BCM Close Shave Kit

Carbine: 10.5” Rainier Arms 300 BLK OUT Barrel, GDI R-Com Mount with Trijicon VCOG, BCMGunfighter KeyMod™ Vertical Grip, LDI DBAL A2, BCMGunfighter Stock, BCMGunfighter Grip Mod 3, Haley Strategic WML with Thorntail Keymod Mount, CTT Solutions Mag Cap, BCMGunfighter Charging Handle Mod 4 and BCMGunfighter Comp Mod 1 - 7.62.

Other stuff: Firefly Strobe, iPhone, Haley Strategic Incog Holster, Glock 19, VS-17 Signal Panel, The Colonel and C-A-T Tourniquet.

The Arc’teryx alpha jacket Is a full protection shell jacket that provides shelter from storms, rain, snow and can withstand the challenges of everyday use. Revised technical construction of the Alpha Jacket has produced a lighter jacket that uses less tape and stitching, which in turn increases overall breathability. MN70p-X GORE-TEX® fabric is the hardest wearing windproof, waterproof/breathable protection available. The length of the jacket covers all mid layers; dropped back hem protects the lower back.
And this is on my buy list.

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