You’re being fabulously indiscreet. Nobody’s watching you? Oh, I think they are.
(on who’d make a good Tory leader)
Well, I think we’d have feared George Osborne!
You’re just saying that!
(Embarrassed giggling from George)
I know Boris Johnson quite well, and he’ll have a little smile on his face right now.

George advises David on the public’s expectations in his post Prime-Ministerial life.

24 Hours Over Europe With George Osborne

The first thing that strikes me about Osborne is that for all his austere reputation, he’s not really that overbearing. He’s relatively quiet, rarely deviating from the official lines when he’s in interview mode, but a little more relaxed when he’s with his entourage. His demeanour, interactions, and answers to questions are methodical and logical. He’s confident in his own ability but fairly functional. Often there’s the sense that he is convinced his solution to a political problem is so obviously the correct answer that it’s just a matter of time before everyone else in politics catches up.