KAY SO THIS WAS MY MAJOR HIGHLIGHT OF THE TRIP (Ok there was a TON of amazing stuff but THIS)

This right here is a Pegasus-class Hydrofoil, the PHM-5 Aries.

There is ONLY ONE LEFT in the whole world!! And it’s an extremely unique ship type - a military hydrofoil, and armed to the teeth for a ship of its size! Only a handful of countries had ships like this around the world, and very few were built. They have all since been decommissioned.

Military hydrofoils are hands-down my favorite type of marine vessel…seriously, this thing was INSANE. The declassified speed is 48 kts but I found documentation that clocked it up to 63 kts…guys, that’s 70 mph


This poor guy is pretty neglected though, I tried to contact the volunteer group who runs it and nothing. Looks like not much has been done to the ship since it was salvaged from the scrapper - Aries isn’t even afloat, he’s sunk into the mud…!! And located in some tiny-ass town (population under 1000 people) in northern Missouri to boot - so not much exposure, or any sort of access to proper equipment. D: Nooo! I really hope they pull together and get the Aries running again, it’s an extremely rare and unique ship, and it’s be a shame to loose this piece of epic Navy history!