?”

    (Y/n) led  him through the various halls, explaining what she could about them. She, of course, didn’t know the extensive history of Cair Paravel, no matter how many times Edmund explained it to her. A tour, however, wasn’t the goal of her calling for Aeden. He didn’t seem quite interested much either.

      “I’m sorry for intruding, my lord,” she said after showing him the Great Hall. It was time to play her cards. “but you seem distracted.”

      “Oh, do I?” he said pulling out a handkerchief and dabbing his forehead. “Forgive me. This dreaded heat. Do you mind if we take a rest?”

      (Y/n) obliged. “I presume the weather is very cool in your county?”

     “Yes, it is quite cool in my county. Pleasant weather.”

    “Have you ever visited the White Lake?” (Y/n) asked.

      “My county is very near it,” Aeden said. “My father and I used to visit it every summer before—“ He seemed to stop himself from saying something.

    “Before?” (Y/n) prodded.

    He looked up at her. She found his look peculiar. His gaze was pained, distressed. He shook his head and his countenance changed, though his eyes hinted the weariness. “Nothing,” he said. “I was foolish to mention it.”

     (Y/n) forced a smile. “Well, shall we continue with the tour?”

    He nodded and followed her as she led him into the ballroom. (Y/n) managed to get bits and pieces of his backstory throughout the tour, but he was very reserved in details. What she did notice was tiny things. She wished she could get more, but just as she thought he was going to say something particularly useful, he changed the subject.

      Finally, they stopped near the gardens in the open hall for a rest. They talked much about various places in Archenland and parts of Calormene. (Y/n) found herself actually enjoying the conversations as he had been one of the only ones she knew to have such an extensive knowledge of Archenland.

    It was late afternoon when their conversation was interrupted by King Edmund.

    “Your Majesty,” Aeden stiffened and bowed. “I haven’t seen you since this morning. You look tired.”

    Indeed he did. Edmund was still clad in his armor and was panting with sweat dripping from his hair.  

    “Yes, forgive my appearance. I wasn’t expecting to run into anyone this time of day. Most are getting ready for dinner,” he seemed to look pointedly at (Y/n). She bit back a laugh. He looked like a disgruntled school boy.  ”I just finished training with our new troops.”

     “In the summer heat? Well, that must have been very tiresome,” Aeden replied. “But, I will take no more of your time. As you mentioned it will soon be dinner time.” He turned to (Y/n). “Thank you for the lovely afternoon and the tour of the castle. Perhaps, next time, you can show me the gardens, my lady.”

    (Y/n) opened her mouth, once again to object to the title, but he held up his hand to stop her.

    “I know what you’re going to say,” Aeden said. “You’re not a lady, and yet you are. Good Evening, my lady.” He bowed to both of them before proceeding down the hall to his chambers.

    “He seems very friendly,” Edmund said, almost snarled, (Y/n) noted, once Aeden had left.

    “He’s quite the gentleman,” (Y/n) commented indifferently. Edmund seemed to tense momentarily.

    “If you say so,” he smirked. “my lady.”

    (Y/n) rolled her eyes and elbowed him before pushing forward. Despite his best efforts, she could still hear the tension behind the teasing.

    He caught up with her. “What were you doing with him—besides flirting?”

    “I was not flirting,” (Y/n) exclaimed indignantly. He could tease her all he wanted about the lord, but she, most certainly, would not stoop to flirting with anyone…even if she did flirt with Edmund from time to time. But that was different, right? “I was trying to get some information from him.”

    “Through sweet smiles and flattering compliments?” Edmund scoffed.

    “I wasn’t. And why do you care if I did?” (Y/n) snapped.

    He let out an aggravated sigh. “Never mind. What did you find out?”

    “Nothing of much importance,” she replied tensely, still riled from his accusations. “I just found it odd how he talked very little of his sister when mentioning childhood experiences.”

    “Oh, he told you his whole life story, did he?” Edmund muttered.

    “You really don’t know how to let something go, do you?”

    “I wasn’t the one flirting—“

    (Y/n)’s mouth fell open. “You’re jealous!”

“No!” Edmund sputtered, though the tinge of red in his cheeks said otherwise.

(Y/n) could no longer hold back the smile that was tugging at her lips. She pinched his cheek. “Oh, come on,” she said. “We both know you’ve been in love with me for a long time.”

Edmund raised an eyebrow, but surprisingly kept composure. “Now you’re actually flirting.”

It was her turn to blush.

“Maybe I am,” she shrugged. Edmund took a step closer, probably to throw off her cool. She didn’t let him. “Maybe it’s just because you’re cute when you’re jealous.”

She smirked when Edmund was too taken aback to speak. Leaving him standing there, spluttering for answer, (Y/n) walked away, trying to calm herself.         


Reindeer Adopt!

Two members of the Pinehoof clan- Woodrow and Whispering have announced the arrival of new fawns- some being their own. Whispering- the herd Oracle- though blind and unable to see has received visions from the quiet winter wind of the fawns to come. 

(Adopt info here)

The parents of the resulting litter are shown above, with previews of the fawns’ Laurels. 

$20 for a Lined and Flat colored illustration of the resulting Fawn

$25 for a Lined and Fully Shaded illustration of the resulting Fawn 

For every extra $1 you can influence or induce a single Color, Pattern, or add an Accessory.

In this litter, you may choose for the Fawn to be a pure Reindeer offspring of the parents shown above. You are also able to pair an OC with either (gender does not matter) to influence the appearance of the resulting Fawn/Foal. However- Pony or non Reindeer OCs will result in a Hybrid which do not have Laurels.

Traits that can be passed down include patterns, horns, coloration, and special abilities. (Such as Whispering’s blindness but also her powers as an Oracle).

To purchase one, please send a message along with the number you wish to have. Payments accepted via Paypal only. 

1- Winter Rose: TAKEN

2- Mistletoe: Open

3- Yew: Open

4- Lavender: TAKEN

5- Willow:  TAKEN

6- Oak: Open


“What the-” Dean hissed, glancing at himself.

He was dressed in an 18th century suit with a pattern the colour of well-aged green apple whiskey and gold trimming. Sam was dressed similarly but in black and gold. You were dressed in your own elegant 18th century outfit. After looking at your new clothes, you heard loud classical music and saw bright light coming from the other room.

“At least (y/n) makes it look good.” Sam groaned.

“Boys…” You began, peering through the door.

“Yeah?” They said in unison as you shoved open the oak.

Before you was a large, golden ballroom full of music, laughter, and people dressed similarly to you three. It wasn’t long before women plunged through the doorway and swept the boys away. As you laughed, an extremely handsome and familiar man asked you to dance with him.

“Of course, Gabriel.” You smirked, accepting his arm.

“You caught me.” He winced, “I was hoping you wouldn’t recognize me.”

“I’m guessing this is your handiwork.” You began dancing, glancing around.

“I-I wanted to dance with you.” Gabe admitted.

You blushed, “So you did this?”

“I’m not great with words.”

You laughed, relaxing your head on his chest, “You’re good enough for me.”

The storm was really giving it everything it had. This was its big chance. It had spent years hanging around the provinces, putting in some useful work as a squall, building up experience, making contacts, occasionally leaping out on unsuspecting shepherds or blasting quite small oak trees. Now an opening in the weather had given it an opportunity to strut its hour, and it was building up its role in the hope of being spotted by one of the big climates.
It was a good storm. There was quite effective projection and passion there, and critics agreed that if it would learn to control its thunder it would be, in years to come, a storm to watch.
The woods roared their applause and were full of mists and flying leaves.
—  Terry Pratchett  -  “Wyrd Sisters”