o2 abc glasgow

Got hugged off of Austin and told him about how much second and sebring means to me and that it was played at my dads funeral(without crying i must add) shook hands with all members, got crowd surfed during second and sebring and Austin pointed at me and we had a moment, quite a perfect night.

so this week i was lucky enough to go see david duchovny for my birthday, and under incredible circumstances i was surprised with VIP just 24 hours before. when i got to near the end of my time with him, i panicked and blurted out how much i love his song 3000 and how it’s my favourite - and for 2 whole hours i was thinking wHY DID I DO THAT i had so much else to say (like how i tweeted him to wear a kilt in glasgow and he said come and find out)


so anyway, hi i’m nadia, if you’ve 0 idea who i am and you heard him say this please don’t worry i am not a threat to ******** as some ppl have said lmao; i didn’t ask him to do this and i’m like 90% sure his friend who i’ve talked to on twitter may have told him it was my birthday on sunday, or maybe because i told him i came all the way from belfast, idk

but ANYWAY it made my whole YEAR AND LIFE and i’m forever grateful for this memory every time i listen to my favourite song

(also further apologies if you heard me screaming like this i honestly still cannot believe he did this for me)

love you duchovs xoxo

Kellin Quinn // Sleeping With Sirens
o2 ABC
Glasgow, Scotland
April 2013

Photo by me,please do not remove watermark.
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Grimes performing ‘Symphonia XI (My Wait Is U)’ @ O2 ABC Glasgow.
Glasgow, Scotland. March 13, 2016.