How beautiful is this new song!?!

“Come out with me tonight,

Where anything is possible.

Come searching for the Golden Gate heart

With me, tonight. 

Come out with me tonight,

Where the headlights and the beer signs

Keep our abiding bond in business.

Come out with me tonight. 

You give the moon a run for its money

When you give my darkness your tender light.

On the sidewalk or the street

There ain’t a barricade in sight. 

Come out with me, with me tonight.

Come out with me

Come out and see

Come out with me

Come out and see…”

video credit: 88graves

Brandon Flowers Debuts New Song/ Obscure Cover at Fox Theater Show

It appears that Brandon Flowers may have debuted a new song at the start of his September 2, 2015 show at The Fox Theater in Oakland, California.

The song, titled ‘Come Out With Me’, was performed as the opener before Flowers launched into the usual opener, ‘Dreams Come True’.

However, given that Flowers and The Killers have rarely previewed new songs or works in progress in a live setting since the ‘Hot Fuss’ era (an exception being ‘The Rising Tide’ at Scala in June 2011), initial speculation centered on ‘Come Out With Me’ being an obscure cover, perhaps of a local or regionally known track.

However, given that two days have passed and no candidates for the cover have been uncovered, it appears that ‘Come Out With Me’ may be a new song.

If anyone has any ideas or candidates for the cover, feel free to let me know.

You can listen to ‘Come Out With Me’ at the link below:

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“Come Home Now” by Day Wave // Come Home Now 7″ (Out 11.6.15 via House Arrest Records)

We’ve been loving every step of Oakland based daydream-pop artist, Day Wave’s young career and with each of those steps - he seems to outdo himself. The artist’s latest is the stunningly good, “Come Home Now”, which will be released in early November as a seven inch, from House Arrest Records. The new track falls right in line with the warm, richly nostalgic vibe of previous Day Wave gems - dreamy, sweet, richly textured, and infectious from word one. It’s a damn near perfect pop record. Don’t be afraid to play it a couple dozen times this autumn. It’s the perfect soundtrack for cooler days and longer nights. 

Brandon Flowers @ Oakland

Diggin’ Up The Heart

Only The Young

Untangled Love

Still Want You

Lonely Town

Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine


I hope you all enjoy the videos I took. I had an amazing time last night and I would give anything to go back in time and experience the concert one more time. I didn’t meet Brandon but I had many moments with him during the show. For instance he smiled and looked right at me various times throughout the show, it was the most exciting thing ever. Brandon is a true entertainer and is worth the wait! People who are going to see him, YOU GUYS ARE IN FOR A SHOW! HAVE A BLAST AND DON’T FORGET TO TELL US ALL ABOUT IT.