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February 8, 2016
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Tonight I was lucky enough to see Troye Sivan on his Blue Neighborhood tour show at The Fox theatre in Oakland. It was probably one of the best nights of my life. Right from the start Troye was so into the music and got the whole crowd up on its feet dancing. I didn’t sit down once. In the beginning of the concert someone handed him that pride flag, and he danced with it for a while, then laid it carefully at the front of the stage where it stayed the whole show (it goes perfectly with his tie dye :)). Throughout the whole performance he was fangirling as much as the audience because this is the biggest show he’s ever had (2,800 people). He was so excited to hear a crowd screaming his lyrics; he said we knew every word. He even said he was sweaty like hell, took a selfie with us, sang Love Yourself (because he wanted it to feel like a small show), and was just the genuine Troyeboy we all know and love. There was even a point before he sang Heaven that he said he wrote it about his coming out process (which only some people know and I was with someone who had heard much of his music before so she loved having that context), and he introduced every song perfectly, and sometimes that meant not introducing it at all. He came out from backstage after he said it was over for two last songs at the very end, and I was genuinely so sad and disappointed that it was over so soon. I’m so honored to have this experience. There were several times when he held the mic out to the audience and let us sing along and all I could think about was all of the concert edits people made of HLP and all of the songs on TRXYE to make it sound like there was a screaming audience in the background; and I remember never thinking I was going to see him in concert. But it happened. If you ever have the chance to see him, Troye is a fantastic performer and I’m so proud to say that I’m a fan of him.

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@thechainsmokers set still have us “Dreaming” about @supercityedm More videos to come.
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