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enchanted o2 [jimin&you]

Summary: After finding out that your long time crush, Park Jimin, was into an acquaintance of yours, you set out for abroad to rid of your feelings. Six years later, you meet with Jimin again, only this time he has a son. However, your heart never stopped beating for the lad, and you decide to set on with this chance.

a/n: off to work with requests now, since i am done with my dream series. ^_^

part one

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The thought of believing in fate bringing two beings together, never had crossed your mind until mentioned.

You just thought of it as luck once Jimin continued asking you out on dates, weeks after your catch up. You begin finding yourself falling more and more with the lad, although you try restraining from him.

Nevertheless, your heart gave in when Jimin had asked you to be his girlfriend.

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