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Nick stood awkwardly by the gates as he waited for Jeff to come. He wanted to do this, needed to do this, but he also knew that no matter what, it was not going to be easy. He’d messed up big time and he wouldn’t be surprised if the blond boy didn’t forgive him, but he needed to at least give it a try. 


I wrap myself around you and I break you


Regurgitation | Pissant/Dead by Dawn



Old Lady Drivers (full)

This is a rant

I just have to come up on here and talk about this issue. It has gone on for far too long and I’ve had enough. Who do I have to kill to get a decent pair of jeans? I mean what is going on? Is this a conspiracy started by the belt industry?

I mean why can’t I wear a pair of jeans without a belt?

Why can’t said jeans fit both my hips and waist?

Why are said jeans sagging at the butt?

Why are these jeans not zipping up at all?

Why can’t I move in these jeans?

Why is the only decent pair of jeans bootcut? (WHO EVEN WEARS BOOTCUT?)

Why are all jeans a version of skinny jeans now?

Why why why? 

I have spent the last 3 weeks looking for one (just one) decent pair of jeans. I thought I found what I needed at GAP but they disappoint (and they do so so expensively too). 

There are real tears in my eyes over this issue. 

This is so stupid. Sigh, at least with summer coming I won’t have to worry about this for a few months. 




Took me ages but I finally found this on iTunes Yes!!!

Pharrell - Frontin - The Neptunes present… Clones


Hey to all my new followers. Thanks for pushing that button. Feel free to ask any questions or browse through my archive. Also, hey to all my old followers robots and humans.


I just can't.

I can’t stand badly spoken english, I mean there are grammatical mistakes and then there’s murder. This guy, he just killed the language, brought it back and killed it some more. Stop it….

Update, update!


I made a skirt. I’m going to put that up once I have one of my cameras back with me. 

I’m trying to complete a scarf from since March before the need for one goes away completely.

School is going fine (so far).

I have a hat to complete.

I have three cloud pieces to create.

I have 2 pairs of jeans to make work.

I might be starting a youtube channel depending on whether I can or can not actually stand my voice on camera. 

I want to start a project with Victoria (my friend) I will have to get back to you on that though.

I am not feeling the pressure (yet).