The Oak Factory

theoakfactory in Stockholm, Sweden has been beautifully photographing the germination of 20 oak trees in water.

Check out the #ekfabriken tag to see the series.

I have a similar project going on, which also started with oaks: I try to plant 100 trees a year, wherever I am.

theoakfactory‘s project should go to show that you don’t need a lot of space to plant native trees!



Ancient Oaks in the Fog by Lana Gramlich

My name is Lana Gramlich. I’m a nature photographer living in New Orleans.

I was born Friday the 13th in the Bermuda Triangle and sold on the black market (no lie!) I grew up on the Gold Coast of Long Island, N.Y. and spent 16 years in Canada before moving to the Greater New Orleans area in 2003. I’m happy to be a cancer survivor. My award-winning works have appeared in numerous forms; on TV, book covers, newspapers and magazines, in public spaces, screensavers, calendars and more.

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