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Closer (Smut)

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Reader x Scott McCall
Words: 3,515
Warnings: smut smut smut. 
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Inspired By: 
Closer // The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey
A/N: this one was on my previous profile and I decided to bring it back. it was actually one of the last ones i posted on my previous profile so yeah. also…if the smut isn’t your thing just feel free to skip the entire section between the three ***’s and you will have avoided the smut so please enjoy! 

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Finally, a project I’d been widdling away at for the last month is finally done. What I do with said project I don’t know, but this is the end result. I love Undertale so much, and I love the alternate Universes. especially the ones like @dreemurr-reborn .This, isn’t so much an AU though, this is more of “what if the guys decided to sit down, and play an RPG together”. This is the end result of that train of thought. Though maybe I could turn it into a short comic series or, maybe more. Who knows. 

Before you ask, the reason why Alphys herself isn’t present, because of all of the main friends, who would be the one best suited to actually run an RPG? The nerdiest and most analytical of course! So I started working on a mock up cover of an Undertale RPG, which I’ve dubbed “over & under lands”. I added the monster kid, mostly to fill out the spacing, and the group needed a thief character. 

As I said, will I do anything with the project? I dunno, maybe if I find enough support for the idea, A bit of raw Determination! Been lacking in it for quite some time. Either a comic, or perhaps if people who can actually make an RPG system would like to come up with ideas that’d be fun.


Covers for Book 1 & 2 of the new bunkobon version of the manga~ (Putting book 1 again because this is a bigger version than the one I put up before. And I’m an idiot, I thought bunkobon (文庫本) meant it was a novelization before… I know now that it just means it’s reprinted in paperback size…. XD;;)

Anyway, 2 down, 7 more to go. There will be 9 volumes in total for this reprint and saw a rumour on a Chinese forum that they might change the ending!!

Covers taken from here and here.

Distant Cries of Cranes
Distant Cries of Cranes

Lyrics translated from Ukrainian: 

Over steppes and a field, mountains and valleys,
Over the oak groves, covered with yellowed leaves,
Over stubbles, beaten by a winter whirlwind,
With a cry which is sad as a cry for a better destiny,

Over poor villages, uncovered
houses, abraded and empty barns,
Over dark, sad, bare people,
You are floating on a misty azure.

Whither? Whither? Or to the better green land,
Bathed in light, full of greens,
You are rushing away and it seems you strung on a thread?

Oh, wait! Here in a misty and wet ravine
With a crippled wing your brother dries in anguish!
Take me away, brothers! Where are you? Where are you?..


Knuckle Puck - No Good (Cover)

this was the first song i ever heard from these guys way back and its still one of favorites from them. but i hope you enjoy it and if you want to check out more covers you can here 


never trust a poem
with perfect grammar,
perfect punctuation & form;

it’s not true to life.

it’s cutting off the split ends,
not natural;

it’s clipping the peaks of the wave
compressing the sound;

it’s putting a coat of varnish over
dry, cracked oak,
covering up the flaws;

sweeping the dust under the rug.

it’s too right, thus
just not right.

life is messy,
random, unfair, cruel
& just plain sucks
on bad days.

so don’t be fooled 
by perfect poems

or even those aspiring to profundity 
as a precautionary prompt

kinda like this -

but this one’s okay;
this one you can heed, no problem.

trust me.