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So I built this bench for our apartments hallway. We needed a place to put on our shoes and I had a little bit of time. The material is oak and I just finished it with a hand plane. It fits in really well and finally putting on shoes isn’t a hassle anymore ;)


Good wood - Jaroslav Juřica has created a colorful collection that aims to bring a fresh approach to seating. The ‘Candy Collection’, for JELÍNEK Collection, is designed around the ergonomics of sitting, featuring curvy, round shapes and solid oak frames to offer a comfortable experience. Love the pop of colour too, would juxtapose nicely with concrete and brick…

Art Deco Theatres

Theatre architecture in the 20s, other disciplines, embraced the clean and streamlined design that was Art Deco. This was a sea change from the palatial opulence of much of the early 20th century design that treated every surface as something to decorate. 

The following are excerpts from introduction to the 1989 THS annual “Glamour, Glitz and Sparkle: The Deco Theatres of John Eberson” by Richard Guy Wilson - Architecture Historian - University of Virginia.

“The term Art Deco has come to mean the attempt in the period between the two world wars to forge a new visual aesthetic, not only in architecture, but in the other design arts as well.”

“In the decades of the 20s and 30s, Americans were bombarded with the belief that a new age had come into being, a modern age controlled by machine and modern technology.”

“The full experience for many Americans came inside the new movie theatre…There one could really not just see, but feel the full kinetic impact, the physical and sensual three dimensions of modern design.”

Photos of the Oswego Theatre in Oswego, NY

Lake Theatre in Oak Park, IL

Beverly theatre in Chicago, IL

Paramount Theatre in Aurora, IL

Penn Theatre in Washington D.C.

The last two are of the Paramount Theatre in Oakland, CA


This is the #bladetable extension mechanism is action. #diningtable #design #oak #woodworking #furnituremaking #handmade #furnituredesign #teamblackdog #bespoke

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