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I stand against bullying, it’s just so wrong. We are all human and no one should feel superior to anyone else, and no one should put someone down because of who they are or who they may be attracted to or fall in love with. You are not superior to anyone and it only makes you look bad.The bullying needs to stop. It is wrong in so many ways and I stand against it! I stand on the right side of history. Enough is enough!


YouTubers, over the past couple of years have become a massive part of my life. I, like many others, watch YouTube every single day and I think that YouTubers for our generation in particular have become extremely relevant. These people are no longer just outsiders taking to a camera in their bedroom. Some of them are absolute sensations with millions of fans and whole careers.

I think it’s very unfortunate that the older generation doesn’t seem to understand Youtubers and the real impact they can have on us. They even go as far to discredit their achievements. What they don’t understand is that some of the people that they discredit do a hell of a lot of good with their fame. Take Tyler Oakleys campaigns with the Trevor Project to name just one example. Over 1 million dollars raised and countless lives saved. All that from just him sitting in his bedroom, talking to a camera and opening up his life to the world. Why can’t they see how much courage that alone takes?

We watch these ordinary people every day and I know, I at least, feel as though I really know them. I still vividly remember my first YouTuber and that was Jenna Marbles. To this day I still absolutely love her and one day I hope I can meet her and thank her for all she’s done for me. In fact I hope I can do that for all of them because they deserve to know all they have done for me. We all have the experience of our first YouTuber, and now we watch so many it has become a compete obsession. Dan,Phil, Troye, Tyler, Zoe, Alfie, Joe, Caspar, Marcus, Will, Jenna, Tanya, Jim, Lilly, Joey, Connor and countless more.

YouTubers are the people I go to when I’m having a bad day, they are the ones who in my lowest moments have made me laugh and forget about whatever was bothering me. I pressed play and suddenly everything was OK. They were there for me when no one else was and some people may think this is ridiculous, sad even, but it’s true and I’m not ashamed of it.

YouTubers are not far-out-of-reach celebrities, they are normal people and they don’t put themselves on pedestals. To think something like this could become such a phenomenon is incredible, however what’s even more incredible is how many lives they can touch with their videos and how many people they can inspire on a daily basis. I am really proud to say that most of them use this platform for good and though there will always be those who abuse this position, that is a very small minority.

It actually restores my faith in humanity a bit to see these non-artificial, real people in the spotlight and unchanged by it. I dread the day where my favourite YouTubers say their outros for the final time. When someday there will be no more Sugg Sunday Specials and Dan will finally say “Goodbye Internet”. Because when that day comes I don’t know what I will do. I know that they won’t continue making videos forever. I know that I won’t be watching Jenna when she’s forty.

But for now I am just going to watch their videos and appreciate them because I know that each one may be their last.


Stop the Hate: 49 Celebrities Honor 49 Victims of Orlando Tragedy in Ryan Murphy-Produced Tribute

I think some people are getting way to caught up in the troyler kiss, and forgetting the real purpose of this campaign.  Yes the rewards and the possibility of having your OTP kiss on camera are great bonuses, but just think about how much good $500k can do for the Trevor Project. I mean even if we don’t raise $500k and we don’t get the troyler kiss, we already raised over $400k, $250,000 more than tyler’s original goal, which is just INCREDIBLE. Just think about how many lives are going to be saved because of that money. I think Tyler mentioned $15 funds one phone call, so that means we have already raised enough to fund over 25,000 phone calls, that could mean over 25,000 lives saved all because of us!!  And if we do raise the goal of $500k that is well over 30,000 people that we can help, and i don’t know about you, but to me that is worth a hell of a lot more than a troyler kiss. 


btw i didn’t respond to # 2 on her reasons why gay is bad because its literally the stupidest thing i have ever heard… So this was me disproving a poor girl’s claims on why gay is bad and other religious claims on homosexuality as she said during another argument with a member of the LGBTQ+ community. Lets try to spread this around to show how hate comes from a lack of education or a blind following of another belief.

Five years- youtube

It’s five years from now, you come across a dusty memories box shoved in a corner. Notebooks. URL’s. Collages- all of them. Today, this exact date you remember the glow of your screen and how much your eyes watered ever so proudly the second you heard the news. They’re growing up.

  • Zoe Sugg is now vibrant. Her opportunities sparked more than ever, any magazine picking her up as a beauty section or just for advice. A-listed material. Anxiety was a word that wasn’t just a struggle anymore, it was an empowerment. The inspiring stories of herself and heard from others began a self help innovation.
  • Troye Sivan has just hit the last stage, tour is exhausting overall. His new album was just released this past fall with people not being able to get enough.Of course, nothing close to a cocky sense at all. The world loves him for his wit and charming personailty but most of all he’s respected for never fogetting where he came from and the suscribers who believed in him in the first place.
  • Tyler Oakley triggered a campaign in video production that was always expected since that first million subscriber. He started a basic revolution along side Hannah Hart in bringing up LGBTQ youth. A safe place was invented for all, inspired by Trevor and thank god it was. Together the pair raised every right and opened the eyes of a billion.
  • Hannah now is also the head of yet another shared organization targeted towards youth, Grace Helbig being her partner in crime. It gets better, honestly. Just ask the best selling book duo featuring Mamrie Hart.
  • Shane Dawson Is sitting there glancing at his old shattered smartphone, of course that thing burnt out years ago but it will sure as hell not die of the thousands of miliseconds captured of his life that was barley a glimpse into his future with the first ever movie Not Cool on its way.  The movie business ate him up and became the best of his life. Without those views rising his name on small crazy videos he wouldnt be here today. it might be a crap old i-whatever to anyone, but to him it means the world.

    These things wouldn’t have been possibe without you. And you’re proud.

I think we all just need to take a breath and remember the type of person Tyler is before panicking and typing.

The Troyler kissIf there’s one thing we can hold Tyler accountable for, it’s that his word to his fans is loyal. Once he commits to something, that’s a reliable promise that we will be able to hold him to. The fact that people are/were concerned on whether or not the kiss was going to happen makes me dizzy, because if you kept up with Tyler’s livestreams and interviews, you’d know that he has mentioned it time and time again, as has Troye. They never promised to kissing the moment we hit $500k, or that day, or that week. Details about the kiss were never mentioned, they simply gave us their word, and that’s all that matters. Although the kiss could have been your incentive for donating, and was used as motivation to achieve a stretched stretch goal, it was never the focus of the campaign, and should never overshadow what we have accomplished in the span of 2 months. The boys gave us their word, and we should just let it be, as it will happen in time.

The rewards for donatingWhen I got Tyler’s tweets regarding this to my phone tonight, I was confused as to why or how there was any confusion about this. If you were so concerned about the reward you would be getting by donating $__, then it only makes sense to look at the section containing this information on the Prizeo website. Do people really not look at this stuff? I don’t know whether the concerns were over whether or not the prizes would be received, or if it was a matter of time, but either way, Tyler isn’t going to scam you in any way. He knows that a lot of people donated strictly because of an incentive, and the prizes will come when they come!

Clearly a lot of people have been presenting questions and concerns regarding both of these issues, but please don’t harass him you guys. Tyler would never jeopardize his relationship with his people by being dishonest, that’s not his character. Things will happen when they do. If you’re going to tweet him, tell him how excited you are about the kiss or your t-shirts, whichever you are waiting for! I’m sure he’d much rather see his mentions full of messages like this rather than frantic messages about who/what/when/where/why. Take the time to browse the internet for the answers to your questions, or ask some of his Tumblr people who you think might be a bit more up to date on something you may have missed. Chances are these people will have the maximum amount of insight there is to have regarding anything he has said throughout the campaign! So just relax and give him his space, he will keep us updated as he always does.