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Somewhere Close To You (Part 3) - Thomas Imagine

Pairing: Thomas x Reader
Note: It´s getting heated! 
Info about the series, Part 1, Part 2
Warning: Cursing, that´s all? I think.
Word count: 1393

‘Detention!!’ Is all that kept ringing in my ears after class. I slammed the locker door shut, anger built up inside of me. Why couldn’t Thomas keep his mouth shut? Did he have to talk to me during class? There are other girls too… Why me? I looked at the time on my phone, 4pm, it’s time for detention. I went to the classroom and took a seat. Shortly after Thomas came and sat down next to me.
Mr. Johnson, our teacher, glanced over at the classroom. There weren’t many students here, it was me, Thomas and three other students.
He started with lecturing us, telling us to behave and to avoid getting detention in the future. He paired us up in groups and gave us a task to do.

“Y/N and Thomas, since you two like to talk, why not do that while cleaning all the benches and sweeping the floor. It should be spotless!” Mr. Johnson looked at us amused as if he had given us the worst job in the world.

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leeteuk threw a towel @ me but aimed poorly so i couldn’t catch it

super junior performed knock out, sorry sorry, a medley (consisting of rockstar, choki choki choki wa, shake it up, oppa oppa), mr. simple, and devil. rockstar was one of the best stages of the night tbh, that and devil were my favorite ♥

i waved @ leeteuk and i got a smile back like w5f kill me. he also looked @ our section multiple times, he’s an angel sent from heaven above. i blew a kiss @ kangin and at the same time he blew a kiss to our section #bless

kyuhyun looked so mystified, he forgot some of his english so siwon was making fun of him HAHA he ended with god bless you lOL.

siwon kept teasing OMG, he threw his water bottle and tie into the crowd ♥

eunhyuk looked like he was gonna cry when he said that he wants to have super show in LA, he said wait two years :(

leeteuk said “I say leeteuk you say saranghae!” and then he said “thank you very very very much" after HAHA. then hee and ye playfully punched him and leeteuk playfully punched ye back LOL.

leeteuk did his famous “LEEETEEEUKKKKKKKKKKKK” introduction ♥

lots of wonkyu, not much eunhae.

heechul played drums during knock out and it was amazing.

kyuhyun was like 5 feet away from me and my section, he was putting his water bottle down but he had his mouth full of water still so he was making the cutest face ever?? he looked so cute today im so confused aren’t you satan-

our section kept yelling 4 yesung so he gave us a thumbs up

ryeowook was so qt wth???? And kangin omh and kyuhyun holy- ryeowook kept smiling and waving @ our section (we had good spots blesS)

donghae looked @ our section once, eunhyuk danced in our direction and yo he looked gr8 so did leeteuk (that boy can move WTF)

eunhyuk was talking about all the things he liked to do in LA (he said the beach, Hollywood, in-n-out) and he couldn’t think of anything else to say so heechul suggested clubbing HAHA eunhyuk laughed and smacked him playfully.

siwon, leeteuk and ryeowook gave our section the most fanservice for sure, also the amount of elfs @ kcon was overwhelming, over half of the crowd was holding up some sort of sign/the color blue it was so beautiful ♥

all of suju kept looking @ the crowds, amazed @ how many elfs there were (seriously SO MUCH BLUE)

heechul + kangin were waving and doing aegyo @ the end of KCON and wow they are so attractive live

super junior grabbed everyone in the kcon line up to do a final end bow (it looked like it was leeteuk’s idea)

The summer's tale of Dean Winchester - Part (1): The new gardener.

At this point I want to say thank you again and also want to point out that I  know this isn´t the original story I promised for my 1000 (!) Follower celebration.
But since this story came to me so easy and made me really happy, I wanted to show it to your first while the original idea is still in the making.
Plus the later chapters include smut, which you guys obviously seem to enjoy. :D

Summary: After your boyfriend broke up with you, your plans for the last summer before your senior year in college are cancelled and now you´re stuck at your grandparent´s in Florida. 
But suddenly the new gardener Dean Winchester shows up and after you meet, there´s absolutely no going back.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Length: 1315 Words 

Warnings: AU, gardener!Dean, Smut in the next chapter, fluff

Originally posted by sleepyweeknds


You sat on your front porch of your grandparents house, trying not to move too much because it was so hot you could barely stand it.

Another reason you really didn´t want to come back to Florida this summer.
Originally you had planned to go on a Roadtrip with your boyfriend Benny the last summer before you would graduate college, all the way from Sacramento to his hometown in Georgia where you would have stayed the rest of the summer.
But then the jackass had cheated on you a month ago and now there was nothing left for you to do than go back to your hometown and spend the summer in the old people community your grandparents had raised you in, while listening to your grandma go on and on about her new friends from the bridge club and your granddad telling you that you were better off without your ex boyfriend anyways.
Of course you loved them and you were grateful they had raised you after your parents died, but some things were just too much to bare.
All in all it had been a very frustrating first four days back home and the only thing you wished for, was a little distraction.
And that was when distraction walked right up to where you were sitting.
It came in form of a huge, very attractive guy with stunning green eye and cute freckles all over his face.
You looked up at him and almost choked because you had never seen someone as hot as this guy and he was only two feet away from you.
Hastily you got up and hoped that your hair didn´t look as sweaty as it felt like.
“Hey”, the guy said and smiled, “Is this the (Y/L/N) property?”
You nodded while trying to focus on his face rather than on his huge, muscular arms: “Yeah, I´m (Y/N) (Y/L/N), I´m the granddaughter.”
He smiled again: “Nice to meet you (Y/N), I´m Dean Winchester, I´m your new gardener, the community send me here because your grandparents asked for someone.”
You couldn´t believe that this guy was actually a gardener because he looked like he was an underwear model or something, but you weren´t one to question your luck, so you just said:
“Oh, that´s nice, yeah I heard my grandma talk about it sometime, do you, uhm, need anything?”
He took a look around: “Nah, I think I´m good, my stuffs in the car.”
Only then you noticed the white van that was parked in front of the house and you nodded before thinking about what to do next.
You sure as hell couldn´t continue sitting here sulking and sweating while the hottest guy on earth was watering the plants and cutting the hedge.
Finally it got to awkward with both of you just standing there saying nothing, so you shrugged and said: “Okay, I´ll leave you to your job then, I´ll be inside if you need anything.”
But when you turned to head into the house, he spoke up: “Oh, please stay, I´d love to talk to somebody else than a bored old lady.
Don´t get me wrong, I like old people, but if an 80 year old woman asks for permission to touch my biceps one more time today, I´m going to quit.”
You could see in his eyes that he was mostly kidding but you still laughed and sat back down: “Alright then, I´ll stay.”
There was a short pause before you decided to simply go for it because hell, you were single and frustrated and a little flirting couldn´t hurt: “But only if you let me touch your biceps.”
He grinned at that and chuckled: “Maybe another time.”
Then he winked at you before walking over to his truck to get his stuff and you felt a certain heat pool between your legs when you thought about where else you wanted touch him.

The two hours Dean spent making up your grandparent´s garden, went by way too fast.
At first it was just you sitting on the porch, looking at him and him occasionally asking about where you were from or what you were doing here in the middle of summer.

You didn´t tell him about your boyfriend or anything, just explained that you had plans that got surprisingly canceled and that you were now stuck here.
In the process you got to know that Dean usually worked in a garage that had been closed down only weeks ago and that he needed this makeshift job because he had to take care of his younger brother´s college tuition.
All in all he seemed to be a pretty decent guy and you found yourself enjoying his company very much.
By the time he moved to work in the backyard, you got into the house and made some lemonade for you and him because it was still hot like crazy and he was sweating the whole time, which actually looked really sexy on him and when you came back, you both started talking about the most random things, just to talk to each other.
After he was done and had placed all his work instruments back in the van, you stood on the porch again, leaning against a pillar and smiling, he walked up to you again:
“I have to say I never enjoyed a job as much as this one.”
You almost blushed a little but nodded: “And I have to say that this were the only two hours of me being here, that I wasn´t bored to death.”
He grinned: “Well, I´ll be back next Tuesday, but if you get bored again, give me a call.”
He then handed you a slip of paper on which he had quickly written his number, and you heart beat fast again.
You nodded when you looked at him again: “Thanks, I will. At least you promised me to let me touch your biceps sometime.”
A smirk spread over his face: “Oh, we´ll come to that offer, believe me.”
The way he said it made it sound awfully erotic and your legs went all gooey.
He then winked at you one more time, said: “See you (Y/N)”, and then walked away, his bowlegs too sexy to bare.

Two days went by until you finally decided to call Dean. At first you didn´t want to seem desperate and then you weren´t sure where you actually wanted to go with this but then you finally gave in to your needs and dialed his number.
It was Thursday night and you were lying on your bed in your old room.
Dean picked up at the second beep: “Hello?”
You gulped, and realized you had never thought this all through, what were you supposed to say?
Finally you just went for: “Hey Dean, it´s (Y/N), you know, from Tuesday.”
You heard him chuckle and then say: “Oh yeah, of course I remember, glad you called, almost thought I had to wait til Tuesday to see you again.”
Nervously you played with a hairpin while thinking of what you wanted to say.
“So, you think now you don´t have to wait til Tuesday?”, you asked in a teasing voice, trying to make it sound like you were having conversations like this all the time.
“Well, I hope not. In fact I´d really love to pick you up tomorrow night and take you out for dinner.”
His offer surprised you but you weren´t in fact averse to it so you smiled to yourself:
“Sounds like a plan. You wanna come get me around six?”
“Perfect, I´ll be there.”
Then there was a moment of silence in the line before you decided to end this before it got awkward: “Well, dinners ready, so see you tomorrow.”
“Okay, see ya.”
Then you hung up and crossed your arms over your face, what had you gotten yourself into?

—————————————–   PART 2 —————————————————-