Day 7: Oak Alley Plantation, near Vacherie, Louisiana.

I took a bazillion picture of this place because it was super beautiful. All those oak trees providing shade over the walkway to the house? Wow. No wonder they called it “Oak Alley” (btw, in the Louisiana accent, it sounded like “O’ Calleigh”). I think it is what most of us have in mind when we think of what a southern plantation would look like.


Oak Alley Plantation. Vacherie, Louisiana. March 2016.

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Oak Alley Plantation.  Vacherie, Louisiana.  Photos by Kimberly Anne Nesmith

I toured Oak Alley yesterday, and I got to shoot some amazing plantations along River Road in Vacherie, Louisiana.  I will be posting lots of these photos soon, and I also will likely do an article on my experiences at Oak Alley and the tour.  I’m a history buff, and this was right up my alley (pun intended).  I plan on going back soon to do formal tours of the other plantations in Vacherie, as well as traveling to the Myrtle Plantation and the Evergreen Plantation.