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Divulge // Grayson

Summary: Grayson and you are secretly dating and decide to announce it in the latest video but how will your protective older brother, Jc Caylen react to the news?

Characters: Grayson Dolan x Caylen!Reader, Ethan Dolan, Jc Caylen, and Kian Lawley.

Words: 3385

Disclaimer: I do not own any images used, songs or YouTube.

Warnings: Swearing, fluff and angry Jc Caylen

Author: Caitsy

Tagging: At the end.

A/N: This is a long ass one but I hope whoever requested this really enjoys and apparently the fics aren’t showing up in tags. I apologize for that.

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It was hard to date someone well-known on YouTube; you were doing so secretly for both your safety and not wanting to hurt his fans. Grayson was always going on about how they would be happy for him being in a relationship with someone that respects his dedication to his fans. It caused a rift between you guys until he finally saw how passionate you were to being kind to his fans given that you were a fan too. Ethan was one hundred percent standing behind your relationship especially since he shipped your relationship from the beginning.

“Do you want pancakes?” Grayson asked from beside you on the couch. You lived in LA like him but you didn’t live with him even though you were over a lot.

You lived close by them with your older brother and his roommate, having moved roughly around the same time as the twins. Your brother and his friend had a YouTube together with a following that came mainly from their time in O2L before they broke up. Jc Caylen was your brother and Kian Lawley had grown to be your older brother too.

“No.” You wrinkled your nose. Both Ethan and Grey were confused as you shared a love of pancakes like them.

“You love pancakes.” Ethan said staring at you.

“Not since Jc pranked me. He wiped off my whip cream and managed to trick me into believing that it was whip cream but it was toothpaste.”

Both Ethan and Grey blinked before laughing in sync imaging the sheer disgust you would have displayed. They were right because you had viciously smacked your brother once you got the awful taste out of your mouth. Jc was brilliant and hilarious pretty much everyday since you could remember.

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