I managed to get a lil’ editing done tonight! My throat is so effing sore, bc it’s infected eughhh so I am eating ice cream (which I find revolting, but it’s all I have that’s cold af) and like any good Australian I have smothered it in milo. Mostly to mask the taste of cow utter mucous 😂


“Hello, Jane,” he said, and his voice was as bright and intense as his eyes. It was hard not to be captured by this Gansey; he was both powerful and worrisome in his tension.

Don’t stare – too late.


acowar countdown challenge | favourite quote(s) | f e y s a n d

“I want you to know
that I am b r o k e n  and  h e a l i n g
but every piece of my heart belongs to you.

And I am
h o n o r e d -
honored to be your mate.”