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Morning Excitement (M)

He wakes you up in a rather, exciting way…

My first optional bias scenario. It’s not that different from my usual one, just no names and slightly more generic. Feel free to imagine anyone you want with this one! And let me know if you like the option of optional bias scenarios from me.


You were still deep asleep, dreams filling up your mind and make you unaware of what was going on in your bedroom. He had been staring at you for a while now; his eyes taking in every inch of your body as he peeked underneath the blankets. The sight of your nightgown that had raked up your hips and revealed your blank panties to him was driving him insane. But you were oblivious to it for as long as he simply admired you. In fact, you were so use to him getting up early in the morning, he knew it would be a surprise to suddenly find him next to you if you woke up now. And oh, he was definitely planning on waking you up right now….

It started with a small hint of it in your dream. Thinking about it later, you would never be able to recall what it was. But as you were deep in your sleep it felt as if something, or rather someone, was calling you in a specific way only he could do to you. And how could you ever mistake this familiar feeling you felt? It was tugging at your consciousness and bringing you back to the world just like he had hoped. It was early in the morning. You could tell so by the fact that your body still felt heavy with sleep. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you looked at it, it was awake enough to react to these animalistic instincts that had you wiggle spontaneously in your sleep. A familiar warmth, spreading from the pit of your stomach throughout your entire body and making you flutter your eyelashes as you woke up more every second.  

Of course it wasn’t hard to find the source of this; your boyfriend. His voice drifted to you from the second you uttered his name in a small moan. “Wake up baby.” He breathed; voice filled with as much desire as you were starting to feel yourself. Why on earth had he decided it was time to wake you up ? And especially, why like this? The rubbing of his fingers over your core was already starting to drive you insane, you wanted more. He seemed to agree so as he tugged down your panties right after..

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Imagine B.A.P finding out they were your first kiss (Requested)

Yongguk: “Aww jagiii” *hugs you and kisses the top of your head* “You’re so cute”

Himchan: “…… Hahahahaha…..” *In his own happy little world that he was glad to be your first kiss*

Daehyun: *smirks* “Well, well, well…..” *hangs out with you for the rest of the day*

Youngjae: *starts talking to you about why a beautiful girl like you never had your first kiss until now*

Jongup: “Come here you cutie” *hugs you and turns into a tickle fight really quickly*

Zelo: *blushes and hides his face in your neck holding you close to him* “Was I ok?”

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