Mommy vs. Stalker
  • What happens when Genos runs into Sonic on a casual grocery shopping trip with the family? ^^;
  • Genos:Hmph. How shameless of you to pursue Sensei in broad daylight, you perverted stalker.
  • Sonic:I just 'happen' to be shopping at this market because mine wasn't carrying the product I needed, you clingy brat.
  • -Sparks fly as they glare at each other. The Minis also sharing their Mommy's glowering expression as they recognize him right away.-
  • Mini Genos':Creep/Stalker/Pervert. [-they hissed-]
  • Sonic:[-shoots a poisonous stare at the lot of them-]You're little cretins are not cute at all.
  • Genos:[-hand twitches as his hand begins to emit a bit of a glow-] Care to repeat that, you flasher?
  • Mumen Rider:Sh...Shouldn't you stop them, Saitama-kun? [-nervously asks him as the two young men seemed ready to lunge in for the kill.-]
  • Saitama:So long as it sticks to name calling and stuff, it should be fine. [-continues to read a magazine to see if there are new sales for the week.-]

DeLite busts because I’m never going to stop drawing them

You know what I would really REALLY like to see for season 2 of RID but probably will never happen…

I want to see how Drift found Jetstorm and Slipstream and how he trained them and all that and how they grew attached to him and what were they like under him when Drift first took them in. I want that SO BAD I wanna see him train them and just be a terrible dad I know he can be.


Civil War has got me upside down and backwards, like I am in a constant frothing rage about how much focus my two least faves are getting while simultaneously praying that Bucky breaks my heart into a million pieces and also I’m feeling oddly sympathetic towards Tony and his stans, like what the hell is all of this even? Its my own personal hell is what.

If you want to see what people you need to remove from your life, say the phrase, “I have/had a pet rat” and watch as they throw their head back in disgust and tell you why it’s so terrible to have a sweet little furry angel as a pet 


Monyreak “Monty” Oum ; 22nd June 1981 - 1st February 2015 

“If you endeavor to achieve, it will happen given enough resolve. It may not be immediate, and often your greater dreams are something you will not achieve within your own lifetime. The effort you put forth to anything transcends yourself, for there is no futility even in death.”

one year gone, but never forgotten


Aaron Tveit at the Grease: Live! after party