Three snowflakes on the left inner arm by Banul…


Snowflake Moray Eel Echidna nebulosa


Because we got snow where I live today ☺️❄️

ok but imagine if phil actually did develop a game now??? it would be SO intricate and beautiful with such a fantastic storyline and deep characters and so many puns and references (and inside jokes) and a great soundtrack and plot twists and moral questions it would be undertale but better bc it would be so PHIL and there would be characters based on ppl he’s friends with now and definitely one after dan and dan would be so proud of him and be praising every part of it the whole time they’re playing it and !!!!! wow I’m getting emotional !!!!! PETITION FOR PHIL TO DEVELOP A GAME

Real Talk

Anyone who has ever called liberals “snowflakes” has obviously never seen a man react when he’s told no 🙄🙄🙄

And to clarify (because I guess some people missed the point) I’m talking about how butthurt some people act when they get a response they don’t like.

If I tell someone I don’t want your sexual advances or unsolicited dick pics I shouldn’t expect to get nasty comments in response.