OKAY B UT that scene with John in the water has to be the scene Martin wanted to shoot alone right? Can you even IMAGINE how heartbreaking that scene’s gonna be??? John trapped in a well with water slowly rising realizing he’s about to die????? And what if it comes AFTER Sherlock says I love you??? Knowing he’s about to die and looking at the life with Sherlock that he’ll never have now??????

I cannot get over Taliesin picking Punk Rock Girl as Percy’s Vex song. It’s so perfect. Could’ve chosen any one of a hundred grim, dramatic, heart-poured-out love songs, but instead he goes for that hysterical-happy deliriously-optimistic dorky-devil-may-care rampage because that is 100% what being in love with someone as cool as Vex must feel like.

Canadian Problems #137: being able to accurately judge how cold it is outside based on the length of the icicles that form on your facial hair in the time it takes you to walk from your house to the bus stop.