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Just realized that since stiles being taken happens in an instant, Lydia won't have enough time to cry immediately which means the test below her eye right as he is taken is from his confession/ telling her he loves her

Well, and also knowing that he was about to leave her :) 

But yes, I have to agree. I think something settled inside of Lydia when he said that to her. Something made her go “oh, yes, okay. Everything’s going to be okay now. He loves me too” before remembering that it isn’t because Stiles is gonna be gone.

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Holy shit had the best image for backstory swap angelas mask. It's nothing. Just a smooth white surface. No visible eyes or mouth, just blank. She sees through futuristic monitors. Can you imagine seeing that coming towards you in the heat of battle, this angelic creature with no face?

oh wow yes, that’s perfect, i’m like picturing the angels from binding of isaac too, that type of thing. just this unsettling, powerful, inhuman thing that’s makes you feel insignificant and mortal.

and oh you know what’s worse? it’s a monitor, she can turn it off and show her face. and you know how, some descriptions of angels give them like, this sort of ‘looking right at an angels face is terrifying and they do not look human or comforting at all’ thing? yeah if you think the mask is unsettling wait until you see a burst of light and a glowing mass of eyes and feathers and fire pouring out instead

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Ok, imagine pidgance hiking and getting lost in a snow storm. Then they happen upon a cabin and then get snowed in together.

Oh yes…it’s not like I haven’t thought about this…and it’s not like my comic me and @luxurioushope are working on isn’t vaguely similar….it’s not like in a few pages they get stuck in the blue lion or anything….with a snow and ice storm brewing outside….nope I totally have never thought about this scenario….(sarcasm)

going to the doctor when you’re chronically ill is weird. 

It’s like imagine everything in your house is on fire, and you’re standing there and the fire department come in like, describe the fire to me and maybe we can find what caused it and put it out. 

and you can’t just say everything so you’re like… well the fire in the curtain is the biggest
but the fire in the photo albums might be doing the most damage
also the fire in the couch is really inconvenient 

occasionally the fire guy is like, well your tv is on fire so it might be electronic-fireitus but that would cause other things like fire in the dvd player 

and you’re like, oh yes. that’s been on fire for years. I forgot to mention it because it’s always been a relatively small fire. It’s right next to the bookshelf which has much more fire. 

and then the fire guy is like, oh. I wouldn’t worry about that. book shelf fire just happens sometimes.

don’t you love how michael just casually praises calum all the time like all of a sudden he goes “hey give it up for calum he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread” or “look at calum’s biceps they are so great” and “look at that handsome man on the other side of the stage he’s an angel oh yES it’s calum” and just “giVE IT UP FOR CALUM’S BOOTY WOW CALUM’S BICEPS CAN I GET A HELL YEAH” michael worships calum and he lets him know all the time and that’s beautiful

“And you could buy up all the stars,
But it wouldn’t change who you are.
You’re still living life in the dark-
It’s just who you are.”

-Buy the Stars, Marina and the Diamonds

THESE KIDDOS…. I get really emotional thinking about how they differ and remain the same as their canon versions at the same time… I JUST LOVE THEM OK.

ALSO, I recently reached past 700 followers…. And in a few days, this dinky lil art blog is gonna be a year old! So…. Thank you guys so, so much for such an INCREDIBLE year!! I’ll be writing more on this on the actual day, but for now please just cry over these characters with me aha….

Also I know I missed some details buuut I like how this turned out in general, so. I don’t think I’ll fix them haha

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EDIT EDIT: y’know what I’m gonna ramble about it for a little bit under a read more!

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I am totally intrigued by the past that Trevor and Michael shared back in 90′s. Nothing soothes my heart more than the idea of two amateur wannabe bank robbers and their nerdy friend who plan heists on liquor shops while carrying a dream about The Big Score. Also long roadtrips, cheap booze, dumb jokes, inexplicit relationships and numerous failures.