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Late Nights Ch. 02( Sehun )

“Jealousy is reasonable and belongs to reasonable men, while envy is base and belongs to the base, for the one who makes himself get good things by jealousy, while the other does not allow his neighbor to have them through envy.” - Aristotle

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Late Nights ( Sehun )
Exo Sehun Scenario (M)

O2. Body Shots

Being the only girl behind the bar definitely has its perks. All the men wait in line to get their drinks from you, and then tip you a generous amount. It’s always great when you get hundred dollar tip on a six dollar drink, thats when you know they’ve had too much and slow down their service. Last night was packed as usual, it’s something about Friday night that brings everyone out to the club. Maybe it was the atmosphere, the happy hour specials, the long week at work. It wasn’t important to say the least, that’s when you made the most money. You also would have to stay until well after 3:00am at times. So after going home and catching up on well needed sleep you were on your way back to the club for another long night. The night was underway and Exo was already at the club when you got there, making your way to the register you begin counting your drawer. Glancing up you saw Kris gesturing you over, grabbing some menus you made your way to the back. Saying a few hellos to regulars, and dancing with a few men you broke through the crowd. Exo looked amazing as usual, especially Sehun & Kris.

Biting his lip looking between you and his friends Kris started to say something. Rolling his eyes Sehun sat up snatching a menu from you. “Where were you?” Sehun mumbled handing the menu to a confused Lay. Noticing your puzzled expression he sighed “He doesn’t get my order right. And he doesn’t free pour, he uses the meter.” Looking you up and down Sehun swallowed the lump in his throat.

“I was here until 4:30am, so I got to come in later tonight.” You explained lower your gaze as he continued to scan over you. “Sorry about that, I’ll let him know so he’ll do a better job next time. What can I get for you boys, the usual?” You went on remembering that Sehun wasn’t the only one there, they smiled in response saying yes. “No Whiskey?"You joked turning to a sulking Sehun.

Frowning he shook his head no. Going back to the bar you made their usual drinks, giving Sehun two extra shots of Hennessy to make up for the poor service he received earlier. You took them their drinks then returned to the bar, flirting with a few of the patrons. Laughing at their dry jokes, performing bar flair tricks when they requested, setting drinks on fire. You were having a good time singing and dancing along to the newest AoA song that was playing. Glancing over to the V.I.P area to see if they were ready for another round, getting the signal from Chanyeol you started making their drinks again. Jay the head bartender made his way over to you, whispering in your ear that you looked good tonight and that he missed you. He always did this, he would flirt with you, make you dance, and make you JollyRanchers. Laughing at his dumb joke you playful hit his shoulder before carrying the tray of drinks to Exo. They all seemed like they were having a good time, everyone but Sehun. Giving them their drinks you checked to see if they were ready to order food, taking their order after they fought about what and how much to get. Taking their empty glass you danced your way back to the bar giving the barback their orders. When he returned from giving them their food he told you they wanted six body shots. Getting the ingredients you took it to the to the V.I.P area ” six body shots” you announced looking for the one who ordered it.

"Waaah~ I thought it was going to take all day” Sehun beamed jumping out of his seat clapping his hands. Using his long arm he slid all of the glasses down the table knocking some over. “ Lay down.” He mumbled taking the shot glasses from the tray lining them along the edge of the table, taking the packets of salt.

Laying down you put a lime wedge in your mouth, your crop revealing your stomach. “You’re doing all six?” You asked taking the wedge out your mouth feeling your face heat up. He pulled your pants lower on your hips, licking his lips he ran his moist tongue up your lower stomach stopping at your navel.

Ripping the packet of salt open he grabbed the first shot as you put the lime wedge back in your mouth. Pulling you closer to him he leaned down. Sprinkling the salt on the trail he licked he took the shot, then licked the salt off your stomach climbing on top of you taking the wedge from your mouth with his own. You watch as he repeated his actions switching to different parts of your body, for the sixth shot he lifted your shirt over your head revealing your low cut bra. As you were about to protest he put the last wedge in your mouth, sprinkling the salt he picked up the last shot. Taking the last shot he licked the salt from between your breast taking the wedge from your mouth grazing his lips against yours as he did. Licking your obnoxiously dry lips you sat up on that table noticing the rest of Exo staring at the two of you. Sehun’s face was flushed as he licked his lips staring down at you. “That was sexy!” Kai exclaimed smirking. “I need another drink, he spilled mines” Kai whined waving his empty glass in your face.

The rest of the night went by in a flash, you drank with Jay, with Sehun, you entertained patrons. Your shift was over before you knew it, you made more money in tips than you did the night before. Jay continued to flirt with you and made you drinks. By the time it was time to count your drawer and leave you were drunk. Everything was a blur you remember getting into the back of a car, then you were home taking off your clothes to shower. You ended up in bed, then you could see someone who looked oddly familiar to Sehun climbing on top of you. The two of you made out before you couldn’t tell what was up from down. You woke up to the sound of a phone ringing, feeling on the bed with your eyes still closed you found the phone under your pillow. Fumbling with the cellphone you slid your pointer finger across the screen, answering the call you put the phone to your ear.

“Yah maknae, odi-” an angry voice yelled on the other end of the phone. Moving the phone from your ear you peaked out of one eye looking at the bright cellphone screen. The contact wasn’t saved so there was only numbers staring back at you. Distant yelling could be heard still coming from the phone, putting back to your ear you listening as the person continued yelling. “Yoboseyo?!” “Maknae!” “I know you can hear me you answered the phone..” “Oh Sehun!” the voice shouted into the phone, hanging up you figured they had the wrong number. Pulling the blanket over your head you felt the bed move beside you, peeking from under the blanket you could see a man asleep beside you. Tapping his arm you watched as he tried to swat your your hand away in his sleep, pushing him this time he mumbled something incoherent. Using you you feet to push him he turned on his side facing you, his eyes still closed you finally were able to see who it was.

Yawning he tried to push you away. “I told you about getting my bed when I’m sleep hyung. if you’re not going to sleep get out” he mumbled throwing his long leg over your body. After a minute he peaked out of one eye as you laid there staring at him. “You’re not Luhan…. Oh shit” he blushed covering his face.

A/N Annyeonghaseyo~ Here’s the next part to Late Nights with a slightly jealous Sehun… sorry for the bar terms, ever since I became certified its been stuck with me.Tomorrow you will find out if anything happened between the two or if anything will. Whats is some of your favorite drinks if you drink, mines would have to be my signature Margarita and Martini. Hope you enjoyed ~