Turpin Hero (Full Version)
Jake Bugg
Turpin Hero (Full Version)

Jake Bugg - Turpin Hero

On Hounslow Heath as I rode o'er

I spied a lawyer riding before.

“Kind sir,” said I, “are you afraid,

Of Turpin, that mischievous blade?”


Chorus (after each verse):

    O rare Turpin hero,

    O rare Turpin O

Said Turpin, “He’d ne'er find me o'er

I hid my money in my boot.”

The lawyer says, “There’s none can find,

I hid my gold in my cape behind.”


As they were riding past the mill

Turpin commands him to stand still;

Says he, “Your cloak I must cut off,

My mare she needs a saddle cloth.”


As Turpin rode in search of prey

He spied a taxman on the way;

And boldly then he bid him stand,

“Your gold,” he said, “I do demand.”


Oh Turpin then without remorse,

He knocked him quite from off his horse;

And left him on the ground to sprawl

While he rode off with his gold and all.


Well Turpin is condemned to die,

To hang upon yon gallows high;

Whose legacy is a strong rope,

For the shooting of a dung-hill cock.