oak tour


After a fine breakfast of local eggs, bacon, coffee and fresh orange juice in the beautiful wee hilltop town of Jimena da la Frontera, we joined the GR7 walking route heading northwards.

This entailed alot of pushing, but turned out to be my favourite day so far. It took us deep into cork oak forested hills, free of the fences and privado signs that had blighted other days. Moss covered boulders and small burns - the only flowing water we had come across that looked inviting enough to bathe. We didn’t, incase the walker (Harry from Essex) we passed earlier needed to replenish his supplies as we had done.

We first saw Harry the day before, a tall slim fellow looking fairly miserable at having to walk a stretch along the roadside. He matched our progress that day, and the next when we camped together, which gives an impression of the terrain we covered. Or of how slow we are.

We camped beside a collection of big boulders, near ruins of a once reasonably grand abode. As the sun set the cool air formed clouds that flowed down the ridge lines into the valley below. A silent night, after the initial rumblings of a nearby boar fell back into the woods.


Knuckle Puck - No Good (Cover)

this was the first song i ever heard from these guys way back and its still one of favorites from them. but i hope you enjoy it and if you want to check out more covers you can here 

So after the Wicked on Tour stage door I was walking back to my car, and I had to park far away even though it was dark and cold.

And I bumped into Stuart Zagnit/The Wizard/Newsies on Broadway swing/voice of Professor Oak in the original Pokemon after having a lovely chat with him at the stage door minutes before.

He recognized me and I said “Sorry, I promise I’m not following you, just headed to my car, I’m parked far away”.

And he said “Would you like a ride?”

So I definitely got a ride back to my car from a cast member of Wicked, Newsies, AND Pokemon, and we had such a lovely talk!!!!

What is my life??!