I thought it’s about time I’ve made something proper. As simple as this is, I just wanted to make something for this wonderful fandom.

I will never be good with words. But, at the simplest and most straightforward way I can say it; Thank you. It’s not just the Once-ler, but also the fandom changed my life. 

I’m so glad that I decided to be a part of this fandom. In fact, it’s not a fandom to me, it’s a family. Of course, as a family, we all have our differences, we sometimes fight(with each other or other fandoms), cause drama and whatnot. But, even until now, we remain strong. I’m so proud of this fandom. Through one film, we learned to live through our (still ridiculously growing!) ask blogs. Canon or not, each ask blog is creative and as much as I would love to follow each one, it would be impossible. But, through this, I hope you can feel how much I appreciate everyone in this fandom. Once-lings or Once-luts, it doesn’t matter. Popular or unpopular, all of my thanks and appreciation applies to everyone.

Never change and Happy August 7th!