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Hamilton as things people in my math tutoring class have said PART TWO

time to bring back my most popular post ever with another post that won’t get as many notes!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!1!1!11!! these are things that were said during the great math class revolt of ‘17 in which we all sat outside our math class’ garage 

burr - *that one kid sitting inside and not revolting and actually doing his damn work* what the hell are you guys doing. 

washington - why the fuck did you re-elect me as president of the math class revolt i could literally care fucking less

laurens- this is basically a pride parade, right? yay gay!

mulligan - if this lasts more than two minutes i need a bunch of alcoholic beverages

lafayette - liberte! égalité! frappucino! crossant!

eliza - i brought cookies!

angelica - this means FEMINISM!! *male screams in the background*

hamilton - *hawk screech* ‘murica 

phillip - i don’t know about you but i want to punch someone. in the feels.


jefferson - why, its hotter than peach puddin’ on a basket full of bees, y'all. 

madison - *walks away and doesnt come back for forty minutes* * returns with three dogs and a donut* im going to kill my self. 

peggy - i want to assist you but i am afraid that i am short in both accomplishments, size, height, talent, and intelligence to be of  service. 

eacker - can i break his car? *whispers* and his dignity?  


king george III - *my math teacher* just come inside already jesus. 

LAFAYETTE: nobody calls marie-joseph paul yves roch gilbert du motier de lafayette, marquis de lafayette a liar!

ALEXANDER: nobody has the time

Are you that mean in person? - Anthony Ramos x reader

Soulmate Au where the first word you say is tattooed on them forever 

Requests are - Always open feel free to leave one :)

you were walking down the street on your way to the theater you were in the show ‘Heathers’ you Played ‘Heather Chandler’ whom was one of the leads this job was amazing, this job seems like a walk in the park when you see the show… but its not. 

you see everyone on set had found their soulmates except you, you had always dreamed of it but no.

“Good news cast.” your directer Yelled and clapped his hands 

Everyone turned their heads towards him you were putting the finishing touches on your hair and you turned around and looked at him your back leaning on your dresser desk.

“Lin Manuel Miranda, Anthony Ramos, And Daveed Digg’s, are coming to the show tonight.” he yelled and everyone clapped but you. you were just nervous Hamilton was one of your favorite musicals ever. And Lin Manuel Miranda was your favorite person ever. In the heights was your all time favorite!

“Y/N. Snap out of it.” your friend Barrett (She Plays veronica.) she yelled and snapped her fingers in your face and you snapped out of it when you did her look of worry went back to her happy self

“Are you okay? you zoned out.” she laughed and sat down and worked on her hair


“Everyone places please.” the female voice over the speakers exclaimed 


Suddenly the music for Candy store started playing you hot hyped this song was your favorite to sing the dancing was os fun. don’t get me wrong it was a workout but it got you so exited 

“Are we going to have problem?” you asked in your ‘Heather’ voice “You got a bone to pick?” “You’ve come so far why now are you pulling on my dick?”

Everyone laughed and you saw Anthony’s eyes staring into your soul 

“Id normally slap your face off. and everyone here could watch.” you sassed and gestured towards the audience  “But i’m feeling nice, heres now advice listen up biotch.” you screamed and started shaking your hips as choreographed 


“Well, Fuck me gently with a chainsaw.” you screamed and crossed your arms looking over Barrett’s shoulder everyone started clapping and laughing and you could see Anthony’s smile from the front row he was laughing and slapping his knee and Lin was laughing to. 

the musical carried on till it was time for the finale bow you walked out with Elle (Heather Mcnamara) and with Alice (Heather duke) 

You guys bowed and then it was Ryan’s (J.D) and Barrett’s turn they and bowed and then you all grabbed hands and you guys bowed 

The audience Stood up and clapped and screamed you heard a “Y/N i love you!!.” you laughed and waved to all the people who had spent a lot of money to be here 

You guys walked off stage and to your dressing room so you could de Heather

when you were finished you walked towards the stage door when they opened it  there was lots of screaming and lots of fans it always made you so happy to see all the fans. 

you walked around giving hugs, signing stuff, taking pics, etc, 

“Y/N, Y/N, Over here.” you heard a female voice say you looked around and then saw a girl around 14 with a smile on her face you smiled and walked over.

“Hey sweetie.” you spoke sweetly at the girl

“h-hi Y/N! can i get a video of you singing candy store?” she asked nervously

“of course! Elle! Alice come over here please”

They walked over smiling but confused at the same time 

“This young lady wants us to sing candy store.” 

“1 2, 1 2 3 4.” you said and started singing and people took out their cameras and watching

“I like looking hot buying stuff they cannot.” 

“I like.”

“Drinking hard, maxing dads credit card.”

“I like.”

“Skipping gym scaring her screwing him.” you sang and pointed to some girl and then to Anthony who was watching with his arms crossed 

“I like.”

“Killer clothes, kicking nerds in the nose!”

“if you lack the balls you can go play dolls let your mommy fix you a snack.”


“Or you could come smoke pound some rum and coke in my Porsha with the quarterback.”

“Woah! woah! woah!”

“Honey whatcha waiting for? welcome to my candy store, time for you to prove your not a loser anymore. and step into my candy store.”

the song went on till the end and you hugged the girl and walked off till you heard from behind you

“Are you that mean in person? cause if so then ill leave.” the person Laughed 

“Well, i can be so don’t get on my bad side.” you laughed and turned around to see Anthony Ramos

Suddenly you felt burning in your wrist and you yelped in pain and fell to your knees you held your wrist tightly – suddenly you heard a groan come from Anthony but you couldn’t see what was going on you had shut your eyes tight.

The pain finally stopped and you looked at your wrist to see the words 

Are you that mean in person? cause if so then ill leave.

“W-What?” you asked yourself asked and looked at Anthony his wrist had the words

Well, i can be so don’t get on my bad side.

you guys just looked at each other in shock 

“i’m Anthony.” he said and held his hand out so you could stand up.

“I know.” you laughed and took his hand

“Wanna go get some dinner?”

“I have one more show in 2 hours.”

“Then wanna go get a drink after your show?”

“Id like that.” 

You pecked his cheek and walked away 


Old Drabbles

New Drabbles

* = smut


Alexander Hamilton

Smart Mouth

Marquis de Lafayette

Lap Dance


The Sleepy Scholar

Bloody and Bruised | Something New 

Hercules Mulligan

Tailor In Love

Aaron Burr

Moments Unforgettable

HAMILCAST (and co.)

Okieriete Onaodowan

Cold Hands, Warm Heart

Like A Bitch In Heat*

Anthony Ramos


It Was Best That He Didn’t

I Bet I Could*

Lin-Manuel Miranda



Risk and Reward

Daveed Diggs

Inked | Not Your Usual Tattoo*

Taking Off, Spark It Up*


Let Me Go | I’ll See You Again | If It’s Meant To Be

Living With The Bay Boys

Onesie Party*

I Choose You

Rafael Casal

Taking Off, Spark It Up*


Living With The Bay Boys

Onesie Party*


(Okieriete Onaodowan x Reader)

Word Count: 6033

Request/Summary: No request! (again…). Based off of Ed Sheeran’s Happier

Warnings: Brief diet smut, drinking because of emotional pain, way too many Dirty Dancing references (may or may not have been watching it while writing…)  angst, cussing.

Tagging: @satans-little-midgets @imagineham (extra special thanks to Steph for helping me with the title) @gwynstacee  @bleepblopbloop56 aaannnddd thanks to @hamilton-noodles most of this fic exists, so thanks, Jo.


Side note- Italics is the past, regular is the present. The present is organized linearly and the past is ambiguous to any specific order.

“Good morning.” Oak’s voice crackled as if he was speaking to you through a phone somewhere with bad reception, still coarse from his full night of sleep. You smiled. You couldn’t be mad at him for waking you up. You couldn’t be mad when he whispered in your ear like that. When you were encased in those big arms of his. When it was just cold enough in the room for you to want to stay close to him and under the mess of covers.

“Good morning.” You muttered back. You didn’t want to leave this moment behind. Not when he had his body wrapped around you, his breath against your skin, the room smelling just slightly of coffee, the covers soft against your skin, not when you were feeling like you were sinking into the mattress more and more with every passing second. You rolled over in his arms, your fingers finding the smooth polyester fabric of his navy colored t-shirt. You fiddled with the hem of his sleeve.

“I don’t want to get out of bed.” You told him, inhaling the scent of his chest- lavender, just like the soap bar you kept in the shower… for yourself.

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No - Lafayette x Reader

Warnings - Swears, Bad french.

Requested by - @hamilton-noodles

Requests are - Always Open

“Laf, Please.” You begged.

“No Mon amour.” he said as his hands found their way to your waist.

“But Laf i need it for school.” you begged even more wrapping your arms around his neck and leaning on his chest.

“Ok Bien.” he said finally giving in.

“Yay thank you!! thank you!! I love you so much.” you yelled and kissed him.

You had been begging him to teach you french for so long and you needed it for collage


“Okay Lets start with the basics, im going to count to 10 In french after i do you do ok.”

“Okay.” you agreed 

“Un deux trois quatre cinq six sept huit neuf.” he counted 

“Un deux trois quatre six sept huit neuf.” you repeated 

“Good!.” He said and kissed your cheek.

“Un deux trois quatre cinq six sept huit neuf” 

“Sept huit Neuf.” 

“okay i think your good in counting.” he said and you smiled.

“Okay i’m going to say a word in french and you are going to say it in english.”

“Got it.” you said.

“Bien.” he asked 

“Fine or Good.” you replied 

“Je t’aime.” he asked

“I love you.” you said and grabbed his hands

“Épouse-moi?” he asked

“Uh… Marry me?” you said realizing what he said

Suddenly he reached into his pocket and grabbed and small box

“Épouse-moi?” he asked again.

“Oui.” you answered 

He slipped the ring on your finger and you guys stood up and he kissed you.

“Are you going to teach me french?” you asked his lips still on yours.

“No.” he replied 

Work the Middle

pairing: oak x reader

request:  not technically a request but kind of a request? @imagineham was one of the winners of my 3k fic giveaway (over a month ago, because i am TRASH GARBAGE) and she requested an oak one-night-stand fic. so this is that.

summary: some unfortunate dude is hitting on reader, oak steps in and pretends to be reader’s boyfriend to make him go away. he is rewarded for his good behavior.

warnings: swearing (probably), bondage, D/s, praise kink, dirty talk, body worship, one night stand with someone who’s name you don’t know

word count: 1,743 (gasp can u even believe i know how to shut up)

a/n: i haven’t posted in over a month (because i’m trash garbage) and i haven’t posted either of my contest winner fics yet (BECAUSE I’M, REPEAT AFTER ME KIDS, TRASH GARBAGE). this is one of those!!! ok hope u like it byeeeee

“Come on, baby, don’t be like that,” the man slurs, moving closer to you. Waves of his scotch-laced breath crash into your face as you shift away.

“I fucking said no, jackass,” you huff. Your chest suddenly feels very exposed in your lace-up top, so you cross your arms to cover it as inconspicuously as possible.

The man’s face contorts in anger, redness starting at his receding hairline and creeping down his neck. He points a finger, shoving it incredibly close to your face. “Listen, bitch-”

“Something happening, babe?” Another man sidles up to you, arm looping delicately over your shoulder.

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Pairing: James Madison x reader
Word Count: 1,627ish
T/W: Fluff
A/N: For @stardustandmoon‘s request: “Reader and James meet when Alex and Thomas get into a loud argument and the reader is very overwhelmed by all the noise and is semi-hyperventilating in the corner of the room. James comes over and comforts the reader because he used to do the same when he first met Thomas, they bond over how petty their friends are and he asks reader on a date (STARGAZING!!!) Highschool au” Oh highschool…how I don’t miss you. BUT this one was cute to write! 

Of course, senior year you had to switch schools… New people, new places, and you knew nobody except one person. You had met him the year you started grade school and he had transferred to the new school last year. Though you appreciated Alex’s friendship, he was very argumentative, so it wasn’t hard for him to start fights, which resulted in people giving him attention. He never ignored you, but sometimes you wished you had someone who would just chill and stay in the background and not in the spotlight as much. 

“So, how are you liking the new school?” Alex asked as you walked to the cafeteria. 

“Um, it’s a lot bigger, which kinda makes me anxious,” you admitted. 

“Well, you’re doing great newbie,” he nudged you as you both found a seat. 

“Oh man, I forgot my lunch in my locker,” he got up, “I’ll be right back, don’t move!”

“Okay,” you said feeling practically invisible to everyone moving around the room. 

It was loud and everyone had a group, except you. You had Alex, but other people knew him since this was his second year at the school, so they stopped to talk to him barely acknowledging you. Glancing over at one table, you saw a really cute couple and silently wished to yourself that you had someone like that. Pushing the thought back, you brought out your lunch and set it out. Crunching on a carrot you looked around for Alex, he should have been back by now. Hearing a collective gasp come from behind you, you spun around. 

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Fate, Luck, and Love

Prompt:  Sometimes you need a little bit of scheming to make two people fall in love. Soulmate AU.

Pairing: Oak x reader

A/N: Day 7. It’s been real guys. Thanks for all the support and love. I appreciate all of you.

Fate had the responsibility to weave lives together and make sure that separated souls would find their way back to each other. However, there was one limitation: she couldn’t intervene with their lives, no matter how much she wanted to. Time had to run its course.


She’d never seen two unfortunate souls such as theirs. Perhaps it was her nurturing side– they were her very first pair of souls she matched after all – but she couldn’t help but dote on the two. They were perfect for each other. Her: outspoken and strong-willed. Him: kind and witty. But for whatever reason, they had yet to find each other.


She solemnly watched as centuries passed, mourning the times where they were so close but yet so far.


The first time they met, she was slaughtered by his people. He was an explorer of sorts, sent to discover new land and resources. She happened to be in the clearing they found, dressed in clothes they’ve never seen. She panicked, screamed obscenities in her language and as she turned to escape and tell her people of their arrival, one of his men fired a bullet from their weapons and killed her.


The next time they met, she was a servant. His wife, a jealous woman, who took notice of his partiality towards her, had her sold to a different home.


The third time they met, he was a politician. James Madison was his name, if she remembered correctly. The poor girl was too shy to confess her love to him and so he married a wealthy socialite instead. He prospered in his career while she admired him from afar.


The fourth time they met, it was almost the happy ending Fate wanted. She was a nurse and he was a soldier. They met at a bar, married, and just as she was to give birth to their son, he was killed in a battle across the sea.


The most recent time they met, their love was taboo. She never understood why it was wrong for two men to love each other. Fate was unhappy that after their short affair; they moved on and lived the rest of their lives, married to women that they did not love.


Fate frowned.


Perhaps it was time to visit Fortuna and Venus.


Present Day

Oak watched, impressed, as a woman zoomed past him and continued to weave through the crowd on her skateboard.

“Oh fuck!” she screeched when a woman in front of her decided to stop and bend down to tie her shoe.

She jumped off her skateboard, avoiding the imminent collision with the woman, but couldn’t seem to gather her balance from the sudden change in momentum. She stumbled, falling to the ground, but prevented herself from falling face first by sticking out her hands to catch herself. Unfortunately, her cup of coffee was crushed in the process.

Oak, frustrated that none of the people who passed by her bothered to check on her, quickly rushed to her side. “Hey, that was quite a fall. Are you alright?”

To his surprise, she jumped up to her feet, wiped away the dirt on her jeans, and ran to stop her skateboard from rolling down the street.

The woman who was tying her shoes spun to give the girl a glare. “Hey watch where you’re going, will you?”

“Who fucking decides to suddenly tie their shoe in the middle of the sidewalk anyways?” she replies venomously, stepping forward to the woman.

“Maybe a normal person?!”

Oak stood in between the two women. “Alright, alright, cut it out,” he says, “you guys are causing a commotion.”

The older woman harrumphed, mumbling something under her breath, but then turned to leave. Oak sighed in relief and turned to the fuming girl behind him. She shook a fist at the woman walking away and he couldn’t help but laugh. What kind of person in this day and age did that gesture anymore?

“Oh damn it,” she cursed once she’d gotten a good look at her squashed coffee cup, “happy fucking Monday to me.”

“Are you okay?” Oak asked tentatively, not too sure if he made the best decision to approach her. She seemed…crazy.

“I – sorry,” she mumbled, relaxing when she saw the look on his face, “I haven’t had the best morning.”

“It’s alright,” he replied, “we all have those days.”

She smiled. “I feel like I have more of these type of days than the good days.”

Oak liked her smile; it softened her features and made her seem less intimidating. “Well I hope today gets better for you,” he said sincerely.

Her smile got bigger and for some strange reason, Oak couldn’t seem to make himself leave. She was definitely cute, albeit odd and foul-mouthed, but there was something about her that made him feel like he’d met her before. Perhaps she was a friend of Anthony’s or Jasmine’s? She seemed like she would know them.

“My name is Y/N, by the way,” she said, tucking her skateboard under her armpit before she stuck her hand out for him to shake.

He laughed and took her hand. “My name is Oak.”

“Oak? Like the tree? Is it because you’re huge or something?” she blurted out as she looked at his crotch.

Oak stifled a laugh. “What?”

She yanked her hand out of his hold and slapped it over her mouth. “I, fuck, I’m sorry. Did I say that out loud? I just meant that you looked big,” she blushed, “like, tall. You’re tall… and I swear I’m not a pervert.”

Oak threw his head back and laughed, amused. “I mean, you’re not wrong.”

She let out a squeak and, if it was possible, turned redder. “I didn’t mean it like that – “

“Relax, Y/N,” Oak interrupted her, “I knew what you meant. I was just teasing you.”

“Have we met before?” she asked after a moment of silence.

So she felt it too.

Normally, he didn’t approach strangers, let alone have a conversation with them. But with her, the conversation came easy, as if they’ve known each other for centuries. It was peculiar, but he couldn’t ignore the connection he felt with her.

Oak looked up at the sky when he felt a droplet of rain hit his nose. “I know this is kind of crazy, but do you want to get some coffee with me?”

A smile slowly spreads across Y/N’s face. “I’d love to,” she replies, “and I think you’re right… My day is definitely turning out to be a good one.”

Fate looked up at a flash of lightning that streaked across the sky. The loud boom of thunder that followed made her wince.

Uh oh, He was mad.


She, along with Fortuna and Venus, had just broken a cardinal rule.


Fate laid the plans for them to meet.


Fortuna made sure that it happened.


Venus made sure that the attraction was there.


“I really like this place,” Fortuna hummed, blowing a kiss at a man who stopped walking to stare at her beauty, “we should come down and visit more.”


Another bolt of thunder, this one much louder than the last, cut through their conversation.


“Alright, that’s our cue,” Fate sighs, “maybe Venus can convince Him for a lesser punishment.”


She ignored Venus’s haughty reply and turned to look at the couple, smiling when she saw them running down the street to avoid the rain.


She had a feeling that this time, the two would finally have the happy ending they deserved.

“Can Confirm” [Daveed x Reader]

Prompt: If you’re still taking request can I ask for a daveed x reader? Where Daveed loses his voice after a show and the reader had to take care of him? Thank you, I appreciate it.

A/N: so it’s been like 20 years since I posted an imagine? I’m sorry my loves, I hope you all forgive me and enjoy this!! xoxox

T/W: having a cold?

A/U: modern

Words: 2539


You pulled your coat closer around your body as you stepped outside into the winter snow, rushing to hail a taxi to take you to your workplace. You had been off of work and on holiday for a week, and were excited to get back to your job. 

You were a dresser for a few of the cast members in the musical Hamilton, a job that doesn’t sound all that amazing but filled you with immense happiness. Being that close to the buzzing energy of an acclaimed theatre show made you tingle with excitement every night – and it didn’t hurt that virtually every cast member was incredibly amazing to both hang out with and to look at. You never understood how they could sustain enough energy for a two-hour show, let alone doing it eight times a week. Nonetheless, every member made you feel apart of the Hamilton family. 

You jumped out of the taxi as it pulled up to the Richard Rogers theatre, thanking the driver and giving him some cash before hurrying into the heated venue. You looked up as you heard someone laugh at you shaking small bits of snow out of your hair. 

“Good afternoon, Y/N. Snowing outside?”

“Very observant of you, Lin,” you smiled back, giving him a hug hello and answering all his questions about your holiday, before making your way to the boys’ dressing room to help them get ready for the first show of a two-show day. 

You said a few more hellos on your way down the hall, slowing down as you neared Oak, Anthony, and Daveed’s communal dressing room to catch the end of their conversation.

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All of Me (Oak x Reader)

Summary: Valentine’s day!

TW: Kinda bad, and cheesy


You smile and rest your head on your boyfriend’s chest. He smiles and runs his fingers through your hair as the sunlight reflects off the bed sheets. Everything about this morning is so incredibly perfect. You kiss his shoulder before getting up.

“Where are you going?” he asks, his voice full of sleep.

“I’m hungry.”

He chuckles and gets up. “Let me help you.”

You start mixing the pancake batter, while Oak pours your coffee.

“It’s too quiet,” you whisper.

He reaches over and turns on the radio that you keep on the kitchen counter. He laughs slightly when the song starts playing.

He puts his hands on your hips and starts singing. “I’m on your magical mystery ride.”

You giggle and turn to join him. “'Cause all of me loves all of you. Love your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections. Give your all to me.I’ll give my all to you. You’re my end and my beginning, even when I lose I’m winning. ‘Cause I give you all of me. And you give me all of you. I give you all of me. And you give me all of you.”

Just as the two of you finish the last note, you stand on your toes and kiss him. When you pull away, he rests his chin on your head as the next song starts playing. “I love you.”

You smile and start pouring the batter onto the pan. “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Gym Buddies

Pairing: Okieriete Onaodowan x Reader

Summary: Long story short - This was gonna be my Oak fic for the write-a-thon, but I had a bunch of crap going on and couldn’t get it done. I feel like I haven’t written in forever! I hope you enjoy, it’s purely fluff (I know some of y’all are still recovering from my Daveed fic, haha).

Word Count: 1,324

Trigger Warnings: exercise?? idk

Originally posted by englandsdreaming

“That’s her. On the treadmill.”

“Dude, she’s hot.”

“You’re supposed to be on my side.”

You smiled to yourself as you gently pushed your earphones into your ears. You’d been coming to this gym since you were sixteen. It started out as a way to stay in shape for soccer, but you’d grown to love the gym. Exercising was fun for you now.

It wasn’t until a year ago when things started to become competitive.

You had just turned twenty-four when you first saw him. He was absolutely magnificent; it was a wonder as to why you weren’t drooling. He had a purple knitted beanie on his head before he yanked it off, revealing his close cut hair. A white tank top showed his ridiculously defined muscles, a sharp contrast from his dark skin. He appeared to be fairly upset, so when he sat down on a bench alone, you walked over to him.

“Need a spotter?”

He looked up in surprise, wide-eyed, before he gave you a small smile and shook his head, “I’m fine, thanks.” You watched him as he piled on weights at each end, shrugging, “Suit yourself.”

You went over to the cycles on the other left side of the room, slowly pedaling as you watched him do rep after rep. You were getting lost in the way his muscle moved under his skin each time he pushed the bar up before you noticed he stopped moving. You saw his arms shake as you looked at him smugly. He rolled his eyes and let out a short breath. “Need a spotter?” You repeated.

“I’m good.”

“Okay.” You said innocently. “When you drop that on your neck-”

“I’m not gonna drop it.” He managed to get out between breaths.


After a minute or so of watching him continue to struggle, you rolled your eyes at his stubbornness as you hopped off the cycle. You stood over him and gripped the far ends of the weight. “Let go.”

“Are you crazy?”

“I’m not as weak I look. Let go.”

He let go cautiously when you pulled it up effortlessly and placed it in the rack. “You’re welcome.” You deadpanned.

“I was getting there,” He chided as he sat up. “Thanks.”

“Ya know, if I’m gonna save your life again, I should probably know your name.” You sat on the bench with him as he huffed. “One. You didn’t save my life.”

“I totally saved your life.”

“I was going to push it up.”

“You were going to drop it and break your neck.”

Two. It’s Oak.”

You deadpanned again. His name couldn’t possible be Oak. You thought he was trying to give you a fake name, so you raised your hands in surrender. “Okay, don’t tell me your real name.”

“It is!” He defended. “Well, Okieriete Onaodowan. But everyone calls me Oak.”

“Mhm.” You nodded, your eyes narrowed. “Well, I’m going to go exercise. Try not to die, please.”

You stood up and headed to the weight rack to start your squats, but you could feel Oak’s eyes trained on your figure. Something about you interested him. He didn’t know if it was because he thought you were cute or because you were so independent. Whatever the reason, halfway into his treadmill session, he found himself hopping off and walking over to you. You let out a breath as he approached, bracing yourself against the wall as you started another set of wall sits.


You looked at him and back down in determination to break your record. “Hey.”

Oak grabbed a weight - bigger than the one you already had - and placed it on top. Your eyebrows furrowed as you strained to maintain your position under the new force. “Hey,” You blew a stray hair from your face, “What the hell are you doing?”

“Ya know, you never told me your name.”

“You could’ve just asked like a normal person.”

He grabbed another small weight and placed it on top. “Seriously?” You groaned. “Just tell me your name.” He grinned.

“In your dreams, Oak Tree.”

“Suit yourself.”

He playfully placed weight after weight on your knees, and you managed to hold your own for awhile. He knew you could hold it, of course, but the kinder part of him was watching for any sign of distress. Still, he had to figure out how to break you. Well, he thought, maybe I should just grab the biggest one.

And so Oak took all the weights he’d piled up off your knees, causing you to sigh in relief. “I swear if I don’t have a great butt after this, I’m gonna kill you.” You mumbled. He let a loud laugh as he grabbed the heaviest weight, gripping it tightly to ensure he wouldn’t drop it.

Part of you was very strongly drawn to his biceps as he walked, but you were also focused on the huge weight he was bringing over. “Don’t you dare.”

“I’m sorry, did I hear a name?” He smirked.

You glared him before mumbling your name. “What was that?” He asked. “I couldn’t hear you over the sound of my victory.”

“It’s Y/N, you asshole.” You chuckled as you took the last weight off your knees and stood up straight. “Now get that thing away from me.”

It’d been a long year since then. Oak invited Daveed to work out with him, mostly because the curly haired rapper wouldn’t stopped bothering him about his gym frenemy. As soon as Daveed started walking over to you, Oak regretted the decision.

“Hello there.” Daveed grinned.

You were running on the treadmill, so you pulled out one of your earphones and reached over to shake his hand. “Hi!” You smiled. “You must be Oak’s better looking friend.”

“Ouch.” Oak feigned pain as he leaned on the treadmill. “You should be nicer to me, ya know.”

“That would take effort, though.”

“And a lot of it.” Daveed added.

“Wow, D. Why don’t you work out with Y/N instead?” Oak returned with a playful grin.

“Calm down, I’m gonna work out with you. I’m actually gonna go check out the bench press.”

Daveed walked away, leaving you two alone. Oak had somehow let himself be convinced by Daveed to ask you out, he just didn’t know how to do it. It was clear that you both liked each other. You’d catch him looking at you from afar sometimes, as he’d caught you a few times himself. But, as strong you both were, neither of you had the balls to ask the other out.

Suddenly, he got an idea.

“You’re gonna hate me for this, but I’m gonna do it anyway.”

Oak pressed the next highest setting on the treadmill, forcing you to run faster. “Oak, don’t you start this shit again.” You laughed, out of breath.

“Go on a date with me.”


“You heard me.” Another setting.

“You can’t force me to-”

“ - I’m not forcing you. Just giving you a push.” He grinned.

“You are not funny, Oak.”

“Go on a date with me.”

You thought about it, pushing yourself harder as Oak pressed another setting. It wasn’t like you didn’t like him. You knew you were falling for, no matter how hard you tried not to. And he wasn’t wrong - he wasn’t forcing anything. You wanted this date.


“What was-”

“Oak, I will go on a date with you, just turn the damn treadmill off.”

You sighed in relief as the track started to slow down, allowing you to catch your breath. Just as you breathing started to even out, you lost your breath again as he smiled that stupidly cute smile of his at you. “Friday at 8?”

“Sounds like a plan.”

“Sorry about that, by the way.” He chuckled. “It was a lot cuter in theory.”

He grimaced as you wiped the sweat from your forehead on his arm and, with a grin, said, “I’m sure it was.”

Coffee Breaks with Oak - part 2: Coffee with milk

Note: I really enjoy writing this, so here’s the 2nd part. I hope you enjoy. Oak deserves more love.

Wordcount: 2061

Pairing: Okieriete Onaodowan x reader

Warnings: Still no warnings (yet)

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The play was nothing short of phenomenal. You had not expected to be bawling your eyes out to at least a few of the songs, but you did. Listening to some of the songs made you tear up before too, sure. But, the emotions that the cast put into their roles was incredible and made the characters came to life and it was almost painful to watch at some points.

When the show ended, you and your friends stuck around until everyone had left. Lin had messaged you on Facebook earlier, telling you that he would meet you guys at your seats when he had made a quick change into his street clothes and that he did; after about 15 minutes of you and your friends chatting excitedly about the play, Lin showed up.

“Lin, that was amazing!” You exclaimed excitedly as soon as you saw him, pulling him into a tight embrace.

He chuckled softly, hugging you back. “Thank you, Y/N.” He grinned and the two of you pulled back from your hug, you turned towards your friends.

“Well. These are my friends. And coworkers.” You presented them all to Lin. You got more and more nervous as meeting the cast came closer by the second. It was not like you did not want to meet them because you definitely did. You were just nervous and especially nervous about your friends telling Oak that you had a crush on him.

After chatting with your friends for a while, Lin decided that it was time for you guys to meet the cast, his friends. “I’m sure they won’t mind taking pictures and signing your playbill and stuff.” He lastly said as he lead you backstage.

You were all met by Oak himself pretty quickly and you honestly just felt like hiding behind Alex, but she would probably make sure that did not happen. You swallowed lightly before offering him a small “Hey.” Followed by a weak smile.

“Oh. Hey. You must be Y/N? And your friends? Lin said that you would be here tonight. It’s so nice to finally meet Lin’s barista friend.” He greeted you with a smile and you pretty much felt like you were about to die right then and there.

You giggled softly, feeling a slight blush spread across your cheeks. You just prayed that it was not visible. “Yeah. It’s so nice to meet you. You were great.” You complimented a bit more confidently. He thought it was nice to meet you. Lin had called you his friend. You could do this, right? Oak was just a guy. A really good looking guy.

“Thank you. You are pretty great at making coffee.” He grinned at you. Another blush spread across your face and you could not help but wonder if he was doing this on purpose.

“Is that Y/N?” Daveed Diggs himself asked as he ducked out of his dressing room in a pair of sweatpants and a tank top and your coworkers swooned, but you simply stood there staring at Oak who was looking at you with an amused grin.

“Yeah. This is my barista friend and her friends.” Lin said as he placed a gentle hand on your shoulder. You knew at that point, that Lin knew. He knew that you had a crush on Oak. You were not sure how, but he definitely knew.

“Well, I hope I am me. It’s nice to meet you, Diggs. You were great as Lafayette and Jefferson.” You complimented as you shook his hand with a smile. After shaking your hand, Daveed went on to say hi to your friends and while they asked him for autographs and pictures, some of the other cast members showed up. You could not help the grin that spread across your face. You felt like you got to see Lin in a way that his fans did not and it was only then that it sunk in, that you had actually become friends with him.

While your friends were busy making heart eyes at Daveed and taking pictures with him and the rest of the cast members that had shown up, you were left with Oak. You knew that your friends did this on purpose, because they had made Lin come over after the other cast members had arrived to make it seem a bit smoother, but it was so obvious.

“How’d you like the show?” He asked curiously with a soft smile on his lips that successfully melted your heart. He was just so unbearably handsome and way too kind and likable and you did not get how it was possible for anyone not to have a crush on the gentle giant.

“It was honestly pretty great. I didn’t really expect to be bawling my eyes out, but I did.” You admitted with a small laugh. It was a really emotional play and you knew that, so you probably should not have been that surprised at how it affected you. But, you still were.

He chuckled slightly at your words. “Happens to the best of us. Which song got to you the most then?” He questioned. He seemed way more curious about your opinion on the show and you were unable to help the smile that spread across your lips.

“Well. You know. Almost all of act 2 got to me pretty badly.” You giggled as you lowered your gaze when a blush spread across your cheeks again.

“Yeah. It is pretty emotional, I guess.” Oak seemed to agree with you. It truly was. A lot of stuff happened during act 2 for the Hamilton’s and it is really hard to watch.

The two of you talked for a while, simply enjoying each other’s company chatting about the show. But, you were soon interrupted by your friends: “Y/N? Can we go, please? You have work early in the morning and so do we.” Alex asked. You nodded lightly as you turned to Oak.

“I think we’re gonna head out now. It was really nice meeting you.” You said with a soft smile and it truly was. He had been way easier to talk to than you had originally thought. Not that he seemed like a person that you did not know how to interact with, but you were really nervous about meeting him. But, he was nice. Pleasant to be around with a calm demeanor that was so likable.

“You too, Y/N. I guess I’ll see you tomorrow morning then? I gotta have some of that delicious coffee again.” He grinned and you were positive that you were a blushing mess.

“Guess you will.” You agreed and then you were off with your friends.

True to his word, Oak showed up the next morning just after shortly after you opened the blinds and started wiping down the tables. You had not expected him to show up that early and without Lin. You were practically the only one there since your boss was going over some accounts.

“Oak.” You greeted with a soft smile which he returned with a huge grin. You had honestly expected Lin to be with him, but he obviously is not.

“Y/N. Good morning.” He chuckled softly.

You left your cloth at the table you were currently wiping down and was soon behind the counter to take his order.

“So, what can I do for you today, sir?” You joked. Even if it was usually how you would greet customers, it still felt a bit weird since you had already met Oak and it was not something that involved work.

You managed to make him laugh and that made you sort of proud. “I’d like a coffee with milk.” He ordered. You were not surprised since that was what Lin had gotten for him the last time.

“Right. One coffee with milk coming right up. To go?” You questioned. You figured that would be the case, but surprisingly not because he soon shook his head in response.

“Nah. I think I’m staying.” You were honestly quite surprised by his words and you were unable to hide the grin that spread across your lips.

“If there’s nothing else, it’s gonna be 5 dollars and 50 cents.” You concluded.

After paying for the coffee Oak had ordered, he had sat down close to the counter while you made his coffee. The two of you chatted while you did and it was all really nice and comfortable. You had no idea what you expected when he stepped inside, but you were not sure that you had expected anything like this. Yesterday, when you got home you figured that he had just been nice to you because you were Lin’s friend and a fan of the show. However, that did not seem to be the case and it made you really happy.

“Coffee for Mr. Onaodowan.” You called jokingly as you finished his coffee and put it down on the counter. You were the only two in the coffee shop this early morning, but it still seemed fitting.

“If you know how to pronounce my first name too I’ll definitely have to marry you.” He joked with a grin as he got up to collect his coffee.

“Okieriete.” You simply said and it made him smile. You nailed it thanks to the few people you had actually heard pronouncing his name properly, mainly being Daveed Diggs and an interviewer who once interviewed Oak.

“Go on a date with me, Y/N?” Oak blurted.

You were taken a bit aback by his words and at first, you had no idea what to say. You wanted to. Desperately. But you also really wanted to get to know him a bit first. You leaned your elbow against the counter slightly, your head resting against your palm. “Ask me again in 2 weeks and maybe I’ll say yes.” You finally decided. As much as you wanted to go out with him, the two of you hardly knew anything about each other and while you knew a lot about him, you did not actually know him.

“So, it isn’t a no?” He grinned which made you giggle softly.

“No, it isn’t a no, Oak. But I just really want to get to know you before I do anything. Like, really know you.” You explained. Thankfully, he was nothing but understanding.

“Yeah. You are probably right. You should come to the theater soon. Hang out with us. We really like you, Y/N.” He said as he sat down at the table again.

You smiled as he took a sip of his coffee. You let the fact sink in that he had just said that they all really liked you. You had never expected to go from Lin’s barista friend to get the chance to hang out with the cast of Hamilton. You were not complaining, though. You thought that they were great people to be around. Exactly the kind of people that you wanted to be around. “I hope I’ll get to take you up on that offer.” You smiled.

You went back to wiping down the table as the two of you kept chatting. He teased you about your friends who had basically been making heart eyes at Daveed all the time they were near him last night. It made you giggle.

“Yeah. I know. Poor Daveed.” You said and he agreed. Not that you friends were not great because they definitely were. But, you figured they could be a bit much with their heart eyes. You hoped that you had not been anything like them with Oak at least.

As you finished wiping down the tables and putting the chairs on the floor, Oak was finishing his coffee. “I better get going. Rehearsal and all that.” He apologized with a weak smile.

You shook your head a bit at the apologizing sound of his words. “I’ll see you soon, yeah?” You questioned as he pulled you into a hug. It effectively made you blush yet again.

“Yeah,” Oak said as he let go of you again. He left shortly after just in time for more people to start coming in and then you were back to work and had no time to process everything that had happened between you and Oak that morning. All you knew was that you definitely needed to see him soon again.

Summer Rain [Okieriete Onaodowan x Reader]

Summary: what else are you supposed to do but run in the rain after finding out you’ve been in love with your best friend?

Word count: 2,334 (the longest one yet!)

Warnings: cursing, alcohol… 

A/N: The fluffiest of fluffs for Oak, because he deserves it. Thanks to the hamwriters groupchat, I finally had inspiration to write for Oak and I’m pretty happy with the result. I hope y’all like it!

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You could give a million excuses to why you showed up on his doorstep like this, at that time. You could say the storm caught you by surprise, or maybe you were around and your umbrella broke and you remembered he lived close by.

Blatant lies to cover a moment of courage with no limitations.

It was 1 a.m. when you woke up that night, the storm making the New York you knew your whole life just a gray scenario outside your window. Your forehead covered in sweat, but a smile across your face.

You were in love with your best friend and the dream you had just proved everything you suspected for weeks.

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