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Oh ye who's wise on all things bughead, can you please recommend me some good angsty, bughead fics. And by angst, I mean heart-wrenching, gut-twisting angst -- I wanna get deep w/ my emotions. Thanks B 😘

OOOkay - so I have to apologize @jeemyjamz for taking so freaking long to get back to you with this angsty list of fics. I also had THREE Anon requests asking for the same thing and I think because of the enormity of the ask - I felt like I couldn’t answer anyone’s asks because I have a brain block when it comes to deep devastating angst. Seriously - angst is hard for me to rec because I don’t generally read fics that will destroy my heart. I usually like flangst - fluffy angst (or angst with a happy ending) - especially when it’s plot driven - or super fluffy one shots. Too much angst hurts me - and it bleeds into my real life. (Like that couple weeks in April when we had to get through the 12 chapters of Long Live Rock. I was insufferable at home. Thought my husband would divorce me. I was short tempered and weepy. Poor Salmons.) 

But  - because I suppose I should try to keep my reputation as someone who reads a little something - here are some fics that aren’t FLUFFY and are various levels of sad that I can rec:

Firstly, I feel like I should point out that aside from the 12 chapters of Jeronica that is smushed kinda in the early middle of Long Live Rock by @ficmuse - that fic isn’t actually that angsty. It’s more of a plot driven, magic fest of campy awesomeness. That is solely why I’m not linking it on this list.

Nextly - I know I said I don’t read angst often - and this story is probably a good illustration of why. The Tales of an Endless Heart series by @lessoleilscouchants is freaking AMAZING and has literally cracked my soul open into little itty-bitty pieces a’la a horcrux. Where the fic sits now - we’re kind of on a not as angsty slide upwards (I hope permanently) but dude… literal, wet, fat, devastating, and heartbreaking tears fell down this fic reccer’s face during this series. So if you’re into masochism (like Juggie in this fic) you should read it. Seriously.

Also - my girl @lusterrdust knows how to break a heart or two. If her fic out of nowhere (and in fact - BOTH of her Somewhere in Time fics) doesn’t fail to destroy your heart, then you’re not a person. red sunrise is all about the end of the world and how scary hopeless it can feel being chased down by zombies while searching for the love of your life. And seriously heed the trigger warnings on drown because it freaking HURTS.

And let’s talk about dear @gellbellshead - who usually writes cheerful things. Well, she brought us  Don’t Leave Me as well. Freaking tearfest of a story. Thanks for that, dear.

Along similar lines - but not quite - we have a doomed soulmate fic by the ever lovely @juggydunes. To die by your side (Is such a heavenly way to die) doesn’t just have a clever name - we’ve convinced her to continue with another chapter… so that’s pretty spectacular, I feel.

Then there was a fic I came upon this afternoon by @betsjuggiecooperjones which didn’t have a name but was a Missing Scene between episodes 11 and 12 that was just so super good and mostly sad but then happy at the end (see how bad I am with the solely angsty stuff?)

Same thing with one of my most favourite stories every by @camelotskingz Your Eyes Look Like Coming Home starts out pretty freaking angsty… but there is some reprieve at the end. I mean - it’s cute and super clever - but there are a few scenes in the middle there that I felt my heart was being ripped open… so I think it fits the bill. Not to mention To B.C. I Still Love You is pretty much one angsty ‘throw-up on someone when you’re kissing them’ ride of pain. It’s one you should check out - if you haven’t already. (who am I kidding - I’m sure you’ve checked it out!)

Here’s one from the VERY early inklings of the fandom - it’s called Polaroids by AugustApollo - and it’s technically unfinished… but the two chapters that are there are pretty stand alone as they are. It’s so so good. It was in the first fifty entries or so on my big ass spreadsheet that I started in March (!) and my answer to whether this fic was gonna be epic was a big old YES - so I promise you’ll like it. And it’ll hurt you. But it’s so well written. Maybe if more people review it, we’ll get more polaroids of their life, you think?

Heartfelt by absurdvampmuse is a post Juggie’s birthday fic of pain… but pretty much any fic regurgitating the painful things Juggie threw at Betty in that garage is the epitome of angst for me - this one was just really great. I guess it’s not doom and gloom rip your heart out angst - but it’s definitely not fluffy.

Even Still by @peacelovebughead freaking crushed me. So I’m counting it as an angsty story - even if it has a happy ending.

Then of course there is As I lay Dying by @avenuepotter- which is a retelling of Hamlet… so of course it’s not gonna have a happy ending for anyone. But while it’s angsty af - it’s also clever and I’m never one to turn down a good Shakespeare retelling.

And lastly (for today) there is this one… There Was a Garden by mona_chopsis_0 - Until this afternoon, I had never read it but holy hannah on sunday! Where the hell have I been and what rock have I been living under? - because this is a freaking FANTASTIC fic - and yeah, it’s angsty - but also it doesn’t make me want to die from the pain a the end so more people need to read and review it. Seriously. AND I know I know the formatting it terrible. Whoever decided that << was a good alternative for a “ needs to have remedial fangirling lessons (sorry but that’s just my opinion) - I BEG you to read this story and ignore the uncomfortable formatting - because it’s FREAKING GOOD. Like so super good. Read it and review it! 

Okay - I’m calling it a day on this rec list for now. There are SO MANY MORE fics to rec - so if anyone else has favourite angsty fics to share - please please reblog with the links for all of us - because even though I’m going to hate myself for saying this - I could always do with more fic to read. lol. Love you, my dear, wonderful, and awesome Bughead Family.  💙💛

A little chat about your mate

HOLY MOTHER OF CHUCK! I just rewatched 12x02 and noticed something I didn’t when the episode aired. Lady Toni Bevell insinuated Dean was not straight.

She thought she knew Sam and Dean. When torturing Sam, there was a moment when she told him this:

I would like names and locations of every Hunter… the passcodes to each and every Men of Letters database held in the bunker, and then – oh, yes – let’s do discuss your relationship with the demon Ruby.

After the ridiculous hallucination Lady Bevell gave Sam, it’s not surprising she mentioned Ruby. She probably thought that sex was the easiest way to get Sam to cooperate. The interesting thing is that, according to her, she used the same kind of information with Dean later in the episode. This is what she told Dean:

See, I thought you might be on for a little chat about your mate, Benjamin Lafitte. I’m sorry. You called him Benny. You know, the vampire whom you released from Purgatory and… befriended.

What caught my attention was the little pause she made before she uttered the word “befriended”. I know the word “mate” can be used to refer to male friends, but that’s not the only possible meaning. 

You see? The thing is the contempt Lady Bevell showed when she said that word along with the ‘befriended’ part. (How many queer people have heard the word “friend” casually said when the conversation is about their partner?)

You can say that of course she would see Dean’s friendship with Benny as something worth of rejection. Dean was a hunter and he became friends with a vampire, a monster that Dean was supposed to kill, no questions asked.

But… don’t you see the parallel? Tony Bevell mentioned Ruby and that was a call back to Sam’s sexual relationship with her. Then she mentioned Benny and that was a call back to Dean’s…buddy-buddy relationship with him?

All I’m saying is that, subtextually, even the British Men of Letters thought Dean wasn’t straight.

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I really believe Adam has a few screws loose. I just do not understand that man. He acts like a teenager with the deleting and coming back. He does it repeatedly and just makes him look ridiculous. He doesn't act like someone who should be in charge of a TV show.

Oh yes.  How dare someone feel conflicted about a social media platform where he’s subjected to a constant stream of insults, ridicule, and demands but which in the end he needs to be on as part of his job to promote his show.  Taking a five day break in the middle of a hiatus is so terrible.

Oh yes, let’s decide that this is the worst producer behavior and not one of the most famous show runners in Hollywood who is famous for having gone onto Television Without Pity’s message boards to pick fights with fans and than wrote it into the plot of an episode just so he could insult the physical appearance of a female moderator.  Or the several famous show runners who still use the casting couch.  Or the one famous for firing writers every few years to keep costs down and told Diane Neal when she “looked fat” at 120 lbs.  Or the ones who told fans of one of their shows that they were too old and too female and their new show wasn’t for them and when the new show failed blamed those fans for not giving it a chance.  Or … or… or… 

And not liking twitter is the mountain you want to decide is the measure of professionalism in a show runner?

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Ohmigosh. 42 with assassin reader x Jaebum. Please.

42. “You braided his hair?”

“I’m so jealous that you got the chance to actually accompany the prince on his his journey! How was it? Is he really that dreamy all the time?” one of the palace servants asked you; you coughed and said, “Oh yes…he’s very…lovely…” with masked annoyance - ever since you had become’s Jaebum’s personal assassin, you were to play the role of his hand maiden during the day, something that you found incredibly annoying.

Suddenly the door opened and the two of you bowed to the Prince as he walked into the room only to ask for your presence before continuing down the hall into the throne room; the servant looked after him and then back towards you with wide eyes, saying “His hair looks so elegant in those braids now,” she sighed dreamily to which you replied, “Yes, they were a pain to do.”

Her jaw dropped and she said, “You braided his hair?” and tugged on your arm as you began to walk towards the throne room which made you turn back towards her and shrug, saying, “It just seemed like the thing to do.”; you made sure not to tell her that the reason you had braided it was because you had been angry at him for keeping it long and down after you were forced to save Jaebum’s life when his long hair got snagged on a post while the two of you were trying to run from bandits.

Give me a pairing an AU, and I will write a three-sentence fic~ 

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Do you know if there are any pictures of Robert (and/or Jimmy) with his hair tied up? I wonder what that would look like. I also can imagine it would be very hot to have his thick golden mane down during gigs in the summer. Don't know how he did it! 😂

Oh, yes!!  Here’s a wonderful one of Robert!

Ahh, how I adore this one!!  Hope you like it, too.  And, yes, the summers must have been something else.  I know I have one of Jimmy somewhere.  I’ll see if I can lay my hands on it.  Just so cute! <333

Me: Oh hey Padparadscha Sapphire!  Hey, you can see events that already happened, aka, the past, right?

“Oh yes!  That’s right!  In fact, you’re going to ask if I can see events that already happened!  Aka, the past.”

Me: Okay, cool.  So tell me Pad…  Who shattered Pink Diamond?


*roundabout plays*

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YOI AU where to deal with his anxiety Yuuri pretends everyone is naked. So whenever we get shots from his point of view everyone is naked. It starts out great because we get to see naked Victor but then it gets to the point where we are seeing naked Yakov and Celestino and it all starts going downhill real quick

oh my god ye s


Oh yes, Vanillaware’s 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim too ⊟ 

Remember that new Vanillaware PS4/PS Vita game with mechs and stuff? From like 2015? Well, Atlus is localizing that too.

There’s not much info about it, since it turns out that… Vanillaware and Atlus haven’t actually shown anything but that one trailer in 2015 and these screenshots. So imagine playing… this:

Whatever it is, it’s probably going to be cool?

BUY Dragon's Crown (PS Vita & PS3)

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do u think its ok for a complete beginner artist to learn and practice by copying other artist's sketches and then slowly developing their own style? because thats what ive been doing for drawing people and faces but im not sure if thats morally right

oh yes anon it’s completely fine. In fact that’s how I started out

I used to copy a lot of burdge’s artwork, i just never posted it and kept all those drawings with myself. I’ll admit even I felt guilty over doing it but it’s really just another method of learning and it’s not wrong unless you start claiming you made those drawings all by yourself 

so yeah! copying work is fine, especially if you’re a beginner, it’s a great way to build a foundation to develop your own work/style 


Where is he? Yousef is meeting Noora. You’re kidding? Noora, Sana’s friend? Yes, Noora. Oh, that’s true! I saw them chatting. Yeah, they have a thing.

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oh god i just realized, is it called legbirds bc 'leg' is a mix of 'lyd' and 'meg'?

OH lol yes! it’s supposed to sound like “love birds” except it’s “leg birds” because lyd + meg = leg 

the full origin story is that meg was making matching letterman jackets for our second anniversary and wanted to put “love birds” as the team name on the back but i thought it sounded too heterosexual so I suggested “Leg” (Lyd + Meg) but she didn’t want a jacket that just said “leg” on it because that’s fuckin weird so we compromised with “Leg Birds” 

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Hi! I love ur art! It is so pure! But I have a question? That drawing u did of yuri wearing otabek jacket while sitting on the couch, and has another picture of the same thing but someone else drew it next to it. We're one of those really kubo's drawing like, was it official and if so could u lol no me to the original pic or post? If u can't it's cool, and sorry to bug u! Keep up the amazing art work!☺️

thank you! :”))
oh yes my dear. it’s official. Kubo-sensei drew it by herself as Yuri’s birthday wishes and celebration

isn’t the green highlight too obvious hahahaha oh I wish I was right about he’s wearing Beka’s jacket. this is too precious
I can’t wait for Beka’s birthday cuz we missed his bday last year since YOI just start airing

“And do you have any last words?”
“You mean, last words before we go and come back?” said Carrot, his brow wrinkling.
“Oh, yes. Of course. That’s what I meant! Because of course you will be coming back, won’t you?” said Ponder, far too quickly in Rincewind’s opinion. “I have absolute confidence in Mr. da Quirm’s work, and I’m sure he has too.”
“Oh, dear. No, I never bother to have any confidence,” said Leonard.
“You don’t?”
“No, things just work. You don’t have to wish,” said Leonard. “And, of course, if we do fail, then things won’t be that bad, will they? If we fail to come back, there won’t be anywhere left to fail to come back to in any case, will there? So it will all cancel out.” He gave his happy little smile. “Logic is a great comfort in times like this, I always find.”
“Personally,” said Captain Carrot, “I am happy, thrilled and delighted to be going.” He tapped a box by his side. “And I am, as instructed, also bringing along an iconograph and intend to take many useful and deeply moving images of our world from the perspective of space which will perhaps cause us to see humanity in an entirely new light.”
“Is this the time to resign from the crew?” said Rincewind, staring at his fellow voyagers.
“No,” said Lord Vetinari.
“Possibly on grounds of insanity?”
“Your own, I assume?”
“Take your pick!”
Vetinari beckoned Rincewind forward.
“But it could be said that someone would have to be insane to take part in this venture,” he murmured. “In which case, of course, you are fully qualified.”
“Then… supposing I’m not insane?”
“Oh, as ruler of Ankh-Morpork I have a duty to send only the keenest, coolest minds on a vital errand of this kind.”
He held Rincewind’s gaze for a moment.
“I think there’s a catch there,” said the wizard, knowing that he’d lost.
Yes. The best kind there is,” said the Patrician.

– on particular catches minutes before departure | Terry Pratchett, The Last Hero

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Ben Winston can choke on a dick. He fucking takes out the Maccas run from the 1D carpool cause "it was too long" but oh yes let's put the extended version of Harry's with a Taylor song on YouTube!

he’s genuinely just a terrible fucking person