o2 couple

I’m not saying Lilia&Yakov WILL get back together, but it feels that way. (laughs) Then there’s Viktor and Yuri, acting the way they do. And Mila’s kinda starting to be into Otabek. So it’s kinda like, ‘Please don’t forget about Yurio, everyone!’ (laughs)

Kubo, about YOI, Season O2. 
Translated by @Aki_the_geek

Does everyone knows the news? ~ Season O2 couples will be Yuuri/Viktor, Lilia/Yakov and last but not least, Otabek/Mila.

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I can’t let you go…Lies Kdrama Mix 


My Love From Another Star - Cheon Song Yi & Do Min Joon

Nice Guy/Innocent Man - Kang Maru & Seon EunGi

The Master’s Sun - Joong Won & Tae Yang

That Winter The Wind Blows - Oh Soo & Oh Young