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“End of summer Coven look”

My friend Micheal and i decided to have a little photo shoot down at Balboa Park in San Diego California, it pretty hot down here and the weather seemingly never changes but in celebration of the four seasons i decided to do an end of summer look for you guys. I hope you enjoy it. 

Hat: Zara, unfortunately Zara no longer sell this hat, sorry coven

Earrings: Forever 21, these are just there basic ear cuffs

Large Earring: this i made myself, i hope this inspire the rest of the coven

Tank Top: Oak and Fort Tank H047, this item i got in a large and made a few adjustments to it

Necklace: Topman, the marble detailing and gold rim make’s this item an essential and perfect for any outfit that your trying to give a high-end look to

Belt: H&M, this one is also and old purchase 

Pants, these denim shinnies are from MNML LA, these things fit like a glove and are amazing, i got the end a little tailored to fit my thing ankles and i love them

Shoes: Topman, these are an everyday popular sell at Topman and go so well with any and every outfit in my closet, that also are great for the coven aesthetic 

Thanks for checking out my blog, i hope you like, and decide to join The Coven.

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Dogfish Head “Burton Baton”

96 A+

This Imperial IPA is actually a blend of beers with one half English-style old ale, and one half ‘90 Minute’ double IPA. After separate fermentation, the beers are combined in a large oak tank where it is then aged for approximately one month. Aromas include hops that closely resemble pineapple juice, grapefruit, pine, and flowers. Malts comes across like honey-glazed sweet bread (very much like a Barleywine), oak gives additional hints of vanilla, and the alcohol adds some nice fruity esters.

On the palate, malts immediately jump in with biscuits and dough, paired with loads of fruity sweetness that reminds me of caramel apples, fermented pineapple, and maple syrup. Grapefruit strikes the upper register where it holds steady as a constant backdrop of flavor. Herbs underscore the whole package with herbs, pine needles, and grasses. Accelerating toward the finish, fruity notes embody white grape, mango, and papaya. As things wind down, the oak is exposed, revealing woody qualities with hints of vanilla. Alcohol manages to be advantageous by adding a nice spice to the mix. Mouthfeel is smooth and creamy over a full body, which is oily, wet, and sticky.

Burton Baton is one hell of a double, one of my favorite offerings from Dogfish. It’s as if the beginning takes on some of the qualities of the old ale, while the rest opens up into a dank double IPA. Due to proper balance, the hop load doesn’t necessarily come across that bitter, allowing room for the most desirable flavors to breathe. Oak makes a thoughtful contribution without intruding too heavily, expanding on the subtle complexities. Considering the big body, bold flavors, and hefty alcohol, this drinks so deceptively easy. This would be my go-to double IPA if I had steady access. It’s available year-round, so go find you some. I recommend it!

Known Hops: Warrior, Glacier

Known Malts: Pilsner, Amber

Known Yeast: American, English strains


70 IBU

Milton, Delaware