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  • baby: a...ah...ah
  • mother: honey quick she's saying her first word!

~Sonnet of Summer~

Come, sweet scent of summer love
And fill me to the brim with warmth
Strip away my melancholy
As the earth is now reborn

Chase away my emptiness
Of winter blues and autumn greys
Send your chorus through the meadows
Saturate my hollow days

With thy emerald pearls of wisdom
Whisper to the earth your songs
Banish every ounce of darkness
Grow my days from short to long

Clouds so white they look like feathers
Fields so green they mesmerise
As the child of Imbolc wanders
Beltane’s king and queen arrive

Set alight the fires of May Day
Bang the drums and fill the skies
Drench the year with celebration
Let no tears adorn thine eyes

Strip our souls of painful sorrows
Fill our hearts with happiness
As the earth is full of living
Make this year our very best

~ © 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

Basic Wicca: An Introduction to Aspects

One topic that often confuses Wicca newbies is what aspects of the deities actually are, and what the term means. 

An Aspect is, in simple terms, a specific part of a deity that reflects certain elements of that deity within itself. Traditionally, Wicca has two deities (the Triple Goddess and the Horned God), who have three and two aspects respectively. 

The Triple Goddess

The Goddess (also known as the Lady), is often known as the triple goddess as a reflection of her aspects, and what they represent. The Goddess is a deity of moon and night, and her aspects are representative of that nature because the represent the phases of the moon. 

As the moon waxes from new to gibbous, the Goddess is in her Maiden aspect. This is also the aspect of late winter and spring. The Maiden represents childhood, innocence, young love, rebirth (especially after death), new fertility, the prospect of growth, and hope for the future. The things of springtime are the things of the Maiden, such as early-blooming flowers like daffodils, snowdrops and crocuses; eggs and milk; new leaves and buds; yearling meat from lambs and calves. 

From gibbous to gibbous, across the full moon, the Goddess is in her Mother aspect. This is also the aspect of summer and early autumn. The Mother represents maternal love, adulthood and growth, childbirth and childcaring, investments realised, care for others, and life flourishing. The things of summertime are the things of the Mother, such as harvested crops; fresh fruit and vegetables, flowers in bloom, fish and meat, leafy green branches, and other things of growth and summer.

As the moon wanes from gibbous to new, the Goddess is in her Crone Aspect until the cycle repeats. This is also the aspect of late autumn and winter. The Crone represents aging and the closing of one’s life, but also represents the past and contemplation, wisdom and knowledge, loss and death, and the chance of rebirth once more come the spring. The things of autumn are the things of the Crone, such as berries and nuts, late-ripening vegetables such as squash and pumpkins, fat and preserved foods, bulbs of flowers, garlic and the like.

Of course, the solar year cycle isn’t exact, and is dependent on what the life is doing at that time too. The Goddess is a deity of life and growth, and so if the summer hangs on late then so will the Mother, for example.

The Horned God

The God is traditionally depicted with two aspects that revolve around the solar cycle. They fight for dominance every 6 months, and create their respective seasons as they rule over the land. These are the Holly and Oaks Kings, who represent winter and summer respectively.

At the autumnal equinox, the Oak king has been banished underground to rejuvenate for his fight next year. The Holly king takes his throne, and rules over a land of cold and dying back for 3 whole months unchallenged. At Yule, the winter solstice, the Oak king’s power begins to wax as the Holly king’s power begins to wane, and by the vernal equinox the Oak king has risen from the ground, fought the Holly king, and banished him to lick his wounds for another 3 months underground. The Oak king rules for 3 months unchallenged, over a land of heat and growth, and at Litha his own power starts to fade. The two fight once more at Mabon, and the cycle starts over again.

The symbols of the Oak king are, of course, oaken branches laden with green leaves, often woven into a crown, but also all the trappings of summertime. The Oak king is sometimes equated with the Green Man of the Forest, with Lugh, and with Herne the Hunter (often thought to be a pagan deity who was “Christianised” into a ghost of Windsor Forest). 

The symbols of the Holly king are branches of fresh holly, often bearing red berries on green leaves, sometimes woven into a crown of their own. He is also represented by evergreen bows, commonly woven into a Yuletide wreath such as the ones we now associate with Christmas. He is sometimes equated to winter figures such as Jack Frost, Morozko, Old Man Winter, and the old Norse god Odin. He is also associated due to similar times with Father Christmas (Santa Claus).


Just some amusing frames from that little EarthBound animation I made about a year ago. 

Y’know, this one –> 

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Man, I really need to do more animation. People seem to really like ‘em (compared to my other stuff, anyway), and I don’t do enough. That’s gotta change. 

(Also, bonus hidden background Territorial Oak) 


Georgina: Ahem. I’m sorry to crash your party, but Mother wants you to help carry her bags to the car.
Roy: Where’s Dad and Doug?
Sonia pats her hair, busies herself making the bed.
Georgina: I don’t know. Probably in the stables.
Roy: Alright, I’ll come down. Why can’t she do it herself? How many bags does she have?
Roy: Mother? What the -you know you’re only going for six weeks, right? Not six freaking years?
Bunty crosses her arms and surveys him imperiously.
Bunty: If I’m to be rubbing shoulders with celebrities, Roy, I need to look my best. The last thing I want is to be mistaken for some…some common meth-head.
Roy: I doubt a common meth-head could afford The Oaks’ fees, Mother. But whatever. This is ridiculous. The excess luggage fees alone are going to bankrupt me-
Bunty: If I can’t take all my bags then I’m not going. And that’s all there is to it.

Vertigo - Anya Marina // Water Will Find A Way - The Black Ghosts // Shady Grove - Among The Oak & Ash // Problems - Mother Mother // Crooked Teeth - Death Cab For Cutie // Coming Of Age - Foster The People // Animal - Neon Trees // My Silver Lining - First Aid Kit // Spaceman - The Killers // Hot Venom - Miniature Tigers // Queen Of The Savages - The Magnetic Fields

I hit 1,000 followers! Naturally, I made a Creek playlist as a thank you. It’s actually a self-indulgent music dump disguised as a thank you that leaves nobody thankful except myself, but here we are.

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Deity of the Day!


Okay, the last couple days Loki has popped up in my mind and while I haven’t worked with him before, I feel like now is a good time to share some information about the Norse god. I’m learning as I go on this one, so bear with me! If you have worked with Loki before, please add your experience. 

Origin and Family: Loki is a contradictory spirit and possibly the ultimate trickster. He is the son of Odin, created when lighting (his father) struck an Oak tree (his mother), which may make him a primordial fire spirit. Loki lives among the Aeisr spirits, who he constantly leads into danger but then swoops in and saves. He is the traveling companion of his blood brother Thor. His loyalties are unclear…although likely friends with his brother, he also conspires against him and is responsible for the death of Baldur. Despite his reputation (that has also probably been smeared a bit by Christianity) as Baldur was sometimes identified as Christ when Norse mythology was put to paper by Christian commentators and Loki identified as Judas or even Satan- Loki is also a bearer of wisdom. He has been instrumental in obtaining tools for the Aesir. Loki is the mother of Odin’s eight-legged horse, Sleipnir. Loki is  skilled inventor and craftsman who has a cruel streak and sometimes mean sense of humor. Loki’s children include the goddess of Death and the wolf of doom.

Favored People: The patron of spies, troublemakers, tricksters…maybe not the most reliable patron.

Manifestation: A master shapeshifter whose forms are complete as opposed to superficial. When Loki appeared as brilliant white mare, S/He (they?) gave birth the Sleipnir. Allegedly very handsome and charming, Loki is said to have had sexual relations with many of the Norse goddesses.

Consort:Angerboda is Loki’s sister (possibly twin) and alter ego. It is unclear whether some myths are referencing Angerboda or Loki in disguise as the giantess who refuses to weep for Baldur. Loki’s second wife is Sigyn, who shares Loki’s exile following the death of Baldur.

Sacred Animals: Wolves, snakes, possibly spiders.

Star: Sirius, known as Lokabrenna (Loki’s Brand or Loki’s Torch) in tradtional Norse astrology.

Related Deities: Aegir, Aesir, Andvari, Angerboda, Balder, Hel,Thor, Idunn, Jotun, Odin, Skadi

Information from the wonderful Encyclopedia of Spirits byt Judika Illes (pgs, 646-647). 

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Got any nameless and Red and Blue/Green headcanons? C:


As a note: I RP as Red, among others, on @glitch-generation. I based his character first off the four Pokemon Origins episodes that were released a little while back, and THEN after the games to fill in the gaps. Thus, he talks, he started with a Charizard, he’s completed the Kanto Pokedex save for Mew, and he is a hUGE FUCKING DORK………

Canonicaly, Red has:

  • fallen down the stairs in his excitement to start his journey
  • raced Green into Oak’s Lab even though they were FIVE FEET FROM THE DOOR
  • chosen his starter based on his name (which was given to him by his father: “Red, like the red flames of a passionate heart”)
  • almost named his Charmander “Sepultura”, but decided against it. He decided not to nickname any of his Pokemon.
  • tried to capture another trainer’s Pokemon because he was just that naive.
  • not understood type match-ups and the bond between trainer and Pokemon until his first gym battle.
  • started the gym challenge without fully realizing what he was getting himself into.
  • bought the 500 Poké Magikarp.
  • gone fishing as an idle pastime, even after supposedly completing the Pokedex (before Mewtwo).
  • visited the Pokemon Fan club and (seemingly) made friends with the chairman, and as a result, obtained a green bike. (HOLY SHIT I JUST NOTICED IT’S GREEN LIKE GREEN H A A A A A…)
  • (somewhat uneasily) stated he doesn’t think real ghosts are in Pokemon Tower - just Pokemon (before the incident with Marowak’s ghost).
  • openly expressed rage at the mistreatment of Pokemon and joy upon meeting people who dedicate their lives to helping them.
  • sought out people for the sole purpose of learning more about Pokemon from them.
  • gone to the Pokemon Tower solely to help Mr. Fuji (and fight against the people who killed Cubone’s mother) because it was the right thing to do.
  • refused to run in the face of a real live ghost, even when Green was practically begging him to leave, but called off the battle when he realized who the ghost was.
  • had the gall to face Team Rocket alone multiple times, at one point ending up with him caught in the middle of an explosion
  • defeated Giovanni’s strongest Pokemon and refused the Earth Badge until Giovanni announced that Team Rocket would be disbanded.
  • ended several of his most important battles with Charmander/Charizard as his only Pokemon and with HP in the red. (VS Brock, Giovanni, and the Championship VS Green)
  • actively run to embrace and pet his Pokemon after particularly tough battles.
  • questioned if “someone like him really deserved to be in the Hall of Fame” and said “I’ll do my best not to put the name of the League Champion to shame!”
  • caught multiple Pokemon of the same evolution line (Spearow in the beginning, Fearow after becoming Champion), meaning there are Pokemon he never trained long enough to evolve (or may keep in their original state for one reason or another).
  • caught his Pikachu AFTER becoming Champion.
  • had such a strong bond with his starter, he triggered Mega Evolution without even knowing what the Keystone and Mega Stone did.
  • taken time out of his travels to get items for passer-bys to make them happy, the most notable of which being a Poké Doll for the Copycat girl in Saffron City. In Gen 2, she loses the plush and Ethan/Gold returns it. (from the games rather than Pokemon Origins)


  • His last name is Kigen (I got that from the Japanese translation for ‘Origins’ because ‘Pokemon Origins’! :P)
  • His birthday is February 27
  • He is gay for Green, but painfully oblivious to his own feelings, even when he’s being really touchy-feely and clingy…
  • After capturing Mewtwo and starting on his quest to find Mew, Green became more openly cruel towards him, to the point that his actions deeply hurt Red. This, combined with the unexpectedly distressing fact of the entire regions’ eyes being on him as the new Champion, caused Red so much heartache that he lost his drive for battles and searching for Mew. Eventually, he decided to leave, unable to take Green’s harsh words and the prying of the media. He figured that Green would come after him once his rival had calmed down enough. And besides, the isolation had the added advantage of allowing him to get to know Mewtwo without putting anyone else’s safety at risk. But the weeks stretched on into months, and then years…
  • Lance eventually figured out where Red was and started leaving care packages in an empty cabin on Route 28. Red came down often to search for edible plants and berries, raid the Pokemon Center and cabin for supplies, and switch out his Pokemon every once in a while to give them all his attention and love. Red was surprised when he found fresh supplies in the empty cabin, and after a little while of letting it sit to be sure no one needed them, he couldn’t resist taking them. He never ended up revealing himself to Lance, but Lance still told Professor Oak and Red’s mother about his possible whereabouts.
  • Mr. Fuji was elated at Red’s successful capture of Mewtwo and planned to give him a Mewtwonite Y. Because if anyone could bond with Mewtwo well enough to be capable of Mega Evolution, surely Red could. But Red dropped off the radar before he could hand it off. As time passed, Mr. Fuji feared he wouldn’t live long enough to see Red’s return. So, he handed off the Mewtwonite Y to Lance, hoping the default Champion would be able to pass it off. As luck would have it, it ended up in one of Red’s care packages.
  • When Gold/Ethan came, Red was absolutely shocked. He had gone years without seeing a single other person, and now here was some kid Champion, a year younger than even he’d been when he defeated the Pokemon League, and he CLEARLY knew who he was! Red was, quite honestly, terrified that Gold would give away his hiding spot to the media (not that they’d be able to reach him, as Mt. Silver was a Pokemon reserve that only Champions were allowed to enter). But after a fierce battle (that Gold just barely won, no Mega Evolution used because Red stubbornly wanted it to be a fair fight), Red’s worries were silenced. He didn’t leave the mountain though, still waiting for Green to come so he knew everything would be okay between them again.
  • Red took up playing the Pokeflute at dawn and dusk as a sort of pastime. He actually got quite good at it, recalling old video game tracks and popular songs to play. But his battle with Gold left him wanting to capture the feeling - so he’d never forget it. He started messing around on the Pokeflute, making up a song that embodied all the ferocity and intensity of the battle. (Ofc, that would be the vs. Red theme!) And after that, he was hooked on music composition, making up all the songs from the first gen games and committing them all to memory, since he didn’t have the means or knowledge to record them on paper.
  • The worse Red is feeling, the more he clams up and refuses to talk. This applies to just about every one of his negative emotions. Red’s sick? Not talking. Sad? No explanation, just cuddles with his Pokemon. Upset or mad? His emotions get him so worked up that it feels like his throat closes up. It takes a lot for him to push through this, but being near Green and his Pokemon makes it better.
  • He has a fairly even temper. Pretty much the only things that REALLY piss him off are when people abuse other living creatures (especially helpless ones) and when people refuse to help those in need. Also, you can insult him to your heart’s content and he won’t say a single word against you. But if you bad-mouth his friends or family, the gloves are off. Constantly bringing up Green’s short-lived Championship or his past cruelty and cockiness will have Red jumping down your throat faster than you can say “Rattata”.
  • Red does not to well in a crowd or when he’s being idolized. Talking to people one-on-one is perfectly acceptable to him, but when you start praising him about being the Champion or if more than, oh, say… six people are focused on him at once, he’ll start to clam up.
  • Red once got so sick while on Mt. Silver, he collapsed on the summit. His Pokemon were forced to bring him back down the mountain to the Pokemon Center and attempt to nurse him back to health there. It… didn’t go so well. Their attempts at giving him medicine ended with him vomiting up the various pills and liquids they tried on him. Mewtwo was eventually forced to step in, using his meager knowledge to make Red comfortable while he rode out the illness.
  • Mewtwo communicates directly with Red’s mind on a frequent basis, and they have shared many of their thoughts and memories. This connection has had an interesting side effect - Red can now understand what his Pokemon are saying clearly, without the need for a translator or a strong psychic Pokemon to interpret.
  • If Red had a blog, he would reblog a lot of pretty nature aesthetic and cute Pokemon pictures. Anyone following him would think a fourteen-year-old girl was running the blog and just using Red’s name because they’re a fan or something. People would only realize it’s really him when he posts a selfie or video at the request of a follower.
  • Red’s Pikachu is a female (I know, I know, it’s not really, but female Pika is cute and I can dream can’t I??)
  • Red’s most current game console is a N64 and his most current handheld is an original Gameboy. Green seriously thinks he needs to upgrade, but Red is content with his old-school games.
  • Red doesn’t necessarily have a favorite Pokemon, but the Charizard line is special for obvious reasons. He also has a soft spot for cute Pokemon like Pikachu (especially if they’re fluffy! Bonus!!)
  • His Espeon is the daughter of the Jolteon he used in the Championship battle, plus a Flareon he traded for. He was surprised when they had an egg together, but luckily Flareon was an excellent mother and he hardly had to do much to be sure the egg turned out alright.

Green is more @turbomun‘s boy, but there’s a few things we’ve established for him.

  • His real name is Jack Garret Oak. “Green” is a nickname from when he was young. Red’s favorite color is red, so he figured at the time that people should go by their favorite colors.
  • He is bi and has dated two girls in the past. The first he parted with on good terms, but the second (Colette) ended up being emotionally abusive towards him. He was deeply in love with her, but he eventually realized she treated him the same way he used to treat Red, and it hurt him to know just how awful it was being on the receiving end. Eventually, their relationship ended in a nasty break-up that gave him a panic attack. He still gets antsy and upset whenever he thinks back on her.
  • During said break-up, he was studying Mega Evolution abroad in Kalos. He successfully managed to Mega Evolve Blastoise while he was staying there. That, and the fact that his Eevee evolved into Umbreon gives him a great sense of joy, because it is proof of just how far he’s come with them both. The trust and love he was lacking before are there now, and Red is immensely happy for him.
  • After his break-up, the media hounded him relentlessly about it. He eventually dropped off the radar for a while, traveling around to several different regions before finally coming back to Kanto.
  • Green was given his position as Viridian City Gym Leader when he was twelve. That is a record youngest age for a Gym Leader in Kanto, and Green is proud of that fact.
  • After Red’s initial departure, Green was rather upset with him… But with Professor Oak and Red’s mother along with pretty much everyone else in the region blaming him for Red leaving, his anger eventually gave way to intense guilt and regret. He missed Red dearly and wondered how he had ever been stupid enough to push away his best friend, but he didn’t dare go after him. Red had left to get away from him, and he wasn’t going to upset Red any more… (The way Red eventually ends up coming back down the mountain varies in our RPs.)
  • Green is a total memelord……… If he had a blog, it would be filled with shitposts, memes, and fanart of him and Red. He likes puns, too………
  • Green’s favorite Pokemon as a child was Eevee.
  • Green has one Legendary Pokemon vs Red’s four - a Zygarde he caught in Kalos.*

And as for them both together for NamelessShipping…

  • Pikachu and Green actually get along pretty well. Instead of being jealous of Red paying attention to Green, she’ll just plop herself down and get love from both of them! Green loves booping her nose. :3 (And as a side headcanon, she is a selective mute and only talks around people she trusts. Even so, Red doesn’t hear her speak often, and she usually sticks to monosyllabic words. Part of the reason for this is Pokemon caught in the wild aren’t really familiar with human speech. It’s hard for them to adapt and create unbroken sentences with their limited knowlege.)
  • After first becoming a couple, Red is totally shy about PDA. He is a very physically affectionate person, but his relationship with Green is his first one ever and he can’t help feeling a bit embarrassed and self-conscious once he starts noticing how much he clings to Green. Green finds this immensely cute and takes every opportunity to make Red blush.
  • Green is not above whispering dirty things in Red’s ear just to see his reaction. It’s one of many ways he teases his boyfriend.
  • Green is also the MASTER of cheesy pick-up lines. He can make Red blush, groan, and roll his eyes all at once!
  • Red was so awestruck by his first kiss with Green, he was rendered speechless for a few moments!
  • Red does not swear at all, since he left for Mt. Silver at 11 years old. He considers swearing somewhat taboo and will cringe at the smallest foul word. There is one exception, however. Green swears so much he’d make a sailor sound like a saint. Red has grown so used to it he doesn’t even notice anymore.
  • … I will admit, my mother bought my a super soft Pikachu onesie and I love it. I am nearly 22 years old. Naturally, I imagined Red would DEFINITELY like one, too! Because of course he would! And of course he can’t leave out his boyfriend, so he brings home an Eevee onesie for him. They often wear them as pajamas in the cold months. There may or may not have been an incident or two where Green had to run downstairs to the gym and forgot to change out of his onesie……… His aides had a field day with this.
  • Green will send shippy fanart of them to Red’s communicator. It ranges from being as stupid as Red: “I’m going out for a few minutes” Green: *angsty pic, probs of them hugging* “Don’t leave me :(” Red: “GREEN I’M JUST GOING TO THE STORE STOP” to things as risque as suggestive/maybe NSFW pics when RED IS IN THE SAME ROOM AS HIS MOTHER OR PROFESSOR OAK AND HE HAS TO PLAY IT COOL BUT HE JUST WANTS IT TO S T O P
  • Green moves and thrashes around a lot in his sleep, but Red can sleep like a rock and it really works for them??? Like, Red is used to sleeping with his Pokemon all around him. And since he changed out his Pokemon frequently, he has gotten used to sleeping in all kinds of positions and with all different types of sleepers - restless or otherwise! If given the chance, Red will still sleep with all the Pokemon he can out with him. Even Charizard has been known to climb onto the bed with him, taking care not to light the sheets on fire with his tail. But Charizard’s a bit too big to be in the bed with both him and Green, so he sticks to smaller Pokemon like Pikachu and Espeon.

*EDIT: Forgot to include

A year ago an Arizona girl was fighting for her life after being diagnosed with cancer and used Taylor Swift’s song “Bad Blood” as her fight song. On Saturday stood feet away from her idol Taylor Swift as she victoriously sang that anthem along with the pop star at a concert in Texas.

Last year, 12-year-old Naomi Oakes, who lives in Arizona, but has family in Utah, missed out attending Swift’s August show of the “1989” World Tour, because it was in the middle of her treatment.

She learned in June she had been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. The childhood blood cancer might have stopped her from attending a concert, but it couldn’t stop Naomi from fighting to get well again.

A video her father created titled “Naomi’s Bad Blood” went viral and reached the eyes of Taylor Swift. The pop star made a generous donation of $50,000 to Naomi’s GoFundMe page. At the time Naomi’s uncle, Robert Percival, told KUTV of the donation.

“I broke down and cried,” he said. “It’s just amazing that there’s somebody with her celebrity that would think about people and be able to donate. It’s just great.”

Along with the donation, Swift left a message that stated: “to the beautiful and brave Naomi, there are going to be plenty more concerts to attend, just focus on getting better.”

Naomi, of the Mesa, Arizona area, did just that and went through four rounds of chemotherapy and was able to take a 6-9 month hospital stay expectation and turn it into getting out in five months. She finished up chemo treatments in November.

Today Naomi’s cancer is still in remission.

Last year, Naomi’s mother Shannon Oakes bought her daughter tickets to Taylor Swift’s “1989” show, but Naomi was never able to go because of her cancer.

After hearing her daughter had a clean bill of health she wanted to try and make it up to Naomi. So for six months she kept a secret about some tickets she bought for an October show at a Formula 1 race in Austin, Texas. She was also able to get Swift’s people to arrange a meet and greet with her daughter.

A week before the trip, Shannon recorded Naomi’s reaction to what they were planning to do. They were going to Texas, but Naomi didn’t know what for.

As the day of the concert got closer, Shannon revealed that she got tickets for an event in Austin, Texas and asked her daughter if there was anything in Austin she would like to do.

“She knew right away,” Shannon said. “She said, ‘Taylor Swift.’”

Naomi also found out she would be going with her best friend Piper, who is from the Salt Lake City, Utah area. A bus even came and took the girls to the pit, right up next to the stage.

The two girls got to go back stage and meet Swift.

“Taylor Swift has got to be one of the nicest people in the world,” Shannon said adding that they didn’t know what to expect, or if Taylor would even remember Naomi.

When Naomi walked in it was clear Swift knew exactly who she was.

“I just found out five minutes ago that you were coming back and that just made my day,” Swift said.

Naomi replied with a smile, “Well you just made my life.”

Shannon said all she and her daughter ever wanted to do was give Swift a hug because of the monetary donation she made in 2015, that “made such a huge difference” to help cover medical costs.

“Naomi got to do that over and over and over,” she said. “It was just a really neat experience.”