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summary of thomas’ recent video:

  • logic and morality cosplay johnlock
  • “elementary my dear - daddy - no
  • sassy anxiety
  • “can’t be a bad video if you never make one”
  • logic and morality practically acting like a married couple. again
  • L O G A N

bonus: prince and anxiety come up with new nicknames for each other again

facilier’s magic ain’t real, it’s the power of cracking open a cold one with the boys friends.

TBH when you have an irrational fear of aquatic life/ open large bodies of water and yet you love the prince shark boy.

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  • sweet angel prince whose smile brings peace and joy to the country he rules over 
  • but like seriously just one simple grin from him and like every other high ranking official in the room is just like “you know what, we were planning to go to war or cut funding to schools but since the prince has kindly blessed us with his presence we’ll just write up a treaty and give even mORE money to the schools.”
  • but you know not all problems can be solved with just a smile and minghao knows that it’s just he’s a pacifist who’d rather avoid conflict because he knows how it can hurt and damage innocent people and he’s always saying that at his public speeches that his oath as the prince to the people is that he won’t ever let a life recklessly be ruined by a harsh government and honestly he’s kept his promise
  • mostly because he spends hours upon hours negotiating with foreign officials because his talent is that he’s capable to speak multiple languages and takes interest in other peoples cultures which makes him pretty popular with other rulers
  • but it’s tough, self teaching yourself all these things, which is why he has two trusty officials foreign affairs minister junhui and public affairs minister hoshi.
  • both of them have a habit of trying to pull the prince into two different directions when they have to make a decision, junhui always arguing for the benefit of the country’s relationship with other countries while hoshi is always focused on the benefit of the domestics and they end up arguing over each other while prince minghao sips some tea and just sighs
  • in the end he just calms both of them down and like makes his own decision on his own time but like as rowdy as they are, both of them really care about the prince and try to take care of him since he’s younger in age and minghao’s always like “im the prince, i don’t need to be taken care of.” and hoshi and junhui are like yes,,,,true,,,,but did you eat your lunch today????
  • prince!minghao is also super skilled in different sports, like he’s really good at archery and horseback riding and like tennis but also ??? dancing 
  • and everytime he gets called out to make a speech the younger kids are like prINCE ming!!!! pleASE dancE!!!! (cute nickname prince ming isn’t it???) and he’s like blushing a bit but then he busts out a move on live television and the king and queen are like mINGHAO but hoshi and junhui are like YES g O OFF PRINCE MING
  • he competed in a sporting event overseas to represent their country and he did so well he was asked to join the official team for archery but he was like oops you guys im a prince so,,,,id love to but!!! 
  • wears bright summer colors to lift everyones mood even though hoshi is like “pink? again?” and junhui is like “let minghao live he looks GOOD”
  • and you, a small humble backpacker who’s making their way through the country to get to another place you want to see, one day encounters a strange person playing in the street with the neighborhood kids
  • and you’re eating like some local street food, sitting on your backpack on the sidewalk watching this elegantly dressed boy play soccer with young kids and when you hear one of the kids yell “prince ming!” you’re like ….prince???? and you look a little closer and see that the boy dressed up in a bright pink suit looks familiar……
  • ……almost like the prince of this countrY HOLY SHIT
  • and in the midst of being shocked that the prince is out here playing soccer with a bunch of kids you hear someone shout ‘watch out’ b4 rip the soccer ball bounces off your head and you fall backwards in a complete daze
  • and when you wake up you’re not on the side of the street with your backpack you’re in a fancy looking room with a chandelier above your head and soft satin sheets and you’re like ……what…..
  • and you hear two voice bickering with each other and when you sit up, holding your head, the two voices hush down and you see the figures at the end of the room looking at you and you’re like ????
  • and they’re like ………..until one of them is like “junhui- get the prince.”
  • and a couple minutes later there he is, the prince of this country, and you scramble out of the bed you’re on to your feet to bow because like/?? what the heck else are you supposed to do in front of royalty
  • but you feel like a soft hand on your shoulder and a nice, calm voice ask you how you’re feeling and you see the prince worriedly looking at you and you’re like 
  • “wELL i am….fine…..im……….sorry……for causing an inconvenience!!!! ill be going now….”
  • but before you can like get yourself together the one named junhui comes over and is like “prince!!! we can’t just let them go, they’re obviously not from here and if it gets out that you injured them-”
  • and you’re like “no!! no !!! it was an accident i know-”
  • but junhui shoots you a look and you’re like oops and junhui just turns back to the prince like “we should host them for at least a week, show them how beautiful AND COURTESY our country is prince (-:”
  • the other one, hoshi, in the back is like “junhui don’t be extra the prince didn’t mean to kick a soccer ball at their head and this person is sane enough to know that so let’s just send them back -”
  • the whole while though prince minghao is just looking at you with this edge of wonder and he just seems so enchanted because let’s face it he’s never seen someone so cute in his life and like wow ok his heart is beating way faster than usual??
  • and so that’s why in the end he goes w junhui’s plan (mostly because he thinks it’s a shame if you go without getting to know his country and cough cough him) and junhui just smirks @ hoshi and hoshi is like lISTEN bOY
  • but that’s not the point the point is for the next few days you’re given a big, luxurious room in the castle and the prince makes a habit of showing you each and every memorable part of his country 
  • and like as a backpacker you love learning the history and the details of a place and like ,,,,,, he’s a prince,,,,,,so even if you wanted to say no (which you don’t because one the prince is mega cute and two this is free room and board in a PALACE) you would be way too scared because that might be a bad political gesture or something
  • but yeah the first day prince minghao is very reserved and polite and he’s showing you around the grand gardens of the castle and then the second day he takes you to a beautiful like lake and the third day it’s historic buildings in the city 
  • but like on the fourth day he leans over to whisper “i have a plan, follow me” and like somehow you guys get separated from the dynamic duo stuck to minghao’s hip aka hoshi and junhui and you find yourself running down the twisting streets in the residential part of the city and before you know it prince minghao’s hand is in yours and you two are out of breath in front of slightly old looking brownstone squished inbetween two other homes and minghao goes up the stairs and knocks on the door
  • and you’re expecting maybe some old, distinguished person to open the door since that’s like another historic thing minghao would want you to see but instead
  • it’s a young boy
  • like younger than the prince and his face lights up when he sees the prince and he just throws his arms around him like it’s the most casual thing and you’re like ?!?!?!? what is going on and prince minghao turns around to pull you inside and he’s like 
  • “this is dino!! i meet him when i stopped to watch a dance competition that was happening in the town square. ever since, we’ve been meeting up in secret to well…..dance.”
  • and you’re looking @ the prince like…………dancE? that’s your big secret? you like to dance 
  • and for some reason you just can’t hold in your laughter like you start hysterically laughing because you thought he was going to show you something super secret and old but nah it’s just his friend who he dances with 
  • and while you’re laughing, prince minghao can’t help but chuckle too and dino is just looking between you two like OOOOOOOOhhhhhh I SEEEEEEEE and minghao elbows him gently like Shush
  • but for the next hour you watch dino and minghao dance in the basement of dino’s house and you all three share lunch which is basically microwavable pizza that dino has and like you can’t believe the next ruler of a country is just this laidback guy who likes to dance (and is good at it too!)
  • and once you say goodbye to dino and have to make your way back to the palace you think of the way minghao’s hand felt in yours and how happy he looked to be so free when he was dancing
  • and your heart kind of tightens because you remember you only have three days left but when minghao calls your name and you look up at him with the backdrop of the nightsky in the background you’re like 
  • which is a hard thing for you to accept since your whole life has been about backpacking and moving around but minghao feels so safe and stable and god he’s the PRINCE but even throwing away that status,,,,he’s such a,,,,humble and perfect person
  • and that night neither of you say anything but you do get scolded when you get back by a frantic junhui and hoshi but minghao gives you a small smile before sending you off to your room and you’re just like ,,,, like you can’t fall asleep because the image keeps you up at night smiling liek a dork
  • and so day five is a trip to the many museums in the city, day six is a tour of the best native food and then before you know it it’s day seven - your last day 
  • and the maids have like your backpack all clean and packed ready by the door and when you go out to breakfast minghao is obviously sullen, even when he smiles at you, there’s this sadness in his eyes 
  • and the last day minghao tells you he’s going to take you around the castle’s large library where the records and history of his country are and as you’re climbing the spiral staircase behind him to get up to the rows and rows of books the prince stops and you’re like ??? prince mingha- but he turns to you and he just quietly like downcasts his eyes and is like “call me minghao”
  • and you kind of trip over his name because you feel like you don’t deserve to drop the prince title, but when you finally say it, he reaches out and touches your wrists gently and pulls you close and like
  • for the first time you see him super up close and his eyes are this beautiful color and he just is so handsome you’re nothing less than starstruck 
  • and like before you know it you’re both leaning in and it’s so super romantic there’s like a little bit of light coming in through the big windows and you’re kissing on a damn staircase in a huge library in a cASTle it’s so fairytale 
  • and when you pull back minghao has his forehead to yours with his eyes shut and he’s just like ,,,,please don’t leave,,,,,,
  • and you’re like ,,,,,,,,dammit i want to travel i want to go more places but ,,,,,,,this is so content,,,,,,, and serene and you feel as if the minute you step away from him everything is going to break so you just take in a breath and nod
  • and the prince almost explodes with happiness, he just tugs you into his chest and lmao junhui and hoshi who are watching from the bottom of the stairs are like aYE we get to plan a WEDDING and the prince is like don’t push it but junhui is like “hoshi it has to be …..pink” and hoshi is like “junhui i SWEAR TO GOD-”
  • but you’re to preoccupied with being in the princes arms and minghao is like ,,,, even though you chose to stay with me ,,,,, don’t think you won’t travel again - im going to take you to every corner of the world? ok?
  • and you just can’t help it you lean in to kiss him again and it’s so soft and cute
  • falling in love in one week with the prince of a country like hOW romance movie more can we get honestly 
  • also imagine getting to like hold prince minghao’s hand while he’s listening to junhui and hoshi give presentations on whose plan is going to work better and the whole time minghao is like playing with your hair or placing kisses up your hand and the two of them are like PRINCE paY ATTENTION and minghao, still looking at you, is like “i am….i am…….”
  • you guys go to see dino more often and dino is insisting that you learn to slow dance with the prince since you’ll have to do it sometime like duh he’s a royal slow dancing is a THING you should know
  • and so now your prince boyfriend and his best dancer friend are trying to teach you the waltz which is  F U N 
  • also helping the prince study the languages he knows and learning about cultures together just you know curled up in that big library with books open in front of you while minghao makes funny little jokes and sarcastic comments about junhui and hoshi 
  • anyway prince!minghao is the damn cutest 

find prince wonwoo (here), jeonghan (here), mingyu (here), joshua (here), woozi (here), s.coups (here), vernon (here) , jun (here), and hoshi (here) 

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park jimin is a literal angel wow i feel so blessed