oak mother

The tale of the the holly oak

The tale why the holly oak carries its leaves for so long

There was a farmer once and the farmer entered a dark forest. He had to get to the other side to sell his goods at the market in the little town and he had gone this path many times already so he knew where he was headed.

The farmer also had a wife and a little son. And he thought about them as he went. So, he didn’t notice that his practiced feet left the well-known path and led him to a cliff. He fell over the edge but managed to grab a twig and pulled himself up again. God was very pleased to see that the good and fair farmer hadn’t fallen but the devil was outraged.

Seething, he stepped in the way of the farmer and threatened him.

“You saved your life!”, he boomed and the farmer was terrified, “But I’m going to take your son now!”

The farmer began pleading and begging that the devil may take his leave without taking his beloved son with him and the devil finally let his soul soften and make a deal with the farmer. He said:

“I will take your son when the last leaves have fallen!”

And the farmer cried and pleaded but the devil was already gone and the farmer was alone.

The trees had heard all that and talked to each other about the farmers fate. Then they beseeched the farmer who was still crying and said:

“We will try to keep our leaves up, to give you more time!”

And the farmer thanked them and it became fall. One tree after the other gave up against the hard storms and the bitter cold and they let one leaf after the other fall. The farmer got desperate and held his son close each evening and feared he would lose him soon.

On another day deep in winter he walked through the forest again and got sad that so many trees had already lost their leaves. But he didn’t blame them, it was their nature. Then he saw the holly oak. The holly oak was the only tree who still stood up to its promise and stayed strong against the weather. The farmer went to the tree and spoke to it.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to hold your breath any longer. I have said my goodbye to my son and while I will miss him dearly he knows I love him.”

But the holly oak said:

“No, I will hold out for you! I will keep my leaves, I will help you when the others can’t anymore!”

The farmer was grateful and visited the holly oak every day but in spring the tree was exhausted and it wheezed and ached and soon, the last leaf had fallen to the ground.

And the devil appeared again and stepped to the farmer and said:

“Hah! All leaves have fallen! I will now take your son!”

And the farmer was sad but then he looked around and began to laugh. The devil was irritated and asked him why he laughed. And the farmer gestured around and told him:

“But look, you’re lying. The holly oak has carried its leaves long enough for the other trees to grow new ones again!”

And the devil had to leave without taking the farmer’s son for the holly oak had saved his life.

  • baby: a...ah...ah
  • mother: honey quick she's saying her first word!

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It’s very late. I’m very tired. But I wanted to finish drawing the cuddly losers for my sweetheart. Anyways…This ship has consumed my soul. Farewell my friends. 

Mother Nature

Find yourself within the softness of the petals

that gently sway in the summers’ breeze.

My being, lies in the roots of an oak tree

that shades the roses and daisies

so that they can be protected under my wing.

And you will be protected as well,

between the delicacy of the bud and the stem

and leaves and the petals…

So Lie here forever in my company,

With the Golden touch of the sun

and the warmth surrounding being alive.

Basic Wicca: An Introduction to Aspects

One topic that often confuses Wicca newbies is what aspects of the deities actually are, and what the term means. 

An Aspect is, in simple terms, a specific part of a deity that reflects certain elements of that deity within itself. Traditionally, Wicca has two deities (the Triple Goddess and the Horned God), who have three and two aspects respectively. 

The Triple Goddess

The Goddess (also known as the Lady), is often known as the triple goddess as a reflection of her aspects, and what they represent. The Goddess is a deity of moon and night, and her aspects are representative of that nature because the represent the phases of the moon. 

As the moon waxes from new to gibbous, the Goddess is in her Maiden aspect. This is also the aspect of late winter and spring. The Maiden represents childhood, innocence, young love, rebirth (especially after death), new fertility, the prospect of growth, and hope for the future. The things of springtime are the things of the Maiden, such as early-blooming flowers like daffodils, snowdrops and crocuses; eggs and milk; new leaves and buds; yearling meat from lambs and calves. 

From gibbous to gibbous, across the full moon, the Goddess is in her Mother aspect. This is also the aspect of summer and early autumn. The Mother represents maternal love, adulthood and growth, childbirth and childcaring, investments realised, care for others, and life flourishing. The things of summertime are the things of the Mother, such as harvested crops; fresh fruit and vegetables, flowers in bloom, fish and meat, leafy green branches, and other things of growth and summer.

As the moon wanes from gibbous to new, the Goddess is in her Crone Aspect until the cycle repeats. This is also the aspect of late autumn and winter. The Crone represents aging and the closing of one’s life, but also represents the past and contemplation, wisdom and knowledge, loss and death, and the chance of rebirth once more come the spring. The things of autumn are the things of the Crone, such as berries and nuts, late-ripening vegetables such as squash and pumpkins, fat and preserved foods, bulbs of flowers, garlic and the like.

Of course, the solar year cycle isn’t exact, and is dependent on what the life is doing at that time too. The Goddess is a deity of life and growth, and so if the summer hangs on late then so will the Mother, for example.

The Horned God

The God is traditionally depicted with two aspects that revolve around the solar cycle. They fight for dominance every 6 months, and create their respective seasons as they rule over the land. These are the Holly and Oaks Kings, who represent winter and summer respectively.

At the autumnal equinox, the Oak king has been banished underground to rejuvenate for his fight next year. The Holly king takes his throne, and rules over a land of cold and dying back for 3 whole months unchallenged. At Yule, the winter solstice, the Oak king’s power begins to wax as the Holly king’s power begins to wane, and by the vernal equinox the Oak king has risen from the ground, fought the Holly king, and banished him to lick his wounds for another 3 months underground. The Oak king rules for 3 months unchallenged, over a land of heat and growth, and at Litha his own power starts to fade. The two fight once more at Mabon, and the cycle starts over again.

The symbols of the Oak king are, of course, oaken branches laden with green leaves, often woven into a crown, but also all the trappings of summertime. The Oak king is sometimes equated with the Green Man of the Forest, with Lugh, and with Herne the Hunter (often thought to be a pagan deity who was “Christianised” into a ghost of Windsor Forest). 

The symbols of the Holly king are branches of fresh holly, often bearing red berries on green leaves, sometimes woven into a crown of their own. He is also represented by evergreen bows, commonly woven into a Yuletide wreath such as the ones we now associate with Christmas. He is sometimes equated to winter figures such as Jack Frost, Morozko, Old Man Winter, and the old Norse god Odin. He is also associated due to similar times with Father Christmas (Santa Claus).


~Sonnet of Summer~

Come, sweet scent of summer love
And fill me to the brim with warmth
Strip away my melancholy
As the earth is now reborn

Chase away my emptiness
Of winter blues and autumn greys
Send your chorus through the meadows
Saturate my hollow days

With thy emerald pearls of wisdom
Whisper to the earth your songs
Banish every ounce of darkness
Grow my days from short to long

Clouds so white they look like feathers
Fields so green they mesmerise
As the child of Imbolc wanders
Beltane’s king and queen arrive

Set alight the fires of May Day
Bang the drums and fill the skies
Drench the year with celebration
Let no tears adorn thine eyes

Strip our souls of painful sorrows
Fill our hearts with happiness
As the earth is full of living
Make this year our very best

~ © 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.


Just some amusing frames from that little EarthBound animation I made about a year ago. 

Y’know, this one –> 

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Man, I really need to do more animation. People seem to really like ‘em (compared to my other stuff, anyway), and I don’t do enough. That’s gotta change. 

(Also, bonus hidden background Territorial Oak) 


Georgina: Ahem. I’m sorry to crash your party, but Mother wants you to help carry her bags to the car.
Roy: Where’s Dad and Doug?
Sonia pats her hair, busies herself making the bed.
Georgina: I don’t know. Probably in the stables.
Roy: Alright, I’ll come down. Why can’t she do it herself? How many bags does she have?
Roy: Mother? What the -you know you’re only going for six weeks, right? Not six freaking years?
Bunty crosses her arms and surveys him imperiously.
Bunty: If I’m to be rubbing shoulders with celebrities, Roy, I need to look my best. The last thing I want is to be mistaken for some…some common meth-head.
Roy: I doubt a common meth-head could afford The Oaks’ fees, Mother. But whatever. This is ridiculous. The excess luggage fees alone are going to bankrupt me-
Bunty: If I can’t take all my bags then I’m not going. And that’s all there is to it.

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underappreciated twins sunstar and featherwhisker deserve more attention, like the POTENTIAL for nepotism and how the clan dynamic could shift under the rule of two brothers?? could have been goddamn iconic??

tbh it’s a thing we’ve seen a lot in warriors? that either family members or mates are in positions of power, or that certain family lineages are in positions of power 

like the blue/oak family has a history of deputies/leaders - 

leaders - bluestar, crookedstar, mistystar 

deputies - shellheart, oakheart, stonefur, whitestorm, reedwhisker 

or the bramble/squirrel family cats in positions of power - 

leaders - oakstar, pinestar, tigerstar, firestar, bramblestar, rowanstar, tigerstar 2 

deputies - squirrelflight, hawkfrost (briefly deputy) 

medicine cats - spottedleaf, leafpool, mothwing, hollyleaf (briefly), jayfeather, alderheart, flametail 

like here’s some of the leader/deputy dynamics we’ve seen at the same time too - 

Crooked/Oak (brothers)

Misty/Reed (mother/son) 

One/Ash (siblings) 

Bramble/Squirrel (mates) + Leaf/Jay/Alder 

Rowan/Tiger (father/son) 

Ragged/Broken (father/son)  

Desolate // Taeyong - Pt.2

Parts: Prologue | 1 | 2 | 3

Word count: 1.6k+

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y/n’s POV

You entered the colossal building for your first day of work, feeling the adrenaline pulsing through your veins, a hundred thoughts raced through your mind, but when you eventually reached the correct floor, you where trying so hard to erase the memories about what had happened in the elevator the last time you had been here, you were unsure why you where curious to see Lee Taeyong again, even after what had happened.

You approached the receptionist, and told her your details and she immediately greeted you with a smile,

“Hi I’m Mrs Kwon it’s nice to meet you” she said shaking your hand, and you greeted her back, unable to make much conversation because of the large lump that had emerged in your throat.

She showed you around the floor you’d be working on, a few of your new colleagues smiled at you as you walked past them. I’ll show you to your office now” she said, you trying to keep up with her rapid footsteps. The office she motioned at was opposite another large office that looked like the one on the top floor, the one that belonged to Mr Lee, when he had interviewed you, you stared at it curious about who’s it was.  

“Oh that’s Mr Lee Taeyong’s office, it’s convenient to have your office next to your bosses right?” she said, and with her words, you froze, eyes widened, throat dried.

“B..Boss?” you stuttered, confused.

She whipped round on her heels, “Yes your boss, Mr Lee Taeyong, did Lee Sir not tell you?”, her tone of voice more confused than your own.

“Oh of course” she sighed.

“Nobody would probably want to continue with the application process if he even mentioned his name” she mumbled, but it was loud enough for you to hear.

“Anyways, since you’re a new junior lawyer you’ll be Lee Taeyong’s assistant” she looked at you with a hopeful smile, and all you could do was gulp in response.

Mrs Kwon entered the office, and as you were about to follow behind her, you notice the plaque on the outside, but it read “Miss L. Park”, you looked at the receptionist with a questioning look, “Who’s Miss Park?”.

Mrs Kwon’s posture stiffened, “Well, she was the employee who had the position before you, and erm she got fired..” her voice trailed off towards the end, and instead of looking around your new office, you where intrigued and you felt yourself ask automatically “Why?”, you felt like the news was getting from bad to worse. The receptionist looked around to see if anyone was close by and then closed the office door, she sat on the edge of your desk whilst you stood in front of her, intrigued, but also now scared at what you had gotten yourself into.

“Well she basically had an argument with Mr Lee Taeyong, and said something like ‘sort your own family problems out before trying to sort out other people’s” (since it’s a family law firm.

“Wh..what family problems?” You wondered, but ended up asking out loud.

“Well, it’s a bit of a long story but Lee Taeyong’s Father left his Mother after she gave birth to him, just because she was of a low class, and then claimed custody for him, he hasn’t seen his Mother since he was a young teenager I believe”

“Oh” was all you let out, suddenly you felt so much empathy for Taeyong, you had just learned the reason why he was always so cold and bitter.

“Well anyways, I would have passed you on to Lee Taeyong Sir now so you could start on your tasks right away, however he’s not in at the moment” she said and you sighed in relief.

“Meanwhile you can look at these documents, information about the cases Lee Sir is handling currently, he should be here any moment now” she said, as you sat in your new chair behind the desk, you thanked her as she left.

“Just tell me if you need anything okay?” she smiled as she left.

You held your head in your hands why on earth was this happening to you? How could you deal with him every day, you couldn’t even stand seeing him for 10 minutes…


After reading all the documents in depth, nobody had still come to see you, so you decided to back to the receptionist, Mrs Kwon.

You told her how you had finished the task she had given you. “Ah good, well it seems as though Mr Lee is still not here I’m afraid, could you please go to Minseok Sir’s floor above and copy these documents please? The printer on this floor is not working”

“Minseok Sir?” you questioned.

“Yes..I told you both of Lee Sir’s sons work here, each of them are heads of departments on all floors, Taeyong Sir on this one, Minseok Sir on the floor above, and Lee Sir on the floor above” she smiled, just great you thought.

“And just to save any further questioning from you, Minseok is Taeyong’s older step brother, but do not tell people that you know about their family situations” she almost whispered.

“But how is Minseok Sir older than Taeyong Sir? You said that his father left his Mother and married Minseok’s Mother after Taeyong was born” you whispered, not wanting anybody passing by to hear you enquiring about Taeyong’s personal life. 

Mrs Kwon rolled her eyes sighing, “Who knows, he was obviously having an affair”. You narrowed your eyes in disgust, the more revelations, the more you felt disgust towards your new boss’ attributes, but also about why Taeyong was the way he was, why he was so cold, why he treated women so badly, and why he was having numerous affairs.

Before you where about to turn away to go and copy the documents you halted at Mrs Kwon sternly calling your name as she stood up, “I’ll give you one piece of advice, and it’s for your own good. Do not involve yourself in your bosses personal lives, and do not involve yourself personally with Lee Taeyong Sir, every girl become smitten by him and falls into his trap, but then ends up getting hurt, I’ve witnessed it several times”. You nodded, still trying to internalise everything she had said before you slowly turned away to go and complete your task.


Taeyong walked into the building looking constantly at his watch, scratching the back of his neck anxiously. 12:04 it read, he was expected to be in his office at 8am sharp every single morning. He paced quickly towards the elevator, but his father stopped him in his tracks, his arms folded.

“Erm Dad I can explain”

“Mhm, you can explain in my office” he retorted bluntly.


“Lee Taeyong, what time do you call this? I have not, I repeat I have not built up this firm for people like you to slack, to walk in whenever you feel like it, for you to become behind on schedules”

Despite his raised tone of voice, Taeyong stood there silently without even moving a muscle.

“If you want to stay out partying on the weekends, drinking, smoking, doing all sorts, then do it. But do notthen walk into my building 3 hours later than you should, if no other employer can do it, then you’re a boss, and you certainly cannot do it”

“It won’t happen again” he muttered, just loud enough for his father to hear, if there was one thing Lee Taeyong did not do, that was apologise - to anyone.

“Well that’s you say all the time”, he almost whined which frustrated Taeyong making him angry.

“Well what do you want then?!” Taeyong yelled, making his father stand up from his chair.

“Your Mother is right, you’re just plain rude, sometimes I wonder why I even kept you” ouch, Taeyong felt his father’s words stab in his heart, he stood up slamming his hands on the large oak desk. His step mother was always spreading false rumours, always instigating arguments between Taeyong and his father, and he obviously believed her. 

“She is NOT my mother!” he screamed making his father’s hand clench in anger.

“Taeyong! That’s enough!”

“She’s never treated me like her son, so I do not consider her my mother” and with that he left the room slamming the door behind him, he walked towards the elevator to go to his office.

y/n’s POV

You waited for the elevator doors to open so that you get back to the correct floor to hand Mrs Kwon her pile of papers back, when the doors finally opened you stepped in. To your misfortune, a tall muscular figure was already stood, it was Taeyong. You gulped loudly, and when his eyes met yours you noticed his eyes where bloodshot, his hand clenched into a fist, shaking. You wanted the ground to swallow you up in that moment; you didn’t know what to do.

Abruptly he slammed his hand above your head pushing your back into the wall of the side of the elevator making you flinch, your eyes widened, breathing hitched, you where evidently shaking like crazy, and the fact that the elevator was descending wasn’t helping the churning in the pit of your stomach.

“Don’t think that because you got the job I won’t make your life a living hell” he spat bitterly, his face inches away from yours.

“I’ll make you pay for humiliating me, I’ll show you no mercy” he said through clenched teeth, taking all of his anger out. 

Just as the elevator doors opened, he snatched the documents out of your hand throwing them like it was confetti, he walked off standing all over them, and all you could do was stand there in utter shock, disbelief, and embarrassment as some employees in the distance snickered and whispered…

Prowler’s Meadow - 01

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Words: 2368

Genre: Werewolf!au, Fluff, Angst

Warnings: Bone ‘breaking’ and blood.

Who knew that your entire existence could be flipped upside down in just a few minutes? Not you, apparently.

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