friendly reminder that biphobia is not a form of systemic oppression, but a very harmful form of discrimination that bi people face.  there is no systemic oppression supported by power that works against people who are attracted to multiple genders, only people who are attracted to their own gender.

therefore if you’re cis and not attracted to your own binary gender but insist on calling yourself bisexual, that’s fine but you’re not oppressed as a bisexual person. you face biphobia, which is a horrible form of discrimination and can make your life incredibly difficult and affect you deeply, yes. but this is not systemic oppression backed by government power and legislation. i’m tired of seeing people throw the word “oppression” around when they clearly don’t understand what it is.

another note: @ ace tumblr stop dragging bi people into your arguments and claiming that this side of the discourse is biphobic just because we understand the difference between oppression and discrimination. a good chunk of us are mga, including me lmao


EDIT: i’m not saying bi people aren’t oppressed i’m saying bi people aren’t oppressed under biphobia..bi people who are systematically oppressed are oppressed due to their same-gender attraction, not their multiple-gender attraction. therefore cis people who do not experience sga but are bisexual experience biphobia, which is discrimination, but not oppression