Anon (went through DM but asked to be kept anonymous): Hi. I am new to tumblr and wanted to message you to ask you about bellarke…I too am cautious of Jason. I really don’t trust him but his episodes are filled with some good Bellarke moments. Yet I can’t forgive them for separating Bellarke for most of season 4 and why wait until the finale to give us the hug and good Bellarke interaction. I don’t trust JR. My gut feeling is that they are keeping it open to interpretation and going with platonic friends. They seem to be trying to appease the clexas. My worry is that after 4 seasons and 6 years, Bellarke is still separated without a kiss or confirmations of feelings or confession from both or either. Jason knows he has the upper hand and he is going to string out the separation and this platonic thing for years. I messaged you because I didn’t feel comfortable writing it public because some people tend to become offensive whenever people voice their honest feelings sometimes. And well you seem to be most aware of Jason’s mind games than most people. Your posts show that you seem to understand that he can’t be trusted. He could surprise me and make them romantic fully but I’ll wait to see if that happens. In the meantime, a lot of people are losing interest. Even my friend at work I tried to convince her to watch the show again and she said she got tired of them putting Clarke with everyone else except Bellamy. She said she felt it was a joke after a while how they presented Bellarke as just friends. After a while she just lost all interest. Anyways, I hope you don’t find this negative. I am still a fan of the show. I just have decided to watch casually now on and off and not dedicate much time to it because I have lost hope that Jason will do Bellarke right.

Hey, anon. First, yes, I am one of the more cautious bellarke meta writers on the topic of whether romantic bellarke will ever happen or not. Why? Well, because bellarke has been, and still is being, played ambiguously (romantic-wise) and this is an established pattern for 4 seasons now, and who is to say it’s going to change?

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