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when you try to make your neighbor your grandson, but instead your actual grandson and said neighbor start dating

4 tips for coping with mental illness

When it comes to anxiety and other mental illness self care isn’t always easy. For me some days are better than others, some days I just don’t have the spoons for self care. I’ve found that these 4 lifestyle changes help me a lot.

1. Planning

Every Sunday night I spend 20min planning 3 things to do each day for the next week. I like to use a planner, but putting them in your phone or even sticky notes on your mirror will work. accomplishing 3 simple but essential tasks helps me stay focused and motivated without feeling overwhelmed. On good days i usually accomplish more in a day, on bad days finishing 3 tasks makes me feel like I accomplished something huge. It makes me feel good to be productive and seeing days or weeks where I finish my 3 tasks makes me want to keep going. This week my tasks went:

MON: art project with Oak, pay phone bill, phone call
TUES: 2 loads of laundry, therapy appt, go outside
WED: phone call, library with Oak, clean vanity
THURS: bake with oak, 2 loads of laundry, banking
FRI: go outside, clean makeup brushes, do facial
SAT: clean room, blog, Skype date with BF
SUN: clean out car, pick up oak, take room dishes to kitchen

For me some tasks like making important phone calls, cleaning and going outside actually take a lot of emotional energy. i usually wanna take a nap if I have to make more than one important call. some people include showering, cooking a healthy meal, or keeping appointments. It helps to split up the big tasks and its not so overwhelming.

2. Eat low carb

Science has found that the bacteria in your gut is directly linked to your limbic system. Anxiety can upset the bacteria in your gut and mess with your digestive system, I was diagnosed with anxiety triggered IBS (irrital bowl syndrome) because of this. My cortisol levels (chemical that produces fight or flight response, often produced in place of adrenaline in people who have suffered traumatic events) have become so high that my body will read processed and refined foods as poison and force it out… quickly. I have been on a low carb diet for a month and have found that while it doesn’t “cure” my IBS it cut the number of trips to the bathroom from 12 to 5 times a day. some days i do better than others, pizza, takis and pasta are my weakness and some days i say fuck it! eating junk food can also go  the other way too! when your body reads the processed chemicals as poison it triggers you fight or flight and releases   cortisol. Cortisol is released for a long period of time and can build up and lead to a panic attack. I will continue to post my favorite low carb meals for inspiration… and cause i like taking pictures of my food.

3. Yoga and meditation

I always feel silly suggesting this one because it seems so bull shit. Positive thoughts and stretching alone will not take away your anxiety and for some people yoga and meditation are frustrating. Finding a physical activity you like and creating a safe place to recenter your mind are the key points here. Exercise will temporarily numb your limbic system and release endorphins and burn off cortisol . My most helpful methods are running, meditation and yoga. I found a specific 20 minute “heart opening” flow (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OC_dvBnRKn4&t=1528s) I especially like this this one because i carry allot of stress in my shoulders and back. With yoga its important to focus on breathing, breathe into the stretch inhale and pull your self in, imagine gathering all your anxiety and insecurity and as you exhale slowly release into the stress in and imagine pushing all that you gathered out and push it away. When i first started it was hard and i hated it but after the first 5 or 6 times I started to feel more refreshed and positive. if i have time like to meditate i start by laying on my yoga mat with a rolled up towel under my spine. i focus on my breathing again keeping it slow and deep. every exhale imagine myself sinking deeper and deeper grounding myself firmly. I work at clearing my mind by reciting affirmations or following a guided meditation (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0EQEiecSxs&t=321s). when i don’t have alot of time i like to use affirmations by first thanking myself for making the time to re-balance then repeat 3 affirmations over and over.
I never make weight loss the goal of my eating or exercise habits. I’m slightly over weight by medical standards but my doctors aren’t concerned so i try my hardest not to concern myself with it. I struggled briefly with an eating disorder in middle school and I want to keep my relationship with food healthy so i avoid scales and other ways of monitoring weight loss. I feel that society puts pressure on women to look a certain way to distract them and I don’t want to fall into that pit. there are so many other things to be than “pretty”.

4. Get help

No one should ever have to battle mental illness alone. I know for people with limited options this step can be the hardest. the easiest way to find free help is to join an online community with people battling the same things you are. its important not to completely isolate yourself and sometimes connecting with others like you can be more validating than you think. if you have the access to a mental healthcare professional I would urge you to utilize them, i believe EVERYONE can benefit from a good therapist. If money is an issue (lets face it, having the means for therapy is a privilege) many are willing to work on a sliding scale and some clinics offer free sessions. Google free mental health care in your area. I meet with my therapist weekly and i feel like in many ways it saved me! I had to meet with a few different people before i found a good fit with Nona. She is easy to talk to and bases her methods on science which i find incredibly comforting. i have share my struggles and life goals with her and she keeps me healthy and moving forward. She has also helps me find my voice and shape my thoughts when it comes to my activism.
Another big help I’ve found is medication. After years and years of struggling with accepting the use of pharmaceuticals I finally realized mental illness is nothing more than a chemical imbalance in your brain. if you do not make your own neurotransmitters store bought will do. I don’t like the pill “haze” that some meds give and many have horrific side effects. I shared my concerns and issues with my doc and she prescribed me a daily dose of Wellbutrin for my anxiety and depression. i also have a small dose of Addivant to take as needed during panic attacks and use birth control to help balance out my hormones, some times a bad day with PMS is enough to send me into a suicidal slump. I also use cannabis to help calm my IBS, it helps with the tummy gurgles and calms me down enough to enjoy a meal without rushing to the bathroom half way through.

No one method works alone, coping with mental illness is a constant battle. Making these lifestyle changes takes time, its taken years and a huge breakdown for me to find what helps. its important to know your worth putting effort into yourself. It ins’t selfish to prioritize your mental health, you can’t pour from an empty cup. I cant promise that these things will change your life but I hope it will lead you to a path to finding your best self care methods.

Stay golden friends,

Slytherin, LMM/Reader

Prompt: Reader is an understudy for Eliza + Lin

Words: 836

Author’s Note: We hit a few milestones since my last fic: over 250 followers, almost 300 notes on my Alex Lacamoire post, and I started making Aesthetics! Thank you guys for everything! (I have no idea why I chose Daniel Radcliffe as the celeb…)

Warnings: Curse words? idk i usually put some swears in there so we’ll go with that.

Askbox | Masterlist

Your hair was parted for a mic placement, your costume was half-on and you were trying to control your breathing as you reviewed your notes.

Tonight, you were on as Eliza instead of your usual spot in the ensemble. The first time you’ve ever had the opportunity.

It was nerve racking, to say the least, but you had prepared for it and were absolutely ready.

A hand pinched at your side, and you swatted it away with a giggle, avoiding Renee’s excited stare.

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Daveed Diggs X Reader: Star-Girl

Word Count: 979

Request: *Anon* You want requests? How about the cutest thing in the world, aka a Daveed fic, where the reader is best friends with Oak and they introduce her to Daveed. Daveed doesn’t seem to like Y/N, but actually has a major crush on them and gets her number from oak. They start to talk and Daveed is a smol shy bab! @fightmeatweedhawken would appreciate this, tag her if you write it.

Pronouns: She/Her

Your phone chimes in your jacket pocket as you leave your apartment. You pull it out and see immediately that the text is from your friend Oak.

Oak: 8:12 am- Are you still meeting up with Daveed and I today?

You immediately respond to your friend.

You: 8:12 am- Of course! I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

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Take A Hint

Lin Manuel Miranda x fem!reader

Warnings: swearing, tiny suicide mention

Authors Note: im really sorry, check my future posts for a sorry explanation as to why I’m such a dick lmfao

You pressed your ear to the door, straining to hear the soft voices from inside. Everyone from the cast had seemingly disappeared all at once, and you found yourself wandering the halls till you saw an unfortunately tall Daveed Diggs slipping away into Lin’s dressing room.
“Can’t seem to figure it out…”
The voice quieted, and then they were all speaking at once, making it insanely difficult for you to keep up.
“Maybe if we…”
“No we’ve tried that…”
“It’s a possibility…”
You could identify the angelic voice of Pippa as she called order to the disorganized meeting, and she hushed everyone suddenly.
You heard footsteps approaching the door, and you quickly jumped back and sprinted around the corner.
Pippa’s head poked out from behind the slightly ajar door, and she looked from side to side, searching for eavesdroppers.
Finding none, she shut the door with a definite click, and the voices resumed talking.
You tiptoed back to your dressing room, and picked up your phone, debating on calling someone and asking where they all were.
Deciding against calling, you clicked on Lin’s contact and began typing.
“Oh my god. Guys Y/N texted me!”
Talk stopped, and immediately everyone was crowding around the phone, screaming to know what she said.
Pippa shouted over the mess of people to quiet for a moment, and looked out the peephole once more to check if Y/N was lurking.
“We’re good. Go on Lin!”
Lin opened the message.
“Hey b! Where’s everyone at? I’m lonely :(”
There was a beat of silence, and then the loudness resumed.
“You’ve got to go to her dressing room.”
“Are you crazy? That’d be suicide!”
“Well, are you just going to let her sit around and find a new guy?”
Lin ran his fingers through his hair, and called for order.
“You guys, I’ve been thinking. As much as I really hope that this isn’t true, what if she isn’t into me? I mean, I gotta respect her decision and not be a dick about it and keep flirting with her.”
Everyone turned their eyes toward Jasmine, who was Y/N’s best friend.
“I mean, it’s not very likely.”
She chewed on a fingernail, nervous as she spoke quickly. She felt immensely guilty for betraying her best friend like this, but it was for the good of Lin and you both.
“She talks about you all the time, and she’ll sometimes be smiling down at her phone and when I ask her what she’s looking at she’ll say nothing, but when she gets up and leaves her phone with me I’ll see she was looking at your Twitter. I think she likes you, but doesn’t think you like her back.”
Everyone groaned, as it seemed they were back to square 1.
“Can she not take a hint? God, of all the things that I did I thought she’d at least have some wisp of knowledge by now!”
Oak gestured towards Lin’s phone, the messages app still open.
“Are you going to leave her on read?”
Lin’s eyes nearly bulged out of his skull.
You set your phone down, exhaling slowly and tapping your foot.
It had been exactly 12 minutes since you’d sent Lin a text, and he saw it 10 minutes ago, but hadn’t replied.
You paced around your dressing room, hands clasped behind your back as you crossed the room back and forth.
You were just turning on your heel when your door opened, causing you to jump back quickly to avoid the tops of your toes to be scratched.
A slightly disheveled Lin stood at the door, about a dozen of your cast mates standing ground behind him.
“Hi, Y/N.”
You smiled, and backed away from the door, inviting everyone in.
To your surprise, everyone but Lin walked out of the doorway, and shut the door behind them, leaving you to smile awkwardly at Lin before speaking.
“To what do I owe the honor, Mr. Miranda?”
You joked as he smiled.
He swallowed and looked more nervous than you had ever seen him.
“Are you okay, Lin? Here sit.”
You scooted over in your chair and gestured for him to sit next to you.
His leg pressed into your thigh, and you felt your face warming up at the sudden closeness of you two.
“I just need to say something right now, and it’ll be ten times easier to say if you don’t make any decisions till I’m done, so here we go.”
He spoke so quickly that you struggled to keep up with his words.
“I’ve liked you for a long time, Y/N. Longer than you probably know. If you even know. But no matter. You were just this sweet, amazingly funny and beautiful girl and I couldn’t keep my eyes off you since Day 1. I’ve tried so many times to express my affections towards you,”
He cringed, and laughed afterwards.
“I sound like I’m quoting a Thomas Jefferson letter. The point is, I need to know if you’ve taken the hint or if I need another gesture to make it known.”
You were at a loss for words, so you did what anyone who had a mouth but no words would do.
You kissed him.
His initial reaction was surprised, but soon he entangled his hands in your hair and pulled you closer.
You pulled away only when you heard cheers from the door, and groaned and hid your face as your fellow actors and actresses clapped and whooped.
Lin smiled down at you, making you blush and wrap your arms around him.
“I’m glad you took a hint.”

Times Are Hard For Dreamers

Phillipa Soo x Reader

Summary: Both you and Pippa are about to give up on love, then you spot each other.  

Warnings: Other than like one swear, I don’t think there’s anything, purely fluff! 

Words: 2,326 (roughly)

A/N: Hi again! I had so much fun writing this to be honest, my heart kinda hurts. Title is from Amelie because I’m t r a s h. I hope you guys like it! Also, random note but, because I’m so creative, the reader’s sisters are actually named after two of my sisters :)

It was Monday and as you clutched a coffee in your hand, you couldn’t help but feel tiredly lost. You looked at the faces you were passing, each one different. A woman with her hair falling from her ponytail and an exhausted expression, a man practically stomping his way down the street, a child grinning and skipping. All these people had lives, and when they walked past, you were granted a small glimpse through their window. You wondered what you looked like to them. Was the crying of last night still evident on your face? Did you look as lost as you felt?  

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If It Takes Finding A Puppy... (Anthony x Reader)

Request: @wwonder-landd “an anthony ramos imagine where the Fem!Reader is at the diner and finds a puppy, although allergic, she really wishes she had one. So she calls her roommate Oak, when Oak arrives, he brought Anthony, causing Anthony and the reader to meet. Anthony decides that he’ll keep then puppy as long as you and Oak promise to visit him. :)”

A/N: AHH! My first request! Thank you very much for this request, sorry it took a couple days for me to write it :/. Hope you enjoy!

TW: Nothing! Read on!

If you have a request, drop it here! If you wanna see my masterlist, click here!

“Ten dollars please ma’am”

You handed over your bill, smiling at the cashier, and wandered out of the diner with your takeout in hand. The cold New York air hit you like a wave as you pushed the heavy doors shut behind you. Adjusting your jacket, you started down the crowded street. Eventually you got to a crosswalk, where you waited, staring down at your feet, trying to drown out the bustle around you. Suddenly a small puppy appeared at your feet, sniffing at the paper bag in your hand.

“Hey little guy! Do you-” Achoo! “-have a family?”

Those damn allergies. You had wanted a puppy for as long as you could remember, but your allergies had meant that living with a dog would be near impossible. None of your friends and family had dogs either, so you didn’t even have one you could visit. The little puppy was still looking at you expectantly. Looking around, you thought it was safe to assume the puppy didn’t have a family, considering it had no collar or someone to walk with. The crosswalk pinged, signalling it was safe to cross, and, in the moment, you grabbed the puppy and crossed.

Surprisingly, the dog hadn’t flinched when you picked it up, or when you ducked into a small alley, removed your jacket, placed it on the ground and put the puppy in it’s new makeshift bed. The puppy seemed glad to be out of most of the harsh wind and snuggled into the jacket, while you pulled out your phone.

Dialling ‘Oak-Smash’…

The phone ringed a couple times before Oak picked up.

“Oak-” Achoo! “I need your help-” Achoo!

“Are you sick (Y/N)? I thought you were just getting food? Where are you?” 

“I’m-” Achoo! “-in an alley round the corner from our place, and I found a-” Achoo! “-puppy”

“(Y/N)! You know you’re allergic to puppies! We can’t keep it- him- her!”

“Her. I ‘checked’. Surely-” Achoo! “-  there’s something we can do! I can’t just leave her here, she’ll freeze!”

Oak paused for a second, thinking.

“You know what… I might have an idea. Where are you exactly?”

“Down an alley next to that new clothes shop ‘round the block”

“Got it. I’ll be there soon”

Before you could reply, Oak ended the call. You had no idea what he had- Achoo! -planned. You slid down the wall and sat next to the puppy, now fast asleep in your jacket. Cracking open the takeout you had just picked up, you leaned against a nearby pole, waiting.

It only took a few minutes for Oak to arrive. Your sneezes had ceased for a little. Oak was followed by a boy you had never met before, although he looked familiar. He had curly hair and freckles covering his face and chest. He and the boy sat on the ground across from you (Oak stealing some of your food in the process). The boy started patting and cooing at the puppy. Oak clapped his hands once, getting your attention.

“Okay” he boomed. “Anthony, this is my roommate (Y/N). (Y/N), my friend Anthony. He’s part of the cast too”

So that’s where you knew him from. You had gone to see Hamilton once, to support Oak, but you had only met Lin. The boy, Anthony, extended a hand and offered a huge smile.

“(Y/N) (L/N). It’s a pleasure to meet you”, you smiled, shaking his hand.

“Well, if it takes finding a puppy for us to meet, it will have been worth it” You both giggled at the reference. Oak rolled his eyes.

“I knew you two would hit it off” Oak remarked.

“What?” You and Anthony said in unison, heads snapping towards Oak.

“Nothing! Anyway (Y/N), Ant offered to take the puppy-”

“On one condition!” Anthony chimed in.

“What do you mean one condition?” Oak questioned. “You said it was no problem?”

“Well…” Anthony started, looking towards you. “Oak told me you can’t keep him because of your allergies, but, I was wondering if you wanted to come visit me- I mean her sometime, ya’ know? Some one on one time?” Anthony looked hopeful.

“I knew it was only a matter of time before you started hitting on (Y/N), Ant”, Oak chuckled.

“What?” This time only Anthony turned to face Oak. His cheeks started turning a pale red shade. 

“Nothing. Continue!”

Anthony turned back to you, a little more flustered than before. “Um- so, what I was saying is, I’ll keep the puppy, if you come visit. Oh, you too Oak”. Oak scoffed at that. “I’ll even let you name her!”

You thought for a moment. 

“Nala. And, here’s my number”, you added, pulling a scrap piece of paper and pen out of your jeans pocket, scribbling your digits.

“Nala… I like it. I text you the address sometime” Anthony blushed harder (though he tried to play it off), making you blush too. 

“See you-” Achoo! Damn it. “-soon?”, you asked, carefully removing Nala from your jacket, standing up and sliding it on.

“Definitely” Anthony said, handing you your (now cold) takeout. 

“See you back at the apartment Oak!”, you shouted over your shoulder, walking out into the busy streets. You didn’t hear his reply, you were too busy thinking about Anthony. Damn, that boy was cute.

A/N: Woo! Done! I’ll write a part 2 if anyone wants it, but I feel like this would work just fine as a stand alone. Thanks for reading!

#6 | The Jumping Scandal | Oak x Reader

A/N: Hallo!! I’m so sorry for uploading this so late. I hope you forgive me T_T. I have zero experience in roof jumpng and leg breaking so… This is maybe not so realistic. But please enjoy!!

Warnings: excessive cursing

(N/N) - nickname


Day-offs with Oak are the best. Since you both worked in Hamilton, you being a violinist and assistant conductor and him as an actor, it was easy for the both of you to arrange dayoffs.

This week was a vacation for the both of you. No workload for you. No rehearsals for Oak. Just relaxation and cuddling.

“I can barely see a star. You sure there’s a meteor shower tonight?” Oak groaned, trying to adjust his body comfortably on the tiled roof.

“You can’t see one because your eyes are closed. Besides, you heard the news: at nine pm, there’s going to be a light meteor shower.”

The both of you (mostly you), decided to watch the stars at your parents’ house while they were out of state for the night. And allegedly, a meteor shower is going to take place.

“(Y/N), it’s 9:30 already. Let’s go back in.” He frowned at your pouting lips.

“It’ll appear in five minutes, promise. If it doesn’t, we’ll go back in,” you say. Oak raised a brow and turned to look at the stars nonchalantly.

“Fine,” he relented.

“Some supportive boyfriend,” you mutter back, crossing your arms and inspected the sky for a shooting star.


Five minutes has passed and not one star streaked through the sky.

“Nothing’s happening,” complained Oak. “Come on, (Y/N). Let’s go in.” He pulled at your arm but you shoved him away.

“You go first. I’ll stay here for a while,” you say, not tearing your eyes off the black expanse above.

“(Y/N),” he groaned, “Please?”

You sigh defeatedly. “Okay.” But just when you were about to stand, a flash of white caught your eye.

“It’s starting, Oak!” you say excitedly, dragging the half-kneeling man back to his lying position.

“What?” Oak looked up and saw nothing but a few stars winking at him, as if to tease. “(Y/N), there’s nothing. Please, let’s go in.”

“I saw one,” you insisted, “The next one will appear around now.”

“Damn it, (Y/N),” cursed Oak. He loves you so much, he really does. But sitting up in the rooftop for more than an hour was a literal pain in his ass. “Can I just stay in your room while you go star-hunting?”

You opened your mouth to prevent him from leaving but you closed it to think about it. “Okay,” you relented. Shooing him away halfheartedly. If he didn’t want to go stargazing with you, then fine.

“Sure?” Oak looked at you, concerned. You looked disappointed and he felt a little guilty leaving you.

“I’ll go back in five. I’ll just check if the meteor shower is going to continue,” you say. Oak stood momentarily, thinking deeply, then leaned down to kiss you on the cheek.

“Love you,” he murmured.

“Love you too,” you whisper back.

“Do you need a blanket? It’s chilly here.” You shook your head. “Okay then.” He then left you alone to your devices.

You turned your attention back to the sky. Although the interest for the meteor shower was diminishing. After a few minutes of staring at the infinite space, you decided to head back in.

You pushed yourself up and squeaked as your right foot slip off suddenly. You had forgotten you were on the roof.

“Oak?” You called out weakly. “Oak?”

“Yeah?” He popped his head out of the window of your room.

“Can you help me get back in?” You wobbled a bit, trying to balance on the roof with one hand reaching out to him and the other planted firmly on the rough surface.

“Here, take my hand.” He leaned forward and outstretched his own hand. Your hands were still meters apart.

“Why did I decided to move farther away from the window,” you huffed. You tried to scoot closer but your foot had slipped so suddenly. Again.

“Shit!” You cursed loudly, gripping on the roof for dear life. Nothing had happened but it scared you to move again.

“(Y/N).” Oak tried to capture your attention but you were too busy focusing on not falling. “Come on, babe. You can do it. Just walk slowly towards me.”

You stared at Oak then to yourself then to the ground, which was dangerously far from you. A tentative step at first, testing the roof if it can handle your weight.

“Oh for fuck’s sake,” you mutter. You had crossed this awhile ago. What’s the difference now?

The first step was a success and so was the second one. You casually took your third step and that had led to your downfall. Literally.

“Holy sh-” Your body suddenly dropped down. Far from Oak’s reach and far from any safe place

“(Y/N)!” Oak shouted indistinctly. You heard his heavy footsteps from inside the house and out to the front yard.

Jump!“Oak shouted.

You looked down to measure the distance between you and his outstretched arms. 12 feet.

"Are you kidding me?” you shout back, “No!” You were definitely not risking the fall.

“It’s the only way, (Y/N),” he reasoned. “Jump!”

You sigh defeatedly, he was right. You couldn’t do anything else but jump.

“Promise to catch me?”


With that, you took a leap of faith. And jumped.

Straight to the ground.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” you chanted loudly, gripping your knee tightly. “The fuck, Oak?!”

Your boyfriend looked stricken and immensely guilty. At the mention of his name, he snapped back to apparent reality. He kneeled beside you and asked,

“What’s the damage?”

You glared at him venomously, “What do you think? I’ve fallen hard, I think I fractured a leg. Maybe you should get me to a hospital.

Oak whipped out his phone and dialled 911. You hear him talk to the other line but the pain made it difficult to comprehend it.

“They’ll be here in five,” Oak said, shoving his phone back in his pocket.

“These events are your fault,” you growl, the adrenaline gone, so the pain was increasing by the second.

“Hey, (N/N), calm down. It’ll be alright,” he tried to soothe you but you were too pissed and in pain to care.

“It will be alright when I bury you in hell,” you snap. Oak grimaced at your words but still continued to stroke your hair, which in fairness, felt nice.

“I’m sure it will,” he muttered to himself and looked up. “Hey, (Y/N)! A shooting star! Make a wish, babe.”

You stared at him flatly and said, “I wish you also break a leg.”


The next week, you stayed in the hospital. Friends came to visit you. Your parents were a bit shocked and angry, seeing as that you had to fall on their rooftop. Oak came by everyday, before and after his performances.

Your anger wore off long before. You allowed him to pepper you with chocolates, apologies and kisses. The event was forgotten after a while.

But it made a good story to tell your kids on how their father almost got their mother killed.


request |  Do you think you could do a fic with OakXReader or DaveedXReader based of the song All I Want by Kodaline? I adore your writing by the way!! You’re very talented.

requested by anonymous

pairing | oak x reader

words | 1480

warnings | ANGST. 

The ceiling fan whirled, and the a/c vent whirred softly, yet Oak was still too hot. His blankets were strewn about his bed, wrapping just over his pelvis and right leg, and leaving his whole torso and other leg bare. It didn’t feel right, here in this bed. Not without his other half, not without you.

The bed was nearly too comfortable to get out of, too inviting with the other person. He could feel you breathing, hear the air leave your nose when you sighed in your sleep. Although he couldn’t seem to drift off once more, he still kept his eyes closed, just so he could feel the heightened sense of your hand on his chest, and your head nuzzling against his shoulder.

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Namelessshipping: What If...

Chapter 5

Pairings: Red x Green Oak

Warnings: None

AU: Canon Divergence

It had been a few weeks since Red had offered Green to visit for dinner and there had been no sign of him, he should’ve known but he couldn’t help but to have some sort of hope he’d see his old friend again. At home, it was quiet without Eevee running around with his Pikachu, even his best friend seemed down and put out from missing Eevee. There was nothing either one of them could do about it but move on like they always did, luckily Red had his work to keep him distracted. His current study was the evolution of Pokemon, not through gaining experience from life type of evolution, but how Pokemon evolved into separate species entirely to adapt to their new surroundings or change in weather. He was currently tending to a deerling, one of the small examples of evolution depending on the seasons themselves. With the autumn weather, the deerling’s fur was a soft orange color. The deerling belonged to one of the trainers who simply sought out to fill their pokedex, leaving the deerling in the PC since he wasn’t slotted in their trainer’s team.

He was in the process of giving the deerling a treat when Professor Oak walked up, he was getting older and older to the point Red worried about him sometimes. The man was too stubborn to retire though and live the rest of his life in relaxation, however, he couldn’t travel like he used to, such drastic changes in weather effected him too harshly so he had to stay in Kanto. If he was required elsewhere, he’d send one of the assistants out, since Red didn’t really like leaving Pallet Town anymore. “Ah, Red, I see you’re doing well in your studies!” Red gave a nod and stood up after ruffling the deerling’s head with a bit of affection. Professor Oak was always kind to him, but he still hadn’t got over how the man had treated Green, but it wasn’t any of his business.

“I need you to do me a favor, Red. I know its asking a lot from you, but you’re the only assistant I have who is knowledgeable on the matter of Pokemon evolution due to habitat change. My cousin studies the Kanto Pokemon living in Alola, but he needs a fresh set of eyes to help his research and I want you to go and help him.”

Red frowned a little, dusting his hands on his white lab coat, his brows furrowing a little. He had heard of Alola, the fact that the Kanto Pokemon were there was strange enough, but to know that they vastly differed from the ones from their home region was curious. Red had to admit he was interested but Alola was quite a distance away, the distance was far too long for his charizard to travel safely across, he already calculated that. Not that he had any intentions on going there, it was a new place, a tourist trap which meant crowds of people. Red didn’t do well with crowds or cramped up spaces, Oak knew that, so he must be pretty desperate to ask Red of all people. Red sighed and rubbed at his cheek, he couldn’t tell Professor Oak no.

“I already bought your ticket, you leave tomorrow so I’ll let you have the rest of the day off to pack your things.” Oak said cheerfully, much to Red’s dismay. He didn’t even have a choice apparently, the old man knew Red wouldn’t say no it seemed. His Pikachu came running up, climbing up to settle on his shoulder, having overheard the conversation and seemed excited about it. To see Pikachu ready for adventure made Red feel a bit bad, all these years he kept Pikachu here in Pallet Town with him while his friend lived for exploring and excitement. Well, he’d get his fill now it seemed, Red wished he could share Pikachu’s enthusiasm.


The trip had been a nightmare for both Red and Pikachu, Red was cramped in an airplane surrounded by strangers, it was oppressive and he had never been in an airplane before. He should’ve taken those anxiety pills Daisy had offered him, but Red stubbornly refused to take medication, he’d been that way since childhood. He had gripped the armrest during the entire trip, he was surprised to find out that he hadn’t put a dent in it from how hard he held onto it. Pikachu didn’t have it better off either, he had to remain in his pokeball the entire trip, making Red feel guilty but Pikachu refused to stay at the Lab and made the decision himself. He was glad that Pikachu would go through his own fears for him, he’d definitely would have to make it up to his little friend once they got out of this hectic airport.

Everything was bright and colorful here as he let pikachu out once they escaped the building, not to mention the weather was noticeably hotter than Kanto’s. He felt uncomfortable in his jeans already but he refused to wear shorts, he wasn’t comfortable exposing a lot of his skin, preferring his loose fitting jeans and t-shirt. He looked around, a little lost as what he was supposed to do, Pikachu wasn’t any help as he was busy looking around, trying to take in as much as he could. He pulled out his cellphone to check his messages, Professor Oak had programmed his cousin’s number into his phone, but Red would be staying at the Hano Grand Resort. Sounded too fancy for Red’s liking but he wasn’t paying for this trip so he couldn’t complain, from the looks of things, he doubted he could afford any of these hotels.

Using the GPS on his phone, he entered the resort’s address and began his walk there, he didn’t like cars, they were too cramped and he had no control over a taxi. Plus, walking would allow him to relax and work out his stiff muscles after a stressful plane ride.Pikachu was busy exclaiming over everything, pointing out various things they hadn’t seen in Kanto or he was waving at excited children in their beach wear. Red chose to ignore them, trying his best not to let his anxieties get the best of him but his stoic, near expressionless face tended to scare the kids off, despite it not being his intention. He was always like that, the young trainers avoiding him, he was the silent, intimidating assistant who stayed off by himself. He liked kids, but he was terrible in dealing with them, especially the loud, excitable ones.

After what seemed like forever, he made it to the hotel, the place didn’t lie in its name as it was in fact Grand. It made Red feel a little overwhelmed in his faded jeans, old shirt, and worn sneakers, but he had reservations he hadn’t paid for. Sighing, he made his way through the front door, the people in the lobby were dressed nicely, a few looked at him strangely but avoided him as he rolled his suitcase after him to the front desk. The receptionist smiled politely, but he could see she looked doubtful due to how ragged he looked. “Hi, welcome to Hano Grand Resort, how may I assist you today?” Red had to give it to her, she remained professional, despite how he knew how uncomfortable she was by having what looked like a bum at her desk. He set his phone on the desk, the screen revealing the receipt and QR code of his reservations. She scanned it, but looked unsure enough that she picked up the phone.

“Professor Oak? Yes, we have someone here with reservations made by you. Yes. Correct. Thank you and have a good day.” Red stared as he waited for the woman to be done with the confirmation call, at least their security was tight. The girl behind the desk began to tap away at the computer screen before retrieving a keycard and handing it to Red. “You’re room is on the third floor, room 305. You have three complimentary meals a day, all you have to do is text the number on the back of the menu in your room what you want and it will be delivered to your door. Thank you for staying at Hano Grand Resort and enjoy your time here.”

Red nodded and tucked the card into his wallet, putting both the wallet and his phone in their designated pockets. He turned around to head towards the elevators when he spotted someone walking through the doors of the Resort. He stopped despite not intending to, it was none other than Green making his way towards the front desk. When his old friend spotted him in turn, amber eyes widened and he nearly stumbled over his own feet. Luckily, the girl at his side was holding on to his arm, allowing him to regain his step. The surprise was quickly covered over by an arrogant grin, one Red recognized all too well. Unlike the dinner a few weeks ago, when Green was relaxed and open, they were in public this time. Which meant Green had to impress, especially when he had a girl with him.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t the Kanto loser? Are you lost? Only the rich and famous get to stay here.” Green taunted but Red seemed unconcerned by what others would view as bullying. Red knew this was just Green’s way of keeping attention on himself, being cocky and confident. In reality, Red knew Green meant only to ask what Red was doing here, still though it didn’t mean Red wanted to suffer Green’s antics any longer. He just wanted Green to be, well, Green. But it seemed he still hadn’t grown out of his state where he lacked confidence in being himself, afraid people would ignore him, leave him. Red had left Green, but for different reasons, that didn’t make Red feel any better about it.

Pikachu growled, his red cheeks sparking in warning, a flash of concern crossed Green’s face but he stamped it down before anyone other than Red noticed. Red released his suitcase to sign at Green, making the woman who had been laughing lightly at Green’s statement, confused.

‘Here on research business.’

Red stated shortly before grabbing his suitcase again, finally looking over at the woman who was with Green. He couldn’t help but to feel something at the sight of her holding onto Green’s arm like that. He didn’t like the feeling because it was unjust, his mother taught him better than to be jealous over something. Still though, he hated seeing her cling to Green like that, she might be a really nice girl for all Red new. Maybe she made Green happier than Red could, so in turn, Red should be happy about the fact that Green had found someone to love and be loved in turn. He couldn’t think about it any longer, he had enough work and stress on his plate as it was. He didn’t need Green’s presence distracting him, even though he knew it was already a lost cause since he knew Green was here.

“Typical nerd, I would say see you later, but a loser like you could never make it as far as the Battle Tree, only the strongest across the regions can get there and I happen to be the host. The only way you’d see me is if you turn on the TV like all the other washed up trainers.”

Red raised his brows at the news, figuring by the way Green talked that this was like the Elite Four, but bigger? He was interested in seeing it, seeing all the strong trainers battle it out. He wouldn’t mind seeing Green battle again in person, but he had to remember what he was here for. If he did make it to the Battle Tree, Green might get a little suspicious, after all, Red had lost horribly to Green. So he had to keep that up so Green could continue living his dream life. He reached up, adjusting the brim of his cap, falling into the act as if he’d been thoroughly embarrassed by Green’s words before turning away to head towards the elevators.

So much for a stress-free vacation.

Chess and The Divine Move

Alright, so going through the last episode we had a lovely chess board… that looked pretty much EXACTLY like how it was set up for the scene last season when Stiles was trying to explain things to his Dad. I’m gonna look at the two changes that the show brought to our attention, because those are the ones that it wanted us to see as important - the rest of the board is pretty much unchanged. Argent moved one square over, but I think that’s just a prop error, and Aidan and Ethan were added, but I don’t have any thoughts regarding that.

Isaac, however, has been removed from the board entirely. This wasn’t spoken about, but was pointed out by Argent picking up the piece. Unfortunately, I think Isaac maybe one of our deaths this season and this was the show’s attempt at subtle foreshadowing. 

Derek has been upgraded to “king”. I think this was mostly to underscore the fact that Derek is in danger. I think if anyone out of the five main characters is gonna die, it’ll be Derek or Allison. And it’s looking more and more like Derek.

The Divine Move

So that’s our season finale title and it is a move in the game Go that is “a truly inspired and original move; one that is non-obvious and which balances strategy and tactics to turn a losing game into a winning game”.

I think the Divine Move is going to be executed by Stiles and that the set up for it has already started. I think he has subconsciously been leaving clues the whole time. Little things that maybe the Nogitsune hasn’t noticed.

First, I think it was Stiles’ subconscious that was in charge of leaving the key on his keyring that clued his conscious mind into something not being right. I think that the red strings and the scissors that lead Lydia to Eichen House were another clue - that was where the Nogitsune began its reign of chaos and where his previous host was entombed. I think there was another clue for Lydia in that scene as well - the Nemeton drawing marked “For Lydia” - the Nemeton was where the Nogitsune was locked away. And also the messages on Allison’s phone about Oak Creek - where the Nogitsune was born. Will Stiles be able to leave more clues? Are there any that I’ve missed?