Day 1: Why are you doing the 50 day binge free challenge?

Day 2: Post a recent picture of yourself! Don’t body-shame, name two things you like about yourself in this picture.

Day 3: What do you define as a binge?

Day 4: A picture of one snack you had today that you felt was a good portion size.

Day 5: What do you usually binge on? Do you have certain trigger foods?

Day 6: Do you have any fear foods? If so, post a picture of them here. Yep, have the picture on your blog, and try to stop being scared of these foods.

Day 7: Are there specific times of day that you have trouble avoiding a binge? How are you working around that now? (Congrats on making it one week!!)

Day 8: A picture of something that makes you smile.

Day 9: What inspires you?

Day 10: A picture of a time in your life you remembering being really happy. How much does binging affect your mood?

Day 11: What is the hardest thing you’ve had to do? It can be fitness, social, mental, etc.

Day 12: Why do you think you binge? Be honest with yourself.

Day 13: What are you doing to make sure you’re drinking enough water? (This is key!)

Day 14: Do you think your binging is emotional?

Day 15: You’ve lasted OVER TWO WEEKS! How does that feel?

Day 16: Picture of a non-food reward that you enjoy.

Day 17: What have you done so far to keep yourself going?

Day 18: Do a cartwheel, (OR anything else cool you can do physically) and add a photo of it!

Day 19: What is your favorite way to work out?

Day 20: Picture after an intense workout! (Doesn’t have to be from today, but it should be!)

Day 21: Post your intake today. Are you happy with it?

Day 22: Give us a picture of your favorite breakfast!

Day 23: What is your favorite HEALTHY food?

Day 24: Talk about something you did for YOU today – emotionally, physically, etc. 

Day 25: CONGRATS! You’re HALF WAY THROUGH! How are you feeling?

Day 26: What has been the hardest part about this so far?

Day 27: Does anyone know about your issues with binging?

Day 28: Picture (if you’re comfortable) of something you’re insecure of, and 5 REASONS why you shouldn’t be insecure.

Day 29: What is the best compliment you have received/can remember?

Day 30: ONE MONTH IN! WAY TO GO! Think you can make it 20 more days? List 3 reasons you want to keep going.

Day 31: Who in your life makes you really happy?

Day 32: Do you strength train/lift weights at all? (YOU SHOULD!)

Day 33: Detailed account of a binge you remember having. Try analyzing your feelings before and after it happened.

Day 34: A picture of some item of clothing you want to buy for yourself.

Day 35: When did your binging start? Why do you think it started?

Day 36: A picture of a time in your life that you didn’t feel good about your body. List two things that you like about this picture now.

Day 37: Do you think it’s possible to be 100% happy with your body? Why or why not?

Day 38: What calms you down when you’re stressed out?

Day 39: A picture of your favorite book.

Day 40: TEN MORE DAYS LEFT! Name an accomplishment in your life that you’re really proud of.

Day 41: Favorite actress or singer and why? Do you look up to this person?

Day 42: A picture of what your pantry/dorm room looks like after 42 days of no binging! Are there foods you’ve been able to keep around that you couldn’t before?

Day 43: List five things that you love about yourself.

Day 44: Do you see yourself as a happy person? Do you think others see you as a happy person?

Day 45: What’s your biggest fear? How can you overcome it?

Day 46: When did you make your tumblr? How has it changed since you first started it?

Day 47: A picture of something you ate today that would have once made you feel guilty, but today you have NO GUILT.

Day 48: The challenge is almost over! List 5 things you’re looking forward to coming up.

Day 49 - Hey, remember that picture you took at the beginning on day 2? Post another one in the exact same pose. Notice any differences? What was your mindset on day 2 vs. today?

Day 50: CONGRATS! You’re amazing :) What are your goals now? Go after them!