oak side table


Killian has a new place. With a bathtub…
Unashamedly inspired by ‘the video’ and this gif set.
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The new place he had rented was only a short walk from the loft, one of four small apartments that resided in a three story building with a faded wooden facade and ancient windows that desperately needed polishing. Not much more than a large room with a basic kitchenette fighting for space with a loveseat and divan bed; then as almost an afterthought, a small bathroom tucked into one corner. No shower, just one of those old enamel tubs that took forever to warm up.

But it was something, he’d said. A place to lay his head.

(More permanent, was the message laced between the words.

He’s staying, she’d realized.)

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Memories for Ourselves

For: Robbie @rlwrites
By: Hunter @hxxefics


It’s not a good idea, she knows that. Harry’s nothing more than a flatmate and her drinking partner, not a wedding date. That is, until Mina’s desperate and Harry’s the only option.

a weird take on a fake dating au.

Word Count: 9.9k

Warnings: Nothing but fluff.

Main Pairing: Harry/OFC


I didn’t want to admit that I was desperate – I was just out of options.

“Harry, listen, it’ll be for three days. Just the weekend, yeah?” I looked at him with big eyes, “I said I’d go and told my family I’d bring someone along. And well,“ I shrugged. The thought of how I hadn’t found a date still stewing in my mind.

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