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The OA Theories (Spoilers)


HAP and French: Same glasses, similar cuts on face (French: from fight with Steve, HAP from fight with other scientist), they both find Prairie playing in the subway station (French on YouTube, HAP in real life), first to meet Prairie in group (French in the lower level of the abandoned house, HAP in the subway station), French ponders if he could end up like HAP

Rachel and Buck: Singing, Buck walks by a car accident scene reminiscent of Rachel’s accident, Buck is cut off when his Dad shuts the front door like Rachel is cut off from learning the movements

Scott and Jesse: Drug addicts, left out of the show most

Renata and BBA: tricked (Renata is seduced by Homer, BBA is tricked by OA), oldest of the group, last to join the group (BBA is not present in the abandoned house with the drug deals, Renata is not present when OA arrives)

Homer and Steve: Betrayal and OA’s forgiveness (Homer sleeps with Renata, Steve stabs OA with a pencil, Shower (these are the only two characters shown taking showers: Homer in the hotel in Cuba, Steve before the reform school guys show up)

Khatun and Elias(therapist): Both there to guide OA, similar nationality (weak argument, I’m sorry)

The children on the bus, the caged 5, BBA and the boys: There are five children (two boys and three girls) on the bus and the male bus driver, there are five (three girls two boys) plus HAP in the house, there are 5 (three boys, one trans boy, and a girl) plus OA. All same number of people and division of gender.


Books: Elias is the human representation of Khatun. Elias planted the books to make OA think she is crazy so she wouldn’t follow her premonitions to the school. Elias (Khatun) has always been trying to keeps OA away from the suffering.

BBA and the Boys: BBA and the boys are the transportated five from HAPs house. The five traveled through dimensions which causes amnesia. They appear differently in this dimensions and have forgotten who they are.

OA and the Crops: Homer tells the story of the crops he is going to plant once he gets out. OA points out that because they don’t know what they are doing they will die. The first time the plants are over watered and die. The next time they have no sun and die. The third time is successful. This is the story of OA. Her first premonition is unstoppable. The kids on the bus drown (over watered). The caged 5 are unable to be saved (no sunlight). The 5 succeed in saving everyone in the school cafeteria.


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