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OTP: Highsnobiety In Hiding.

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How about some headcannons with the Phantom thieves having a mute s/o or crush?

You got it! Thank you for sending this dear!! Enjoy! <33


  • Being soft-spoken and quiet himself, he’s very understanding toward his crush.
  • Akira became accustomed to sign language for the purpose of communicating effectively with them, and that was how he asked them out.
  • They accepted, and signing wasn’t required for the duo to express their exuberance to each other; it was written all over their faces.
  • The two make a fantastic couple; despite the lack of words being exchanged on S/O’s part, their communication is exceptional and they’re constantly conversing or laughing with each other.
  • He loves to wink at them because it makes them giggle and blush.
  • Akira only speaks when he’s prompted to or when he’s ordering food for S/O, answering the phone for them, etc.
  • Ensuring their comfort is nonnegotiable, so if they’re engaging in a social outing Akira won’t take his eyes off of S/O.
  • Granted, he never does anyway; words cannot describe how special they are to him.


  • In addition to Akira, Ryuji also learns sign language to understand what S/O’s saying to him, and he becomes adept at it rather quickly since he’s a kinesthetic learner.
  • He speaks as he signs, but sometimes his mouth moves faster than his hands and S/O thinks it’s adorable.
  • He’s very mindful of S/O’s body language, and it amplifies when they’re in public; his arm is curled around their waist the entire time.
  • He might even give them a piggyback ride.
  • If Ryuji ever witnesses someone using quiet hands on S/O, he wastes no time in calling them out after he makes sure that S/O is all right.
  • They go on arcade dates often, and he thinks the silent pout that invades their lips whenever they lose is the most adorable thing he’s ever beheld.
  • The couple frequently exchanges silent glances, and they always smile bashfully when they catch each other.


  • Initially, Ann and S/O communicate via texting until they teach Ann how to sign.
  • She’ll sign if S/O’s hard of hearing, but for the most part she simply speaks since she habitually gestures with her hands.
  • When the two are in public, their fingers are usually interlaced until S/O needs to use them.
  • Ann loves making the heart symbol with her hands, and S/O reciprocates the gesture with a fond smile on their face.
  • She grows accustomed to S/O’s body language and expressions, hence she can somehow discern what they’re thinking without signing. Ann still does it though, just to be sure.
  • She especially adores the expression on their face when they eat something delicious because their eyes widen and sparkle under the light.
  • If the couple visits the karaoke bar with friends, Ann cheerfully substitutes for S/O.
  • They also play charades, and while S/O is exceptional at it, Ann is terrible.


  • Yusuke asked his crush out by sketching a drawing of the park and signed the phrase, “Will you do me the honor of accompanying me on a date?”
  • Naturally, they accepted his invitation; however, Yusuke’s vocabulary was limited, so the two had to resort to using his sketchpad to communicate.
  • S/O instructs him further in regard to their language, and since he’s good with his hands, he develops the skill quickly.
  • Yusuke will bend down so S/O can whisper in his ear (in the case of them having selective mutism). The first time he hears them, a rosy pink dusts his cheeks and his heart flutters.
  • Yusuke speaks softly while he signs, and his movements are very fluid and easily comprehensible. One of the happiest days of his life was when S/O introduced him to Pictionary.
  • If he’s painting and they require his attention, they have his full consent to tap his shoulder. Even when he’s in mid-stroke, he’ll immediately pause and direct his attention toward them, lacking any indication of irritation from being interrupted. 
  • It’s quite the opposite; his expression is one of patience and softness.


  • Makoto offers to carry objects for S/O so they can maintain the use of their hands; that’s actually how they met and commenced their relationship.
  • Like Yusuke, her movements when signing are very polished and confident. She speaks like she would with anyone else.
  • She learned by studying various books that Sae handed down to her.
  • Makoto isn’t bothered by their silence in the least, and the duo often studies/reads together while snuggling.
  • Cooking is another favorite activity of theirs, and they always chat at the table. If she’s off of work, Sae partakes in the conversation too.
  • Makoto may have pulled a few strings to ensure that S/O doesn’t get called on during class.
  • She loves dancing with them. No words are mandatory; they only require each others’ warmth as they gently embrace and sway to the drumming of their peaceful hearts.


  • Futaba likely already knows conversational sign language, or at least the very basics.
  • Alternatively, she’d partake in an online course to learn it, and she discovers that she prefers it to speaking vocally.
  • When Futaba asked her crush out, she refrained from speaking at all (mostly due to nerves). They accepted with a reddened face.
  • Futaba finds it quite reassuring that she doesn’t need to speak when she’s with S/O, and she only ever uses her voice when she’s around friends, Sojiro, or when it’s absolutely vital.
  • They text even when they’re sitting directly adjacent to each other, and the two frequently listen to music while conversing.
  • Futaba kisses their hands when they cuddle, and S/O never fails to reciprocate the gesture. Hugs are also very common between the two.


  • Haru definitely pays for lessons in sign language, and her motions are very graceful.
  • When they stroll around the city, they link pinkies and place intermittent kisses on the backs of each other’s hands.
  • S/O will meet Haru on the rooftop after school, and after tending to the garden they’ll sit at the table to discuss their day, or any other topics that come to mind.
  • She’ll patiently wait for them to finish signing before she chimes in, and if others attempt to interrupt S/O, Haru will politely remind them to wait their turn.
  • Haru occasionally hums to S/O when they cuddle; in addition, she’ll stroke their hair or their back and whisper sweet nothings.

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In the precious omageverse, how does Naboo unfold? What of Anakin? Is Palpatine intrested in Obi-wan?

His master is gone.

But not only that, his mate is gone.

Its making it so hard to focus and he’s not even in their nest. No he’s in a bed on Naboo, on the planet that took his master from him as Anakin sits by his side and pets his hair gently, several blankets wrapped around him with Qui-Gon’s robe in his arms so his nose can press into the scent of it.

He could feel Master Billaba not far from him, monitoring him gently on behalf of the council but not fully invading his space.

Anakin was a kit and therefor Obi-Wan allowed him closer even if his mind was chaotic.

You’d think that a fellow omega of the order would be allowed closer then a strangers kit but perhaps that was just what Obi-Wan needed at the moment, a kit.

He listened to the door opening and curled himself more together at the scent of an alpha entering the room and the tiny tap of a wooden cane against the floor.

“How is he?”

“Not good Mace, he’s retreating and doesn’t respond much beyond when young Skywalker calls for him or when the youngling shifts away from him.”

“Is there anything we can do?”

“Look after him, its the only thing I know to do.”

Obi-Wan can hear them.

He wants to tell them that he can fully hear them and to stop talking about him.

Yet all he does is wrap the blanket more tightly around him and press his nose against Qui-Gon’s discarded cloak.

‘His last cloak.’

He must have made a noise, done something, because suddenly the bed dips and there’s a gentle pressure on his temple by a cooler hand then Anakin’s, the three fingers and claw tips telling him that its his grandmaster’s master.


It slowly prompts him to lift red rimmed eyes from the robe and up, Yoda giving him a sad stare back as he petted his temple gently.

Obi-Wan expects something in the terms of ‘mourn not’ to pass the others lips.

But nothing comes, only a gentle petting and the soft sensation of Yoda reaching out to him through the Force.

There’s an offer in that touch and Obi-Wan lets out a tiny whimpering noise before nodding swiftly and hiding again in Qui-Gon’s robe. Slowly the heated patches of his mind start cooling down as Yoda applies healing Force to the spots where Qui-Gon’s master bond once rested.

Yoda does not touch the mating bond.

He knows better.

It still hurts so badly though but at least the added pain of the broken master/apprentice bond is now gone.

“Time Obi-Wan will need.” He announced, quieting down both Mace and Depa where they were talking while Anakin watched all the adults quietly and observantly. “Rare to lose a mate it is for omegas. But painful it is. Friends need he will. Care for him the Order will.”

The old master watched Obi-Wan for a long moment then looked to Anakin. “A promise he gave you?”

“…He said he’d train me.” Anakin whispered then glanced down at Obi-Wan, his hand buried in the short hairs that made the mans nerf tail. “I don’t know if he can though…”

Yoda hummed. “…But a purpose it would be.” He looked at Mace and Depa. “Speak to the others I will. Need a purpose Obi-Wan now does.”

The Korun stared a long moment at them before sighing and nodding, he had been one of those most against the Skywalker boy joining them, he was just too old with to many attachment already. But if he helped Obi-Wan, if having this boy as a padawan helped the omega, then Force, Mace would shut up and suck up his own words.

Anakin blinked at them. ‘Does that mean I’m going to be a Jedi?’ He wondered.

college au

roommates au
-“you keep leaving your clothes on the bathroom floor please pick them up i’m going insane” au

-“you snore too much i’m literally going to sleep on the fukcign bathroom floor because i have no friends to let me sleep over” au

-“i just walked in on you changing and now there’s this weird not necessarily bad tension between us” au

-“you walk in not realizing i’m on a video chat with my parents and say some v e r y suggestive things” au

classmates au
-“please help me study i’m going to flunk this ap class that i should not even be in au

-“let’s bond over our mutual hatred for this one horrible professor” au

-“you’re sitting in the seat that i sit in every single day and i have no friends to go and sit with” au

homesick au
-“this is my first time being away from home but somehow you’re just like a home to me” au

-“we’re both from the same area and we discuss fond memories from our childhoods while we’re out of the region” au

-“i’m not from around here but you are so you make an effort to show me all the best places in town to try and make me feel comfortable” au

coworkers au
-“one of the students just told me they ship you and i and i’m thinking they may be onto something” au

-“i don’t know anything about the subject you teach so you decide to teach me” au

-“you find me on tumblr at work dangerously scrolling through definitely nsfw fanart and written smut of my otp and now you have questions” au

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((@spasmodically-shiny-hakamo-o)) Butterscotch:Hi there friends! *Waves rapidly* you two are looking wonderful today! *Plays with Alx's hair* pretty soft, how do you get your hair like this?? I'm not asking for me cause I don't have fur or hair, I'm just asking for no apparent reason at all, wow! Those pearls on your hair look outstanding!! Do you shine them?? If so how often?? Once a day? Twice a week?? Wait....what comes after twice..?? Nevermind then, anywho I'm Butterscotch! *Keeps talking*

Alx Fires a moonblast right past the hakamo-o, She was fine with all of the questions but the unwarranted playing with her hair was crossing the line. she didn’t intend on hitting them, but she hoped that they’d learn to ask before touching her hair.

“Alright, now don’t do that again. It takes a long time to organise and I don’t want it ruined. As for the pearls, yes I do polish them, one a week in fact, it helps keep them shine and i think it’s pretty like that… it’s thrice, thrice comes after twice… and who else are you talking too? I’m the only other one here besides yourself…”

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A/b/o appreciation day Dean/Jensen fics

Instant Mom - Alpha Jensen Ackles x Omega Reader x Jensen daughter Amelia
Single dad Jensen finds his soulmate his true mate at a Comic Con and he brings her home.

The Demons Rut - Alpha Demon Dean x Omega Reader feat Beta Sam

Dean may be a demon but he’s still an Alpha. When he goes into rut he goes to get his Omega who is also in heat and Sam has to keep them apart.

Beautiful Music - Alpha Jensen Ackles x Omega Reader
Reader meets Jensen Ackles at a recording studio

Crash - Alpha Dean Winchester x Omega Reader
Reader crashes her car into Baby and Dean is pissed until he smells she’s in heat and he’s her Alpha

Playmate - Alpha Jared Padalecki x Omega Reader x Beta Jensen Ackles
Alpha Jared and his Omega Reader have been mated for years. When Jared and his wife catch Jensen with his cock in his hand pumping it while watching them fuck. They invite Jensen into their bedroom

Coma - Dean Winchester x Reader feat Castiel and Sam
Reader is in a coma and has been for 10 years and when Alpha Dean was working a case he smelled her she was Omega and he needs Cas and Sam’s help.

Let me know if you want to be tagged

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