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RWBY BoardGame Foreshadowing Theory

I can’t help but feel like the World of Remnant: The Boardgame that the girls were playing in Volume 2 Episode 2 is foreshadowing of some sort? o.o

…..I kinda feel like it is (i remember Weiss was playing as Vacuo….Ruby had Atlas….Blake was playing for Vale and I think Yang had Mistral)….I just really feel like there’s a lot more to their game here than the series was letting on.

I mean did you notice that Blake was playing as the Kingdom of Vale (and she was the first one to fold). ………..Hmm, I can’t help but feel like The Fall of Beacon / Vale was sorta foreshadowed here a bit. o.o

Hmm, I wonder - Does that mean that Atlas and Vacuo will be next?

Looking back: Yang was playing as Mistral and she was kicking soo much ass!!! (perhaps this is foreshadowing in the sense that Salem will take Haven/Mistral soon…..or worse case scenario: is already in control of Mistral/Haven.

I mean Qrow himself said in Volume 4 Episode 8 that the headmaster of Haven hasn’t sent word in like a long-ass while, and this was even before the Fall of Beacon…..Whose to say that Haven hasn’t already been secretly taken over or quietly infiltrated by Salem’s forces (a Good parallel here would be like during the 7th harry potter book when Voldemort had already quietly taken measures in regards towards slyly taking over The Ministry of Magic by placing Pius Thicknesse in charge once Rufus Scrimgeour fell). And I remember seeing a rwby plot-twist theory / speculation here on the rwby tumblr tag that Dr. Watts is the current headmaster of Haven (making it easy for Cinder and her crew to slip under the radar undetected when they attended Beacon Academy as Students from Haven during the whole Vytal Festival Tournament thing).

And let’s keep in mind that Yang (playing as Mistral) laid two trap cards:

The First one was against Ruby (Atlas). Destroyed her Alteisen Air Fleet

The Second was against Weiss (Vacuo). Destroyed her armies.

But what if Mistral ends up doing something a little more shady…..like something that will end up scapegoating / demonizing Atlas even further, like for example making the entire world of Remnant believe that Mistral / Haven had “fallen” thanks to Atlas (when in reality Salem had already taken control of Haven from the inside ages ago and was just biding her time, waiting for the perfect chance to strike); I mean the entire world of Remnant already believes that Atlas had something to do with the Fall of Beacon especially after the whole “Execute Order 66″ with the Alteisen Knights fiasco during the Battle of Beacon.

So, I wouldn’t be surprised if both Vacuo and Atlas end up being manipulated / geting played by Mistral later on and end up being pitted against each other, which will probably all go according to Salem’s Master plan, considering how she, you know wants to probably conquer the entire World of Remnant by: (dividing humanity, mankind, and the faunus even further).

^……I mean these two nations already have a really tense history with each other, considering that the SDC sorta went to Vacuo and practically took over all their resources when cultivating their dust-reserves, oh - and let’s not forget the infamous Great War between: (Atlas & Mistral) vs (Vale & Vacuo). So yeah, i mean it doesn’t seem all too unlikely to me to be honest. :/

Either way it’s a good thing that our beloved Weissy is gonna bust outta there soon, cause if my theory stands correct, and Haven / Mistral has already “fallen” aka been taken over by Salem and her forces,

…….Then Atlas is the one we should be really worrying about, cause it seems like it’s going to be in some pretty deep shit pretty damn soon. o.o

^Now wouldn’t that make for one helluva a plot-twist!?! xD


“Of course we’ll have soup, roast and ice cream!”

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T.O.P gif spam ^-^

Yes of course sweetie! Muahahahaa this is gonna be a looooooong post because he is my ultimate bias ;)♥ This is for you potatoisfun and all the Charmers/ UT.O.PIANS :)

Yeeeah…let’s start with this. He is a dork. A bingu :3

ahaha poor Tabi ;D

*sigh* this man

Pls can I …just…be the glass? D:

I think that’s not gonna work babe x)

You heard me. Not gonna work.

Aaanyway, although he is bingu he is very sexy and I just…no. I can’t with him. Excuse me while sobbing through these gifs. Bye~~ :3


He looks so fine in Monster’s mv ! D:♥


Yeah bye! So done with this biatch ;______;

D::::♥ Although I wish he wouldn’t smoke :c

But this bitch can be a cutiepie, diva, choomster, funny man who loves his dongsaengs^-^ I am so screwed with this namja…

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees! :3♥

awwww:3 I need BIGBANG in Running Man again!



The Choi butt ;D

Omg what the hell;D Tabi~~ ;D


Gosh you’re cute x)

Then like I said he loves his dongsaengs♥ ㅋㅋㅋ here comes my ships. First let’s take GTOP shall we?;)

*Cleans throat* So…Funny how time change things?;)

you cuties staaph:*

I now realised that they are usually partners in parodies ;D in BOF it was Todae but hmm;D

Weeelll ;D

ummm…? ;DD

You are so busted Tabi XD But GD you said it was fun tho…;)

You just gotta love these two ♥ Then next is Todae ♥




Gaa~~ dorks. Then let’s move on to Tobae^-^

Cute♥ I don’t have more gifs of them O.O Hmm then Seungwhores

Ok just few more gifs which I didn’t know where to put. To sexy or funny or what;D


I ALMOST FORGOT OMGOMG TABI AND SE7EN! D: I love them so much♥ I miss Se7en oppa:c Thank god he is coming back…wait a minute..NEXT MONTH?! Have I calculated right?! :OOOOO Plsplspls I wish!

I love you too Tabi♥ I think this is a great gif to finish this spam! Woaaah this took long but I don’t mind ! This is fun ^-^ Hopefully you liked this^-^


(None of these gifs are mine. Credits to the owners!:) )



LORD HAVE MERCY ! Thank you Tazza 2♥.♥ May be I forgot because this is probably the only shirtless Tabi we can ever get. At least for a while ofc we had this 8 years ago

But I’m actually fine Tabi not showing so much skin. We know he’s shy and I love him anyways♥ But still thank you Tazza 2 and Tabi;D


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Name: Agnes
Time and date: 22.03.15 and it is currently 12:58 pm c:
Average hours of sleep a night: It varies o.o sometimes like 4-5 and other days I sleep for 23 hours… sooo… xD 
Last thing I googled: Tamandua :3 they’re the cutest little squishes. I need 10.
Nickname: Panda, agpand, pand, pandinski, appa o.o
Birthday: 20th of October c:
Gender: Female 
Sexual orientation: Straight as far as I am aware. 
Height: 5′6? Idk… 164cm xD 
Favorite color: Purple c:

One place that makes me happy: My blanket cave c: Or my floor…
How many blankets do i sleep under: Normally just one, but I kinda wrap myself in it like a cocoon/burrito c:
Favourite movie: Ooo… erm… there’s a load o.o 
What I’m wearing right now: Sleeping top and underwear o.o PYJAMA DAY!!! 
Last book you read: Fully? Understanding Owls by Jemima Perry-Jones c: Now I can have an owl. But if not fully then The Dog’s Mind by Bruce Fogle.
Most used phrase(s): “Aids”, erm.. there’s quite a few o.o I just can’t remember them now XD 
First word that comes to mind: Potato.
What I last said to a family member: “LOVE YOU, drive safe.” 
Favourite beverage: Hmm… water o.o 
Favourite food: Ooo… don’t ask me to choose Q-Q 

Last movie i watched in theaters: The Hobbit all nighter c: It was fun :3
Dream Vacation: I’d love to go to Iceland, and Canada, and Australia… and like… places c: 
Dream Wedding: I don’t really have a dream wedding… I guess all that matters is that I’d be with the person that loves me for who I am? o.o idk…

Dream pet: MANY!!! Like a panda, a tamandua, a couple of bats, some awesome moths, maybe an armadillo or two, a skunk, a red panda, a lynx, maybe a wolf as well… LOTS.
Dream Job: Working with animals c:

Now 10 humans… erm…

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