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Aw yes, I’m down for some fluffy diaboys!!~Mun M


Subaru: He thinks it’s utterly adorable when his S/O picks flowers for the dinner table. Their simple smile as they worked was contagious. His S/O admired the little things, and he thought that was simplistic and adorable.

Shu: When his S/O is lost in music he thinks it’s the most adorable thing he’s ever seen. When their eyes are shut tight and their body gently rocks with the beat, he can’t surpress a chuckle. Then, when their cheeks get red from seeing him laugh, it’s only made them cuter.

Kanato: On the rare chance that he lett Teddy in another room while he stepped out, and his S/O was caught talking to Teddy, he would lose it. The cuteness of the situation would overwhelm him. He’d run to hug his S/O, laughing at their mortal innocence.

Reiji: His S/O liked to dance while cooking alone. He would always watch from the doorway, smiling uncontrollably at them. A few times, he would let himself get caught just so that he could dance with them.

Laito: That little focused, desperately concentrated look on his S/O’s face when they were trying to do something unfamiliar would make him smile like a fool. The focus and determination of their expression would remind him of a child. He’d giggle, and hug his S/O tight without a word.

Ayato: Whenever he plays sports with his S/O, and they got competitive, he’d smile and laugh like an idiot. He loved their big talk because he knew they weren’t as good as they said, but he thought it was adorable nonetheless. 


Azusa: Whenever his S/O gets nervous around his knives is when he laughs the most. It’s not that he wanted them to be scared, he just thought the little pout and furrowed eyebrows were just the cutest thing.

Ruki: He couldn’t help but laugh when his S/O was so lost in a book that they didn’t hear him call their name. Their lips even moved slightly as they read on. He would gently take the book from their hands, and laugh at how cute they were looking up at him in surprise.

Kou: Hearing his S/O sing in the shower never failed to bring a smile to his face.  If he knew the song, he wouldn’t hesitate to sneak into the bathroom and sing along. The surprised scream and blush of his S/O would only make them cuter.

Yuma: It always brought a warm smile to his face to see his S/O enjoying veggies from his garden. He knew they tasted good, but the cute little smile his S/O subconsciously made while eating just made him smile as well.

From The Dining Table

You two haven’t spoken in two years.

Not since it all ended that night in the hotel room. When it all changed. When it all came crashing down. When awful words were said that couldn’t be taken back. When it all fell apart.

It started at a wedding, of all places. A friend of Harry’s was getting married in Hawaii, and had invited you both. You accepted the invitation, of course, excited for the chance at a nice vacation with your boy. The whole trip had been amazing up until the reception, when your tiny mistake of catching the bouquet opened up a conversation with Harry you realized you weren’t ready for. Marriage. Of course, you wanted to marry him, but it was never something that you ever discussed aloud. You often caught yourself imagining a life with him, and mini hims running around.

“Hey, hey! Look who’s caught the bouquet, H. Guess the next wedding we’ll be at, will be for the two of yeh!” Nick’s voice rings out above the music playing in the background.

You smile at him, sitting back down in your chair and turning to Harry. “Did you hear that, babe? We’re gonna have our own fancy wedding next” you say while elbowing him in the arm, obviously joking- although Harry doesn’t seem to catch on to that.

“Yeah, love. I’m sure” He mumbles, sipping out of his champagne glass, before resuming the conversation he was having with Nick.

His response rubbed you the wrong way, but you decided to ignore it. You rest your chin on his shoulder, to whisper in his ear. “Wanna dance with me?” pressing a kiss behind his ear. He turns his head towards you, lips pulled into a tight frown, while he thinks. He presses a kiss to your forehead, before answering. “How ‘bout we go up to the room? I’m quite tired, love. Too much champagne.”

Trying to hide the disappointment in your face, you agree. You both make your rounds, saying goodnight to everyone, before you make your way up to the elevator. He presses your floor, leaning against the wall with his hands in pants pockets. You throw the bouquet at him, but he’s not fast enough to catch it. “Well, you’re not getting married next are you, clutz?” you joke with him, leaning down to pick it up.

“Yeh don’t really believe in that, do yeh?” He scoffs at you. “I mean, jus’ ‘cause yeh caught it, doesn’t mean I’m wifin’ yeh tomorrow, yeh know”

You roll your eyes. “Of course, we’re not getting married tomorrow. But we will soon, right? It’s just a reminder of that” you state, holding the bouquet up in front of his eyes. “See? Now you’re reminded”

The elevator opens, you step out first with him following. “Love, a silly little thing o’ flowers isn’t gonna make me wanna get married” he replies, taking the room key of his back pocket. “Don’ think that’s for me” he says again, before moving to let you in first.

You turn around, looking at him with the most puzzled look on your face. Your eyebrows are furrowed, and you can’t stop the frown that’s made it’s way onto your lips. “What do you mean “not for you”? Marriage?” you ask.

“Jus’ not something I ever wanted” he says, while taking off his pastel yellow suit jacket. “Thought yeh knew that?”

Laughing sarcastically, you narrow your eyes at him. “Yeah, I totally knew that you never wanted to get married. Thanks for that info”

You take your heels off, throwing them next to your suitcase, turning your back to him. He’s unbuttoning his palm tree printed shirt, which you told him you didn’t like before the ceremony, and throwing that on top of his own suitcase. He turns to you -not sure how to approach you now.

“Love, look at me?” he whispers. You’re not budging from your spot and he sighs, walking over to you. “Will yeh turn ‘round, please?” he pleads, placing his hands on your shoulder.

You shove his hands off of you, whipping around. “Were you ever even planning to tell me this?” your voice full of much more anger than it was before. “Huh? Or were you just going to string me along this whole time?”

Harry sighs again, pressing the inside of the bridge of his nose between his fingers. A telltale sign that he’s getting frustrated. “O’course, I wasn’t gonna fuckin’ string yeh along. Can’t this jus’ be enough for yeh?”

“No. No, Harry. It cannot “just be enough” you snap. “What’s the fucking point of anything we’re doing, if it isn’t leading to anything”

“Jesus Christ, lots of people don’ get married and stay together” he snaps back, running his hands through his hair. “The hell is your problem?”

“My problem is that no matter what I do, I’m stuck here waiting for you. Waiting for you to get back from tour, waiting for you to be ready to commit to me. I’m always fucking waiting for you Harry” you sigh.

“What are yeh talking ‘bout?” he says. “Am I not here as much as I can be?”

You widen your eyes at him, “Oh yeah, I love when you’re in town. I get to be at home on the couch, while you’re out with your friends until God knows when!”

“That’s not fair, yeh know I have appearances to attend!” he scoffs, rolling his eyes. “Not my fault, yeh’d rather stay at home all the time”

“You never ask! God, do you even want a girlfriend? Sure as hell doesn’t seem like it!” you sneer, your anger rising by the second.

Harry stares you in the eyes, his mouth in a frown, before saying “Maybe I don’t”

You nod your head at him, walking to the bathroom to gather up everything that you left on the counter, throwing it back in your suitcase. Harry grabs your hands, trying to stop you from packing. “What the hell are yeh doing?” his voice now matching your anger.

“I have to go, I’m tired of waiting for you all the damn time” you yell at him. “I can’t just sit here and pretend like just being your girlfriend is enough for me”

“Well if yeh gonna fucking go, then go. Not like I can’t find someone else who’ll be okay with it” he shouts out, the champagne he had earlier clearly getting to him.

After a night that was supposed to be full of happiness, you left Harry in that hotel room; where 24 hours prior, you’d spent the entire day together. You hopped on the first plane back home, and never saw him again.

A knock on your apartment door breaks your focus on your tv screen. It’s well past midnight, and you weren’t expecting anyone over today. In the peephole is the last person that you would’ve ever expected. He’s standing in the hallway, in a pair of familiar dragon embroidered, silk pants. You hated them then, and you surely hate them now; somehow even more now that he’s in front of your door with them on. He knocks again, louder this time, and you realize you’ve been looking out the peephole for a good 5 minutes now. Inhaling deep, you reach for the knob to open the door. For the first time in 2 years, you’re standing face to face with Harry.

“H-Hi…..” he stutters out, wide-eyed and obviously nervous. You know because he’s doing that thing where he plays with his bottom lip; to occupy his hands.

“Hi” you sighed in return. He looked different and familiar all at the same time. He was bigger and much broader, sporting even more tattoos, but his same signature scent of cologne lingered in the air. “Not to be rude or anything, but…what are you doing here?” you decide to break the ice and ask.

“Not too sure myself to be honest with yeh” he answers with a small laugh. “I’m in town doing a bit o’ shows and I-I guess I just wanted to see yeh?”

“Um, do you- do you wanna come in?” you offer. Not expecting him to say yes, you open your door for him to enter, wishing you had cleaned before he came.

He’s looking around the living room, and everything looks the same as it was before. It reminds him that you went on with your own life, in the time that you were apart. Your painting is still crooked on the wall, the rug is still too small for the room, and there’s still that stain that he made on the couch with salsa. Breaking him from his thoughts, you ask him again “Harry, why are you here?”

“Love, I really miss yeh, yeh know?” he whispers, turning towards you to run a hand along the side of your face. “I’m a fucking idiot for never running after yeh that night”

“Harry…..don’t” you reply, removing his hand from your cheek. Running your hands through your hair, you sigh loudly. “You should leave, H”

“Okay, I will, I swear jus’- jus’ answer one thing for me? Please?” he pleads. Everything in you is screaming no, say no. But the way that he looks so desperate to hear your response, the way his eyes are looking so intensely into yours. You can’t say no.

“Okay” you mutter, breaking the eye contact between the two of you. “Okay, what is it?”

“Kiss me” he says simply. You snap your head up, your eyebrows furrowing. You’re about to decline before he interrupts you.

“Look, I know yeh might wanna say no, but just hear me out okay?” he begs. “I’ve missed yeh so much these past years” he begins, looking into your eyes again. “I jus’ want a better memory than us screaming at each other, if it’s gonna be the last one I ever get”

You walk into the kitchen, him following behind you. He watches you, waiting for you answer, while you grab onto the countertop and think. “You really hurt me, you know” you finally say.

“I’m sorry, love. I really am, if I could take it all back- I would I swear” he answers.

Against all your better judgement, you lean in to kiss him. It takes him a second to actually kiss back, your actions surprising him. He moves his hands up to hold your head; which is one of your favorite things about kissing Harry. He always took his time with it, never rushing anything, treating you with such care. Harry breaks away from the kiss, moving down to press sweet kisses against your neck, wanting to inhale your scent one last time.

“Make love to me” you whisper so low that he almost doesn’t hear. Almost. “One last time”

He holds your eyes for a minute, wanting to make sure that you really want this. “Are yeh sure?”

You take one of his hands and place it on your right breast, urging him to touch you again. “Please” you breathe out.

Harry wastes no time, moving to back you up against the steel fridge door. He’s kissing you with much more fervor now, more hunger, more desperation. He inches his fingers down to the drawstring on your sweatpants, untying it as best as he can with one hand. Breaking the kiss, he crouches down to get you out of your pants and pressing a kiss to your cloth covered center. Before pulling them down, he looks at you one more time as if to ask for permission. “Please” you repeat, giving him all the confirmation he needs.

He presses one long kiss to your clit, before moving down to press his tongue in deeper. “Already so wet for me” he whispers. His nose is nudging your button and he’s easing in two fingers, reaching your g-spot without any trouble. You grab onto the top of his head to pull him back up to your lips, because as much as you’ve missed his mouth on you, you missed kissing him even more. He’s moving his hands faster and in an up and down motion, making you cry out. He’s hitting that perfect spot that only he knows how to reach. “Come on, love. Give me what I want” he whispers against your mouth, his eyes unmoving from where he’s fingers are inside you. As if on command, you feel your release come and your thighs smack close around his hand, trying to stop its movement.

Your mind is now set on one thing and one thing only, which is to make him cum. The rational side of you gone out the window. Before you know it, you’re on your knees, unzipping his pants and pressing hot open-mouthed kisses to his thigh tattoo. When you pull his red boxers down, the length of him springs up to his stomach. He’s thick and pink and veiny, just as he always was, and you realize just how much you’ve missed having him like this. How responsive he was, how loud, how grateful.

You can see a tiny bit of precum beginning to leak out of his head, and you bend to lick it off. “Ba-Baby, fuck.” he groans out. “S’not what I want, babe. You gotta stop.”

He grabs a hold to the back of your thighs, lifting you to place you on the dining table and connecting his lips with yours once again.

A lot of memories were made on this dining table- like the first time he told you he loved you while eating ice cream, when you left him a key to this very apartment, when you had your first anniversary dinner…and many more. It’s only fitting that you two would also end on this same mahogany, table.

Phantom thieves with a mute S/O

(Just saying this was a super fun request and I loved writing this!)

•Akira is a very quiet man himself so in a way they connect like that
•he meet S/O when they showed up at Leblanc for a cup of coffee
•he’s not sure why but something about them just drew him to them
•he had tried to make conversation but all S/O would do was smile or move her head in agreement or disagreement
•at first Akira thought they were just shy but once he asked Sojiro about them he found out she was mute
•this only made him more interested
•the next time S/O came to the cafe was was prepared
•he pulled out a pen and a note book at places it next to their coffee
•"Sojiro told me that you were mute, I figured this would be the best way to talk to you"
•S/O is shocked at first that he would go to this extent to talk to her
•every since that day S/O tried to go to the cafe as much as possible to talk to Akira
•that note book he gave her held countless conversations between the two
•it didn’t take long for their relationship become more than just friendship
•Akira told her by giving her a cup of coffee with a heart made from cream
•"you’ve captured my heart S/O, your the sweetest, kindest person I’ve ever meet and I want to stand by your side for as long as you’d let me"
•S/O would be so shocked that all they could do was cry and nod their head frantically
•they two become inseparable from that point on
•S/O went to a different school, one that supported her
•because of this Akira would could straight from his school to hers to pick them up
•during the weekends they would go on regular dates to the planetarium and the amusement park
•Akira was also very protective of S/O
•if anyone every says anything about S/O being a mute you better believe they would stand up for them
•S/O would be the only person to be able to pull him away by gently tugging on his arm
•once S/O is able to pull him away Akira would pull them into a tight hug
•"I’m sorry you had to hear all that s/o, don’t listen to what they said. I don’t care if your mute, I fell madly in love with you just that way you are.“

•Ryuji is naturally a loud mouth so people might think the two would make an odd pair but it’s the complete opposite
•they first meet when Ryuji heard a group of people harassing a student behind the gym
•naturally he went over to break up whatever fight was going on
•that was when he saw S/O
•after dispersing the group he turned to see if S/O is okay
•S/O starts to move their hands quickly as they had a grateful smile on their face
•it takes a while for Ryuji to realise that the hand movements were actually sign language
•"A-Are you thanking me? I’m sorry I don’t know sign language… b-but I have pen! Just hold on a second, I know I have it somewhere”
•ever since then Ryuji would protect S/O making sure no one hurt them again
•at first Ryuji thought he just saw them as a friend, someone they had to protect
•this changed after Anne said the way they treated S/O was very similar to how a boyfriend would act
•everything just seemed to click in Ryuji’s brain after that
•the way his heart raced when they were near, how whenever they would grip his arm when scared or smile when she thanked him all made sense now
•He had fallen in love with S/O
•he had no idea how to approach this, should he write a note to confess? Maybe he should just tell them
•it took him awhile to think of the perfect way to confess his feelings
•he invited S/O to the park, saying that he wanted the two to go on a run together
•when S/O arrived though they found a flushed and nervous looking Ryuji
•S/O naturally reached for her pen and paper so they could start talking but Ryuji stoped them
•that’s when Ryuji started to sign to S/O
•It was a little sloppy but S/O was able to understand him
•that was when Ryuji signed that he was in love with S/O
•S/O didn’t know what to say, they were still for so long before they nodded their head and signed that they felt the same
•Ryuji grinned and pulled them close before he spoke
•"I promise ill protect you S/O, I won’t let anyone hurt you. I have no idea how you made me love you so much so quickly but you did.“

•Anne first meet S/O during childhood
•they went to the same middle school as each other and were always very close
•S/O and Anne did everything together, Anne even learnt sign language so S/O didn’t have to write everything
•During high school Anne realised her feelings for S/O
•She was defending them from a group of students who thought it would be funny to make fun of S/O
•almost on instinct she stood between S/O and the others
•"leave them alone! Do you think it’s funny to make fun of someone for reasons they can’t help? Your all worse than scum! I won’t let you say things like that to the person I love!”
•Anne hadn’t even realised she said what she said until she felt S/O’s eyes on her
•her heart stoped as she saw S/O stare at her wide eyed
•at first she was worried they wouldn’t feel the same way, that she had just ruined her friendship with them
•all that went away when S/O suddenly kissed her
•Anne couldn’t hide her smile as S/O signed that they loved her too
•ever since then Anne and S/O was a couple
•Anne is huge on PDA, they would hold hands in the hallways, secret kisses when no one was looking
•Anne wouldn’t let anyone talk about S/O in a negative way
•"S/O I love you, I won’t let anyone hurt you, I promise you that"

•S/O was in the same art class as him
•at first he though S/O were just naturally quiet, he never saw them talk only nod or shake their head when the teacher spoke to them
•he never found out why until S/O got paired with him to work on practice with anatomy
•he noticed how how S/O had a note book filled with short sentences and words
•at closer inspection he realised they were one half of a conversation
•his thoughts were confirmed when S/O smiles and wrote down that they were mute, hence the notebook
•Yusuke just nodded
•"I see… that’s why I’ve never heard you talk, all though I’ve seen your art. The way you use colour speaks for you"
•every since then the two become close
•Yusuke was amazed by how they were able to express words through their art
•He couldn’t help but admire their work
•Yusuke would stand up to anyone who spoke ill of S/O
•"you have no right to say such things about S/O, just because they don’t speak that doesn’t mean they are any less then you"
•it’s actually S/O that confesses first
•on Valentine’s Day S/O gave Yusuke and painting
•They didn’t have to say a word for Yusuke to know what they were trying to say
•"S/O… I had no idea you felt that way. I have to confess I have romantic feelings for you as well"

•As student council president Makoto knows what’s going on within the students
•when she heard about the new student she straight away went to get to know S/O
•She had knowledge of S/O’s muteness so she was ready
•Makoto became speechless the moment they saw S/O, they were amazing
•her heart rate only increased when she got to know them better, they were smart, kind and somehow able to make all her worried disappear
•she’s very quick to realise her feelings for S/O
•she wanted to make S/O’s life as easy as possible, knowing how much they spend on notebooks and pens to write Makoto learns sign language for them
•The first thing she signs to S/O when she learns it is her feelings to them
•S/O is surprised to say the least, they had no idea how such an amazing person would feel that way towards them
•when they express to Makoto, she is quick to reply
•"how could not love you S/O, I’ve never meet anyone whose made me feel this way before… your the only person whose made me feel so important. I love you S/O. I’ll always love you"

•They meet on an online message board
•they talked for hours online and become very close
•in fact the two started to have feelings for each other without meeting face to face yet
•Futaba after months of talking had asked to meet S/O face to face
•that’s when S/O finally confessed that they were a mute and was scared to meet because of that
•Futaba was surprised, she knew how it felt to be terrified to be in social interactions with people
•that was when she promised that everything would be alright, that she would be there for them
•it was because of those words that S/O took a train to meet Futaba at Leblanc
•the minute S/O arrived Futaba grinned and ran up to them
•"S/O your finally here! It’s great to finally meet you in person!“
•Futaba would drag S/O into a booth so they could talk
•that was when Futaba asked for S/O’s phone, saying that she knew of a way to make S/O’s voice heard
•nervously S/O handed over their phone and watched as she fiddled with it
•after five or so minutes Futaba grinned and handed the phone back
•"there! It’s a text to speech program, I fiddled around with code and made the voice less robotic, try it out!”
•When S/O tried it out they were shocked to hear how well it worked, it even made them tear up a bit.
•"Don’t cry S/O, people do this for the ones they love. I love you S/O, I love every little thing about you"

•Haru meet S/O on the roof top garden
•S/O was staring at the garden in fascination and wonder
•When Haru asked why she was up here that when S/O pulled out a notebook
•S/O wrote that they thought the plants would grow better with a more nutrient rich soil
•The two bonded over their love for gardening
•they would spend hours up on the rooftop, discussing plants and the garden
•Haru never thought twice about S/O being a mute, she didn’t mind waiting for S/O to finish writing something
•she even asked S/O to teach her basic sign language in order to make it easier for S/O
•Haru would realise her love for S/O when she caught S/O on the roof during a storm, covering the plants
•her heart warmed seeing how kind and sweet S/O was
•Haru placed an umbrella over their head and smiles
•"you’ll catch a cold like this S/O, please look after yourself"
•it take awhile for Haru to actually confess her feelings to S/O
•She doubted that they would feel the same as she did, after all they came from two different worlds
•after weeks of self doubt Haru decided to confess
•she invited S/O to the rooftop, the same place where they meet
•when S/O arrived Haru pulled out a Bellflower
•"You know what this flower means right S/O? You once told me that flowers can do all the talking for us if we allow them to. Bellflowers mean unwavering love… I love you S/O"
•S/O eyes widen at her confession but they quickly nod and look around before pulling out her phone
•Haru watched in confusion until S/O showed her a photo of an ambrosia
•"love is reciprocated… you love me back? Oh I’m so glad S/O! I promise you I’ll always be by your side! I promise…“

anonymous asked:

hello! i'd like to request some shinsou and tokoyami relationship headcanons

hii!!!!! my favorite birb and kitten in one post :’) 

Hitoshi Shinso

  • isn’t really affectionate with his s/o in public but will hold hands and hug them
  • would listen to what his s/o says even when it’s about something small, he’d think it’s cute when his s/o tells him every little thing that happens
  • loves to play with his s/o’s hair 
  • he’d be a great person to talk to about literally anything. like about space, afterlife, the purpose of doing anything, the future, almost anything 
  • on some days he might feel as if his s/o doesn’t love him anymore because of his quirk, but they would constantly remind him that he’s the only one they love
  • occasionally will send you those respectful and loving memes
  • explores the city and find new places no one ever found 
  • cute dates at the beach, watching the sun rise and set, little picnics in private places no one really knows about

Fumikage Tokoyami

  • dark shadow is the biggest shipper of you two and would ruin most intimate moments by giving tips and tricks
  • would be understanding and patient with their s/o and wouldn’t push them to say anything they don’t want to
  • he’d be a lot more open than he usually would be around others
  • exchanges of chokers would definitely take place, whether it would be him borrowing yours or vice versa. Occasional online shopping for chokers and other cute accessories too
  • cute nicknames like “love” and “dear”
  • share music and listen to your jams together 
  • loves to hold your hand because it’s softer and smaller than his and he finds comfort holding it
Seventeen reaction to their strong s/o breaking down

Request: “can you make how seventeen would react to girlfriend who seems very put together in public breaking down to cry with them in private?” by anon

shoutout for @wintersolqiers for helping me with ideas!


  • I think Seungcheol would have the maturity to know when to talk and when to simply comfort, and he’d be keyed into each situation to know the best response
  • I feel like here, he’d really show his strengths that come from being a leader
  • He would be able to comfort his s/o, and help calm them down
  • He wouldn’t push as to why; he’d just focus on getting them to a stable head space
  • He wouldn’t want his s/o to talk about why they feel the way they do; he wants his s/o to feel okay as soon as possible
  • He would use affection to try and help calm his s/o down, holding them close to him and kissing their forehead


  • This is where his understanding side would really come out 
  • Jeonghan’s had a few moments of emotional vulnerability too, so I think he’d be able to empathise 
  • He’d be able to piece together what was going on, so he wouldn’t ask questions as to why
  • He’d just try and calm his s/o down, telling them that things were going to be okay
  • He would be incredibly patient, telling his s/o to take their time, and that he’s there for them
  • I think he wouldn’t want to talk about why until his s/o was calmer, so that they could work through their feelings reasonably and without causing his s/o too much stress


  • Joshua is a very patient and understanding person, and I think that emotionally, he’s equipped for this sort of situation
  • He seems to have a very calming presence, and he’d try and amplify that to help his s/o feel better (even though this type of situation would stress him out)
  • Unlike the other two, I think Joshua would ask what was wrong; he’d want to get a proper grasp on the situation, to know what’s plaguing his his s/o
  • He wouldn’t press, but he’d try to encourage his s/o to talk to him, to get their feelings out
  • I think he’d turn to using physical comfort and a soothing voice in an attempt to calm his s/o down for both their sakes, because I feel like he’d be the type of person to be very easily affected by the emotions of his s/o; if they’re crying, he’ll end up crying too
  • Afterwards, he’d think meticulously about what happened; what triggered it, why his s/o had been overcome with such strong emotions, and how to avoid his s/o feeling like that in the future


  • He seems like a very emotionally stable person, so he’d be able to handle this sort of situation with great maturity 
  • Like Joshua, he would do his best to be a calming presence for his s/o, trying to hide any anxiety he had over this situation
  • He wouldn’t ask his s/o what’s wrong, partly because Jun seems like an exceptionally attentive guy and would probably have picked up on a problem already, and because he might think that’s counter-productive
  • What matters is that his s/o’s current mood improves; he would hate to see it escalate
  • He’d approach it from a very understanding, yet level-headed viewpoint, and I think that’d be comforting for his s/o
  • Like Joshua, he would analyse the situation afterwards, trying to understand why without having to put his s/o in an emotionally vulnerable position


  • He seems like he would be a font of strength in this sort of situation
  • I think, unlike the others above, Soonyoung would encourage conversation about it earlier
  • He doesn’t want to misstep, or misunderstand, so he’d ask his s/o what was wrong
  • He would definitely start hugging his s/o as soon as the tears started falling, because Soonyoung seems to be someone who turns to physical comfort when one of his loved ones are down
  • I think he’d be genuinely heartbroken to see his s/o like this, and it’s something that would probably haunt him long afterwards
  • But, he’d keep a big smile on his face, trying to appear as calm and reliable as possible, to help his s/o out (and to not cause any stress)


  • He’s certainly an action over words type of guy, so he’d be there to listen to his s/o and let them get it all out 
  • I think, because he’s on the more stoic side, he’d understand the need to let it all out; sometimes life gets overwhelming, and you can’t always keep that inside
  • I think he would want his s/o to use the situation in order to achieve some sort of cathartic release
  • If his s/o has had this emotional storm brewing inside them for a while, Wonwoo would want to let them get it all out
  • He might not be the best at connecting with the emotions of his s/o, but he’d do his best to be supportive partner
  • Afterwards, I think he’d be able to help his s/o to pinpoint what was giving them the most stress, and coming up with ways to handle it


  • He seems like he might not be the best with expressing things through words, but I think he’d show his concern through his actions
  • Like, he would bring his s/o a blanket, some tissues, and some water and so forth
  • During the brunt of the breakdown, he’d just sit with his s/o, rubbing their back and holding a box of tissues
  • I think he’d be figuring out what caused the breakdown; thinking back over the past few months to see if there’s anything he missed, anything causing them particular stress, etc.
  • I honestly think he would avoid conversation about it until his s/o felt comfortable enough to bring it up; as said, he’s not great with expressing his feelings through his words, so I think he’d have an easier time discussing what happened through a more logical lens
  • After that, he’d do everything he could to help relieve the stress on his s/o, ranging from little things like doing the laundry or washing the dishes, or larger things, like helping them organise important events, etc.


  • Seokmin would be devastated
  • At first, he’s going to be really disappointed in himself for not noticing that anything was wrong; he’d feel like a bad boyfriend, and he’d feel terrible about not being someone his s/o could talk to
  • He’s certainly the type to cry with his s/o; once he sees the tears streaming down their face, he’s gone
  • I think he’d be the type to be incredibly affectionate; expect a big bear hug and lots of pats on the back
  • I think the two of you would just stay locked in a hug while you cried together
  • He’d keep apologizing, saying how sorry he is that he didn’t realise you had so much pressure, and telling you that if they needed to talk to anyone, he’s there
  • Then honestly, I think both Seokmin and his s/o would just cry it out until the feeling passed


  • Mingyu is a very intelligent guy, especially when it comes to reading emotions
  • I think he’d know something was up before his s/o broke down; he’d know that they were struggling
  • But he wouldn’t realise how bad it was until his s/o started crying
  • I think he’d have quite a logical approach; he’d be able to pinpoint what it was that’s stressing his s/o out, and he’d logically talk them through what they can do to make things better, both in the moment, and the long term
  • He would suggest breathing exercises to try and calm them down, even going through the motions with them with an arm around them
  • I think Mingyu would want to distract his s/o as soon as possible; as soon as they were fit enough to go out and do something, he’d take them out
  • He’d try to distract them with activities until they felt ready to talk their feelings out


  • I think he would be a little awkward at first, because he’s not used to such powerful displays of emotion
  • But once he finds his footing, he’s going to be very attentive
  • He seems more of a listener to me; he wouldn’t necessarily give them advice or try to solve the situation, but he’d sit with you and let them talk about how they were feeling if they wanted to
  • He’d encourage his s/o to speak, even if he himself isn’t exactly comfortable with it; I think he’d know what his s/o’s comfortable with when it comes to this sort of thing
  • He’d be a very comfortable presence for his s/o; he’d let them cry, or ramble, or do whatever
  • Afterwards, he wouldn’t want his s/o to dwell on it; he’d try to distract them, either by going out, or watching a film, or anything else he knows that his s/o enjoys doing


  • I honestly think he would panic a bit
  • Seungkwan probably perceived his s/o as incredibly strong, so seeing them so vulnerable would be quite a shock to the system
  • I see Seungkwan as the type of guy that would admire their s/o so much, and I think as someone who has a lot of insecurities, he would’ve relied on his s/o a lot; seeing them like this would stress him out, because he wouldn’t know what to do
  • I think he’d get a little jumpy, fidgeting a lot and jerking around
  • He’d do his damned best, though; he’d be right there next to them, trying to speak as calmly as possible and telling them that it’s all going to be okay
  • I think he might try to use humour to defuse the situation, to varying levels of success


  • His level-headedness would really come into play here
  • I think he’d have picked up that something was going on before the breakdown; if anything, it was probably Hansol asking “are you okay?” that triggered the breakdown
  • I think Hansol would be one of the best at being comforting his s/o in this situation; he seems to be a deeply understanding and patient person, and that’d equip him well
  • I think, similarily to Wonwoo, he’d let his s/o cry it out; he’d think it’d be good for them to just release all their emotions, and he’d think that they’d be able to express themselves better afterwards
  • He’d very calmly talk his s/o through what they were feeling, and what had been happening in their s/o’s life to have brought them to this point
  • He’d also talk with his s/o about what both of them could do to in order to make things easier for his s/o, and how to avoid feeling this bad anytime soon


  • I see Chan as the sort of people who would want to fix the situation, and I think he’d definitely be analysing the situation in his mind even if he’s not discussing that with his s/o
  • He would want to stop his s/o feeling like that, but he wouldn’t necessarily know how
  • I think because he wouldn’t really know what to say, he would opt to just sit with his s/o, letting them cry it out
  • He’d want his s/o to have that cathartic experience, because he’d feel bad about the fact that they’d been holding all of this in for so long
  • I think Chan is mature enough to realise that he might not know the best thing in this situation, so I don’t think he would offer advice
  • Instead, he would simply ask if there was anything he could do for his s/o, whether it was to make them feel better or make things easier on them

I am 100% certain that someone has already pointed this out and made a whole post about this but I couldn’t find it. 

I was rewatching the movie (as one does), specifically the car chase where the gang is going back to the Citadel and Immortan et. al. chase after them in the desert. The scene I always go back to is the one where Max is hanging upside down and Furiosa is hanging onto him by a thread. The music when the guy with a baby doll on that back of his head is coming up behind Furiosa is just so unsettling. I just rewatch that scene over and over again. I love to hurt myself apparently by watching Furiosa get stabbed over and over again. 

The thing I am always drawn to is the faces Furiosa makes during those moments after she is stabbed. We all recognize that Charlize Theron can do amazing things with her face. But the look she gives Immortan Joe vs the look she gives Max in that sequence is just so…ugh. 

~~~Gifs/pics not mine but are meant to indicate my thoughts~~~

-When she looks at Immortan after she has been stabbed/sees Toast stuck in the car with him.


-The face she makes when Cheedo yells at Max that she is hurt. Hurt real bad.


The first is her anger and fury at this whole thing. She is stabbed. Has lost one of the sisters and is getting blocked in by the People Eater and Immortan. But she looks like stone or fury. Hard and immovable. A force to still be reckoned with. 

The second is a few minutes after she has been injured and after Max has moved the People Eater’s truck. She is weakening due to blood loss. He is also someone who she can show weakness and vulnerability to. She has to keep a tough exterior when facing Immortan and all those who seek to end her. But with Max (and kinda the gang) she can open up a bit and show this worry and fear about what is happening right now. Cuz things are bad at this moment. 

God. I just love this movie and all the little details. I can watch it over and over and appreciate all o the little things. 

anonymous asked:

Kacchan with a relatively calm s/o who just goes with the flow? Like huge amounts of patience and usually just shrugs things off. This is totally me cuz when Trump won and everyone was saying how it's chaotic and such...I was just like meh oh well, what can you do? Now time to look at some dank memes. Im sorry if I weirded you out.

Katsuki Bakugou

-Bakugou would be so taken aback about how his s/o couldn’t get upset over anything. 

-Would try to make his s/o angry by doing little things to annoy them like turn the volume on the tv down so they couldn’t hear it, or leave the seat up.

-If it’s something that s/o can’t control, he can see as to why they don’t get overly emotional. Katsuki would still be upset that they didn’t show anything on their face when they found out. 

-”I can’t control it.” “WELL CAN YOU AT LEAST ACT LIKE YOU CARE?” Those would be common phrases that would be heard from the two.

Sorry that I fell off the face of the earth for awhile! By the way, if you guys want to call me something you can just call me Tea!

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Lazy Sunday for Dabi, Aizawa, and Tokoyami?

  • Dabi likes to surprise his s/o with little things that he’s stolen bought for them
    • He actually wants you to be happy. Just don’t ask about where he got it from … or about the store owners … or the employees … they might not be there anymore …

  • If the weather is particularly nice, then Aizawa’s s/o can find him napping in the hammock with his daughter snuggled into his chest.
    • The two are basically like cats, they love napping in the sun

  • Tokoyami enjoys making apple pies with his s/o
    • He thinks it’s cute when you make small messes with the ingredients. He likes gently thumbing away flour from your face
    • Even Dark Shadow likes to make an appearance to help out.

just--a-pervert-guy  asked:

can i request akira,ryuji, ann and makoto, dealing with a blind s/o? like those little things that we see in movies the blind person slowly touching their face to "see" them, and this s/o is also a phantom thief, but they can see because of their persona who works like a sonar(you can think of mitsuru on p3) and the format i want is hc ok?

I decided to combine these two requests together since they’re talking about the same topic!

I’ll be having fun with this one, time for some fluffiness and possibly epicness from the blind S/O.

I spent a bit of time researching more information on the blind, I hope this is accurate!

NOTE: I wanted to write S/O’s awakening to their Persona first since I won’t write new awakening scenes with each character.


S/O’s awakening:

  • Even though they’re blind, they were able to and actually had a cellular phone of their own.
  • They mostly had to memorize the layout of the keypad. with some assistive technologies and built-in accessible functionalities, they were able to use the mobile phone to a certain extent.
  • It’s no surprise that this S/O knew the Phantom Thieves already, not their true Identity, but just them as “friends”. they wouldn’t reveal themselves to anyone else.
  • One day, S/O received a message.
  • They weren’t able to read what it said without some kind of technological advanced A.I. reading it for them.
  • “Mementos.” The message said.
  • They could feel the change in the atmosphere approaching, the air feels different, their body feels heavy, the sounds of people talking were replaced by eerie gushes of wind.
  • They had no choice but to shout out and call anyone, it seems they’re getting no reply.
  • The phone doesn’t seem to be working, they can’t find the keypad and all the built-in assistive technologies they prepared doesn’t seem to be functioning anymore.
  • They were walking around, they could feel the marble tiles underneath, mixed in with what seems to be.. veins..?
  • They slipped and hit the ground underneath, where they could feel the texture of rails.
  • “I-is this a station..? It’s awfully quite..”
  • They were walking around the place endlessly, S/O completely lost their common sense.
  • They couldn’t understand why the rails would have so many turns and dead-ends, and they could’ve sworn there was something similar to a large, locked metal door.
  • They kept shouting names, calling out to someone who would be out there. but all they were greeted with were faint sounds of humans screaming.. or was it singing?
  • Before they heard a growl from behind, they were frightened.
  • They screamed as the growl grew harder, they could feel the pressure of heavy footsteps the unknown entity was making, breaking through the wind and making a run for S/O.
  • That’s when they heard a voice in their head…
  • “You’ve made me wait long enough.”
  • “Darkness serves a purpose, to show us that there is redemption through Chaos.”
  • “But you mustn’t keep your eyes closed evermore.”
  • “You are only as blind as you want to be, we only see the world as we are, not as how it is.”
  • “Now, open them. see the world as I perceive it!”
  • S/O tears the mask at this point, and when they open their eyes, they can see what they thought was someone else, but it turns out it’s them.
  • They couldn’t believe it, they were seeing the world from their persona’s Eyes. but could still feel their actual body.
  • That’s when they screamed, seeing the hideous scenery around them.
  • They decided to confront their friends about the message in their phone, that’s when the others revealed their true identities. and S/O joined the Phantom Thieves as a secondary Navi.


  • He first met S/O at Leblanc, who came in for a hot cup of coffee.
  • They were walking with a crane, examining the surroundings and listening intently to the sounds around them.
  • Sojiro helps S/O sits down, and grabs them a cup of coffee without asking what they’d like to have.
  • Akira figured Sojiro knew the customer, and when he questioned him about it after they left, he replied: “They’re blind”.
  • Akira made a note to pay extra attention the next time they visit.
  • When they did, he’s the one who rushed to help them.
  • Gently grabbing them and helping them find the way without talking.
  • “You’re not Sakura-san, are you?” They said.
  • “How did you know?” Akira replied.
  • “When you pay attention to your other senses, you can recognize anything almost immediately. the way you walk, the way you held me, your touch.”
  • Akira was fascinated by how perceptive S/O was, and offered them a free cup of coffee, it’s all on him.
  • He introduced them to the Phantom Thieves after a while, they all were very friendly and welcoming, which made S/O feel at home.
  • As the days went by, he paid them much attention. helping S/O get in the coffee shop and memorizing the time-period of their visits.
  • S/O grew comfortable around him, and they were able to recognize him just by a touch of his hand.
  • Akira questioned the way he behaved around them, he knew it wasn’t sympathy that drove him to do all these things.
  • Plus, he believes a disability is not something you should pity people for, it’ll only make them feel worse.
  • He knew he had loved them, and to his surprise, they were the same.
  • S/O would gently feel his glasses, take them off and wear them as if they can see. Akira loves it when they do that.
  • he thinks they look cute with glasses.
  • and even though S/O’s vision is almost dark, they were able to catch glimpses of his face. how beautiful Akira’s face is.
  • The only time they’re truly ever able to grasp the beauty of Akira’s face is in the Metaverse, where they can see him clearly.
  • He always smiles at S/O’s Persona whenever they do something outstanding, knowing that S/O’s the one who’s gonna see it.


  • This baby boy met his S/O during the training back in the track team.
  • He’d notice an odd person sitting on the grass fields while he and his team were running around.
  • He had no Idea what they were looking at, sometimes, they seemed to look intently at him, following his traces. and other times, they just looked at some random point in the sky and smiled.
  • They were there day after day, even the days he wasn’t training. he couldn’t help but wonder “What the ‘eff is up with them?”
  • So one day, he decides to confront them. and to his surprise, they weren’t looking at him while they were talking. when he asked what they’re doing here every day, they simply replied with “I enjoy my senses.”
  • He was confused but realized there’s something wrong with their eyes.
  • S/O giggled quietly, and proceeded to say “I’m blind if you’re wondering.”
  • That’s when it hit him, he felt embarrassed for doubting a blind person of having a crush on him or something.
  • It was actually the opposite, he was the one who grew a crush on them.
  • No one had to confess, they both felt love for each other and before they even know it, they’re already in a relationship.
  • He’ll always be extra careful when it comes to S/O, He’ll carefully help them find the way. 
  • But more than anything, he enjoys carrying them on his back.
  • He’ll work extra hard on his body, making sure that he’ll always be strong enough to protect S/O.
  • S/O likes feeling Ryuji’s face, they feel the strong jawline of his. and his smooth but hard cheeks. They’ll touch his face slowly until they’re satisfied. but somehow the heat from his face progressively gets higher.
  • We all know the boy is blushing.
  • He enjoys S/O’s gentle and affectionate touch, caressing his cheeks softly.
  • even though S/O sometimes gets annoyed by Ryuji’s constant attention, they can’t help but let him be.
  • Ryuji understands that they don’t need him because they’re independent, but when he’s around them, he’s insistent on doing everything for them.
  • In the Metaverse, he couldn’t get used to fighting without looking at them.
  • Sometimes, he gets hurt just because he took a glance and “checked on them”.
  • The other Phantom Thieves scold him for being so worried about them, and keep reminding him they can see with their Persona in the metaverse
  • He’ll always talk to S/O directly, and they can see him through their Persona. sometimes, they wish they’d just take a long good look at his face from the front.


  • Their blind S/O was an artist, but not your ordinary type of artists.
  • They’d touch, hear, and feel the things then proceed to draw them on a canvas as to how they perceive it would look like.
  • Their paintings were very abstract, but they always get rejected by the museum or the art exhibit. saying the art is too basic or too bad.
  • Yusuke couldn’t help his curiosity, he went on to talk to them about why they’re so persistent on drawing.
  • That’s when he figured out they were Blind, which just made him far more interested. These paintings looked good, especially for someone who’s completely blind.
  • He tried his best to help them get into the art exhibit but to no avail.
  • He kept contacting S/O until they came on terms as working on partners, or even something more than that.
  • They accepted each other and loved each other to death.
  • He promised to help them create a piece that could get a place in a museum. 
  • he sympathizes with the fact that they cannot see the beauty of this world but envies them by how self-aware they are, and how their senses are on a superior level.
  • He’ll describe the object to his best abilities, using the more advanced vocabulary out there. Assuming S/O knows of shapes.
  • He’ll grab their hands and move them around the canvas, telling them to fix that and do this.
  • S/O likes grabbing his hands, they’re smooth to the touch.
  • With time, S/O gets used to hand movements, and are now moving them around as if Yusuke was with them.
  • He’d waste more of his tight budget to secure their happiness, and the phantom thieves end up paying for his food.
  • In battle, He’s actually glad they could finally see.
  • The two of them occasionally go to Mementos, where they paint.
  • and he shows them the paintings they’ve created while they’re blind.
  • He’ll treat them the same he treats normal people, just with slightly more gentleness, he doesn’t want S/O feeling shame from their disability.


  • She definitely was friends with S/O ever since they were little.
  • She never abandoned them and defended S/O whenever someone made fun of their disability.
  • She enjoys how profoundly detailed they are when it comes to tasting desserts.
  • It’s as if they have some kind of super-sensory powers.
  • They’ll critique the flavor, the texture, and all the other factors in extreme details. and they’re always accurate.
  • She feels they’re as insulted by overcompensating kindness, as by judgment. so she refrains from being too kind.
  • She speaks to them in a normal language, using her body to visualize and connect with them. even though they can’t see, S/O can feel Ann’s constant movements.
  • S/O enjoys being spoken to in this manner, Ann makes them feel completely “Normal”.
  • She appreciates how aware they are of their environment, and how much they can feel her love for them.
  • When she kisses them, they describe how that felt in profound details.
  • She can’t help but blush, they completely changed her insights on how life is. and she realized losing your sight makes you appreciate what you have left.
  • She’ll always think of S/O when she models, she feels empowered by the idea of showing emotions and giving off a positive Aura instead of looking good.
  • She’ll always show S/O her model pictures, and describe them to her best abilities. she succeeded in getting this far thanks to them after all.
  • In the Metaverse, they were quite surprised by how sexy good looking she is.
  • She couldn’t believe they could finally see her, and she’ll always depend on them & Futaba when it comes to navigation.
  • She always gets freaked out by the Idea of having your eyes on another body, hence why she compliments S/O for being so brave. It’s not their choice.


  • Being the honor student in the school, and the president of the student council, She is obligated to help each and every student.
  • One of the students, in particular, was a Blind one, and Makoto had to help them study many of the subjects.
  • A lot of teachers and students spread rumors about them, a delinquent, a criminal, and now a blind? Where is this school going to?
  • After hearing all that, Makoto did her best to be there for S/O. she was always ready to help even outside of school.
  • she’d read the texts for them, and inform the teachers to go easy on them behind their back.
  • She’d ask if S/O needs help, instead of forcing it on them.
  • She’d be completely honest with them, if they made a mistake she’ll scold, so they won’t repeat it again.
  • But she’ll be reassuring when scolding them, she doesn’t want to be too harsh. she loves them after all.
  • she understands they are as responsive and as engaging with the environment as any other human being.
  • If they succeed, she’ll congratulate and celebrate with them in an enticing way, but that doesn’t mean S/O gets to relax.
  • Soon after, she’ll start working hard with S/O towards achieving greater things, one of them being the perfect relationship between them.
  • In the metaverse, she’ll lecture S/O about how things work almost every time. It became a habit of hers.
  • Any mistakes S/O makes will not be tolerated. They can finally see and sense in extraordinary levels thanks to their disability fused with their Persona’s capabilities. And she’s afraid they might get injured.
  • In battle, she will accordingly wait for S/O’s opinion on the matter.
  • She’ll be trusting them very much, and she’ll do anything they say. no matter how reckless it may be.
  • She believes in the blind’s judgment, sometimes, she feels like their disability made them a better person than anyone else.

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Cute things Reiner/Marco/Bertl/jean would do for their s/o headcannons?

• Reiner
+ Massaging his s/o’s feet
+ Occasionally painting their toe nails.
+ Attempting to do their hair.

• Marco
+ Buying his s/o cute little things like teddy bears and sweets.
+ Running their bath water for them after a long day.
+ Reminding them of how beautiful they are.

• Bertholdt
+ piggyback rides!
+ Showering his s/o’s face with kisses.
+ Long hugs.

• Jean
+ Cuddles when his s/o is stressed out.
+ Making dinner for them (and breakfast).
+ Waking his s/o up every morning with a kiss.

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Do you guys do Thace HCs? If you do, could I ask for some generally fluffy romantic stuff??

eye emoji, i am happy to comply with your wish my friend - Mod Lyra

  • Not really big on super long kisses or passionate ones (possibly would do those in a private setting, and during rare intimate moments), favors more short and quick kisses. He’s a bit of a stressed guy dealing with everything, so he hardly has moments of passion.
  • If Thace’s s/o is shorter than him (and honestly he’s a tall, so probably yes), then he probably has to bend down to give his s/o kisses, or even consider the fact he might have to pick up his s/o and give them kisses, set them on a surface so it’s easier on them both. He finds it cute if his s/o laughs while they’re kissing. 
  • Thace is quite protective of his s/o and does small little things to make sure that they’re okay. Would probably play into the fact when he and his s/o sleep in the same bed, he wants to be the big spoon, he likes to hold his s/o and make sure that they’re actually there. He has probably lost a lot. The one thing he doesn’t want to lose is his s/o. Would do his best to keep his s/o protected and probably would take a hit for them if it meant they would be okay. Often buries his face into their neck and squeezes their waist, to make sure they’re really there and in his arms.
  • Likes to curling his s/o’s hair around his fingers and just likes to feel how soft their hair is, or run his claws (?) through their hair, especially when they’re sleeping. He likes seeing them relax and just melt into his touch. 
  • He tends to keep a front up in front of his superiors and the rest of the galra, but when he’s around his s/o he’s visibly less tense (especially in a private setting). He kind of almost melts around them? Especially if they hold his face and ask him if anything is wrong or if something is bothering him, tries not to dump all his issues onto his s/o. Would just nuzzle their palm and crack a smile and say, “it’s nothing.”
  • Really appreciates the tender moments between him and his s/o, takes what he can when it comes to serving in the main fleet. Likes small touches he might exchange with his s/o, like a hand on the shoulder during an intense moment to make sure they’re okay, gently grabbing their elbow to grab their attention, and sometimes holding hands for a brief moment to run his thumb over their knuckles and give it a little squeeze. Probably also really likes it when his s/o rubs his ears a little bit, but will not admit it (the tint in his cheeks is super obvious though…)
  • He’s kind of a hypocrite because he values communication and honesty in his relationship but also, he’s in the blade of marmora and he can’t tell his s/o all of the dangerous stuff that he does. He feels bad for lying to his s/o, but regardless of that, he’s quite patient and a good partner to have. Would treat his s/o with the respect and love they deserve

Originally posted by rmontr

Note: Kindly forgive any inconsistencies in my work and BTS’ personality traits because I based this work purely on their zodiac signs. These signs are based on Western astrology. There would still be differences in Chinese and East-Asian astrology and Vedic (Hindu) astrology. Unless requested, I usually make the signs based on Western astrology because it is the easiest to do according to birth months, as the other two types of astrology have a lot of branches that I would need to explain in order to be understood (i.e. numerology, yin-yang equivalences, celestial stems, earthly branches, animal signs, Korean zodiac, etc). If anything isn’t clear and you want some clarification, you can just message and I would gladly respond.

EXO (OT12) Version


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Good luck on the new blog!! Excited to see whats in store. 💙 Can we get headcannons with monoma, izuku and shinsou with a gf who's taller than them? Not that its hard to imagine with deku, he's like 5'2" my sweet son

Thank you! It would definitely be unsuccessful without your awesome requests! This is so cute (Deku is so cute, indeed). Enjoy!

Word count: 749.

Monoma Neito:

  • In the beginning of the relationship he is pretty jealous of his s/o’s height. He isn’t a short dude, and maybe because of that he doesn’t like being looked down.
  • The first time his s/o tripped he felt a bit relieved, since he was finally a bit taller than her; he was too engrossed in his satisfaction to help her onto her feet, and she got so angry that he received the silent treatment for a week. He is very embarrassed about his selfish behavior and appears with a bouquet of sunflowers because they’re tall help him he doesn’t know what he is doing.
  • If his s/o’s height is caused by her Quirk, he will copy it and smirk smugly about finally being as tall as or taller than her. It actually makes him happy, so she just lets him be for those five minutes.
  • If his s/o apologizes for making him feel bad because he is shorter than her, he will feel flattered and actually very satisfied. Cuddling session with body worship ensues.
  • When his s/o defends him by intimidating other people he is like, so very confused? “Shouldn’t it be the other way around? I have to protect you.” Actually the first nice thing he said concerning her height.
  • As the relationship develops, he becomes proud of his s/o’s height. He goes everywhere like “This is my wonderful and amazing…ly tall [Name], how come she is taller than you, huh?” “Neito, for the love of…”

Midoriya Izuku:

  • Wouldn’t mind his s/o’s height, or her physical appearance for that matter; she would be just as beautiful were she tall or short.
  • Very shy about hugs because he is just the perfect height for his face to end up landing on her chest and he totally wasn’t ready for that the first time she hugged him; he always asks her to crouch down a little for hugs, so his heart’s integrity remains intact.
  • He isn’t going to make the first advance to kiss her, partly because he is too shy, partly because he can’t reach her face. His s/o will have to take the step, unless they’re both sitting down and he has been planning the first kiss for months and months.
  • Totally doesn’t like when she teases him about being too short, even though she is always innocent and never means to offend him, which in itself makes him happy in the inside to know that she cares.
  • If the reason behind her tall height is her Quirk, he is going to be so impressed and admire her even more. He has a very, very special page in his notebooks for his lover’s Quirk and he usually draws little hearts on the margins; his reaction when she found it was absolutely adorable.
  • #1 Fan, will have her on a pedestal like he has All Might. Endless reassurance if she ever feels self-conscious about her height, and seeing him stand by her whenever she needs it is the sweetest thing ever.

Shinsō Hitoshi:

  • Cannot care less about his s/o’s height. She is just the person he likes, even if she was shorter than him. Height presents no problem in the relationship for him.
  • In the beginning he is very careful with his words, because he doesn’t want to hurt his s/o in any way. He may even look a bit cold, since he doesn’t even talk much to her; she will have to come closer and ask him if it’s something she did wrong, which makes him feel incredibly guilty because he had made her feel bad because he didn’t want to hurt her and his head hurt after all the intense thinking and irony of the situation.
  • Makes little jokes all the time after gaining confidence and trust, but is always sweet and careful about them. “How is the weather up there, love?”
  • He is pretty tall himself, so the height difference will probably be small. If she is insanely tall, because of her Quirk, he is going to be fascinated, and ask many questions about how it works (and more jokes).
  • They defend each other, he uses his Quirk and his sass and she intimidates whoever ever calls him a good-for-nothing. The best mutual-protection squad, I’m telling you.
  • Appreciates when his s/o does these little things to make him feel better about being shorter, like not wearing high heels and using flat shoes instead, or kneeling down and kissing him all over his face, or saying “Boop!” while poking his nose.
nct 127 mtl likely to be okay w/ their s/o getting jealous easily (requested)

request: Mtl likey to be okay with their s/o getting jealous easily? (But not acting crazy about it, just lowkey) Thank you!

a/n hellooo im doing mtls first bc they’re easier to do but feel free to request scenarios although my to do list is kinda cramped. masterlist here!












haechan & yuta - since they’re the type to get easily jealous themselves they wouldn’t really mind this imo. idk i just think they’d just laugh it off and assure their s/o that its nothing to worry about

johnny, taeyong, doyoung, jaehyun & mark - yeah so i think these 5 would be pretty neutral about it, like, i think they’d find it annoying if it happens a lot but wouldn’t really mind if it isn’t that much ????

taeil & winwin - taeil wouldnt be vocal about it but i’d say he’d get kinda ticked off if his s/o got jealous over little things, but ya he’d just stay quiet about it. winwin is already quiet and i feel like he could be sensitive when it comes to jealousy and pretty much just needs someone to build him up rather than get jealous over lil things ya know,,,,,

anonymous asked:

Headcanons for Jonathan, Jotaro and Josuke with an S/O who's very sweet and innocent like when sober but turns into a bamf when drunk? :p

•He thinks s/o is the cutest little thing
•Just as sweet as him
•They’re honey mooning on the ship and Jonathan sips some wine
•"Would you like to try some love? It’s very good you should have at least just a sip"
•Three glasses later Jonathan is like, “oh my god what have I done”
•Let’s s/o lead them around and do what they would like to
•He likes tropical drinks and eating tacos on the beach
•Just having a casual date with his S/o when out of nowhere they want to go swimming
•Gets in the water and plays shark with them for a bit
•Now it’s a game as to who can pull the others bottoms off first
•Surprised at the change but doesn’t show it
•"Alright what the fuck.”
•At a party
•He doesn’t drink because Tomoko would kill him before the alcohol poisoning did
•Trying to find his s/o when out of nowhere sees them crowd surfing and everybody is shouting their name
•Stands there frozen in shock
•Enemy stand??
•Nope their just wasted
•Walks them home because he loves to hear them tell the story of how they fought 3 porcupines at once
-Admin Jules╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

anonymous asked:

Saeran Headcanon: He is REALLY rough| (Imeancomeonweseethis) LOVES to give pain to the S/O and hearing little things from them like little shrieks or even squeals as he knows they love it| Not a big fan of daddy| is willing to try new stuff like toys to play with their S/O| lolol hope to see u soon from Secretive Anon lolol

Feel free to send in your own headcanons! etc,,