o2 rooftop

Something weird I’ve noticed…

Okay so I work probably walking distance from wherever this is meant to be taken from. That’s the London 02 Arena in back of him, so yes he’s in London. 

However, I have no idea how he could snap this photo as from where he is there’s pretty much only office buildings and maybe a couple restaurants? Liam’s flat is near the O2 but there’s a rooftop bar there that I’ve been to and again there’s no way this photo could have been taken from that building. This is a view of the O2 (at night lit up) from that bar:

As someone who literally spends every day in this area I have no idea where this is meant to be.  Here’s what the O2 looks like from above:

You can see that his photo is taken with his back to this direction since the Air Emirates line (a gondola thing) is in the background, but there’s not a lot of places he could be standing in order to get his exact shot unless he’s in a helicopter. 

I mean, I doubt he’s a stranger to photoshop and I honestly don’t see why in the world he’d go out of his way to photoshop something like this, but all I’m saying is that this is my stomping ground and it’s puzzling.