Boston Occupy 4 Jobs Black History Month Forum, February 18, 2012.

Hosted by Muhammad’s Mosque No.11, an impassioned and informative organizers forum featuring Larry Holmes, National Coordinator of Occupy 4 Jobs, Minister Randy, Nation of Islam, Dorethea Peacock, Women’s Fight Back Network, Audrey Armand, 27 yr. postal worker from Grove Hall Post Office, Barbara Fields, Black Educators Alliance and Coalition for Equal Quality Education, Bob Traynham, USW Local 8751, Paul Kilduff, President APWU Boston Metro Local 100, Bishop Teixeira and Rev. George Walter Sleyon, No to the “3 strikes” Bill, Diane Dujon, Survivors Inc.,and more.

Photos and caption by Stevan Kirschbaum

This flyer will be distributed starting this weekend at the March on Wall Street South. Please spread far and wide.


Organize in cities across the U.S. 

On November 10, People’s Power Assembly organizers propose that we take to the streets in press conferences, pickets or mass rallies to make clear that no matter who is in the White House we demand jobs, not jails or police brutality, education, healthcare and so on. It is time to tell the government they can no longer serve the 1% while the lives of the 99% continue to decline. 

Join the with People Power Assemblies to build a National Day of Actions on November 10

A number of groups and individuals, many who have a long (and short) history of activism and struggle, have endorsed a call to strengthen the People’s Power As­sembly movement. This call is to organize an independent movement of activists and fighters to prepare to defend ourselves against the life-threatening and ever-in­tensifying economic and social misery that Wall Street and its politicians are imposing on us, including endless war. It is a result of PPA tours spearheaded by Rep. Cyn­thia McKinney, Clarence Thomas, Victor Toro, Larry Holmes, Berna Ellorin, Larry Hales and many others last spring. 

An excerpt of the call reads “WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, propose to all who are concerned about defending the eco­nomic, social and political rights of the 99%, that this period, starting with the conventions of the major parties at the end of the summer, through the elections and into 2013, be dedicated to the con­vening of People’s Power Assemblies. Rev­erend Cortly “C.D.” Witherspoon, Presi­dent of the Baltimore Southern Christian Leadership Conference, said at a rally in Maryland for Trayvon Martin: “The po­litical establishments, both local and na­tional, have proven to be bankrupt; they have done virtually nothing to protect or serve the people. It’s time for the people to organize themselves and to build people’s power.”  

Rev. Witherspoon, who will be co-chairing the Charlotte PPA meeting, like many PPA endorsers is militantly involved in vital struggles that are making an ac­tual difference in people’s lives. The Bal­timore PPA has been spearheading the fight against police brutality where this year alone 11 people have been killed by the police. Fur­thermore, Balto PPA has been instrumental in defending the fight for jobs and the protestors brutalized by the police for demanding jobs. Victor Toro, an initiator of the call states that “we must organize Peoples Power to stop the massive deportations & connect the struggles of all the workers.” 

There will be two meeting opportunities in Charlotte to meet with activists, make com­ments or ask questions about the PPA. 

In addition, some of the PPA organizers are proposing NATIONAL DAYS OF ACTION ON NOV. 10 in cities across the U.S. in re­sponse to the 2012 presidential elections. 

No matter who wins the election, the people, independent of the politicians must take to the streets to defend their interests and fight for their rights. And if there is a Repub­lican victory, the issue of racist voter fraud could easily need a massive response. 

For more info call in NYC: 212.633.6646visit: www.occupy4jobs.org or email: info@occupy4jobs.org