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The next day, Shouyou returned to the temple.

There was no use in staying at the villa—not when Kageyama would be gone, and no one left there to fill the awful hole that seemed to have opened in Shouyou’s heart.

It was different, than all the times they’d said goodbye before it. Different even than the first time, when Shouyou had thought he wouldn’t be returning month after month, to tumble from the carriage doors and run straight to where Kageyama waited, always, for him.

It was worse now, having made up his mind to stay, but having no idea when Kageyama could return to him. So Shouyou came back to the temple, to wait. At least there, he had the people he’d grown up with. He had his duties. He could try, as best he could, to be distracted.

And, as little as it was, he was not wholly without news of his centurion. For Kageyama sent him letters, as often as he was able.

The first letter came in place of the carriage that would have usually arrived to bring Shouyou to the temple. It was delivered by messenger, and Shouyou was so eager to open the wax seal with Kageyama’s insignia that he nearly ripped the paper in two. He snuck away to a secluded corner where he could read undisturbed.

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Hey I saw that your accepting requests! I honestly love how you draw Black Hat's body with all the mouths and teeth, you should do that more :3c

He follows the idea “the more inhuman and gross, the better”

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hey i left the one direction fandom a long ass time ago. i still listen to their music n individual stuff cos it's bopping. but i decided to drop on by to see what the deal is. and im so shocked to see all this dedication to louis and making sure he gets all the recognition that song deserves. it reminds me of when we were promoting the first albums;') i just yeah you guys are killing it and stuff. hope you're all having wonderful days and remember to stay hydrated

Drink water. Stream Back To You. Rest and repeat.

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I was watching 10x01 again and I noticed something. There is this scene where Cas is on the bed in his bathrobe? The room decorations are practically screaming destiel. The bed is right side plaid, left side tan sheets (where Cas is lying) and there is only one nightstand - on the left side! It made me think about the 'mysterious case of the second nightstand' in Dean's bedroom during season 9. Anyway, love your blog and your meta :)

I love this, I hadn’t actually thought about it but yeah good catch!!

Originally posted by dahliasheng

So much stuff going on here. Just after the “heartbreaker - you took my soul and I fell for you” intro song, just before Dean’s “imaginary lovers never let you down - because I can’t let myself have the real thing” song. 

When we have seen on multiple occasions too the visual narrative of Dean/Cas on “their” side of the bed:

How in season 8 Dean sits on Cas’ side of the bed to pray to him… looking over at the green chair. All for *reasons*

How in 10x03 Dean starts clearing up Cas’ “side of the bed” when Cas comes in to chat but Cas tells him there’s a female in the car waiting for him, a clear rebuff

x x

Before Cas does everything in his power to save Dean, enlisting Hannah, who in turn is in love with him, creating his OWN love chevron, while Crowley tells him within THEIR love chevron with him and Dean that Cas is “so heroic, running errands all over the US, burning through that rather finite supply of grace all in awn effort to save your boyfriend”.

The visual narrative on this show is awesome and fits so nicely alongside the rest of the subtext and the text. I love it :D

A Terrible Truth

“ANTI, STOP!” Jack yelled desperately from his cell as the green demon showed him how he had managed to whip the audience into a colossal frenzy.
A flash of green light flooded the area before Anti appeared in front of the bars.
“Why would I do that when I’m having so much fun watching your precious audience scream and shout my name everywhere? They KNOW how my power works and yet they still eat up every little crumb I leave.” His excitement to the reactions he got out them was clear in his voice. He looked at Jack with wide eyes. His left one glowing a brighter green than ever and his sharp teeth flashing in a maniacal grin. “You were right Jack. I did underestimate them, they’ve become more enthralled than I ever thought possible and I haven’t even made a full appearance yet!”

Jack yanked at the chains, growling in frustration when they didn’t budge from the wall.
“Leave them alone! It’s me you want!” Anti’s grin grew wider.
“And I have you.” He said. He leaned forward and gripped the bars. “But the energy THEY give me is stronger. The more they give, the more fun I can have with them and the less strength you have to fight back”
Jack stopped struggling against his restraints, his shoulders slumped in defeat. He was silent for a moment. Seeing them being played by Anti and how they fell for it every time hurt deeply. The way they were nearly begging for Anti to appear pained him more than being locked in this wretched cell. His heart nearly broke there and then when he came to a devastating conclusion.
“They’re……they’re as trapped as I am” he mumbled. He felt tears forming as he fell to his knees. “They can’t escape either”

Anti chuckled quietly and faded out of sight, he said one last thing before he left:
“The penny finally dropped. Clever boy.”


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Secrets Kill 12

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader; Steve Rogers x OFC Jessica; Bucky Barnes x Reader (Close friendship)

Warning: Swearing, Drinking, Cheating, Lying, Near death, Secrets, Angst, Drama, Heartache. (Don’t say you weren’t warned…)

A/N: Someone’s dying. Sorry I’m not really sorry, but I am cause this is about to fuck all you peaches up. One last part left y’all!!

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you say falling back into danti like you ever left. no one leaves, kylo. danti is forever.

dude danti was my shit when i first started writing out headcanons. i used to write up so many for them and i used to create edits for them too. but i suppose i just fell out of it for a bit??

but like the possibility of them collabing has rekindled my love for them tbh. i’m happy to be back aboard the ship lol 


Oi Polloi-Bash the Fash

Nineteen nineties and the nazis are back
Family burnt out in an arson attack
Children lying in hospital dying of their burns
It’s about time that everyone learns (to)


Germany in the thirties was the same
A life or death struggle - not some kind of game
Learn at least the basics of some martial art
Then you’ll be ready when the aggro starts

B.N.P. scum marching on your street
They even get elected when they should get beat
Beat off the streets that belong to us
You won’t stop them with chants and placards so just

First they came for the Jews
And I did nothing to help them because I was not a Jew
Then they came for the communists
And I did nothing to help them because I was not a communist
Next they came for the trade unionists
And I did nothing to help them because I was not a trade unionist
And then they came for me
And there was no one left to help me

Adolf Hitler himself said that the only way the rise of the German nazi party could have been prevented was if its
Enemies had recognised it for what it was right at the start and had smashed it in it’s infancy with utmost force.
For once we would agree with him - waving placards and chanting at fascists through megaphones
Accomplishes absolutely nothing. The only way to stop nazi scum like the B.N.P. is by physically confronting
Them and literally kicking them off our streets.

Nazi falls amidst a hall of fists and feet
Stomping out the rhythm of the cable street beat
With our boots on the scumbag’s head
The only good nazi is one that’s dead

A.F.A. girls and boys block the fash escape route
Now we’ve got them cornered and they’re gonna eat boot
Trying to escape but they just can’t manage
Our boots rain in wreaking terrible damage

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I had a dream last night where jack was making a video then just had a coughing fit half way through (like a REALLY bad one, hacking and weezing) his face go all red like he couldn't breath then kinda just stopped. and then anti glitched in, all like before saying that we watched it happen and such. Saying that the only one left is him, then I woke up. AND I SWEAR, if this happens I'm gonna die 😂😂

fam that is amazing and if Jack ACTUALLY did that, we would all die


i should’ve been there (a full english drabble 3k)

or the one that’s only kind of about amelie and niall and more about niall and harry…or the one for @liambaeyne because it’s her birthday 

amelie knew liam had money; he was 26 with a software program that left him one of the youngest start-up owners in the state of california. she wasn’t aware that he had enough money to buy a large boat that came with its own captain and a chef that brought them frozen watermelon margaritas and avocado egg rolls that she demolished in ten minutes.

“i might have to leave you for liam,” she said to her boyfriend, biting down on her straw and sipping on her second margarita.

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Yo can I get 1-8 for boyf riends

1. Which one gets sick fairly often? Which one almost never gets sick?

Jeremy is the king if having No immune system whatsoever, especially after the squip attack. Michael gets winter sickness only and it hits him HARD

2. Which one wants to be taken care of when they’re sick? Which one wants to be left alone?

They both secretly do, but Michael REALLY wants to be taken care of. His anxiety tells him he’s being annoying and plus he doesn’t wanna get Jeremy sick. Jeremy feels to gross to be seen so he tends to hide away, but if it’s michael…

3. Which one hovers over the other when they’re sick?

They both hover but Michael’s like a hen. He knows Jeremy’s sick from a mile away.

4. Which one makes amazing homemade soup to help the other feel better? Which one ruins canned noodle soup?

Michael makes MIRACLE soup man, he’s amazing and Jeremy would die for his soup. Jeremy on the other hand leaves the canned soup in the microwave for too long and it’s a little dry, but mike still eats it.

5. Which one stubbornly tries to pretend that they aren’t sick?

Michael doesn’t exactly TRY to hide it, he just stays quiet until someone points it out. Jeremy however have type 5 extreme indenial even though he sucks at hiding it and general lying.

6. Whuch one refuses to kiss the other while sick? Which one insists on kissing them anyway?

Michael WANTS to kiss but he can’t because Jeremy’s gonna get sick. Jeremy is like “no my lips are chapped and gross and I’ll sneeze on you”

7. Which one hates going to see the doctor? Which one drags them there when absolutely necessary?

Both would rather die than go to the doctor, but you best BELIEVE they’ll drag the ither to the doctor.

8. Which one insists that the other isn’t contagious, then proceeds to catch what they have? Which one tries not to say “I told you so”? (Or doesnt!)

JEREMY Jesus Christ. Michael loves him too much to deny affection after enough asking but Jeremy always gets sick and muchael always says I told you so instantly.