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Daveed Diggs X Reader: Star-Girl

Word Count: 979

Request: *Anon* You want requests? How about the cutest thing in the world, aka a Daveed fic, where the reader is best friends with Oak and they introduce her to Daveed. Daveed doesn’t seem to like Y/N, but actually has a major crush on them and gets her number from oak. They start to talk and Daveed is a smol shy bab! @fightmeatweedhawken would appreciate this, tag her if you write it.

Pronouns: She/Her

Your phone chimes in your jacket pocket as you leave your apartment. You pull it out and see immediately that the text is from your friend Oak.

Oak: 8:12 am- Are you still meeting up with Daveed and I today?

You immediately respond to your friend.

You: 8:12 am- Of course! I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

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Slytherin, LMM/Reader

Prompt: Reader is an understudy for Eliza + Lin

Words: 836

Author’s Note: We hit a few milestones since my last fic: over 250 followers, almost 300 notes on my Alex Lacamoire post, and I started making Aesthetics! Thank you guys for everything! (I have no idea why I chose Daniel Radcliffe as the celeb…)

Warnings: Curse words? idk i usually put some swears in there so we’ll go with that.

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Your hair was parted for a mic placement, your costume was half-on and you were trying to control your breathing as you reviewed your notes.

Tonight, you were on as Eliza instead of your usual spot in the ensemble. The first time you’ve ever had the opportunity.

It was nerve racking, to say the least, but you had prepared for it and were absolutely ready.

A hand pinched at your side, and you swatted it away with a giggle, avoiding Renee’s excited stare.

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Take A Hint

Lin Manuel Miranda x fem!reader

Warnings: swearing, tiny suicide mention

Authors Note: im really sorry, check my future posts for a sorry explanation as to why I’m such a dick lmfao

You pressed your ear to the door, straining to hear the soft voices from inside. Everyone from the cast had seemingly disappeared all at once, and you found yourself wandering the halls till you saw an unfortunately tall Daveed Diggs slipping away into Lin’s dressing room.
“Can’t seem to figure it out…”
The voice quieted, and then they were all speaking at once, making it insanely difficult for you to keep up.
“Maybe if we…”
“No we’ve tried that…”
“It’s a possibility…”
You could identify the angelic voice of Pippa as she called order to the disorganized meeting, and she hushed everyone suddenly.
You heard footsteps approaching the door, and you quickly jumped back and sprinted around the corner.
Pippa’s head poked out from behind the slightly ajar door, and she looked from side to side, searching for eavesdroppers.
Finding none, she shut the door with a definite click, and the voices resumed talking.
You tiptoed back to your dressing room, and picked up your phone, debating on calling someone and asking where they all were.
Deciding against calling, you clicked on Lin’s contact and began typing.
“Oh my god. Guys Y/N texted me!”
Talk stopped, and immediately everyone was crowding around the phone, screaming to know what she said.
Pippa shouted over the mess of people to quiet for a moment, and looked out the peephole once more to check if Y/N was lurking.
“We’re good. Go on Lin!”
Lin opened the message.
“Hey b! Where’s everyone at? I’m lonely :(”
There was a beat of silence, and then the loudness resumed.
“You’ve got to go to her dressing room.”
“Are you crazy? That’d be suicide!”
“Well, are you just going to let her sit around and find a new guy?”
Lin ran his fingers through his hair, and called for order.
“You guys, I’ve been thinking. As much as I really hope that this isn’t true, what if she isn’t into me? I mean, I gotta respect her decision and not be a dick about it and keep flirting with her.”
Everyone turned their eyes toward Jasmine, who was Y/N’s best friend.
“I mean, it’s not very likely.”
She chewed on a fingernail, nervous as she spoke quickly. She felt immensely guilty for betraying her best friend like this, but it was for the good of Lin and you both.
“She talks about you all the time, and she’ll sometimes be smiling down at her phone and when I ask her what she’s looking at she’ll say nothing, but when she gets up and leaves her phone with me I’ll see she was looking at your Twitter. I think she likes you, but doesn’t think you like her back.”
Everyone groaned, as it seemed they were back to square 1.
“Can she not take a hint? God, of all the things that I did I thought she’d at least have some wisp of knowledge by now!”
Oak gestured towards Lin’s phone, the messages app still open.
“Are you going to leave her on read?”
Lin’s eyes nearly bulged out of his skull.
You set your phone down, exhaling slowly and tapping your foot.
It had been exactly 12 minutes since you’d sent Lin a text, and he saw it 10 minutes ago, but hadn’t replied.
You paced around your dressing room, hands clasped behind your back as you crossed the room back and forth.
You were just turning on your heel when your door opened, causing you to jump back quickly to avoid the tops of your toes to be scratched.
A slightly disheveled Lin stood at the door, about a dozen of your cast mates standing ground behind him.
“Hi, Y/N.”
You smiled, and backed away from the door, inviting everyone in.
To your surprise, everyone but Lin walked out of the doorway, and shut the door behind them, leaving you to smile awkwardly at Lin before speaking.
“To what do I owe the honor, Mr. Miranda?”
You joked as he smiled.
He swallowed and looked more nervous than you had ever seen him.
“Are you okay, Lin? Here sit.”
You scooted over in your chair and gestured for him to sit next to you.
His leg pressed into your thigh, and you felt your face warming up at the sudden closeness of you two.
“I just need to say something right now, and it’ll be ten times easier to say if you don’t make any decisions till I’m done, so here we go.”
He spoke so quickly that you struggled to keep up with his words.
“I’ve liked you for a long time, Y/N. Longer than you probably know. If you even know. But no matter. You were just this sweet, amazingly funny and beautiful girl and I couldn’t keep my eyes off you since Day 1. I’ve tried so many times to express my affections towards you,”
He cringed, and laughed afterwards.
“I sound like I’m quoting a Thomas Jefferson letter. The point is, I need to know if you’ve taken the hint or if I need another gesture to make it known.”
You were at a loss for words, so you did what anyone who had a mouth but no words would do.
You kissed him.
His initial reaction was surprised, but soon he entangled his hands in your hair and pulled you closer.
You pulled away only when you heard cheers from the door, and groaned and hid your face as your fellow actors and actresses clapped and whooped.
Lin smiled down at you, making you blush and wrap your arms around him.
“I’m glad you took a hint.”

anonymous asked:

Hi!! I was wondering if you could do an oak Drabble where he hears the reader singing in a club or something and he basically falls in love with her right then and there? I have a jazz performance coming up and I thought about this idea and had a moment 😅

“Fuck,” Oak mutters, as he scrolls through the chain of texts in his group message.  “Wrong place.”  His eyes scan the club in one last desperate attempt to pinpoint a familiar face, but no such luck.  “Dammit, Daveed…  You were the one who gave me the directions.”  

Just as he turns on his heel to leave, a new performer steps out onto the stage.  “Thanks for coming out tonight, everyone.”  He’s not sure why, but he stalls.  “I’m trying something a little new today.  It’s an original, so be nice to me, okay?”  There’s jesting in her words, which draws a laugh from the crowd; Oak is drawn not to the sparkles on the dress, but the stars in her eyes.

Then she sings, and he loses himself in her voice.  He finds himself gravitating towards the center of the room, closer to the stage where she’s captivating everyone in the room.  As soon as he sits down, she makes eye contact with him – and his heart leaps.  Her lips curl up into a grin as she holds his gaze, her voice strong and steady while a hurricane stirs in his chest.

He can still hear the song when it ends.  She leaves the stage with a wink (directed at him, maybe), and like a gravitational pull Oak is on his feet.  I need to find her, he thinks.  I need to talk to her.  I need–

Hey.”  And here she is, standing in front of him now, with a ruby smile and bright lights in her eyes.  He realizes now that he has no idea what to say to her.  “I’ve never seen you here before.”

“Oh, y-yeah,” he says, rubbing the back of his neck.  “Actually, I ended up in the wrong place.  I’m supposed to meet my friends, but…”

“But you’re still here,” she says.

“Yeah.  Um–”

“I’m (Y/N).”


“Well, Oak,” she says, her voice more tantalizing than the way she places her hand on his arm, “let me buy you a drink.  And you can tell me what you thought about the performance.”

I loved it, he wants to say, but his words catch in his throat.  His phone buzzes in his pocket; it’s probably his friends, wondering where he is.

She bites her lip.  “Unless you have to go…?”

Oak quickly silence his phone, shaking his head, and the smile returns.  “No, I’m already late.  What’s a couple more hours?”


request |  Do you think you could do a fic with OakXReader or DaveedXReader based of the song All I Want by Kodaline? I adore your writing by the way!! You’re very talented.

requested by anonymous

pairing | oak x reader

words | 1480

warnings | ANGST. 

The ceiling fan whirled, and the a/c vent whirred softly, yet Oak was still too hot. His blankets were strewn about his bed, wrapping just over his pelvis and right leg, and leaving his whole torso and other leg bare. It didn’t feel right, here in this bed. Not without his other half, not without you.

The bed was nearly too comfortable to get out of, too inviting with the other person. He could feel you breathing, hear the air leave your nose when you sighed in your sleep. Although he couldn’t seem to drift off once more, he still kept his eyes closed, just so he could feel the heightened sense of your hand on his chest, and your head nuzzling against his shoulder.

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Times Are Hard For Dreamers

Phillipa Soo x Reader

Summary: Both you and Pippa are about to give up on love, then you spot each other.  

Warnings: Other than like one swear, I don’t think there’s anything, purely fluff! 

Words: 2,326 (roughly)

A/N: Hi again! I had so much fun writing this to be honest, my heart kinda hurts. Title is from Amelie because I’m t r a s h. I hope you guys like it! Also, random note but, because I’m so creative, the reader’s sisters are actually named after two of my sisters :)

It was Monday and as you clutched a coffee in your hand, you couldn’t help but feel tiredly lost. You looked at the faces you were passing, each one different. A woman with her hair falling from her ponytail and an exhausted expression, a man practically stomping his way down the street, a child grinning and skipping. All these people had lives, and when they walked past, you were granted a small glimpse through their window. You wondered what you looked like to them. Was the crying of last night still evident on your face? Did you look as lost as you felt?  

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I Missed You

Okieriete Onaodowan x Reader

Words: 2100

Request:  Kay I wanna a fic of Oak with the prompts 8, 10 and 12 cause I’m an angst hoe

8. “I can’t keep fighting like this”

10. “Where were you when I needed you?”

12. “I just want you to be happy”

Summary: Oak hasn’t been spending much time with the reader. She asks him about it, he gets defensive, they argue. Oak has missed a lot of things. 

Note: Maybe I have a thing for one person to wear their partner’s clothing, maybe I don’t.

Warnings: ANGST

You sat at your dining room table, eating dinner. Oak had promised he would be home. He had promised he would be home in time to eat with you, for you to just wait. You said you would wait until 12:00 to start eating. It was 12:45 and you were hungry. You had cooked. You had spent an hour cooking a dinner that was going to be tossed in the fridge, that nobody was going to eat and that was just going to be thrown out. 

You remembered when you and Oak first started dating. If one of you made a home-cooked meal, it was to be treasured. You would each eat as much as you could and any leftovers were eaten until they were gone. 

Now you stood lonely in your kitchen, tossing an uneaten plate of food, and pouring most of the whole dish into a big Tupperware. 

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Chess and The Divine Move

Alright, so going through the last episode we had a lovely chess board… that looked pretty much EXACTLY like how it was set up for the scene last season when Stiles was trying to explain things to his Dad. I’m gonna look at the two changes that the show brought to our attention, because those are the ones that it wanted us to see as important - the rest of the board is pretty much unchanged. Argent moved one square over, but I think that’s just a prop error, and Aidan and Ethan were added, but I don’t have any thoughts regarding that.

Isaac, however, has been removed from the board entirely. This wasn’t spoken about, but was pointed out by Argent picking up the piece. Unfortunately, I think Isaac maybe one of our deaths this season and this was the show’s attempt at subtle foreshadowing. 

Derek has been upgraded to “king”. I think this was mostly to underscore the fact that Derek is in danger. I think if anyone out of the five main characters is gonna die, it’ll be Derek or Allison. And it’s looking more and more like Derek.

The Divine Move

So that’s our season finale title and it is a move in the game Go that is “a truly inspired and original move; one that is non-obvious and which balances strategy and tactics to turn a losing game into a winning game”.

I think the Divine Move is going to be executed by Stiles and that the set up for it has already started. I think he has subconsciously been leaving clues the whole time. Little things that maybe the Nogitsune hasn’t noticed.

First, I think it was Stiles’ subconscious that was in charge of leaving the key on his keyring that clued his conscious mind into something not being right. I think that the red strings and the scissors that lead Lydia to Eichen House were another clue - that was where the Nogitsune began its reign of chaos and where his previous host was entombed. I think there was another clue for Lydia in that scene as well - the Nemeton drawing marked “For Lydia” - the Nemeton was where the Nogitsune was locked away. And also the messages on Allison’s phone about Oak Creek - where the Nogitsune was born. Will Stiles be able to leave more clues? Are there any that I’ve missed?