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I don't get it, Phil isn't even that good looking as Dan, why do you like him so much?

okay anon pls read this carefully:

1. I don’t just like Phil Lester, I love him. Love and like r 2 differences.

2. Dan and Phil are equally beautiful and awesome, both inside and out, in every way.

3. Look at this anon:


look again




freaking look

look at this amazing human being

say that he’s not good looking again to my face

sorry anon but i dun get whatchasay and have to disagree with everything u said

Idk I Think we’re done with the old rp so let’s start a new one..!!

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Kandi was in a similar situation as Lucy.Under the Herobrine’s control but logicly the glitch’s control but not completely.She intended to disobey him alot and keep silent mostly.

She barely slept and intended to keep away from almost everything.Sometime she would whisper to Lucy whenever she had a bit of confidence left in her but that was rare since she barely spoke to just about anything.

Gilbert and Matthew want to go on a date

Alfred decides to barge in

Some how Gilbert, Matthew, Alfred, Arthur, Ludwig, and Feliciano all end up going to laser tag

Gilbert and Alfred turn it into a competition, both end up hurting themselves

Arthur tries to beat everyone by himself and fails

Ludwig ends up sacrificing himself for Feliciano several times

Matthew ends up winning and gloats during the car ride home while Gilbert and Alfred sulk