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fuck flogym this is their fault and this way they made sure ppl wont watch the italy stream and theyll get all the money >:(

Oh yes that’s the whole point. Flo bought the rights and they’re making sure people who want to watch Jesolo will have no other choice. I mean, I honestly can’t blame them as far as international audience is concerned, they’re doing their thing. But the fact that an Italian gymfan will have to pay €3 (totally acceptable) to watch a DELAYED stream of a competition that’s literally taking place in their own country is beyond ridiculous to me. And I don’t even care personally, cause I’ll be in Jesolo, I’m just outraged on other people’s behalf

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i think what that anon meant, is that your pictures are really sharp, so you can see the pixels around edges very clearly, but that's only if you click on the pictures, they actually look better (and definitely not blurry) just on my dashboard

oh yes it’s bc i can’t have good graphics on my pc hehe :-) thx for letting me know!! 

Maggie Submission - You can call me 'Hal'

UK red top today, declares new son born in early March and named Hal (yes, really - you know, Prince Hal as portrayed by Hiddles).

Interesting this news broke on the same day that all red tops and celeb coverage has wall-to-wall Cheryl Cole /Liam Payne’s baby announcement……oh yes, and it’s all announced on the very day it’s Mother’s Day in The UK - just a pleasant co-incidence I’m sure.



So many coincidences Maggie…  It’s the 2014-2015 awards season all over again.  Right when EVERY.SINGLE.ANNOUNCEMENT. regarding the Dismals and their courtship / road to the church / road to the delivery room was coincidentally released on key points during the Oscars campaign.


-not really  ;o)-

Coaching Fees
  • Yuuri: Hey, Victor, are we ever going to talk about your coaching fees?
  • Victor: Oh. Yes. Here's my bill. *pulls a sheet of paper out of nowhere and hands it to Yuuri*
  • Yuuri: ....this is just a list of kinks.
  • Victor: ..............and?
  • ----
  • Victor: If you like, you can also do these chores to help pay off more *hands another sheet of paper*
  • Yuuri: It only says your name.
  • Victor: Tee-hee
  • ----
  • Victor: You could just pay the $200,000, but I figure you're the type to work off his debts.
  • Yuuri: *strips* lets start at the top

Honestly? I’m tired of seeing people justify Yurio’s behavior by saying “Oh, he’s fifteen.”

Yes, he’s fifteen and you’re literally reducing his character to nothing but his age.

You’re making it sound like he doesn’t have a personality, doesn’t have motivations, doesn’t have a history, like his entire character is just being fifteen years old.

As though Yurio is nothing but hormones and pubescent rage. If that’s truly the case, I don’t think that makes for a very good character?

But it isn’t because see, that’s the point - being smol and angry and completely and utterly rude is Yurio’s personality (at least at this stage of his life). It’s time to stop waving it off as his being fifteen and accept that that’s what he is.

And yeah, let’s say it altogether: Yurio has been acting like a complete brat recently. It’s time to stop running away from that fact and pretending that everything is fine because the anime is making this pretty clear. I like him but I’m honestly growing sick of his attitude.

Disrespecting his elders, superiors, his fans, his rivals, his rivals’ fans, insulting people left and right, kicking people, rubbing his success in other’s faces - they’re all things that he does and do you really want to wave that off as an “age thing”. “Oh, he’s a kid, he doesn’t understand.” Really, now? I mean, I’m sure that there are 15-year-olds out there like that and who can relate to that, but 90% of them also realize what they’re doing and do it on purpose.

I think we can hold him responsible for those things at the very least? He’s in full control of his actions, even if he’s young. And see, I’m not saying that you can’t like him - I think he can be very likable. But it’s time to stop pretending like he’s an innocent little angel who never does anything wrong when he’s badmouthing someone literally every episode (usually for no good reason). It’s time to accept how violent and rude he can be and how flawed he essentially is.

And see, here you could say “That’s because he had a difficult past!”. To be honest though…? We don’t know. Maybe he did! Maybe he didn’t. ‘Maybe’s don’t get us anywhere though, so we can drop that argument. We just don’t know.

And then I’m sure some people are willing to say “But he still deserves to win the Grand Prix because he worked hard for it!”. Oh, he did, didn’t he? Just like

you know


literally every other skater in this show?

There is not a single person in the six who qualified to the Grand Prix Finale that did not work hard. Maybe we don’t see it, but JJ wasn’t born with his skills either, Chris spent at least ten years perfecting his skills, we know how hard Phichit worked to get his performance across to people and similar can be said for Otabek. And Yuuri? We know just how much Yuuri had to go through to get there - not just physically (although he practiced a lot as well) but mentally.

Literally all of them deserve that gold medal in similar amounts.

Sure, Yurio worked harder this season, that’s true. But it’s not like his work is not paying off? He got two silver medals and for a debut that’s good. It was also mentioned that he got gold in a different competition (Guang Hong was there too). And he broke a world record for God’s sake. And he still has the European championships ahead of him. Not to mention, like another ten years of competing in the Grand Prix Final. He has plenty of time to see his work pay off. It’s not time for him to win yet. Certainly not with that attitude.

And then some people go “It’s a competition judging your skills, not judging your personality!” Yes, that’s true. But this competition exists within an anime which is created by real life people which decide who wins and who loses. And do you really think they will let the brat get away with what he does just because he ‘worked hard’? Nah, mate. I can already see his fall during the Free Skate. It will be painful and glorious.

But that’s a good thing! Because that’s what will make Yurio grow! Maybe even help him grow out of his violent tendencies and into a more humble skater who can win with grace. Think of Victor. How did he act when he won? Certainly not like this, and we all know that Victor knows he’s amazing, but that doesn’t mean that he shows it like an arrogant ass at every step of the way. That’s where Yurio’s character needs to go - in the direction of humility and modesty. Because what’s a victory worth if it will simply fuel his ego and his unacceptable behavior?

At the end of the day, being fifteen isn’t an excuse and narratively speaking, it’s time for Yurio to learn a lesson.

Losing to “that pig” Yuuri would certainly be a good opportunity for that.

I love Yurio but it’s high time for some character development. We’ll love him all the more when he grows as a person.

It’s the 🌰Nut🌰🏠shack!🏠 (Yee, yee)
It’s the 🌰Nut🌰🏠shack!🏠 (What he say💁?)
It’s the 🌰Nut🌰🏠shack!🏠 (Oh, yes! ✅Yeeeah✅)
It’s the 🌰Nut🌰🏠shack!🏠 (Hey, I got the 🌰Nut🌰🏠shack!🏠)
It’s the 🌰Nut🌰🏠shack!🏠 (‘The fuck you say, 😡boyee?😡)
It’s the 🌰Nut🌰🏠shack!🏠 (It’s the 🌰Nut🌰🏠shack!🏠)
It’s the 🌰Nut🌰🏠shack!🏠 (It’s the 🌰Nut🌰🏠shack!🏠)
It’s the 🌰Nut🌰🏠shack!🏠 (It’s the 🌰Nut🌰🏠shack…🏠)
It’s the 🌰Nut🌰🏠shack!🏠 (🙆Hey!🙆)
It’s the 🌰Nut🌰🏠shack!🏠 (Piece a’ 🌰nuts!🌰)
It’s the 🌰Nut🌰🏠shack!🏠 (😮Whoooa!😮)
It’s the 🌰Nut🌰🏠shack!🏠
Phil’s👦 from the stone🌑, Jack’s👱 from the 🌊pier,🌊
Horatio👨 or Horat👨🏼 so 🍻beer🍻!
Tito👴🏿🍆 Dick🍆 “Dickman”, 👶baby!
He😡 hates😡 Phil👦 and loves the 💁ladies👄.
Jack’s👷 ❄️cool❄️-🍑ass🍑 lazy, he’s still learnin’📓.
Number one 🍰Cherry Pie🍰, still a virgin😵.
Chita💆, meet🍗 da freak of da 📅weekah📅!
Phil’s👦 homegirl💆 that Jack👱 wanna🙇 keep 🙋her,
But that’s 🚫not🚫🙅 happenin’, 🙅either!
👋Shakin’ like a 😫seizure😫, hold up, 🚶boys🚶
and ✨spark✨ this, take a 💨breather.💨
With that 🍵reefer in my 👄lungs,👄
I got 🍇grapes,🍇 what you 👁watchin’,👁 son?👶
It’s the 🌰Nut🌰🏠shack!🏠 (✔️Yah!)
It’s the 🌰Nut🌰🏠shack! 🏠(😡AAAAARRRGH!😡)
It’s the 🌰Nut🌰🏠shack!🏠
It’s the 🌰Nut🌰🏠shack!🏠

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It was one of Gotham’s rare calm days. No rain, no harsh wind, no murders, no thiefs. A nice day for a walk or, how you liked it the most, a calm day to find a place to read on a bench. 

“Excuse me, Miss.” You looked up from your book, not sure if the male voice meant you, and smiled when a stranger gave you a small smile. “I noticed you’re reading ‘Alice in wonderland’. I’ve never met an adult who reads it, well, beside as a bedtime story for their children.” 

“Oh, yes. It’s my favourite book. I just discovered it for myself.” You answered and noticed the man’s strange clothes. They were quite weird for the world outside of Gotham City, but still, they were quite charming. 

“How rude of me, my name is Jervis Tetch.” 

You closed your book and shook his hand. “I’m [Y/N] [Y/L/N].”

“If you don’t mind me saying this, Miss [Y/L/N], you look like an Alice to me.” He told you, pulling out a pocket watch. “And now, I’d like you to concentrate on the ticking of my watch.”

GOT7 reaction to their crush asking them to go on a date


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He would be shook haha in a good day, he would love to go on a date with you.


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Can´t help but jumping around you while saying “yes, yes!!” till the world ends haha


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He would play it cool but would be screaming inside


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(ignore jaebum and bambam haha)

Being the gigly mess this cutie is, he would be very very happy to go on a date with you


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*gif says all*


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Just like youngjae, he would blush sooo much and can´’t stop smiling, he would say yes of course


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Heey, I hope you guys liked, and sorry btw cause I am brazilian so sorry if my english is not that good :/ aaaand you can request me anytime you want!



Velma (and this movie’s creators) have no clue how photography works.

Now, I’m sure 99% of the world wouldn’t even notice, but being a professional photographer and all, this has been bugging me like crazy.

Does it actually matter at all?


Am I still going to pick on the movie for it?

Oh, yes indeedy.

So, Velma’s sniping off shots of wildlife for Daphne’s clothes-designing gig, and found this weird bird.

Then, there’s a bright light, and we realize she’s using flash… 

…on a camera with a terrible little built-in flash that would barely work… 

…while in great light that such a flash would harm

…while at a distance too far for said flash to have any real effect…

…while trying to photograph a wild animal surreptitiously to remain undetected.

Look, improper flash usage is basically the cardinal sin of photography. Wipe that grin off your face, Velma – this is not ok, young lady.

The bird isn’t mad… just disappointed in you.

“C’mon, now… I expected more. I really did.”

And then, we learn she’s climbing up a tree, and is below the bird… but somehow is taking perfect horizontal views of it?

And when taken, those photos have no background, and the bird has a different wing coloration? 

Besides, what with having only one control button, I feel like Velma’s photographical options might be just a little limited. 

It’ll be a bit hard to shoot with, too, seeing as the viewfinder we saw on the front of the camera doesn’t connect to anything on the back.

So, uh… psst, Daphne? 

Just between us, when you got hired for this gig… I don’t think Velma was the best person to entrust with your professional media needs.

But then again, according to the movie – despite you never having done fashion design before – the company immediately gave you the job and an all-expenses-paid trip to Hawaii with your friends.

…what am I saying. At this point, you can clearly get away with just about anything. Go nuts!

Jumin is sick and MC is trying to talk to zen about it
  • MC: I'm really worried about jumin, he's been sick for a week now :((
  • Zen: Oh yes that's bad I hope he feels better soon but I think I know what could help!
  • MC: Really?! What is it?
  • Zen: A selfie 😉
  • *sends a selfie in the chat*
  • MC: Ah yes, laughter IS the best medicine! Thank you!
  • Zen: wait no... why would he laugh... it's not a jokE
  • MC: Thanks!
  • *mc has left the chat*
  • *zen dies a little bit on the inside*

((This TFA Whirl design was largely created by @cadaverriffic!!!!!!!! It’s super good and I feel slightly bad about the horrible stuff that happens to Whirl. Slightly.))

I bet you thought I forgot about the beautiful bird daughter of the TFA Lost Light AU, eh? Well. I didn’t. But also I’m tired of inking/coloring right now so this shall have to suffice. Whirl is…complicated, and young, in the TFA Lost Light AU. There can be no Autobot victory while Decepticons maintain complete air superiority and the Jettwins open the door for further experimentation, for better and more refined attempts at recreating warbuilds. All the better for Whirl’s existence.

Not so great when she’s fair game for darker forces still.