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Hi❤can you pls write a hc. Jm is asexual and Jk is an international playboy (lol) who is falling for jm like hard :> thaaanks

I had a really hard time with this, I’m not going to lie. But here you go~

+ Jungkook has had his eye on Kim Taehyung’s best friend ever since he first day next to him in class

+ Jungkook found him to be generally quiet but incredibly cute

+ Jimin started noticing when The Jeon Jungkook began to stare at him in class. It made him feel weird since he knew about his infamous reputation of sleeping around

+ “So Tae, who’s your cute friend?” Taehyung gives him a warning glance. “Don’t mess around with Jimin, Jungkook. He isn’t like that.” What Jungkook can’t have only makes him more determined

+ Jungkook decides to take a chill approach because he doesn’t want to scare Jimin off. He knows the other likes to study outside by a large oak tree with a bench near by.

+ One day, Jungkook decides to go sit by Jimin on said bench and strikes up a conversation

+ “You’re Taehyung’s friend right?” Jimin looks up from his book, shocked that Jeon Jungkook had joined him on his bench. “Uhm, yeah. Why?” “Well I figured since we have a mutual friend we should hang out more.” Jimin looks surprised at this. “A-alright.”

+ Jungkook starts hanging around Jimin more, visiting him at his study spot. Jungkook discovers that Jimin has quite possible the most beautiful laugh in the world. He tries everything to make the older laugh

+ Jungkook would occasionally bring Jimin a sandwich or a snack for him to enjoy while he studies.

+ Jimin likes it when Jungkook plays music and they relax to the calmness of the outdoors and don’t speak

+ A rumor floats around that Jungkook had slept with the dean’s daughter and Jimin casually questions Jungkook about this. “So uh, You have a girlfriend now?” Jungkook is confused. “No, where did you hear that?” “Around.” Jungkook touches his should softly. “Jimin, do me a favor, and please don’t listen to any rumors about me.” Jimin feels guilty. “Okay.”

+ Jungkook flirts a lot with Jimin but it seems like the other is unresponsive to his advances. “Honestly the feeling of being outside and taking in knowledge is amazing.” “Kind of like you, huh?” Jimin gives Jungkook a shy laugh and turns back to his book.

+ After weeks of flirting Jungkook can’t take it anymore. It happens when Jimin is in the middle of a sentence. “But it turns out the cashier rang up the wrong item and—” “Go on a date with me.” “What?”

Jimin agrees of course, (especially when Jungkook whips out a rose he had for him).

+ They start dating and honestly everything is perfect. Jungkook takes him out bowling and to nice dinners and it’s everything Jimin could have ever asked for.

+ Things get shaky on the eighth date. They were in Jungkook’s car in front of Jimin’s apartment complex, and up to this point, they haven’t done anything but simple hand holding and soft kisses on the cheek. But this time around, Jungkook goes in for a kiss on the lips.

+ It was fine at first, but then Jimin hadn’t expected it to get so heated so quickly and less affectionate than intended. When Jungkook’s hands linger dangerously close to the hem of Jimin’s jeans, that’s when he lightly pushed him away.

+ “What’s…wrong? Did I do something?” Jimin sighs. “No Jungkook it’s not that it’s—I’m asexual okay.” Jungkook looked like the information didn’t process. “Wait, what?”

+ Jimin sits there and explains to him what he means. Jungkook was familiar with the term but he wanted to know what it meant for Jimin himself.

+ “I—I understand if you don’t want to date me anymore because of this. I know that you like that stuff but—” “Park Jimin, you’d be crazy to think I’d give up someone as amazing as you for sex.”

+ Jimin was so shocked by this response he almost cried in relief. Jungkook was still wary of this territory but he held Jimin’s hand reassuringly.

+ “It will be different, but I’m okay with that. I don’t need any of that when I’m with you,” he says, giving an affectionate kiss to Jimin’s hand.

+ And he didn’t.

By posting that old bathtub photo of Freddie, Phoebe showed us that

1. She doesn’t have any more recent photos of him.
2. She doesn’t have any photos of her and Freddie together
3. She doesn’t have any photos she has taken of Freddie

And she’s reminded everyone that Briana stayed in a cheap AirBNB, instead of being allowed to stay in their nearby enormous family home.

This was hilarious. They are a family known for their shade, and I’m glad the younger kids are growing into their genetic sass levels.