PJ: Set?

Elrond: Wet Bar?

PJ: Now?

Elrond: Or Never. Thranduil is outside.

Thranduil: What? You’re gonna come over here and ask for the set back? Now? Are you kidding me? I could do this all day. Why don’t you ask “Mr. I Lost My Mountain to a Big Old Fat and Lazy Dragon” that spends half of the second film talking in riddles that only Gollum would care about. Oh, right. I forgot. For that he got his face on a freaking airplane. I don’t think so, Mr. “Give the Tall Blond Elf King the Cool Weapons and the Set and then ask for it back.” I don’t think so.

Thorin: Oh, Smaug? The elf’s talking about you again..

Sherlock: Well?

Watson: Drama Queen. You figure it out.

Screw it…I’m hungry. I’m out for a minute.

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Kíli: We bad…look out, y’all.

Fíli: How you like me now?

Dwalin: Quiet. I’d like you quiet…Thorin! Come get your nephews!

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Thorin: Do I look crazy to you, Dwalin?